SHTF LATRINES: How to Poop when the water stops

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So once again this is not a subject that most people want to talk about, that being pooping.

Nowadays most people don’t give a second thought to their bowel movements other than simply finding the nearest gas station when you have a bad breakfast burrito.  We forget what a modern miracle this is, that within a few minutes in most places there is a place that will take your waste and flush it away out of sight.

Now many of you live in a city, or at least a semi-suburban sprawl with city water.  What would happen if that water got shut off? What would happen if the city could no longer supply that water, or it would be unpredictable, off for days?  Now certainly it would be a high priority in a collapse scenario for the government to provide the basics, that being electricity and water along with food, however we cant rely on them doing so.

Latrines are old tech, but necessary to keep human waste from becoming a massive threat to your survival.  In the coming weeks I will be publishing a post on a why hygiene and sanitation is so important, i will leave the in depth detail on this subject for then, that being said leaving human waste around is not just a smelly issue, but can and will kill you if you are not careful.

Here are different types of Latrines.



Dig a trench to these dimensions.

  • 1 Foot Wide
  • 2.5 Feet deep
  • 4 Feet Long

You can dig it as long as you want, but the concept is simple.  Place some boards across the edge to give the person some good footing.  As each person needs to use the bathroom have them go to the nearest edge and squat and use it.  Once they are finished cover that area with dirt and the next person will go right next to that spot in the trench, and so on.  leave a shovel at the trench for use in covering it up.  In Iraq we used this style of trench but cut out a hole in a lawn chair or wooden box (we used ammo crates), once you cover up the area with the excretion, move the box over the next open spot and leave it there.



This is more for the outhouse style of latrine, you can build whatever “Box” or “Privy” that you want to.  There are plans for a Privy in my Prepper Resources Page which you can copy or modify to your needs.

The Hole is dug to these specifications

  • 2 Feet Wide
  • 3.5-7.5 Feet Long (Depending on the size of the box)
  • 1 Foot Deep (1 Foot deep for each week of expected us Plus 1 foot of dirt cover, so 2 weeks would be 2 feet for use, 1 foot for  dirt cover, total 3 feet)

You will not want to dig this more than 6 feet due to caving in of the walls, so for long long term use, you will need to dig more holes and move it.



This is for use in areas when high ground water levels or a close to surface rock prevents you from digging a deep pit.

You will want to pile up a mound of earth with at least 6 feet wide and 12 feet long is formed and you can then place the latrine box/privy on top of that.



This can be used for the aforementioned rocky surfaces are present or if you live in a urban area.  You can build a privy or latrine box as normal, but leave an open space or build a door that allows access to underneath the seating area.  If located within a building, you should try to leave the door or access area open to the outside.  Place a pail underneath each (if applicable) seat and empty as needed

Dispose of the waste by burning or burying it.

If by burning you will want to dump it in a hole or a burn barrel and fill it with some diesel fuel, light it on fire and stir often to make sure it burns well.

If by digging, dig a pit and dump it in, covering with dirt carefully to keep from allowing any unexposed waste from attracting flies or exuding its natural smell.   If you have ample supplies of lime, toss that in to keep the smell down.


The main thing is to keep the waste from attracting flies that will end up giving you dysentary.  I can attest to the fact that this is not only a not fun experience, but could be deadly.  While i had it (overseas in Iraq) I passed out due to dehydration and had to be given three IV’s before I woke back up, it lasted weeks and I was using the bathroom about 14 times a day; i never took off my boots or pants because I was constantly going to the bathroom all day and night with about 30 seconds of lead time!  I wrote a post about Treating and preventing Cholera you should read, as the rehydration treatment is the same.



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Bugout Bag = Get Home Bag

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As a self-proclaimed minimalist when it comes to all things prepared I wanted to give my 2 cents on the Bugout Bag and the Get Home Bag.

These two items seems to have quite the debate on what the contents should be and the more pushy types on the forums tend to be of the mind that if you don’t use the same designer bag as them that you are woefully under-prepared.

Let’s squash that here, who gives a shit what brand bag you have, the things that matter in regards to the bag are:
  •  Durability
  • Volume of storage
  •  Comfort
  • Ease of concealment

I could add a few more but after the big 4 it really is just a matter of opinion, these four characteristics should be the end all and be all when shopping for the actual bag. I prefer a simple Alice Pack with no frame or a plain high school book bag if keeping a low profile.

Guru left his Warrior Mindset at Taco Bell
I feel the Bugout Bag and Get Home Bagare one in the same; the only difference is a get home bag is typically on you or in your vehicle and the bugout is in your home. They serve the same exact purpose; each bag is to only carry the minimal amount of supplies to get you from an unsafe location to a safer location.

This is the point where the forum guru tells me “What if the sky was pink and I was an elephant, you would need a full pack with months worth of food!” If you would like to carry a pack that weighs 30lbs or more be my guest. 

Keep in mind that you have this bag because it will have the supplies you need to get home or lead you to your bugout location. Chances are, if you need to use a bugout bag or get home bag that you will be running and running far. Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS is where your head should be when assembling this bag, think of the basics; Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids.

Basic minimum essentials:

SHTF MEDICINE: How to Build your First Aid Kit

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Now there are a million different first aid/medic kits out there that you can buy prepackaged, however I have found that 98% of these fall into one of these 3 categories.

  • They Have more than you need or your skill set/experience knows how to use
  • They are basic kiddie fell on the sidewalk boo boo junk
  • They have a decent set up but are way overpriced for what is contained in them

Now I will say up front I am not a certified EMT or a Field medic from the military, however I have been trained in combat first aid and basic triage on the battlefield, while this is not up to the same level by any measure I do know what most of you have the ability to do and what you will need.  You can always buy more if you want an advanced medic bag and learn as you go, that’s your prerogative.

Here is a list of some basic stuff you should buy.

First off you will want a bag to put all this stuff in, now you could buy some very high speed bag specifically made for EMT’s and Medics, but you can easily make do with a cheap tactical/shoot bag like the Allen & Company Tactical Bag which retails for around $30.  I would recommend packing the more necessary first aid items, that being ones that are needed for immediate lifesaving needs like gauze, pressure bandages, israeli bandages or tourniquets.  If you need band-aids they are not a immediate lifesaving implements you can stick them inside.


Here are some necessary items for a good first aid kit.


If you want a more advanced bag here are some things you may want, but please learn how to use them first


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Yup, It’s Sunday

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It’s pouring rain right now.  I’m glad I got up early enough to put the new potted seeds out of the weather.  Last year I had a whole tray of seedlings (tiny ones) that were left out in the rain and the entire tray pretty much washed away.

Oh wow- now it’s hailing.  I hope it doesn’t tear up the plants.  I wouldn’t want to cry like John Milandred over a few plants. I’ve never seen a grown man cry like that before over some plants that can and were easily replaced. *snork*

Anyways……It looks like a day off today.  Well outside anyway. A real familiar line from every restaurant I’ve ever worked comes to mind though.  “You have time to lean you have time to clean”.  I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that one. Today I’m going to enjoy the rain and do a little reading instead.

Gladys Kravitz the rabbit had her babies night before last.  I’ve got no idea how many just yet.  I don’t want to go digging around in there much. There’s life in there though because all the hair she pulled is moving around!

The Psycho Demon rabbit tried to “rush” me yesterday (again) so I popped her on top of her furry head with the plastic feed scoop(again)  She must have no idea that she is making sure she doesn’t land on the No Kill list. Now that I know I have some good breeders I’m having to make some choices. There’s no need for four does. I’ve already gone through 50 lbs of feed and I’ve had to go to the feed store and get another half a bag of rabbit pellets to finish out the month on.  With the new babies I’ll have to up the amount I pick up to double at the first of the month.

I’ve been checking on the chicken’s that are setting. I’ve found that where there used to be 15 eggs they were sitting on there are now 0. I’d guess some sort of snake had made it his dinner stop again.  Mars killed the one that was actually eating the baby chicks last year. Bad news is no chicks this year.  Good news is the hens should start laying again soon. If it’s not one thing its another. *sigh*

The garden’s doing ok so far.  Other than the fact that I have run out of room for all the things I wanted to plant that is.  Mar’s has the lower garden planted in beans and corn sort of like the 3 sister method without the squash.  I’ve still got to find a spot for some spinach and some odds and ends.  Some of the pepper plants I picked up and planted didn’t make it.  Something ate the entire stems off a few of them. I’ll get some D.E. put out there as soon as it dries up enough to get out there. I haven’t decided if I’ll just replace the peppers or use the space for something else.

 Well it looks like the rain has stopped and I really should get busy with that book and a cat nap. .

Maybe I’ll make some cookies…Coffee’s on the stove!
Ya’ll have a Super Day!

Are Preppers actually Prepared?

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Jungle Run at the Big Run Ranch 
When thinking of a prepper, most often we picture a person who has some sort of room in which they store massive quantities of supplies such as food, water, methods of self-defense and tools for hunting. They may have some limited training on survival or bush-craft and hopefully can properly utilize the firearms they spent all that hard earned money on. Ask a prepper what they are preparing for and they will mostly likely draw up some specific event or collapse of some kind. They may even go into their plans on how to survive it.

That sounds like a great plan right?

It sounds like they could live forever in their cozy secret squirrel location. If an intruder came they could defend their location with their armory. For me it sounds like borderline hoarding and they are not prepared for anything other than becoming a supply house for an intruder because they are a soft target. If you prepare yourself with purpose and maintain a flexible but firm preparedness philosophy you will be better off with very limited “Prepping” supplies and a shitload of training.

Don’t be this guy
Having more firearms than your team can carry by hand is stupid, plain and simple.  We are preparing for complete self-reliance not starting a firearm collection. Having too much of anything just means you wasted your time and money. You will potentially leave food and guns behind, to a possible threat to you, when you decide that you can’t take them when you bug out. I am sure by now you know how I approach preparedness.

