Bogota Entry Toolset

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Bogota Entry toolset….Best lock pick set on the market

Another pretty sick item from Hard Case Survival is the Bogota Entry Toolset. They offer a few different versions Stainless and a Titanium Version. The Stainless version is obviously corrosion resistant and the Titanium version being nearly weightless.

The niche about these picks is that each pick has a tension wrench on the handle side. So this eliminates carrying an extra tension wrench. Ergonomically they feel great in your hand. They measure 3 1/4″-3 1/2″ which makes them easily concealable.

Size in comparison to house key

I’ll go over lock picking techniques in future articles, but using a jiggling motion with the rake produces awesome results. These won’t make you an instant professional but once you know the basics of lock picking; I feel that I pick faster and have a better “feel” for the pins in the tumblers.

In comparison to a standard pick set. The Bogota Entry toolset
 is smaller than a standard tension wrench

I’m a huge fan of Hard Case Survival and all but threw my old pick sets away. If your in the market for a pick set I highly recommend the Bogota Entry toolset