Surefire G2X PRO

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For the next few days we are going to go over a few different flashlights on the market. Surefire by far is one of the best tactical brand flashlights on the market. They are used by FBI, Special Operations, and Search and Rescue teams worldwide.

The body is the Nitrolon Body with an Aluminum bezel. The Nitrolon is has a great feel and provides a secure grip.
Weight: 4.4oz
Length: 5.2″
Power: CR123A Lithium
MSRP: $95.00
LED bulb virtually indestructible

It has two modes….Mode 1 has a 200 lumens brightness setting (super bright) w/ a run time of 2.5 hours
                              Mode 2 has a 15 lumens brightness setting w/ a 45 hour run time

The grip is awesome and I like the aluminum bezel, as well as that its an LED. The dual brightness feature will definitely save on battery life. Also having a low light option will benefit in tactical environments. It’s one of Surefire’s mid range flashlights so it wont hurt you wallet too bad, but I think its definitely worth it with Surefire’s no hassle guarantee.