Do you even prep, Bro?
I am a minimalist and I see that people are starting to get good at hoarding not preppingbecause it is easier to go to a store and buy gear and buy guns and ammo and to buy preassembled “Survival kits”. Someone please explain how buying an endless mountain of gear and supplies makes you prepared. That awful Doomsday Preppers atrocity is filled with commercials of washed up celebrities hawking crappy pre-packed meals. For a small fortune you have managed to prep without even leaving your couch. Spend a quarter of that money on some damn training and classes on how to grow food, how to dehydrate meals and how to pack them in a manner that will save your food for decades. We have gotten so lazy as a nation that we can’t even prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse ourselves!

We go to Ebay or Amazonand buy some Zombie survival kit or Prepping essentials kit because it’s easier than getting off of our fat pimply asses to do it ourselves. Do you actually think these stupid ass kits are assembled by someone who knows their shit? Does the username of the seller give you the sense of trust your very survival depends on? Zombiedude543 has a blue star rating so he must be legit, right?

A chicken for no reason

The difference between an individual who is prepared and one who is a prepper comes down to mindset and physical fitness. Take this post as a challenge to you to take a long look in your signal mirror and make the decision to up your preparedness game.

Are you prepared enough to even enjoy those freeze dried lasagna meals or the dreaded Country Captain Chicken MRE while the world turns into a shit sandwich all around you? Test yourself and document what your physical limits are now. Give yourself 4 months to make substantial gains in your strength and endurance. What is the point of spending your time and money on all this food, gear and training if you die of a heart attack trying to get to your bug out location? I am no model of physical perfection by any means trust me, but I work at making myself better every day. If your survival skills are up to par with your level of fitness there is little left to chance regarding your survival. It is solely upon you to change the terms that define you. Prepping is an action, not a way of life. The act of prepping is merely a small facet of what being prepared is. I hope you are getting sick of me saying this and you start to put these words into action. Having a whole mess load of instruments doesn’t make a musician; it’s what we do with the tools we amass that define us.

Stay fit and keep that Warrior Mindset!!

Drunk Ramblings Of An Idiot

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It seems there is some sort of hysteria these days about these “Doomsday Scenarios” and the End of the World or Economic Collapse. People don’t want to die so they decide they want to know what sort of items to keep around them to be prepared for anything other than a sunny day, and it got me thinking that maybe I should try to put some on a different sort of spin onto which scenario most everybody assumes will happen, like thinking it’s going to be complete chaos and people running around rampant in the streets like something out of a movie like Mad Max, or some weird zombie apocalypse, I feel none of those scenarios are accurate.
 If there were to be some sort of mass hysteria or zombie apocalypse or any sort of just boring old civil unrest it is not going to be crowds of people running through the streets screaming and lighting people on fire or suddenly feeling the need to just be mowing people down in their Prius while marveling how great the gas mileage is.
 If the event that took place was to a level that deprived us of services such as gas, electric, trash removal even police and fire protection services, it would be a slow burning fuse not an immediate rush of panic. Imagine your small town without something as simple as trash removal or when you lose power for 5 days in the winter, now picture losing power but there is no chance for a reconnection for months. How could you realistically expect to be prepared for something like that? You can’t, if you work a job and have the same bills I have it is not realistic to expect you can be properly prepared for more than a week of complete self-sustainment. With that being said just do an assessment of your surroundings, take a look at your neighbors, do they have a garden or have some sort of flag that hints they have military or police training. People such as this could be of great usefulness to your survival, just make sure you have something to offer to a group before you try to assemble one or you could find yourself on the outside looking in. Obviously this doesn’t mean have American Idol style try outs for your Zombie Apocalypse Squad, but just be a neighbor and have a casual conversation about their hobbies and make a mental list of people that you know or could get too quickly so you could start the process of preparing for when your supplies run out. This is where you get to see if you are able to sit back and wait it out or if you need to start the process of playing catch up and scrambling to find things to keep you and your group surviving.

If we are left with no one but ourselves to keep us alive for extended period of time we will need to be able to provide the basic necessities such as proper nutrition, clean water, medical care, security and some form of a chain of command. After enough time cut off from what we used to know as society things would change slowly and there will be a decline in basic humanity and compassion. Canned food will run out, fresh food will rot, that is when sheer panic will set in, unless of course you have prepared for a crisis. The hard reality of “Holy Shit, this is real”, and for the holy shit phase of survival to set in we don’t need Zombies or Godzilla. All we need is a car wreck into a ravine in the winter coming back from a ski trip or a home invasion. What will you do as your first act after saying Holy Shit? Your first move after the holy shit phase begins is what will determine the outcome. If you take one thing from this ramble you are now balls deep in to reading, remember this one instruction. Get off the X, this phrase is the key to surviving anything from Jason Voorhees swinging an axe at your head to knowing what side of your vehicle to get out of if you break down on the highway. Get up and move, do something don’t be that person who dies because you failed to act or you froze in fear. Fight or flight, there is no stand there and die option.

I guarantee if you are reading this you have either had a dream about or déjà vu or unfortunately lived through a home invasion or carjacking, these two examples are terrifying to think that could happen to you and for me I try to think of what two items I would say are the absolute must haves in these situations   to help me best get out of or to deal with the after math of these scenarios. If I could snap my fingers and pause a home invasion or carjacking to get two items for my use in either of these situations I would grab my cell phone and my Glock 19. These two items can get you out of almost any undesirable situation that I can think of. Modern cell phones have taken the place of about 15 to 20 items depending on what apps you have installed. If you were asleep in your house and you hear the stereotypical glass break and your front or back door creak open the first thing that you should be doing is dialing 911, press send and grab your gun (if you have one). If alone put your phone on speaker and give the dispatcher your name and address and a brief description of what you are calling about and if you are armed make sure that the dispatcher knows this, you do not want to be mistaken for the assailant. Now having a gun doesn’t mean the next step is to go room to room gun blazing, use your brain and think and listen. Is this actually a break in? How many sets of footsteps do you hear? What language are they speaking and are they taking items or heading to a bedroom. If the person/people that have broken in to your home are taking your television you need to make the decision of do you let them take it and avoid confrontation and just file an insurance claim or do you try to stop the robbery by force of the threat of force? Is your $800.00 television worth your life or a wrongful death suit? If so then proceed as you will, but for me I’ll take the hit in my pride and insurance rates to avoid unnecessary possible jail time or worse endangering my family when it could have been avoided. But if it is clear they are not in my house for items I can go to the store and replace, that is something completely different. If the intent of entering your home is to cause you or your loved ones bodily harm you should again dial 911, press send, grab your trusty firearm (hopefully you have another person to arm as well), if there is children in the house clear to the rooms of the children and get them to your hopefully most desirable room to defend. Post up security at the door, this is where something like as simple as you chambering a round and stating out loud that the police have been called and that you are armed and you don’t want to die. I know if I broke into a house and I heard someone chamber a firearm of any king and spoke with authority regarding their will to live, I would get the hell out and move on to an easy target. There are few things in this world that will put fear into a person more than the sound of a shotgun chambering a round. But if that also fails to deter this person you need to be prepared to escalate things 1 step more. If on a second floor, do not leave the high ground. The funneling effect of a stairwell could mean life or death for you, ever stepped on a set of stairs in a house that doesn’t squeak? Neither have I, you will be heard and prime for bad things to happen. This also works in your favor, make this person funnel themselves you will hear them coming and they can move anywhere but up or down. I would in this situation sound out the second I hear someone on the stairs that they will be eating buckshot if they take one more step in my house, and advise them that if they value life they should leave immediately. If you are wondering why I am conservative on dealing with these situations, well sure if I had my old fire team from when I was clearing houses I would without a doubt go down in force and deal with the situation quickly and decisively but this isn’t that. Chances are this is you, in your undies; no shoes, half awake and you need to realize you may be at a disadvantage and the odds of you getting the drop on a burglar or someone trying to harm you is really out of the question. They will know you are awake and they will also need to make a decision, will they take what they can and leave or will they stay and try to harm you. Please proceed methodically and carefully if this situation unfortunately ever arises. And always call 911 first.

If you are in your car and someone taps on the window for you to get out and give them the car, immediately look, does this person have a weapon? If so get out happily give them your car and try to get your phone. Call the police and just have a beer and thank god that you didn’t get shot. There is no way in hell you are going to be able to do anything if a gun is pointed at you if you try to speed off they will see the panic in your eyes widen and they will most likely not shoot, but is it worth the chance? But if this person taps on your window with a knife or something they have to hold and swing to harm you and if you have the room to drive away just flip them the bird, call the cops and be on your way. But of course there could be the situation where your window is down and this person tried to grab you, if this happens I hope you have a knife, gun pepper spay or something to establish the upper hand for you. If your life is in danger and you have no doubt that your life will end by the actions of this person, you need to act in a manner to buy you another day on earth. But again if you know that you would not be able to gain the upper hand on the situation, decide if possible think if you can get out of the situation reasonably unscathed if so give up the car, time for a new model anyway. Feel free to practice real world but realistic ways to come out on top in the above stated situations but know your limits don’t make a small inconvenience into a tragedy, objects can be replaced.

The Bundy Ranch: Why it’s the wrong fight

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“I haven’t talked about the bundy ranch issue at all since it started. Here are my thoughts…. 1) Cleven does owe fees for the use of the land. I do not agree with fed control of “public lands” within any state, those lands should be made common use BY each state through the consent of said state citizens, however he does owe the fees, but closer to 300k and not a million.

Cont. I understand why he stopped paying those fees for lands the govt said he could no longer use. 2) Public lands are not public lands, they are in essence federal government lands, due to the fact the government and not the voting citizens make decisions on what can be used on them, etc

Cont. 3) Environmental policy within the govt is dictated to by extremists. There is a concerted effort to push out family ranches who have grazed these lands for generations in favor of “no cattle at all”. The govt cannot just say no cattle so they collude with environmental organizations to bring lawsuits and then settle with with them so that the policy is court ordered and they can hide behind judges.

