Why Honey is the PERFECT Survival Food

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Honey is a miraculous super food. Books have been written on the benefits.

Did you know that Honey, if stored properly, can literally last a lifetime or longer. There have even been accounts of 2000+ year old honey found in tombs that is still edible. That is why Honey is the perfect survival food and an excellent item to keep stocked in your pantry.

The Bible has 60 different verses on honey alone. If the Bible boasts of its benefits, we might want to listen up!

Most of us love it because it tastes incredible. It’s great to bake with and full of flavor. There is something about honey that makes you feel like you are doing something good for your body.

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Some compare it to sugar but the benefits of honey can’t be outmatched. There is simply no comparison.

Did you know:

  • Honey is much more healthy and nutritious than cane or beet sugar.
  • Honey has 15 nutrients whereas refined sugar has essentially none, other than “empty carbohydrates.”
  • Honey contains healthful enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • The minerals in honey include zinc and selenium, which could play a role in preventing the spread of viral infection.
  •  The enzymes in honey help predigest our foods, lessen the work of digestive organs and relieve the stress on the digestive glands.
  • Honey is an aid to digestion when taken in the raw state because of its enzyme content while sugar interferes with digestion. 
  • Honey enters the bloodstream slowly, at about 2 calories per minute. In contrast, sugar enters quickly at 10 calories per minute, causing blood sugars to fluctuate rapidly and wildly. 
  • Sugar causes calcium leakage from bones, contributing to osteoporosis while honey does not.

Where to Find the Best Honey?

  • Local farm honey is excellent. Farmer’s markets and local stands will typically carry all kinds. Local honey can also help build immunity to certain allergens. Spring will be here soon so it’s a good time to get your body prepared if you suffer with seasonal allergies.
  • Whole food and health stores typically carry a great selection but can be expensive.
    • Consider trying The Ready Store brand. They are selling today a 5 lb. bucket for 20% off along with other items. This is a creamy version and will store well. You get a lot for your money in a 5 lb. bucket.

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