Library Addition: An introduction to prepping and a guide to fire

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Over the holiday weekend I picked up a copy of Zion Preppers  An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this book. The book is broken into two main parts, as the title might suggest.

Part 1: An Introduction to Prepping

This part of the book explains in thought provoking ways Zion Preppers philosphy, tenets and reasons for prepping.  Even after reading dozens of similar books, thousands of articles, and being a prepper for going on 6 years now, he was able to break  down a lot of logic into very simple to understand ideas that helped expand my understanding of what prepping is.

Part 2: Introduction to Fire

This is the part of the book that really shines! It is an A-Z survival fire handbook and would be a great addition to anyones survival library. You can find a lot of the information goes along with the YouTube videos he has posted Fire Videos but with easy to follow instructions already laid out for you. This will come in handy as both a learning/training aid (I can’t wait to start making a fire piston from his blue prints that are included!) and also as an invuable resource should a crisis ever arise. Instead of hunting, printing and collating a bunch of different articles I now have a one stop, neatly and professionaly presented source of information.


(Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book but have no financial interests in it.)