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These are simple rules and all of them are born of this notion… YOUR JOB IS TO SURVIVE, NOTHING ELSE, YOU ARE NOT A ONE MAN SEAL TEAM. In a lot of Prepper Fiction and discussions of “what ifs” there is always the scene of the roadblock and having to battle your way out of it, etc. This is of course for your entertainment, while not out of the realm of possibility; in my opinion if a collapse happens and the most ‘exciting’ and dangerous thing that happens to you is that a hailstorm takes out a early crop then you have successfully ridden out when the SHTF.


1) If you can, avoid any and all confrontations

This is not just a “run away” piece of advice, its also about keeping your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings, see if any cars are following you? look far ahead of the road, is there any movement? Are there any natural choke points ahead that could be used as an ambush spot?  Is anyone paying too close attention to you while you have been in town?  I talked about this in a post on SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, its a good overview of what it is and how to implement it through practice in your daily life. The point is to look for people and places that could bring about confrontation and take a wide berth, If someone is giving you the stink eye don’t try and run over to them and get in their face, move on, keep an eye on them if they wish to start it, but keep your cool. Your main goal is survival, not live out some fantasy novel in your own life.


2) If the other party is showing aggression. Run Away

Now I am not saying that if someone comes to your home and they are demanding you turn over all you have, you run off.  Or that if someone attempts to rape your daughter, that you call it a day and run away.  Not at all. What I am talking about is what i briefly talked about in the First Rule. If someone wants to try and act like the big man on campus, don’t give it another thought unless it is something that physically threatens your life. If you see a roadblock up ahead and you see men in the wood line, turn around, don’t try to take them out. During my time as a Security Contractor overseas, we were all very highly trained, however our job was not to go on the offensive, our job was to get our client to and from where they were going safely.  If we got engaged in a firefight our job was to fight only as long as it took to safely secure an exit, and we always made sure we had an exit, so all we had to do was to engage as we were leaving, rarely did a fight last very long.  This is your job, get to and from where you are going safely, not right the wrong in the world one bad guy at a time. Your main goal is survival, no matter the situation, You are not the savior of all mankind, your duty is to you and your family.  You will do them no good if you are dead.


3) If you DO get involved in a confrontation get away and run as soon as you can.

If for some reason after all the precautions you take you get into a fight, do what you have to, defend yourself and when the opportunity arises get away. Say you get caught in an ambush at a roadblock or choke point, You are not duty bound to stay and put them down so that they ‘wont do this again’, you are duty bound to your family. More than likely this will be the only alternative, if they have gotten you into this situation they most likely outnumber and outgun you, your best alternative is to get away. I read this a lot in prepper fiction, someone sees a roadblock they decided that they need to take them out, or they get ambushed and get away, but go back to take them out, etc. Your main goal is survival, you are not the Judge and Jury of Righteousness in a lawless society.


4) If you have a retreat/home nearby do not head directly to it.  Lead Possible pursuers away.

When you do get a chance to escape, don’t head straight for your retreat/home, if someone in the ambush group is a decent tracker, or you are bad at hiding your sign, you will lead them right to you, and you will be setting yourself up for the next fight, and every fight not fought is a step closer to surviving the situation. In my opinion I would lead them on a circular chase in the wrong direction, looping around, and then set up a ambush of your own in an advantageous location.  Now this may sound like it violates the first 3 rules, however you have already exposed yourself to confrontation so the only real choice is to wait, if they are following you then you need to end it now, because a fight at your home is much less advantageous than you taking them out in the woods or worst case you end up dead in the woods, at least in this your family is safe.  Wait a few hours, listen and watch, if they don’t follow you THEN head back home. Your main goal is survival, defend your castle by keeping its location secret.


5) If you can’t get away before or during, defend yourself and neutralize the threat.

This is the last resort, however this does happen in these situations, you got ambushed, you cant get away.  Now is the time for you to dig down deep, go on autopilot and let your training take over.  Take them out and make sure they are no longer a threat, be calm, efficient and ruthless, they would do the same to you. Your Main goal is survival, if someone wishes to endanger your life, then defend it.



Now this advice may sound harsh, as if I am saying that all that matters is for you to survive.  In a way yes I am.  I have also spoken that we need to be ready to fight to make a better future, if a collapse happens we also need to be beacons of liberty and help restore what was lost and what could have and should have been. What I am talking about today is not the ‘greater fight’ but the small things that you may encounter in SHTF/Bug Out situations.  I want to dispel some fantasies that i have heard on some forums, which I believe is fueled by the burst in prepper fiction lately.  The best way to survive is to NOT put yourself in situations that will put that survival in the balance. In short, Don’t fight if you can avoid it, if a fight is forced on you, end it, one way or the other.




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