Cont. Most of those who claim cattle destroy the habitat forget that millions of bison roamed those areas for tens of thousands of years. Hoofed animals devouring everything, trodding every square inch of ground and filling those valleys with manure were and are a natural part of the environment, vital to growth and sustainability

Cont. It is laughable that many of these environ groups are small, comprised of people who are paid 6 figures a year, but claim non profit status because they get donations from portland and seattle, but own massive houses and have the gall to claim they are doing it all for the protection of the earth. They sow fear and say cattle are bringing the apocalypse In conclusion I stand with the bundy’s however those going down there from the militia movement, oathkeepers and individual patriots should be careful. Having weapons is fine but if I was there I would keep my AR unloaded with a barrel block in it. If the govt wanted to fire on me then they would be guilty of murder, and the govt couldn’t claim self defense but would be seen for what they are, thugs”


I want to clarify as I feel that I was not able to properly elaborate on my thoughts within the text limits of facebook…I also know I will be pissing some people off, but out of respect and intellectual honesty read the whole piece.  If you still don’t agree that is fine, you can even argue with me in the comments and I will answer your questions, etc.

Cliven is right and wrong

Mr. Bundy is right in that his family has worked and grazed that land long before the BLM ever existed, he claims that his prior usage rights exempt him from federal law and give him near ownership over those lands because his family grazed them over 100+ years. He Is wrong in these ways…

1) Prior usage rights are not well established and as far as i can tell are more in the realm of patent/trademark law and in some instances Water Rights, however these prior usage water rights issues regard private property and patented water rights claims, not grazing on non private land.

2) The BLM is relatively new, but prior to that the Land was administered by the GENERAL LAND OFFICE, officially established in 1812, and Bundy’s Family has only been there since 1870, which would not predate the GLO which was succeeded by the BLM.  The GLO dealt with the Homestead Act and the Preemption act that dealt specifically among other things the collection of taxes and fees for grazing on public lands, which is the heart of this case.

3) Mr. Bundy says he owes the money to the State of Nevada not the BLM, while I am a believer in States rights and that the states SHOULD take the land back from the Federal Government, and the Feds should have NO jurisdiction over land within a state (i.e. public lands), the issue here in that regard is with the STATE OF NEVADA and not the Federal Government. The State of Nevada did not step in and say we want to administer this land, they are Nevadan lands and Not the Federal Governments business, they have been silent.  The Nevada Constitution specifically states that they “forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.” That means all public lands are within the Federal Jurisdiction.  People should be marching on Carson City to make the State leaders grow a pair and take back the rightful land of the people of Nevada.

4) Mr. Bundy is right and wrong about the overreaction of the BLM, they did make a big show of force, they wanted to send a message, however it was not as if he lost his case on friday and they showed up Saturday morning, this had been going on for 20+ years, sooner or later he had to know they would show up, it just so happened it was this month.


People are showing up in support for one main reason, It is not because this is a clear cut and dry case of a man being bullied by the Feds, that they asked him to not have his cattle on the land last week and he just found out about it and they sent in the goon squads, this has been LONG ongoing and it was not unlikely this day would come, frankly im surprised it took 20 years. People are showing up because frankly the are sick and tired of the BS from the Federal Government. They are sick of being taxed to death, being force to buy things they don’t want, watching their dollar buy less and less every year because the government wants it to, fighting endless wars, being spied on, being treated like criminals and children.

They are just sick and tired.  This resentment has been boiling for decades now and is now coming to a head. They heard partial truths and even if they were aware of the whole story all that mattered was that the same people that have been stealing from them and their children’s future were trying to take this mans cattle; whether he was right or wrong, many just wanted to show up and say (pardon the language) FUCK YOU FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! YOU CAN TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE, BUT TODAY YOU WILL NOT! I cant take credit this insight, I felt that this resentment was a driving factor, but Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast really crystallized it for me in his latest podcast.



This is not a cut and dry situation, and in many ways Mr. Bundy is as much to blame as the Feds for this escalation.  Personally as wrong as Mr. Bundy might be, I dont think the Feds have the right to administer land within a state, and that if the Desert Tortoise is so important than why are companies that Senators sons represent somehow ‘finding’ that the habitat of that tortoise no longer extends into their areas planned for development, even though prior to that they had? Does it just take a few million dollars and good connections that a rancher doesn’t have to ‘find’ that the tortoise doesn’t live there anymore?

With that being said, yes there is corruption within the political system, but if the disparate patriot movement wants to plant its flag for a cause, we need to do it smart, we need to think politically, not everything WE think that is the next Lexington and Concorde, will or would be seen by the public as such.  Most people are turned off by politics or pissed off that i would mention we shouldn’t help Mr. Bundy purely because its not a PR win, well folks you may not like politics, but that is what wins wars and more importantly hearts and minds of our fellow citizens… IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT WE THINK, IT MATTERS WHAT THE PUBLIC VIEWS IT AS.

Personally I would wait  for a better opportunity, the equivalent of stealing candy from a sick baby.  A better cause would be to stop a drug raid on someone growing pot for their terminally ill kid, something that would make people say “I always thought those militia guys were wackos, but shit, this kid cant survive without this and they are defending him against a government that wants him to spend the little time he has left in pain and agony.”


chamber blcok

A second course of action would be, and one that i talked about in the facebook post.  You see that little yellow thing above? That could be THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON ANYONE COULD HAVE AT THE BUNDY RANCH




WHY? If everyone there had one in their weapon, it would be visible to all, and render the weapon completely unfireable as long as it was inserted, this prevents a round from being chambered and is used at ranges and in the military to publicly show your weapon is unloaded. If the feds come back and everyone is standing there with their weapons, a symbolic act of defiance, and the Feds shot, well that would be splattered all over the news that the feds killed people who had weapons that could not be fired. Sure there would be many in the Mainstream media that would say “well they still had weapons that could have fired, and they were menacing militia guys”…Sure that will happen.


However here are the three scenarios that will play out if the Feds show back up…


1) The militia and supporters back off and say they don’t want to fight.  I doubt that, all it will take is one guy to raise his weapon, the feds shoot him and everyone else starts shooting in defense.  A bloodbath.

2) The feds show up and there is a battle.  The Main Stream Media and the Obama/Bloomberg Machine will use it as a reason NO civilian should have an assault weapon and get EVERYONE who supported the Bundy Ranch, said they are a “Patriot”, on watch lists.  Every facebook post where you said “I’m a Patriot” would be looked at and you would end up on a terrorist watch list.  This is the real danger of this, and don’t think the Feds WOULDN’T push a confrontation knowing this would make the outcome of an outright ban a near cinch.  The Patriot, small government movement would be cast back 20 years into the realm of Montana Freemen and pipe bomb whacko’s Folks we do not have 20 years to make up any lost ground, this is why i don’t think the Bundy ranch is a good first “line in the sand” for us, its not cut and dry and for the little bit of satisfaction we got from seeing the BLM drive off, we could lose much much more.

3) Everyone does what i mentioned above, they have their rifles, they look “scary” and the media uses the “militia” moniker to scare all those good people in Portland.  However if they fire and kill and injure 10-20 people all of whom were captured on camera with chamber blocks in their rifles, it would be a win.  Those dead would not have gone out in the glory that novels speak of, firing the first shots heard round the world, etc.  But they would do more for the cause than anything. They would show the country that the Feds are what we know they are, bullies, thugs, no better than mafia family enforcers.  They would be shown as murderers, they would show the country that those “Militia” gun nuts that they were so scared of, took the high road, they had no way to defend themselves, they took the path of peaceful resistance, and were shot by our own government.


I want to also say I am not denigrating the honor of those men and women who showed up, I am an Oathkeeper myself, and i consider all of them their my political brothers and sisters, i have a high degree of respect for them to drop everything and show up to fight for what they think is right, and they are not wrong to thing the Feds are wrong. I believe we have long crossed any line in the sand that the government should have ever been able to step over, so i understand the need and want to draw a new one right here right now and say “You have been stepping over every constitutional line for decades since this countries inception, it stops now!”


But damn’t why draw that line at the wrong time and lose, when we can make the right decision at the right time in the right place and do it right?     Those are just my two cents.  let me know what you think.


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3 Big Mistakes People Make in Survival Situations

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In this article I will identify what I feel are the 3 biggest mistakes that people make in survival situations.  Before you read on realize that the term “Survival Situation” does not mean a Collapse scenario, it means a Collapse scenario, lost in the woods, a gunman in your building or even a burglar in your home.



This can also be phrased as “Wait for help or not wait for help”, I also realize that this seems like not the greatest advice since I am telling you two opposite things; let me elaborate.

Every situation will dictate your reaction to it, so there is NO real silver bullet for every survival situation.

Take for instance a Shooter in your building.  Say you work in a large office building selling insurance, there was a big set of layoffs 3 weeks ago and many people left with chips on their shoulder.  You start the day as you normally do, but a few hours after you get there you head 4 loud bangs on your floor, people start to scream in the hallway and your coworkers begin to freak out.  Months back your company had passed out a paper for what to do during emergencies, they recommended that in the case of a gunmen in the building that all workers were to shelter in place, that is to stay where they were get under their desks and hide.  The closest worker to the door was to lock it and then go to their shelter in place area.

In this scenario someone does lock the door to your area of cubicles, the gun shots get closer and then the door handle jiggles, then the door hand is shot out and the door swings wide open and you hear the shots begin to ring out every few seconds as the steps go from one cubicle to the next….

Now we saw how Shelter in Place did not work during the Navy Yard Shooting, as people made themselves non moving targets, the one thing you dont want to be when someone has a gun.

Anyone who has ever been trained to deal with being shot at knows that the best defense against a gunmen is having a gun yourself, the second best thing to do (and sometimes in conjunction with the first) is to make yourself a moving target away from them, zig zagging in different directions to complicate their ability to use accurate fire upon you.  Sheltering in place is not a good idea.  In reality shelter in place is more for the Cops than for you in my opinion, in a mass shooting scenario if everyone is sitting still then whoever is up and moving is more likely the target, and this way cops can more easily engage the target without having to pick them out of a crowd, this is fine for the cops and makes their job easier, but not for you as you hear the gunmen moving towards you as (s)he shoots everyone in the cubicles as he moves your way.

