Bugout Bag = Get Home Bag

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As a self-proclaimed minimalist when it comes to all things prepared I wanted to give my 2 cents on the Bugout Bag and the Get Home Bag.

These two items seems to have quite the debate on what the contents should be and the more pushy types on the forums tend to be of the mind that if you don’t use the same designer bag as them that you are woefully under-prepared.

Let’s squash that here, who gives a shit what brand bag you have, the things that matter in regards to the bag are:
  •  Durability
  • Volume of storage
  •  Comfort
  • Ease of concealment

I could add a few more but after the big 4 it really is just a matter of opinion, these four characteristics should be the end all and be all when shopping for the actual bag. I prefer a simple Alice Pack with no frame or a plain high school book bag if keeping a low profile.

Guru left his Warrior Mindset at Taco Bell
I feel the Bugout Bag and Get Home Bagare one in the same; the only difference is a get home bag is typically on you or in your vehicle and the bugout is in your home. They serve the same exact purpose; each bag is to only carry the minimal amount of supplies to get you from an unsafe location to a safer location.

This is the point where the forum guru tells me “What if the sky was pink and I was an elephant, you would need a full pack with months worth of food!” If you would like to carry a pack that weighs 30lbs or more be my guest. 

Keep in mind that you have this bag because it will have the supplies you need to get home or lead you to your bugout location. Chances are, if you need to use a bugout bag or get home bag that you will be running and running far. Keep It Simple Stupid or KISS is where your head should be when assembling this bag, think of the basics; Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids.

Basic minimum essentials:

SHTF MEDICINE: How to Build your First Aid Kit

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Now there are a million different first aid/medic kits out there that you can buy prepackaged, however I have found that 98% of these fall into one of these 3 categories.

  • They Have more than you need or your skill set/experience knows how to use
  • They are basic kiddie fell on the sidewalk boo boo junk
  • They have a decent set up but are way overpriced for what is contained in them

Now I will say up front I am not a certified EMT or a Field medic from the military, however I have been trained in combat first aid and basic triage on the battlefield, while this is not up to the same level by any measure I do know what most of you have the ability to do and what you will need.  You can always buy more if you want an advanced medic bag and learn as you go, that’s your prerogative.

Here is a list of some basic stuff you should buy.

First off you will want a bag to put all this stuff in, now you could buy some very high speed bag specifically made for EMT’s and Medics, but you can easily make do with a cheap tactical/shoot bag like the Allen & Company Tactical Bag which retails for around $30.  I would recommend packing the more necessary first aid items, that being ones that are needed for immediate lifesaving needs like gauze, pressure bandages, israeli bandages or tourniquets.  If you need band-aids they are not a immediate lifesaving implements you can stick them inside.


Here are some necessary items for a good first aid kit.


If you want a more advanced bag here are some things you may want, but please learn how to use them first


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