Time Out (Again)

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We got a ton of rain this week.  May is usually a rainy month (or so they tell me)  I think we got an entire month’s rain in just a couple of days. 

The garden seems to have loved it.  Things are growing like crazy.  Today I was able to get out there and try to work on the weeds because apparently they loved all the rain too.  
I’m just now able to get out there and get some weeding done.   

So what does it do late this afternoon?  Yup, rained like crazy for about 15 minutes.  It’ll be a few more days before I’m able to walk out there again.
I’ve been reseeding places where things didn’t come up.  The turnips didn’t make much of an appearance so I’ll need to re-plant those along with a couple of other things. I’ve been wanting to plant herbs in some of the bald spots but that’s going to have to wait until it dries out some too.

Everything  is looking good for the most part except for the squash bugs. Yeah, they are back.  I can’t tell you how much I’m beginning to hate them.  I’ve also been trying to keep close eyes on them.  The dreaded squash bug has found its target.  I’ve been checking all the leaves and scraping off eggs, smashing the dang bugs and laying down some more Eight.  It’s a merry go round with the dang things. Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle but I will keep trying till I get some dang squash! Only problem now is that it’s to wet to get to them without having my shoes sucked off my feet by the mud.  We really need to get some kind of mulch down, at least something in the walk paths.  It’s tough not having a truck though.  I can only get two bales of straw/hay in the car at a time.  We need much more than that!

I’ve had to rearrange the rabbits to accommodate the babies.  The first litter will be ready for butchering in the next week or so. 

I need the space for at least one more litter before it gets too hot. The last litter started at 12 and we are down to 4 babies left. Something like diarrhea struck and it struck hard on this litter. Not to mention the ones that got squished.  I need to get something to have on hand should it happen again. I cleaned out the cage and the nesting box real good and put in fresh straw after I scrubbed everything down. The remaining four seem to be doing ok. 

  Since I’ve never had any luck OR any babies to deal with I’m still a raw rookie.  I refuse to give up on them.  They are generally easy to raise and easy to butcher.  Besides, I like rabbits!

With food prices skyrocketing and forecast to rise  dramatically  this year it’s so very important to try to somehow stay afloat.   Do a search on food price increases over the next couple of months and you will find all kinds of articles on what lays ahead.  We are already feeling it here.  This is a big reason for raising the rabbits, as well as the garden.

And then there’s the chickens….
The four hens and the Roo are driving me nuts.  We just went through them molting and then two went broody.  We started getting two eggs a day for awhile.  Now the ones that were laying are back to being broody as well as the “loner” .  She’s the low hen on the totem pole and hasn’t moved off her nest in weeks.  I’m about ready to start all over again.  It ticks me off that I’m still having to buy eggs AND buy feed for them.  It’s always something….  lol

I am the perfect example of a rookie trying to become more self reliant.  At least I am learning.  Just think if/when SHTF and I was starting from scratch how far behind the eight ball I’d be!

Prep on folks, what you learn now might keep you from starving one day. Add to that what you purchase today I guarantee will only be higher in the coming months.