Doomsday Castle – The Kardashians Go Prepping

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The new smash hit – Doomsday Castle – is taking the prepping world by storm! It has got to be the best, most informative and most entertaining show on prepping I’ve ever seen. No that isn’t sarcasm!

The show pits a very loose nit family together to help realize their dad’s vision of building a castle to protect them in ‘the end of times’. Ok, might not be a bad premise, but the execution is nothing short of a Hollywood spectacle. The most frequent comments I hear and read from those who watch it are…Drumroll… You guessed it, the many variations of ‘the daughters are hot’. (My favorite was a great little snark “I wonder if silicon stops bullets”)

The spectacle continues as the drama keeps unfolding – in the lot of them there doesn’t seem to be a want or will to do anything other than be famous and cash in. (The only exception could be the eldest sons weird obsession with wanting to prove himself) The next reality TV star family is here and they want to give the Kardashians a run for their money, showing how dysfunctional and crazy they can be. As sad as it is to say I’d bet money that within a year at least one of the kids will be featured in some racy video/photo op to make money, ala Kim Kardashian.

They want the world to know who they are, and where they are and what they are up to. Breaking not only every opsec rule in the book, but airing more of their laundry than anyone ever should. (want to see a good aerial view? Its on google maps right here!)

In the midst of the side show and the many horrible prepping atrocities there are a few neat nuggets to think about, but mostly it is a great method to learn how NOT to prep.

Going back to the original Doomsday Preppers episode that first highlighted the castle they stated he had already spent over a million dollars building it. Hopefully that was about 900K invested in the land and maybe the last 100K being foolishly spent on the castle itself. Even then I am not too sure he got a good deal for his money.

Not only did he overspend initially but he likes to spend time and money on more silly endeavors:

  • A drawbridge is too heavy and overbuilt. It might stop a car the first time, but I’d bet a few blows from a sledgehammer on the lower attachments and it would come down.
  • A catapult. Catapults were used against fixed fortifications (like a castle…) or massive quantities of attackers.  It has zero utility as a prep, but just might break apart and hurt someone.
  • A portcullis with a murder hole. You have to have a strong backup for your overbuilt drawbridge – never mind the windows big enough to drive a semi through that are wide open.


You have to be dutiful and wise with your time and money – these are good examples of what not to do. Instead how about a prioritized list of what you can spend your time and money on, not what is cool or fun or will get you noticed on TV. Don’t spent time building a catapult and portcullis when you could be putting up a roof, walls and windows. Or reinforcing the small livable space you do have – your windows looking outside are so crummy that water was leaking through as it rained. How is that supposed to be secure?

You also need to make sure you aren’t a hoarder, which it seemed like the father was doing. Generally I draw the line for hoarding at the level of organization/documentation and your ability to properly store it. The first episode showed them having to spend hours or days cleaning up and throwing away large amounts of junk. Had that stuff been properly cared for it probably would have been valuable but his lack of care turned it to useless junk. (The treadle sewing machine was a good idea but when you don’t take care of it and someone kicks it to pieces.)

So if you are going to prepare for ‘the end of times’ (what is that by the way?) you might want to give this show a chance and learn what not to do.