You need to identify exits wherever you are at all times, especially in places you spend a lot of time like work, have exit strategies.


However on the flip side, say you were traveling in a small commuter plane going fishing in the back country, the plan loses power and you crash land, you survive the crash however you are 100 miles from the nearest town.  Now many people would instinctively think they should get up and start walking to find someone to get help.  In this case however your best chance of being rescued will be to stay with the wreckage; search planes will be dispatched once family and friends and the pilots company realizes you never came back, never checked in, etc.  Search planes will more easily see the wreckage than you walking through the woods.


As I mentioned in the beginning every scenario will give you this decision to make, stay or go, and each will have a different correct decision to make.

There is no silver bullet decision, one size fits all, however the silver bullet to make that decision is available and it is simple.

“What will increase my survival” once you figure this out your decision can be made.



The vast majority of folks have never been faced with a true survival situation, never been shot at, never seen death, never been truly tested.  It is a normal human reaction to feel revulsion at these things that clash with what they consider “normal” and have experienced their whole lives.

We see this even in those who have been trained to fight wars, spent years or even decades readying themselves to perform in combat, the first time they see a dead body they freeze, or the first time they have to pull the trigger they do not.  Now military/Police Training severely cuts down these numbers through training and desensitizing that individual to the horrible things they will have to do and see.  However if this can still happen to people with this level of training, don’t think it could happen to you in any situation.

The key to this is to recognize that you what you may see is not normal and your initial reaction may be to freeze or panic, recognize this and you will not be in this state for very long, dont deny it through machismo or bravado ideals of yourself.

The Greatest thing that you can do is to prepared yourself.

Clear thinking is the greatest weapon you can have in your arsenal of survival tools, Recognize the horror you see and move one

If we are not talking about a situation where there is a imminent threat to your life at that exact moment like a shooter or a fire that will surround you, take a moment and a couple deep breaths and think “what do i need to do next”.  Think back to the mental training that you have been giving yourself off these months and years since you decided to embrace preparedness instead of sticking your head in the sand, you WILL come up with the solution and you WILL survive.  Tell yourself “I WILL SURVIVE”.




Most people are inherently good (in my opinion), only a small percentage of folks are inherently evil (or bad if you prefer) and the others that are bad are so because of the situations they have been placed in and then become ingrained into that lifestyle.

As Good people we are often not ready to do what is needed to survive, and you need to ready yourself to be able to make those decisions.

I am not talking about looting or killing people for their food, I would never advocate becoming some immoral thief.

What I am talking about is making the decision to survive, for an example in the scenario i posted above about a shooter in your building, is not do what the “good” people do and follow directions, get up and run to the nearest exit, get out of there.  If you cannot grab the nearest object you can use as a weapon and take down that threat.  This is not something “good” people do, it is also not something “bad” people do, it is something that someone who has a will to survive does.

Within this category we can talk about being a prepper in a generalized sense, however more than likely you have already made this decision and have some food socked away, etc.  In this way you have the mindset in partial of what is needed to survive, but this is not enough.

However many of us focus on the bigger things, the bigger disasters and yet we disregard the smaller things that can happen to us, in this way we are not recognizing what is needed to survive.  That is to embrace the full spectrum of survival, to recognize that the smaller things are more likely to happen and more likely to happen NOW vs the bigger crisis that MAY happen later.

Do you have what is needed to survive a few days in your car if it broke down on a back country road? Or In a Snowstorm?  could you fix a busted tire, refill with gas?  Do you have what is needed to keep yourself warm?

Do you have a small go bag available at work with a method to use a defense weapon (whatever is legal in your area or office place)?  Do you have maps?

Recognize that you are not prepared in all areas, I know I am not, And then refocus yourself on what is needed to cover your deficiencies in those areas, instead of making the less likely more redundant.

I am not saying STOP stocking up food, I am saying that you are not really “ready” to survive if you have 3 years of food in your garage but a disaster strikes while you are visiting family hundreds of miles away and you don’t know how to read maps or find your way back.





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Survival Medicine Workshops

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*  2015 Survival Medicine Classes *

New!  No prerequisite for any class




Survival Medicine 101

June 15-19, 2015 as part of Ultimate Prepper Training in Richfield, OH

For class information or to register, CLICK HERE.

September 18-20, 2015 in Akron, OH

For class information or to register, CLICK HERE.

Survival Medicine 102

October 16-18,2015 in Akron, OH

For class information or to register, CLICK HERE.

Survival Medicine 201

November 13-15, 2015 in Akron, OH

For class information or to register, CLICK HERE.

Suturing & Minor Surgery

This is taken from Day 2 of Survival Medicine 101


CLICK HERE for additional info and to register

* CLICK HERE for a detailed PDF of Survival Medicine Class Descriptions *

See below for brief class descriptions.

Continue reading


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(photo courtesy of


These are simple rules and all of them are born of this notion… YOUR JOB IS TO SURVIVE, NOTHING ELSE, YOU ARE NOT A ONE MAN SEAL TEAM. In a lot of Prepper Fiction and discussions of “what ifs” there is always the scene of the roadblock and having to battle your way out of it, etc. This is of course for your entertainment, while not out of the realm of possibility; in my opinion if a collapse happens and the most ‘exciting’ and dangerous thing that happens to you is that a hailstorm takes out a early crop then you have successfully ridden out when the SHTF.


1) If you can, avoid any and all confrontations

This is not just a “run away” piece of advice, its also about keeping your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings, see if any cars are following you? look far ahead of the road, is there any movement? Are there any natural choke points ahead that could be used as an ambush spot?  Is anyone paying too close attention to you while you have been in town?  I talked about this in a post on SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, its a good overview of what it is and how to implement it through practice in your daily life. The point is to look for people and places that could bring about confrontation and take a wide berth, If someone is giving you the stink eye don’t try and run over to them and get in their face, move on, keep an eye on them if they wish to start it, but keep your cool. Your main goal is survival, not live out some fantasy novel in your own life.


2) If the other party is showing aggression. Run Away

Now I am not saying that if someone comes to your home and they are demanding you turn over all you have, you run off.  Or that if someone attempts to rape your daughter, that you call it a day and run away.  Not at all. What I am talking about is what i briefly talked about in the First Rule. If someone wants to try and act like the big man on campus, don’t give it another thought unless it is something that physically threatens your life. If you see a roadblock up ahead and you see men in the wood line, turn around, don’t try to take them out. During my time as a Security Contractor overseas, we were all very highly trained, however our job was not to go on the offensive, our job was to get our client to and from where they were going safely.  If we got engaged in a firefight our job was to fight only as long as it took to safely secure an exit, and we always made sure we had an exit, so all we had to do was to engage as we were leaving, rarely did a fight last very long.  This is your job, get to and from where you are going safely, not right the wrong in the world one bad guy at a time. Your main goal is survival, no matter the situation, You are not the savior of all mankind, your duty is to you and your family.  You will do them no good if you are dead.


3) If you DO get involved in a confrontation get away and run as soon as you can.

If for some reason after all the precautions you take you get into a fight, do what you have to, defend yourself and when the opportunity arises get away. Say you get caught in an ambush at a roadblock or choke point, You are not duty bound to stay and put them down so that they ‘wont do this again’, you are duty bound to your family. More than likely this will be the only alternative, if they have gotten you into this situation they most likely outnumber and outgun you, your best alternative is to get away. I read this a lot in prepper fiction, someone sees a roadblock they decided that they need to take them out, or they get ambushed and get away, but go back to take them out, etc. Your main goal is survival, you are not the Judge and Jury of Righteousness in a lawless society.


4) If you have a retreat/home nearby do not head directly to it.  Lead Possible pursuers away.

When you do get a chance to escape, don’t head straight for your retreat/home, if someone in the ambush group is a decent tracker, or you are bad at hiding your sign, you will lead them right to you, and you will be setting yourself up for the next fight, and every fight not fought is a step closer to surviving the situation. In my opinion I would lead them on a circular chase in the wrong direction, looping around, and then set up a ambush of your own in an advantageous location.  Now this may sound like it violates the first 3 rules, however you have already exposed yourself to confrontation so the only real choice is to wait, if they are following you then you need to end it now, because a fight at your home is much less advantageous than you taking them out in the woods or worst case you end up dead in the woods, at least in this your family is safe.  Wait a few hours, listen and watch, if they don’t follow you THEN head back home. Your main goal is survival, defend your castle by keeping its location secret.


5) If you can’t get away before or during, defend yourself and neutralize the threat.

This is the last resort, however this does happen in these situations, you got ambushed, you cant get away.  Now is the time for you to dig down deep, go on autopilot and let your training take over.  Take them out and make sure they are no longer a threat, be calm, efficient and ruthless, they would do the same to you. Your Main goal is survival, if someone wishes to endanger your life, then defend it.



Now this advice may sound harsh, as if I am saying that all that matters is for you to survive.  In a way yes I am.  I have also spoken that we need to be ready to fight to make a better future, if a collapse happens we also need to be beacons of liberty and help restore what was lost and what could have and should have been. What I am talking about today is not the ‘greater fight’ but the small things that you may encounter in SHTF/Bug Out situations.  I want to dispel some fantasies that i have heard on some forums, which I believe is fueled by the burst in prepper fiction lately.  The best way to survive is to NOT put yourself in situations that will put that survival in the balance. In short, Don’t fight if you can avoid it, if a fight is forced on you, end it, one way or the other.




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My week at the Big Run Ranch

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I was fortunate to be invited to the Defensive Preparedness Summit hosted by ORSto share ideas and philosophies on defensive shooting tactics and wilderness survival in a practical application environment. The ranch facility is a sprawling hilly terrain which is perfect for anything ranging from shoot and move drills to shelter building and animal tracking.

