Question For Ya’ll?

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Kitty Cake

   Well, it looks like most of the garden is in.  I’ve got a few bald spots where things just didn’t come up and I that I think I’ll stick some herbs in there today and see how it goes.  
   I’ve also noticed that on each end of every row  there is a bit of space where nothing is planted.  It has to do with the irrigation system I suppose.  I’ve been thinking I might have just found some spots to try and start some flowers after all!  I’m not sure they’ll all get enough water but a girl’s gotta try.  Especially since my flower beds have been hijacked!!
    I have to admit though that the garlic is looking really good and the lettuce is at least a mix of seeds with varying colors and textures. Besides I see some volunteer flowers here and there anyway.  And since I’m in charge of weeding at the moment there is no way I’m going to pull them up.  lol
   Well enough rambling for today. The winds have died down enough that I can get out there in the garden and do some plant dusting.  Something is eating my beans.  Well they are actually cutting the plant  off at the stem.  I have no idea what is doing it so I’m going to try a dusting of Eight and see if that helps. I’ve been reseeding the areas they are messing with. Mostly beans but they have also done the same to a couple of pepper plants.
    Any ideas out there as to what just cuts the stem and leaves the leaves of the plants just laying there beside it?  And if so, what can I do to treat it?