Lots of Questions

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Today’s Harvest minus the whole bag of broccoli

Where to begin?  It seems I’ve been gone from here forever yet not much has changed other than the work intensity.  The weather has played a remarkable role in it all.  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. 

I’ve got another question for you guys.  See the difference in color of some of the squash.  Some of it looks almost orange. They are hard to cut and don’t seem to cook well at all. Why do you think that is?  

Everything in the garden seems to be behind  by at least a couple of weeks,  maybe even more with some things.  I haven’t canned my first jar of beans or peas yet.  Not a single one. That in itself is pretty unbelievable for this time of year.  I know it won’t be long though.  There are all sorts of blooms on everything.

My dill, cilantro, basil and other herbs either didn’t come up at all and that that did make an effort went to seed before it ever even got big.  Some of these are required to be partners in different recipes.  *sigh* I’ll figure something out though.

I need to find a decent dill pickle recipe this year.  Even with the squash bugs on full throttle the cucumber plants are really doing well.  Now the question is what the heck will I do with all these cucumbers.  There are only so many things I can do with it.  I’ve got several different things I can do with the fresh cucumbers and we are having cucumbers at most every meal. 

The broccoli has done well.  We are eating it at least once a day and adding it to salads. We just love broccoli! It’s starting to bolt however.  Do I replant it for a fall garden or if I just leave them alone will they make goodies on their own?

Why is it that the tomatoes never get ready to eat until after the lettuce and other stuff has bolted?  lol just one of those things that make you go hmmmm…..
I need to be replanting some lettuce but I’m wondering if it would do better to start in a few weeks, after the heat of summer is backing off. 

I had finally got used to having a food processor in the house.  It was a garage sale find and  I really got my moneys worth for $4  One of those little things that you don’t miss until you have had one and then when it dies you realize just how much work it did.  *sigh* Just in time for summer too!

I’m still fighting the #$*% squash bug war.  It seems to be working though as long as I’m participating in it’s destruction.

Speaking of destruction I’ve been weeding like crazy.  In fact I’ve done so much that I seem to have pulled a muscle or something in my neck. I can hardly move it and if my buddies in the preppe’rs chat room could see it I’m sure they would have a super fun time giving me grief!

Well, like I said to begin with things are