Storms Brewing

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 OK I give up.  It seems every time I’ve sat down to write this week I go off on a raging rant.  Every stinking time. I’ve decided that at this point in the game if you don’t know what’s going on, there isn’t much I can do about it. 

See I almost started again!!  I just had to delete half a page of rant!  Ok… deep breath….

Let’s see.  The garden is growing like gangbusters.  Apparently it doesn’t need my help either since every time it dries out enough to get in it… here comes the rain. I really thought yesterday’s high winds  would dry out everything so I could get out there and do battle with the weeds.  Only a 30% chance of rain in the forecast when I went to bed last night.  I woke up to dark clouds and the promise of more rain.  And rain it did.  Of course it was just enough to get everything wet again. 
 We have all sorts of volunteer plants popping up.  Last year I had about 6 potted moss roses sitting up on the porch.  They dropped seed down in my tiny herb bed and pretty much took over.  I’m finding other places for them so I can take back my herb bed. Notice the lemon basil growing in it.  Yup more volunteers!

 I can still get in “around the edges” though so I’ll just do what I can to things.  I still can’t get to the yellow squash and the other squash out there.  It looks like I’ve got one plant that’s being destroyed by the squash vine borer. I’ll pull it up when it dries some. 

 and I’m sure the #$*^# squash bugs are having a huge party out there.  I had finally dusted the whole garden on Sunday and it rained like crazy Monday night.  Go figure.  

UPDATE:  I was able to get out to some of the
squash and was surprised to find only a handful of those spawns of Satan. It seems the new dust is working pretty well.  I can still see residue from it even after all the rain.

We’ve used The Three Sisters method of planting out in the lower garden. 

My dad sent some of his sweet corn and it’s doing great.  The beans are finally starting to come up and the squash and melons over there look all right.  I tested out the ground when I went to feed the rabbits this morning and I’m planning on trying to get the lower garden weeded this afternoon.  

Notice the plants under the corn?  Those are volunteer lemon basil.  It seems we have several plants that decided to come back up this year. They are everywhere.
 This is a stray moss rose that decided to come up in the beans.  I don’t know how it got so far away from the vast majority of the other volunteer moss roses. 

Things are starting to bloom!  

The black-eyed peas have a few flowers on them, some of the tomatoes are starting to flower and we are starting to pick broccoli.  Man, that stuff is soooo good!!  I could eat broccoli every day.  We didn’t have much luck with it last year so I’m really excited.  So far there’s not enough to put up, and if we keep eating it like we are there won’t be either! 

Check out the marigolds all in a straight line under the peas.  You would think by looking at them, they were planted there.  You would be wrong!  That’s where they were planted with tomatoes last year.  I’m keeping them!

There are always  things to be done around here. We need to get the tomatoes staked up when it dries out a little. Right now I’m trying to get some beds weeded and waiting for the rain to stop.   Mars has a cool project he’s working on.  I’ll get some pictures as it progresses. It’s a lot of labor but it will make a huge difference in the way things have to be done now.

Heads up out there people… it seems we are living in troubled waters, and all I can say is Wow! What an interesting time in history we are living.