The most useless gun article ever written published by Rolling Stone

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I came across the most useless gun drivel ever published today.

An article by Kristen Gwynne and published by Rolling Stone entitled “The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America“.

I always like to see what tripe the left is putting out for the sheeple to lap up so I had high hopes when I opened the link…

While the article contains what I generously concede to be 10 or 15 minutes of web research, it is very evident that this article more closely resembles a middle school research paper. I will not point out the many specific failings of this article since most of them will be self evident to a thinking person.

The comments section is a hoot and of the several hundred I have read only one seems remotely supportive of the author.

Being a writer myself I find it hard to believe that Rolling Stone magazine would actually shell our real money for this drivel … but hey who said liberals were in their right minds anyway…

Still cling to my God and my guns,