Gerber Recon

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To finish up this weeks review of tactical flashlights. We are reviewing one of my personal favorites, The Gerber Recon. The Gerber Recon is a smaller task light, that has 4 filters (white, red, green, and blue) built into the head of the flashlight. With a simple twist you can choose what color filter you want to use. What I really like about this is the red filter has a notch, so that you can adjust to red without turning on the light. Hence protecting your night vision.

The body is a flat black anodized aluminum that measures 3 1/2″. The light is operated by a momentary push or twist for constant on. The light also comes with a rear lanyard hole that 550 cord fits perfectly. Another great feature is the clip, which can be clipped to a hat brim and be used as a headlamp. Using a single AA battery and weighing only 2.4oz its very lightweight. 

I would not suggest using this light to navigate through jungles, but when map reading in a tactical environment its one of the best. Costing around $24 its definitely worth the money when using it in the appropriate capacity.