What to do when there is no loo

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PrintBuild a homebrew port-a-potty

There’s really no delicate way to say this, so I’m just gonna say it: everybody poops.

And if a disaster results in no water to your household pipes, the sanitation issue can become pretty dire in a hurry.

Rather than wallow in pestilence or attempt to cross your legs until utilities are restored, it’s a good (nay, a FABULOUS) idea to put together a port-a-potty kit. The components are cheap and ubiquitous. One trip to your local hardware store will set you up. Use your 60 seconds to copy down this list for your next Home Depot run:

  • 5-gallon bucket with lid
  • Toilet seat
  • Heavy-duty trash bags (like you use for yard waste)
  • Kitty litter

If/When the time comes to put your kit into service, assemble it like so:

  • Open bucket
  • Line bucket with open trash bag
  • Pour in a few cups of kitty litter
  • Top with toilet seat

After use, add a few more cups of kitty litter, remove the toilet seat, and seal the bucket with its lid. You can see how after several uses, you’ll have the world’s most disgusting lasagna, but at least the human waste is contained, and the litter will keep it from reeking. When the bucket is close to full, tie up the used bag and put it in a corner of your yard away from human and pet activity. If you have a sealed trashcan for the waste storage, that’s even better.

Hey, no one said emergency preparedness was pretty…but at least this little kit can keep an emergency situation from getting downright disgusting!