Christmas Dinner-Apocalypse Style

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How would Macgruber make his Christmas dinner? Get me a cardboard box, some tin foil, four empty cans and some wire! A situation may arise where you have no access to conventional methods of cooking your food and you have to be inventive and tactically sound. Eating raw or undercooked meat is a death sentence and during times of harsh realities you do not want to be letting nefarious characters or even wild animals know where you are and what you are having for dinner. Open fires and the smell of food being cooked is
like getting on a loudspeaker and inviting everyone in the area over to check out what is going on. This follows the same logic as the military in regards to smoking at night. The smell of smoke and the glow of fire or cigarettes may seem trivial to consider as a possible danger to you, but put yourself in the shoes of a desperate person who has no food or warmth. They will seek you out like a shark to blood in the water. The way to avoid this entire situation is to just go raw vegan. I am a carnivore and love eating meat so vegan is not an option for me. Coming up with methods to cook food in a manner that is safe and concealable is easier than you think.

 When I was a younger lad my father and his buddy took my friends and I backpacking on the Appalachian Trail for 8 days living only out of our packs. One night my dad and his buddy broke out this folded cardboard box lined with tin foil and started to assemble this contraption that looked like something out of a 50’s era sci-fi movie. After taking some ribbing from us kids about their contraption, they put a turkey in this thing and went about their business. A few hours later they unveiled a perfectly cooked turkey feast. At that point I looked at my burrito that was burned on the outside and still frozen on the inside and realized that being without conventional methods of cooking doesn’t prevent you from eating well, lack of imagination does.

The cardboard box oven can not only cook everything your home oven can, it will conceal almost all visual heat signature created from cooking and will minimize the smell of food being cooked.

The items you will need to cook with no electricity or utensils are simple and abundant, all you need is to build an oven is: