Tip of the Week: Suture material – what to get and where

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The best suture material I have found that anyone can purchase online is the brand Unify, available through Amazon and elsewhere.  For suturing of skin wounds, the 3-0 and 4-0 Nylon are most useful to have on hand, though having some 5-0 available for lacerations of tender skin (face/children/fingers) is a good idea.

For my own patients, I use professional suture, which does cost more, but is more difficult for the layman to procure.  (Check back soon – I may begin offering this for sale on my own site.)

The only problems I have had with the Unify suture, which I use for my live Survival Medicine classes, is that the needles may bend a little easier and the suture may detach from the needle a little easier than higher grade suture.  Still, I believe they are adequate for most wound closure and anyone can get them.

For additional articles on suturing, see Essential Medical Skills to Acquire: Introduction and Doc Cindy on SurvivalBlog.

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