The Week in Review sorta….

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This weeks progress

It seems another week has gone by since the last time I sat down and tried to “put pen to paper” as it were. It started out with yet another back procedure (yeah, that means needles) and a bit of recovery time. I think we are coming to an end to it for awhile though.  One more to go for now.

I suppose it worked out though. I laid up for a bit while it rained the first of the week.  We’ve been rain free for about 3 days now (unless you count the light overnight bit we got on Wednesday)  I was looking at some pictures I took of some of the rain we got last week and realized just how much everything (including the weeds) has grown.  This is a picture from last week.

I spent half a day sitting on my bucket and pulling weeds for the past couple of days.  I am in no way caught up but at least I was able to put a healthy start on it. 

I’m working on re-dusting the squash and the melons.  I’ve seen a few of those &^%^ squash bugs and killed every one I could see. There aren’t many though.  Not like the past couple of years. I’ve checked out most all the leaves for the eggs they lay and there are tons of them.  It’s a struggle to try and keep up with them but I’m giving it a heck of a shot.   If I can keep ahead of the suckers we just might be able to put some up this year.  It’s a slow process, checking every single leaf but it’s necessary.  If I don’t those suckers WILL take over.  Good news is I’ve been able to harvest a good dozen nice squash.  Can you say fried squash?

The lower garden has gone wild.  The corn looks good so far and I’m trying to keep the weeds under control. It’s got no tassels yet but I’m sure it won’t be long at this rate.  There are some sort of melons (including some Canary melon)and maybe some squash down there. All of it was volunteer plants from the main garden.  We just dug it up and transplanted it down there.  Everything looks great so far though don’t you think?

Here’s some proof positive that we’ve had a LOT of rain. The only time we see any of these guys is when it’s been really really wet. Just don’t tell my sister-in-law or she’ll never ever come back here to visit!

Mars has been working on the newest project here and has put in some tremendous labor making it all happen. I’ll have pictures soon so I can share it with you.  It’s amazing just what will make some of us happy!