Big Day in Little Big Town

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Unless you want to be really bummed out, don’t go to the grocery store these days.  I ended up in Little Big Town  yesterday.(if you are new to the blog we have Tiny Town a few miles away, Little BigTown a few miles further and of course there is T Town about 45 miles away.)

So I headed out  to the feed store and to do some grocery shopping.  Mind you, I don’t like going to town much in the first place but to do it on a Saturday?  I must have lost my mind. The feed store was like a bee hive with what seems to have been the entire population of farmers in at least a thirty-five mile radius.  I had to pick up chicken and rabbit feed and get some propane bottles filled. While I was there I checked again and they FINALLY had 1lb packages of yeast. Yay!!! I snagged up three of them (I store my yeast in the freezer)  and headed to the counter to put in my order and let them know I needed propane as well.  Are you  wondering yet why I wanted to pick up yeast there? For some reason (and I’m sure it makes sense to someone somewhere) they are the only place I can find 1lb packages of yeast.  I can find those little brown bottles everywhere and of course the single packets in the grocery stores but not a single one carries the big packages.  After going to put in my feed order I went out to check on the propane and the guy said it was already in the car.  This guy had stuck them in the trunk of the car laying them on their side.  A BIG NO-NO.  Anyway I told him he was gonna have to set them in the floorboard of the back seat. (which is where he pulled them out of in the first place)  I didn’t want to be a statistic somewhere in a class on propane safety.  

Anyways…..  Next stop, Grocery Store stop #1.  Jeez, and I thought the feed store was busy!  Maybe it’s just me but it seems everything on my list has risen in price since last month, which didn’t help my crankiness about all the people in there jockeying for position at every turn.  Then it was off to the Evil Empire to finish up what shopping I had to do in Little Big Town. Someone should have smacked me down for that decision!

Last stop of the day…. The Evil Empire, packed with every sort of humanity walking the world!  If it weren’t so funny to watch folks I’d have backed off till another day. Anyway….I pulled up my big girl panties and went for it.  Every since I found out that they HAD to match advertised prices of ALL the other stores in the area (I’m not going to T Town if it can be helped)  Aldi’s (50 miles from home)
must really make them cringe with the excellent prices on produce they run most every week.   So I picked up four lbs of strawberries @.99 a lb to make my first batch of jelly this year and some bananas@.33 a lb and they had avocados on sale too @.33 each.  (I see another Tex Mex meal in the not to distant future.) 

The reason I’m sharing all this with you?  I have a perfect example of how much AND how fast groceries are going up.  I buy tortilla’s.  I don’t like making them but I can and I do know how.  I just would rather not.  So one of the things I pick up every month are flour tortillas.  Four months ago they were $1.48 for twenty tortillas, two months ago they changed the packaging and went up to 1.98 for the same tortillas.  This month I just about fell out when I saw they had bumped the price to $2.48. That makes a dollar increase in just four months time. Looks like I may be going back to homemade tortillas soon. 

I’ve been telling folks for what seems like years that prices are going up and only going to get higher.  Just about everything is going up even faster right now folks.  And just wait till this summer when you start seeing things go even higher.  That drought out there in California will certainly be taking its toll on food costs this year.  My advice?  Stock your larder as deep as you possibly can while you still can.