DIY Pour Spout For Mason Jars

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I ran across an interesting idea somewhere.  I can’t remember if it was on Face Book or Pinterest so I can’t give a h/t for the great idea.

You know those cartons that have the pour sprouts on them?  Like on orange juice cartons? Well I found an excellent use for them and it’s super simple to do. 

Take an empty carton and open it up. (notice the markdown? Yet another cheap frugal item lol) Get a pair of scissors and cut  the part of the  that has the pour spout on it. 

Then you trim around the edges of the pour spout using the jar rim as a template.  Grab a ring and put it on snugly.  That’s it.  Now you have a pour spout  on your jar!  It makes it so much easier to pour from a jar. I use it for my DIY French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.  Pretty neat, huh?