When the group all arrived we did our hugs and handshakes and then we got down to business. Lance went over the range safety rules and safety procedures, showing us the location of the medical kits and the information necessary to call for EMS in the event of an injury. Lance has clearly done his homework on how to run a safe range, it felt good knowing that the person running the range to the time to educate himself on proper range procedures.

Lance shooting steel.

We began our first course of fire with some basic pistol shooting drills to reinforce the basics of the SAFE series. Once our fundamentals were solid and we were warmed up we started to do some drawing from the holster drills and Getting off the X type drills. Being from Massachusetts where drawing from a holster is mostly banned at ranges these drills were a breath of fresh air to me, drawing in my living room with snap caps just isn’t the same as drawing and firing live rounds. We did variations on these drills for quite some time and moved onto strong hand only firing and reloading drills in which we would rack the slide off of our holsters or belts to get the pistol back into action. We moved on to shooting some Vtactargets in which Lance would call out a color and number and we would close on the target and shoot the designated number of rounds into each called target. I did almost all of my training with rifles in the military so pistol shooting is far and wide my weakest skill-set. I struggled a bit on these exercises, but anytime that I needed assistance or when Lance would see that I was getting sloppy he would be right over to reinforce the fundamentals in a manner which translated directly into hits right on target. Over the next few days we did some shoot and move drills with everything from a KRISS Super-V to some nice custom Ar-15 rifles in which he hid some of my favorite targets, the Ivan!

Me shooting the KRISS

It wouldn’t be an ORSclass without some serious PT involved, so we did a great deal of hill climbing and pull-ups because you only fight as hard as your body is capable. Lance setup 4 steel targets ranging from a sniper’s paradise target to some really challenging gong targets at distances of 15yds – 320yds. Lance was able to make our long days on the range seems like mere minutes when in reality we were spending upwards of 10 hours a day honing our skills in defensive shooting and long distance shooting.

The Hill

We ended our last range day with a competition, a modified version of H.O.R.S.E. we would take turns calling the most difficult shot possible and it was no surprise Lance tied for first, I surprised myself and got second place but there was no better ending to one of the most memorable training experiences I have ever had in my life. Enough can’t be said to the level of approachable professionalism Lance has integrated into his company’s philosophy of training. I cannot wait to go back and get some more rounds down range, if you are looking to get some training in I highly suggest reaching out to ORS, you will thank me after and tell him KERsent you.

Stay fit and keep a Warrior Mindset!


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Okay, the title is a bit misleading, its more like a good reason you should skimp when eating your long term storage and starve yourself a little. In easier terms, you should go on a diet in a SHTF scenario.

So what the heck are you talking about Richard? I stored up this food so my family and I WOULDN’T have to Starve!

Here’s Why….



The collapse hit in early March, Things were bad, but food was available, what little government was still functioning tried to quell any dissent and riots by shipping what food was left in warehouses and what could be “nationalized” from farms during the summer was shipped to central distribution areas in cities and some made it to the rural areas.

Most of the people in your town were surviving off what they could get in from the distribution centers, people were becoming thinner and malnourished from lack of quality food, but there were no truly hungry days, belly’s went to bed full.  Things have changed, what little crops made it through the summer were needed immediately to fill the gaps, and now food was becoming more scarce, calories for each daily meal have been cut from 2000 to 1500 a day and will only get worse through the winter.  The Government had started to send out pamphlets on “how to make a home garden” in late July and early August, much to late to do any real gardening and with ridiculously unuseable information for anyone outside of southern California growing climates.  Next years crops were to be even worse as artificial fertilizers were harder to come by and years of using them left them unusable since fertilizers had robbed the fields of any organic material necessary to natural growing.

As things have gotten worse people are getting skinier and less healthy looking, however you had foresight and built up a 2 year supply of food for you and your family. Meals were more bland, plain jane most nights, however you had put away quite a few spices, so a few nights a week things got ‘changed up’.  Your family hadnt really lost much weight, none of you were chubby or fat before the collapse, but all of you could have stood to lose a few pounds.

In town all people talked about food, rumors that a big shipment was coming in, or even that a large herd of cattle had been found out in the range and fresh steaks and ground beef were probably on their way.  Kids talked about candy, drunks opined over booze and moms cried because their kids wanted their favorite meals. 

As meals got cut or shipments came a few days late, people had began to talk….

“Why do the Smith’s still seem healthy?”  “We are all getting the same food and I have lost 25 lbs, do they have secret garden somewhere?”

As weeks and months went by, and food got less filling the talk of “why” and “how do they…” changed to

“They must be hoarding food…”, “I bet they have a bunch of food stored away, maybe they stole it off one of the trucks..taking from my kids!”


You may think that it sounds crazy, however as I outlined in my article on the Minnesota Starvation Experiment as malnutrition sets in people become obsessed with food and become dangerous and angry.  In the Experiment all the participants were avowed pacifists, but they began to develop fantasies about everyone they saw, that they were going to eat and started to become very angry at them.

These were avowed pacifists, so what do you think people who are used to huge meals and see you still keeping your belt in the same notch.


Think about it, if everyone else is starving or near starvation, or in the least malnourished and you are still a more than healthy 38 waist, what is everyone going to be thinking?  You can guess, because that is what ANYONE including you would be thinking….YOU HAVE FOOD STOCKED AWAY.

In my opinion the best thing to do is to finally go on that diet, everyone needs to.  Portion out the meals in combination with the extra work you will probably be doing and make sure that everyone starts to slim down.  Don’t make you and your family UNHEALTHY, however cut down the caloric intake and get everyone down to a healthy weight, now this may not cast off all suspicion, but with a good garden season people will not be be as suspicious.

With this tactic you may just save your life, they are not bad people, they are just hungry.









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Survival Preparedness Challenge

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Can your family survive for 72 hours, or even 36 or 24 hours without electricity, water, or gas? Have you stored enough survival supplies to provide food, water, shelter, and sanitary facilities for an extended period of time? Have you learned enough survival techniques to improvise if necessary? A disaster can strike with . . .

Treating MRSA Post SHTF

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I’m sure that most of you have heard of MRSA, whose full name is “Methicillian-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” and is often called a “SUPERBUG” since it is resistant to most antibiotics that are used to treat normal Staph infections.  MRSA is not a superbug in the way that it is NOT something new, but something that has grown an immunity to normal antibiotic treatments through overuse in medical and agricultural fields.  This is the perfect example of Survival of the Fittest, we all know the concept, the weak are killed, the stronger survive.  This works in the bacterial world, every time a bacteria is treated with antibiotics there is a chance that a few survive and grow immune to those antibiotics and then multiply, over time there will be NO treatment of certain bacteria with any treatment, however since this is in the future and there is nothing we can do about it we will focus on MRSA and what we can do.


  • MRSA results in 27% mortality rate
  • Cirrhosis, Renal Insufficiency, Having lived in Nursing home before hospitalization and Admission to ICU increases death by 7-15%
  • In 2005 over 94k cases were reported
  • Older age and weakened immune systems resulted in higher rates of death
  • Contact Sports, close proximity to healthcare workers and unsanitary conditions led to higher rates of infectiosn.




Red bumps will appear and look like Pimples or Boils and can resemble a spider bit.  If you never felt the pain of a bite or saw a saw a spider on you, chances are it is not.



It will often progress to an open inflamed area of the skin that may “weep” pus or drain other fluids (THESE ARE INFECTIOUS!!!!).

The Following Photos also illustrate MRSA infections

mrsa2-s4-mrsa-infected-hand mrsa2-s2-mrsa-skin-infection


This goes without saying that this is ONLY if you cannot reach a medical doctor or Hospital, in normal times NEVER try to treat this on your own, only in the most dire of situations.   First of all do not share personal hygiene items, towels, sheets, clothing or toiletries with others.  Or if you do make sure they are sterilized and/or treated with 10% bleach solution.  To find out how you can create a near limitless (for personal use) supply of Bleach read my post on how to make Bleach from POOL SHOCK.



First you can try to treat with Anti-biotics.  it is getting harder and harder to find antibiotics to stock up on.  I would look at going to pet supply stores as you can find most anti-biotics for humans for animals as well.  Bactroban can still be found via Amazon, click the picture above or the link below.

  • SEPTRA (SULFA BASED) Also known as BACTRIM (Trimethoprim)
  • Clindamycin
  • Anti Biotic Cream (Prescription)
  • Mupirocin (Bactroban)


  lancing boil


If you have a boil (It Often does), you need to drain it via lancing.  You can often get rid of the infection with proper draining.  Make sure that you keep any of the discharge away from any cuts or scrapes or this infection can spread.  Keep it clean and clean the area around it that may have been touched by any of the drainage with 10% bleach solution.  Look up how to lance a boil properly and NEVER squeeze it like a pimple, this will only spread the infection. Some tips from medical professionals..

  • Drain wounds immediately, then soak it with warm water 2-3 times a day and keep it open and allowing to drain
  • Make sure it drains all the way or it will come back worse than before
  • Clean House/Vehicle/Weapons anything the person may have touched with bleach solution
  • Lysol spray will kill it if you have it.
  • Use bleach for laundry
  • A Soap called Chlorahexadine will kill MRSA on the skin.  You can buy this at Walmart and other stores.  once you have the wound draining, shower daily with it.  Once healed wash with it a few times a month to keep the staph that may be on you in check.
  • Keep Fingers out of your nose if you have it, Staph can live in there, so you may want to coat your nose with Prescription Cream.

medihoney tube

Honey Has been known to Kill it, if you can use Medical grade Honey like “Medihoney”



TEA TREE OIL has been said to treat it as well, however i would only use this as a last/only resort.


You can STOP the spread of MRSA within your home or community by

  • Keeping wound bandaged and covered.
  • Sterilize ALL equipment used, or throw it away if it cannot be sterilized.  I have a Post on Sterilizing Equipment.
  • Wipe any areas exposed with 10% bleach solution.
  • Wash Hands vigorously and overdue it.

