Hard Case Survival’s Universal Handcuff Key

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Todays Product review is Hard Case Survival’s (SerePick) Universal Handcuff key. This is a composite material, non-metallic hand cuff key to get out of illegal restraints or if a LEO gets restrained in their own handcuffs.

These keys, in the brackets are about the size of a U.S. Quarter (they are pretty small). They can be broken from the bracket to be used and can be hidden in a variety of places. Such as underneath watches, behind clothing labels or buttons, the possibilites are endless. They also come in a variety of colors.

They are strong composite material and can be used multiple times without any notice of wear or tear. They can also lock and unlock double lock handcuffs. Hard Case Survival suggest having multiple Universal handcuff keys hidden on your person.

They are priced around $5.00 a piece, pretty reasonable considering it may save your life. They are currently only being sold to Military or Law Enforcement. These are a great addition to your Urban Survival kit.