The world will end – And I’m not preparing for it…

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A topic that I keep seeing come up more and more – thanks NatGeo! – is how crazy you have to be to be a prepper. Where is your bunker? Gas masks? Is your IQ higher than your shoe size? What most people don’t seem to understand is that most of us (oops, I’m using a broad brush too, but at least I’m informed) aren’t preparing for the end of the world.  Sure it is part of our assessment and actions – but it’s not the end all or be all.

Here at Abundant Future we do prepare for those high-impact but low frequency events, but our main purpose is to live a better life and to be self reliant and agile enough to prosper no matter what the future holds. We do prepare for natural disasters, personal disasters, or just to have a better life today through self reliance and personal productivity, but we don’t sit in a bunker on top of a stack of cans waiting for the world to end.

Now for the juicy stuff – the world IS going to end. Depending on the experts you listen to it is between 2.7 and 8 BILLION years away. That is the estimated timeline for the Sun to expand enough to cook off every living organism on the planet and then go supernova, incinerating the entire planet in the process.

I’m not preparing for that, I think that will be up to my great^10000 grand kids to prepare for.

No matter what happens even if we are hit by a mega-solar storm, or have full on nuclear war, or face a pandemic like no one has ever even thought possible; life will go on.  People are resilient, so lets look at the big picture, get some perspective and start working towards a better life every day.

Just so you can better visualize what is going on, pop over to this link and take a gander at what time really is.