Yup, It’s Sunday

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It’s pouring rain right now.  I’m glad I got up early enough to put the new potted seeds out of the weather.  Last year I had a whole tray of seedlings (tiny ones) that were left out in the rain and the entire tray pretty much washed away.

Oh wow- now it’s hailing.  I hope it doesn’t tear up the plants.  I wouldn’t want to cry like John Milandred over a few plants. I’ve never seen a grown man cry like that before over some plants that can and were easily replaced. *snork*

Anyways……It looks like a day off today.  Well outside anyway. A real familiar line from every restaurant I’ve ever worked comes to mind though.  “You have time to lean you have time to clean”.  I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that one. Today I’m going to enjoy the rain and do a little reading instead.

Gladys Kravitz the rabbit had her babies night before last.  I’ve got no idea how many just yet.  I don’t want to go digging around in there much. There’s life in there though because all the hair she pulled is moving around!

The Psycho Demon rabbit tried to “rush” me yesterday (again) so I popped her on top of her furry head with the plastic feed scoop(again)  She must have no idea that she is making sure she doesn’t land on the No Kill list. Now that I know I have some good breeders I’m having to make some choices. There’s no need for four does. I’ve already gone through 50 lbs of feed and I’ve had to go to the feed store and get another half a bag of rabbit pellets to finish out the month on.  With the new babies I’ll have to up the amount I pick up to double at the first of the month.

I’ve been checking on the chicken’s that are setting. I’ve found that where there used to be 15 eggs they were sitting on there are now 0. I’d guess some sort of snake had made it his dinner stop again.  Mars killed the one that was actually eating the baby chicks last year. Bad news is no chicks this year.  Good news is the hens should start laying again soon. If it’s not one thing its another. *sigh*

The garden’s doing ok so far.  Other than the fact that I have run out of room for all the things I wanted to plant that is.  Mar’s has the lower garden planted in beans and corn sort of like the 3 sister method without the squash.  I’ve still got to find a spot for some spinach and some odds and ends.  Some of the pepper plants I picked up and planted didn’t make it.  Something ate the entire stems off a few of them. I’ll get some D.E. put out there as soon as it dries up enough to get out there. I haven’t decided if I’ll just replace the peppers or use the space for something else.

 Well it looks like the rain has stopped and I really should get busy with that book and a cat nap. .

Maybe I’ll make some cookies…Coffee’s on the stove!
Ya’ll have a Super Day!