*This information comes from various sources like,, the CDC and others.*




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Today’s Post is a Guest Article, Or I should say Guest Graphic from Jasmine Henriques from







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The 3 Biggest misconceptions about a gunfight

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In my experience there are three categories of people when it comes to a gunfight.

  1. Those that NEVER want to be in one, so much so that they will not even consider having a gun.
  2. Those that wish they could be in the Old West and think they will be Doc Holiday Reincarnate.
  3. Those that have been in one and know what it is really like.


Those folks in category 1, I am not addressing today, That would take days and weeks of writing and ‘therapy’ to relieve yourself of these false notions, and propaganda that has been fed to you the majority of your life.  I may address this in a podcast at a later date.

This article will be addressing the 2nd category of people as a person that fits into the 3rd Category.

I am not doing this to try and toot my own horn and say “I’m better than you”, I am just trying to give you some advice, relay my experiences and try to prepare you for what reality will most likely be.



Most people who buy a gun, because they recognize the need for self defense, think that because they go to the range a few times a month and can hit center mass of the target that they are prepared to kill in defense of their own life or anothers life.

Unfortunately It is much more complicated than that.


An excellent book to read is called “ON KILLING” by Col. David Grossman, where he outlines how difficult it really is to kill another human being.  He notes that it is MUCH easier to drop a bomb from 30000 feet where the people are never seen or look like little ants than say getting up close with a knife.  One of the more amazing statistics was that in WWII, of those soldiers that fired their weapons in combat, they found that only 15-20% actually shot to kill, the rest fired in the general vicinity or over their heads.  It is not a normal thing to try and take a life.

Later as training developed, bull-seye targets were replaced with human silhouette targets and other things like cadences were changed from “Jody” (a cadence about the proverbial guy back home with your girl) to ones that spoke of killing your enemy, blood makes the grass grow, etc.  This lead to a near 80% rate of people firing to kill the enemy.

Shooting is as much psychological as it is physical (at the range).

I have personally seen it in combat where people froze at the sight of death, now this didn’t last long and 99% never had that again after their first time, however this was due to the fact that training kicked in.  However our training was constant for years (in some cases decades) before this moment, so you need to be aware that going to the range a few times a month may not be enough.

Much like my previous post on “3 Biggest mistakes people make in survival situations” you need to mentally prepare yourself for this moment, be aware that you may “freeze”.  I am not saying this is “ok” or that this may not result in your death, but you need to be aware of this possibility, not just in yourself but in others that may be in your “group”.  If they freeze when the moment comes you need to not get in their face, or make them feel like “less of a man (or woman)” for doing so, it is a natural reaction.  In fact this reaction is a good thing, it means that humanity and our compassion and what sets us apart from animals is still alive and well.  A good thing in the general sense.

Now This is not going to be a whole article on “HOW TO” for training, but here are a few pointers.

  • If you are not shooting at silhouette or “man” targets yet, do so.  never fire at bulls-eye targets in my opinion.  If you are training to defend yourself you WILL NEVER find yourself drawing down on a circle in real life.  Use human silhouette or man looking targets, this will help your mind START to get around this process.
  • Practice your draw and aiming at home every night for 30 minutes before you go to bed, at least a few times a week.  Set up a silhouette target, mannequin, etc. in your garage/room, closet, etc.  Make sure the weapon is unloaded, and don’t pull the trigger just practice drawing, presenting, and getting the proper aim.  Start slow at 25% speed, in a few weeks, up the speed to 50%, next few weeks 75% and so on.  After awhile once you have been doing 100%, start again at 25% speed and redo it again.  Focus on the fundamentals, of drawing, breathing, sight aim/sight alignment, etc.
  • Start practicing reading peoples body language in your daily life, and then use that on your dummy, start to practice paying attention to their eyes, shoulders and hands.  I know its hard on a paper target, but pay attention to these things while still keeping your aim true, center mass.  Most people will show you their intention to fire in their eyes/shoulders and hands moments before they pull the trigger.



I have talked to a lot of people, and this comes up a lot.  A conversation with my wife really helped bring this home to me as something that people have fantasies about when it comes to a gunfight.

My wife doesn’t shoot as much as I would like her to, and I bought her a small compact pistol, which she picked out herself. Suprisingly she is quite accurate with it (however I find most women are more accurate out of the gate than men, they listen and aren’t looking to “prove” anything), however I keep telling her that if I am away, etc. and she hears something at night to grab the shotgun.  Because of this I want her to practice more with the shotgun.  She is still quite antagonistic to this idea saying “its too much Ill just grab my pistol”.  Which i reply that the shotgun is the premier home defense weapon, nothing beats it.  I also pointed out to her that with 00 Buck she wont have to worry if she is shaking or isnt quite as accurate, more than likely in a confined space she will at least “wing” the intruder giving her enough time for follow on shots, or scare them off.

Her reply was that “Every time we go shooting I’m really good right? so don’t worry”.

This is a reply I hear from a lot of people, that they shoot well at the range so if anyone ever came into their house, they will easily put two in the chest and be safe.

This is a massive fallacy on their parts, and I hope NOT yours.

Think of some times when you have woken up and may think you have heard someone in the house, or when that brother, sister, friend may have popped out of nowhere and scared you, giving everyone but you a good laugh.  This is what combat is like.  That feeling of a increased heartbeat, palms are sweaty, you are shaking a little bit, this is what it will be like but by a factor of 10.

You will be shaking, perhaps not even noticing it until you bring your weapon up and are trying to line up the sights, and then see that you cant get any kind of really good sight alignment.  Your palms will be sweaty and you will not have as good of a grip, and your heart will be racing making your weapon move up and down as you breath faster.  All of this combined will equal inaccuracy, its ok, its normal.

Now when you are in combat this often happens your first few engagements, but after awhile you become deadened to those sensations and your training kicks in.  The more and better training you have had the earlier it kicks in and you go on auto-pilot.

However most of use here don’t spend 40 hours a week training for this, we don’t live in that mindset 24/7 so we have to recognize that.

You must realize that you will probably not hit what you are shooting at, which is why you have to be careful and heed that old axiom of rang safety rules “know your target and what lies beyond”, meaning know if there are innocents or your kids bedrooms right behind your target.




This fits in a lot with the previous misconception, however it is its own separate beast.


People don’t want to think that they will be “scared” when someone breaks into their house, or that if the SHTF that they will be scared if someone tries to rob their vehicle as you are driving to the grocery store.  Most will say, “Nah, ill just start firing back, kill them and then move on”.

This is probably not the case.  When rounds fly by you in combat, it is not like the movies, when you hear that crack, the sound of a round that almost hit you, you will probably start freaking out a bit.  This is ok, its normal, recognize that its normal, when you do this you wont be freaking out that you are freaking out, wondering why you cant be Junior Rambo.  Recognize it and you will be able to calm down and THEN get to work so to speak.

We are preppers, which means we don’t put our heads in the sand and hope for the best, we must look at every situation and see what our failings might be and fix them.  This is another aspect of prepping, the mental.

When you are shot at or in a situation where you are in danger, the body’s natural response is to become afraid.  Fear keeps us from jumping out of moving trucks at 70 mph, and for good reason.  Fear keeps us alive.

However that fear can also get you killed, so recognize that fear is a normal part of the human experience, train for it, train yourself to overcome it and rely on your training, move past it and then get on with what needs to be done, that being defending yourself.






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How to Fill and Use Oil Lamps

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You may not think there’s much to learn about filling and using an oil lamp, but there are some little tips and tricks to make the job easy. It’s not like flipping a light switch. It isn’t difficult but, done correctly, it will become second nature to you.


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299 Days

Glen Has launched the Kickstarter for 299 Days the Movie….

What is Kickstarter? Its basically a decentralized way to raise money for a project, instead of going to executives and Hollywood who will change the message and meaning of the Movie, He is reaching out to the public for help in making this the right way.


This is something i have mentioned on Facebook and Twitter.

I have spoken about 299 Days on Multiple Occasions and Interviewed Glen Tate on 3 Occasions as well

299 DAYS Book Review

Episode 12 with Glen Tate

Episode 20 Prepping with Special Needs Children

Episode 25 The Cabelas Prepper

Glen Tate is now reaching out to the Prepper and Patriot Community to make this Book Series a Real Life Hollywood Movie, however unlike a Hollywood movie that would bastardize it and make it theirs, Glen wants to make this BY PREPPERS FOR PREPPERS.


I have personally pledged $250 to the project, however I know this may be too steep for many of you.

The Project needs anything you can do to help form $1 and on.

For each level of donation you can collect some swag and prizes, here are a few

  • $5 – Get your name on the Patriot Wall on the 299 Days Page
  • $10 All of the above and a copy of the script
  • $ 15 all of the above and a person thanks on your facebook wall
  • $20 All of the above and a 17th Irregular (the unit in the books) Sticker
  • $25 Get a Patch instead of the Sticker
  • $50 Movie Download and I MISS AMERICA CAP
  • $100 Signed DVD or Blu-Ray and YOUR NAME In the Credits!
  • $125 All of the Above and a Movie Poster
  • $250 All of the above and a part as an extra in the Movie!!!!!
  • $500 Movie, Name in Credits and Personal Video Conference with Glen Tate!!!
  • $750 Gets you a Speaking Part in the Movie
  • $1000 Get your name as on of the 43 Colonels in the last book!!!
  • $5000 Get a weekend with Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast at his Homestead
  • $10000 A weekend with Glen and the Team at his Cabin


There are multiple more incentive levels in between.



MY DONATION OF $250 will get me a role as an Extra in the Movie (you have to provide your own airfare and lodging).

So If you donate anything more than $10, email me and let me know, your name will be put into a raffle and when the movie gets made I will give up my spot to YOU if you win.

So head over to Glen’s Kickstarter Page and donate what you can TODAY and you will be Entered to WIN A PART IN THE MOVIE!!







