It’s Done

 First let me say right away that this was Mars’ project 100%.  What you are looking at is something he’s been wanting to do for a long time.  We have water, water everywhere. I’m so proud of his stamina and know how to get this project done.
This part runs from the top of the main garden to the lower garden.  In the middle where the pole bean row is we’ve got a faucet. Now I can water the two new red buds without having to drag two hoses to get it done.

Then he dug trenches to reach out to those trees in the front of the property.

There’s now a faucet down there.  The next project will be moving the rabbits down under those trees with a permanent home complete with a self watering line for them. Woot!!! no more hauling gallon jugs to their hutches!!! We have enough old tin from the barn he’ll use.  The plan is to have a removable back on it to block the winter winds.  More on that later.

See that trench dug to the right?  Later on he wants to plant fruit trees up on the top of the hill.  There is also a big garden spot over there.  Yet another project on the list.

The trenches are dug at about 17″ and well below the freeze line.  Here’s the water line he used. It’s one inch poly tubing.  It’s also the kind he hooked up to the RV and the barn.

 The line now runs down to the lower garden  across the driveway and ends with a faucet!!!!  (I took some pictures of the finished project but you had to look hard to see it once the pipe was installed and the dirt all tamped down.

We’ve been dragging hoses down there to get water to the irrigation system.It’s also close to the future goat’s home.Like I really want goats!!??!! I’m not so sure after reading about the antics.  Ahem     I’m SO HAPPY!! Water Water Everywhere and not a hose to drag.  I know some folks will say “So what” but this is big news  and a labor intensive too.
Mars did a great job!  That’s a whole lot of digging.

And there you have it!   The Newest Project!