A Day Late

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 My Papa used to say “A Day late and a dollar short”.  That’s what this post is today.  Well not a dollar short but….  I’m not starting all over again.  Geesh I’d  never get a post up.   Anyway…

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Around here we had really nice weather if you don’t count the wind.  I couldn’t believe just how hard the sustained wind was blowing.  It was probably around 25-30mph for most of the day. It was gusting at least 40mph and maybe more than that. I felt like I was back home on Galveston Island with those winds.

Check out the rocks

Why am I talking about the wind?   Well Mars and I were taking a break from the garden, sitting in the shade with big glasses of ice tea.  All of the sudden there was  a HUGE bang.  I kid you not! A  gust of wind had blown over the rabbit hutches.  I’m talking about completely blew it over, including the stands.  We use some old tin on top of the hutches (for shade) and very large rocks to hold the “roof” on too. 
 Shoot I know how heavy just the  hutches are, much less the 3 stands.  We were moving them out of the barn and into their summer spot just the day before. I can barely help him move them. The big nesting box he made is super heavy on its own. Not to mention about 25 rabbits involved.

Well I was on my feet in an instant thinking “Oh Cr*p I hope the babies are ok.”  We got every thing right back up and all the babies were fine. Poor Gladys got a busted nose during the fall.  She looks better now.  I’m just glad that was the only injury.  
This is her first litter and she’s turning out to be an excellent mother.  She had a huge litter too. 12 babies in all.  

Unfortunately we’ve lost 2 of them. I think she must have stepped on one from what I could tell. But the 10 that have made it are all pretty sturdy.  Even the runt isn’t a tiny baby.  I’ve read several places that anything larger than 7 or 8 and the mama can’t feed them all.  So I’m real proud of her.  She takes care of them all.
I still can’t believe that the wind actually pushed over the entire  hutch. 

 Stands and all!


Anyway…. I sort of got off topic! (no, really??  Did someone say squirrel?? ) 

Let’s get back to what I wanted to tell you in the first place.  We were at The Evil Empire picking up a couple of things Friday afternoon. The stuff we needed was in the back of the store so we parked out near where they had fruit and shade trees.    They were mostly crispy and leafless.  They had a few fruit trees left and had the price knocked down to $9.97. Not much of a deal for dead and dying trees. We went over to check them out and saw a few that might be saved if they got in the ground soon.  We found a couple of plum trees that looked like they actually might make it. 

 Mars told me I should go find the garden center manager and see if she would mark a couple of them down even further.  See if she might make a deal on a couple of them.  Long story short (yeah right, huh?)  She didn’t have a problem with marking the two plum trees we wanted down to $5 each.  

We thought the two we got would be just fine if we could get them in the ground soon and baby them.  It must be a karma kind of thing because  1)We’ve been wanting plum trees long before all this and   2)Mars had already started getting ready to transplant a couple of Red Buds.  He already had the holes almost ready.

Anyway….. he planted the trees and was leaning on the shovel and was smiling when he said 

“Happy Mothers Day”.