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When they come knocking: Dealing with Friends and Relatives

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woman hands in face great depression


It has been a month since things got bad, well things had been getting bad for 3 months before then, but the last month was when things came to a head.  The Stock Market had crashed and the government had declared new powers to deal with the extraordinary circumstances that had occurred when the the “broken system” had “failed” America.  You had been prepared so your family was doing better than most, the food was bland but there were no nights going to bed hungry like many around the country.

You had mentioned in passing a few times to friends and family that after Katrina and Hurricane Sandy that it might be a good idea to put some stuff away if that ever happened to you, but they just laughed it off saying you had been watching too much National Geographic maybe.  They weren’t laughing about that now.

Your Brother in law had been a very successful accountant in the city crunching numbers for major food chains and big box stores in the region and had made fun of you for always choosing to live in the country, jokingly calling you his “bumpkin in law”. Before the phone lines had died a month a go he had called asking how things were where we are, his stories of how things were in the city told of gangs running wild and cops turning a blind eye or just unable to do anything about it.  The tenor of his voice betrayed the fear he had, he never asked to come out but the cracks and shaking, evident in his the way he spoke, told the story, it was a question he couldn’t, or wouldn’t ask of his “bumpkin in law”.

He never asked to come, so you never did. that had been a month ago, and the phones had long been down, you hoped they were doing okay, but the labor to keep things running around the house, planting the gardens and tending the animals you were now raising, thankfully didn’t allow for much thought on this.

One day you hear a knock on your door, you grab your shotgun and see the familiar outline of a green tahoe and you open the door to see your brother in law, looking paler and much thinner than the last time you had seen him.  He tells you that he had no other choice…..


In the back of our minds we all know this day will come, when things start to get bad that friends and/or family members will show up and we will be faced with a decision, can they stay or can they leave?


Most of use know about “OPSEC” that is the military term for Operational Security, not letting people know you are a prepper, that you have things stored, not letting people know that you are in any better shape than they are, because human nature will dictate to them that they will be better off coming to your door.


This OPSEC starts the day you become a prepper, as you start to build up your food storage you have to keep it safe, secure and secret.  If you start telling all your friends and family then you will end up being on their radar when SHTF.


Now most of us have told a few close family members that we are preppers, perhaps it has just been a few quick conversations about maybe it was be a good idea to stock up some food, water, etc.  I am not saying not to have those conversations with your family or close friends, but you have to understand that those people will now remember that conversation and when they are out of options your house will be next on their list of “we’re better off there than here”.

Now phone service may still be working and you get a call, or it may just be a knock on the door, but they will be coming, if they can get there they will show up, you can bet your life on that.  Why do I say that? Well what would you do?  Wouldn’t YOU be heading to your house? I sure as hell would be.

We have to have these conversations with ourselves and our significant others (if they are on board), because if we don’t we aren’t doing ourselves any favors in fact we are doing exactly what many preppers make fun of the rest of the population for doing…sticking our heads in the sand.

Personally I approach this by wanting to have 1 year of food for every person in my home, and another year of food for an extra person or two if possible, this way I can afford to allow a family member or two to come to the house and stay and not take away from what I have stored for my family.  My wife and I have talked about it and we have both agreed that our home will become a refuge for family as they need it, and in doing so we will need to stock away more.  We have also talked about as things START to get bad to tell our family to come out but buy and bring as much food as possible so as to give us as much breathing room as possible.  Now the food we have stocked away for family members will be basic staples, nothing fancy, but it will give us the ability to not have to make that hard decision.



We all know what this hard decision will be, telling them NO, that they can’t stay.  We have no idea what the situation will be when the SHTF and we have no idea what that situation will be by the time our family finally decides its time to leave where they are.  However we cant unilaterally decide “Of Course they can all come”…..If they come and we are in the worst of the worst case scenarios and we are having to look at having 6 months of food for your family and 1 month if everyone stays, what will your decision be?

This will be the hardest decision you will ever have to make however you need to run through these scenarios in your mind and come up with lines in the sand, How much food has to be available in certain situations to be able to allow ‘guests’ to come?

In a podcast with Glen Tate we talked about a blog post he talked about this exact scenario, when people come knocking.  We talked about how a friend had mentioned “Oh when things get bad we are coming to your house!” His answer was …”No you are not”.  Now every individual situation will be different, is this a friend from work or your older sister and her children?



For me the line is definitely drawn at family, anything less than family is a definitive no go.  My family will not be eventually be starved out by a friend, plain and simple.

We had this conversation with a family friend, now she doesn’t know we are preppers, but the conversation had turned to a situation in a movie, I cant remember exactly but they know I am a gun afficionado, so she had said she would come here.  I said plainly, no you wont.  They were a bit taken back by that, but i plainly said my family is my responsibility, their family is theirs, and when it comes down to it I am not going to put my family in danger for them.

This may sound harsh, but it is reality.

Your Duty is to your family and not anyone else.



Ultimately this is your decision, I have given my opinions on the subject, but the point of this post is to get your thinking, get you start that conversation with yourself and/or your significant other.

This is not a conversation or topic that is to be taken lightly, but it is also something that can’t be shoved off for a later date, sit down and start talking about it right now or later today, talk about it with your significant other if they are open to it.

Run the scenarios in your head, because if you don’t you will end up in a bad position.  If you bring someone else into your home you will start to tip the scales away from your family and towards them, it will be up to you to draw that line in the sand to see how far those scales can tip before you have to say NO.




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Update on Review Copies and Giveaways

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I’m reposting this update from my main site, for those of you who only check in here.  As many of you know, The Prepper’s Workbook has now been shipping from Amazon for about two weeks, and is even available on the shelf in many Barnes & Noble locations.  Some of you most likely had your pre-ordered copies before I even saw a copy, though my author’s copies finally arrived at the end of last week:

For those of you who have requested a review copy or are among the ten lucky winners of the Goodreads book giveaway for this book, please be assured that you will be getting your copy from the publisher as soon as they get the shipment they are awaiting.  The way the book distribution system works, shipments often go out from the printer directly to the booksellers before even the publishers or the authors get theirs.  The book industry is changing so fast anyway that every time I have a new book released it seems there is a surprise of one kind or another.

For those who have been patiently waiting for this book for so long, my coauthor Scott Finazzo and I again want to thank you for your continued interest despite the delays and setbacks.  We have gotten word from our editor at Ulysses Press that sales of this book have been fantastic, no doubt due to the continued interest so many people have in doing all they can to be prepared for the unexpected.  We hope you will find it useful in your own preps once you get your hands on a copy, and that you will use it as intended, as a workbook to be written in, marked-up and customized to your needs.

Cardboard Gardening: Dont Throw that out!

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Now currently I am inundated with Cardboard from our move last year, I kept 80% of our boxes and flattened them, etc, however a whole house of stuff produces a lot of boxes, so I have been slowly using them for other things, from backing for spray painting to fire starters.

Now I was trying to look for more uses for my cardboard as it seems a waste to even recycle it if i can find a use for it, and I did!

Spring is rapidly approaching, although my prepper brothers and sisters to the east may not feel like it is!


Egg Cartons:


Now I don’t buy store bought eggs anymore, I prefer to source my eggs locally until We get settled into our final destination (where we are now currently will NOT be our homestead unfortunately) so I end up with quite a few egg cartons.

One very great way to use these is for planters.  Now I know my green thumbs out there are probably going “duh!” but many folks out there are quite new to all of this!

Start by cutting the carton in half, and you can leave the flap on one side of them to write the name of the plants if that helps (i think its a great idea!).  Fill the carton with soil and then plant a few seeds in each area, this will give them good spacing to begin with. Water them and as they come up cull the weaker seeds in each carton section so that the strongest survives, once planting season is here you can just bury the carton in the ground as the cardboard will decompose.  If you can use the recycled non/white paper cartons as there are chemicals in the bleaching process.

The photo above comes from, and you can see how she planted them carton and all!


Weed Control/Mulch:


(photo courtesy of

I did this last year in a couple of my beds as a test case to see if it would work well, and I was impressed.

I started by digging out about 5-6 inches off the tops of the raised beds.  I then loosely flattened out the area and layed in a piece or two of cardboard across the whole bed.

I cut out the areas where I would plant and marked off the corners with some sticks/stakes, Then i soaked it, soaked it, soaked it, soaked it, soaked it.

You will want to make sure the cardboard is through and through soaked, because if you don’t it may become hydrophobic and repel water, and that is opposite of what you want, you want it to hold moisture.

Once it was good and soaked I then cover it with dirt then at about the 2-3 inch layer i layed down another layer of cardboard and soaked it finally, covering it all with dirt.  What this did was two fold.

It helped stop weeds from coming up all around my plants (it didn’t stop them from coming up in the areas where i didn’t lay cardboard, but it cut down weeding a lot), but it also helped to hold moisture in the soil.  Where I am currently at the sun is very hot and the wind is harsh so it leads to dry soil.  There is very little rainfall in the summer so the little we had along with my watering was held very well in the soil and led to good growth.  I would often check during the days and my soil was always damp, a very good thing in that climate.

A Note: you can also use newspaper as well not the shiny junk mail flyers but paper newspapers.

In the case of the picture above these people used wood mulch on top of the cardboard, im guessing this was more to inhibit weeds than hold in moisture as it doesn’t seem to be soaked.


Raised Bed Straw grown Potatoes:


This is something i can not speak much on since I have not done it yet, I just discovered this but am very intrigued and will try to do this, this summer!

I read a brief description of how to do this on the Colorado State Extension site.

Basically what you do is prep your soil with organic matter/compost, dig a trench four inches deep and 12 inches wide.

Plant your potatoes 4-6 weeks before last frost in your area and push the see (eye up) 1/2 inch down into the loos soil and space 12 inches apart.  Then fill the trench with six inches of weed free straw and as they come up add another 4 inches of straw.

Water evenly to keep moist and don’t overwater them.  The straw will help to keep the soil moist, and promote plant health and growth.  When August comes (or whenever your harvest time may be), you can just reach in and pull back the straw to reveal soil free potatoes, no need to dig them out!

