California Dreams is on Kindle

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Alright everyone, you can now buy  copy of California Dreams on Kindle for .99 (sorry, I had to take it down from the website in order to take part in the Kindle Select program.).

California Dreams tells the story a veteran named Mike during a life threatening encounter in the national forest of California.  As he fights for survival a timely visit from a friend could be the only thing  that saves him.

This is a short story (~25 pages).

You can find it at or click the image below.


I was inspired to write this story over Memorial Day weekend 2013. That
day is a solemn day of remembrance not a “Happy Memorial” day that
several celebrities and figure heads liked to proclaim this year.

To help pay respect to those who are serving or have served the United States the
author will be donating *ALL* royalties from this story to Operation