Now how does this relate to cardboard…well if you wanted you can use some of the bigger boxes as planters.  As seen in the photo above they used a old washtub/basin and filled it with 4 inches of soil and then dug the trench in there and filled with straw.  On a budget or in SHTF you can use Cardboard Boxes!  The nice thing as well is that the carboard will break down and you can use that as mulch the next year, etc.


There are multitudes of uses for cardboard, these are just 3 ways to use it specifically for gardening!







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Beginning & Improving Preparedness Planning – Another Look

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By Denis Korn

For the finest in preparedness products you are encouraged to visit PrepareDirect.

It is time once again to evaluate one of the Foundational Articles.  I have presented here a simple and concise guide to the preparedness process.  Your are encouraged to treat this information seriously – your life may depend upon it!  You are also invited to read other articles and posts that go into detail regarding various facets of preparedness.

If you are a newcomer to preparedness planning or have been engaged for some time, the information and suggestions contained in this article will certainly help you begin or add to your experience of confidence and peace of mind, and assist you with practical steps you can take.

The first step in the preparedness planning process is the acknowledgment that you have made a wise and sound decision and have chosen to take responsibility for you and your family, and to be prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  Be encouraged to continue this process with diligence, motivation, and discernment.

It is my intention in this article to present a guideline that can be followed which will lead you on an important journey to being prepared in the event of any number of potentially unexpected events.  This process is basically undertaken in three phases – each one of which will take as much time as you wish to devote, and the degree of urgency you are experiencing.

  1. First, there is an initial assessment necessary to determine the direction you are heading.
  2. Second, there is further evaluation, research, and planning required to develop a firm foundation for the third phase, and to develop the clarity required for appropriate and accurate decision making.
  3. Third, there is taking action and assembling the appropriate provisions and critical information you have determined are necessary for your security and peace of mind.  This phase is ongoing as you continue to evaluate, research, and build up your supplies and information.

The initial assessment

This consists of 6 basic questions that you are encouraged to answer that will lead you along the matrix to your destination:

  1. What is your attitude concerning emergency preparedness?
  2. What are the circumstances or scenarios and their severity you have determined may exist that will require you to rely upon your preparedness supplies?
  3. What is the length of time you will be affected during these scenarios that you will be required to rely on your preparedness supplies?
  4. For whom and how many are you preparing?
  5. Where will you be?
  6. How serious are you and how much time, effort, and money are you willing to devote to research, planning, and action, and with what help?

Elaborating on these 6 questions

Attitude – Are you positive, fearful, confused?  A proper attitude during the preparedness planning process is essential and it is made more effective by exercising competent critical thinking and discernment skills. Reacting from fear or confusion can be an obstacle to efficient planning.

Scenarios – At the end of this article is a list of potential scenarios and circumstances that will help you answer this question.  The events range from mild to catastrophic, and fall generally into 3 categories: acts of God that tend to be local or regional; man-made that tend to be national; and momentous earth changes that tend to be national or worldwide.

Time – Your time frames can be as little as 3 days, which provide only a brief period of inconvenience, or as much as 1 year or more (I know of groups preparing for 7 years), that require a significant change of attitude and lifestyle.  Also, at the end of this article, is a listing of various time frames and comments.

Who – Suggestions include, an individual, family, friends, neighborhood, organization, company, club, or church or temple.

Where – How you answer the “Who” question will effect the answer to this question.  In addition consider whether a vacation/retreat location is applicable and whether there are multiple potential locations to take into account.  Also, if you need to be mobile, what transportation options are available or required?

Seriousness – This question requires your honesty not just wishful thinking.  Your level of commitment is important to the planning process, especially when it comes down to a financial commitment.  Also, be honest about what you really know about emergency preparedness planning.  Don’t be afraid to do serious research and seek true expect opinion and perspective.  Initial or additional knowledge is extremely important – and it might save your health or life.

After you finish this initial assessment, I strongly suggest that you refer to and continue to answer the more detailed questions in the article titled The 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning. This will move you into the second phase of the planning process, and assist you in evaluation and research.  The 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning is an expansion of the 6 initial questions, and offers more focused and detailed questions to help guide you along.

Another important article, with specific tips and vital information on food and water, and with some similar questions to other articles, is The Essential Emergency Planning Guide for Food and Water. Here is an excerpt from that article from the Where to Start section.

    • Clearly answer the key questions given in the next “Important Issues” section.
    • Determine a realistic response for your unique economic and personal situation. Be careful to avoid reacting to and with the actions of others without first determining if these actions are appropriate for you. Don’t get caught up in a “feeding frenzy” of buying.
    • Create an appropriate step by step plan of action on paper– sooner rather than later.
    • Continue to educate yourself using the vast resources of reliable information. Note: There are those with limited experience and knowledge who have suddenly appeared in the marketplace to take advantage of the situation. Buyer beware!
    • Assemble a library, data files, and Internet bookmarks; subscribe to related magazines, get tapes.
    • Go to conferences, workshops, and church meetings and talk to responsible leaders who have researched the issues you are concerned about.
    • Make a list of items you will need during your anticipated emergency situation. Prioritize it. Determine what you have on hand, and begin to fill your list.
    • Create lists for differing locations, such as home, car, RV, or work.
    • Prepare an area where you live to store your supplies.
    • Make daily life in an emergency situation real to yourself and your family- Turn off your electricity, gas, water and phone for 3 days, and don’t count on any local stores or services. Don’t wait for a sunny, warm day to try this- emergencies can happen in the winter!
    • Think quality- as if your comfort and life depended on it! You must discern between economy and reliability. All too often the cheapest is the least dependable; especially in an emergency situation, and even more so if the emergency is long term.

As you reflect upon and answer the questions in phase 1 and 2, you may choose to wait until you feel confident about the next phase – action – or you may begin (or perhaps you have already began) to gather your supplies.

Summary of Action Steps

  • Answer the 6 questions in the initial assessment.
  • Answer all the questions in The 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning.
  • Write down – on paper – the answer to as many of these questions as you feel are necessary to formulate a written preparedness plan.
  • Write down and complete any lists, inventories, important points, insights you have received, or anything else suggested or inferred in the articles that will help in your preparedness planning.
  • Distribute and discuss your easily understood and complete preparedness plan to your family, company, or group.
  • Discuss and request feedback about your plans and supplies with others, as you feel appropriate – friends, experts, suppliers.
  • Continue doing research and evaluation.
  • Create an appropriate place to store supplies.
  • Add to, or begin accumulating and organizing, your provisions.
  • Experiment with the items you have.  Know how to use them – or in the case of food – know how to prepare them and what they taste like (especially if they are unfamiliar).  Emergencies are not the time for surprises.
  • Pray – if you are a religious or spiritually committed individual or family this would be the most important action to continually practice.

Additional tips to consider in the preparedness planning process

Many folks are reluctant to plan ahead, or they assume that the government or others will take care of them, or they are just too busy, or they just don’t think it is necessary.  As an option to doing nothing or to enhance some other level of preparedness planning you have chosen, consider the following:

As you reflect on the scenarios that you presume might occur, think about the concept of a “triggering event.”  Ask yourself, what are the triggering events that will motivate me to immediate action?  What triggering event will launch the imminent arrival of the scenario I have presumed might occur?  If you have created a list of triggering events, you will be on the look out for possible immediate action.  While it is always desirable to plan ahead and have provisions in place, it is better to react at the last minute than not at all.  Obviously some scenarios may offer some prior indications, such as hurricanes, storms, or economic/political issues; while others can occur without warning (see the list of scenarios).  You are responsible – you must choose to act or not.

After you have evaluated the questions and points in this article, a helpful point of view may be the idea of an “extended pantry program,” or what might be considered as a building and expansion of your normal food usage and supplies. Start with a program that is compatible with your needs, assumptions, circumstances, and finances. You may want to start small and keep building.


Scenario Scenario Scenario
Acts of God Man Made Earth Changes
Local – Regional National National/Worldwide
Earthquake Government regulation/control Catastrophic Weather
Flood Martial Law Asteroid/Comet
Fire Food Shortages Pole Shift
Hurricane Societal Breakdown Solar Flare – CME
Storm/Ice/Snow Civil Disobedience/Riots Tribulation/Religious
Tornado Medical Emergency Severe Earth Changes
Drought Economic Emergency/Collapse
Power Outage Major Accident
Mud Slide Terrorism Attack
Tsunami Biological/Chemical/Radiological Attack
EMP – Electrical Magnetic Pulse Attack
Job Loss War
Illness Cyber Attack – No internet
Financial LossTime Frames

3 Days to 2 Weeks

Minor to moderate inconvenience and disruption of the daily routine.  Basic supplies in the first 3 days would be valuable for comfort but not essential.  An adequate amount of basic supplies after 3 days are important.

3 Weeks to 2 Months

The inconvenience is very noticeable and the routine disruption can be significant.  Supplies required are usually on hand, and stockpiling some supplies will be very important.

3 Months to 6 Months

Preparedness planning is very important and a serious disruption to the daily routine is inevitable.  Mobility and location to wait out the emergency is important in your planning.  Proper supplies will be critical.  Medical and other special needs must be planned for in advance.

6 Months to 1 Year

Unless you are very prepared and are committed to self-reliance, in this time frame your lifestyle will definitely be impacted.  Serious attention to your preparedness planning is required.  The questions covered in the foundational articles must be answered and a realistic plan created.  Action and provisions are essential.  You will be dealing with serious issues during this time period, and you must be prepared.

1 Year or More

Scenarios actualized in this time frame are the most serious and catastrophic, and will require a serious commitment to lifestyle changes.  You will be dealing with national and worldwide calamity.  The extent of the impact on everyone’s life can not be over emphasized.  Significant and detailed planning is required, and even with this an emergency situation of this duration will be wrought with uncertainty.  This will be a time for community togetherness, sharing, and mutual support.  Skills not normally possessed by folks will be required.  Gardening and other self-reliant skills will be essential.  Books, tools, and other valuable resources will be vital.

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