Safety Tips For Cooking a Holiday Turkey — Gobble Gobble!

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Don’t you love Thanksgiving and Christmas?

No other time of the year brings with it the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of the holidays.

But be aware, there is Turkey danger lurking. Over the Thanksgiving holiday turkey fires are “twice as likely to happen” than on any other day of the year.

Christmas will be a close second. We love to abuse our Turkeys! We love to grill it, smoke it, fry it, bake it, stuff it, and do just about every kind of “it” to it there is. The new trend in deep frying our Turkeys has brought with it new fire dangers.

Although most of us have the commonsense to avoid careless mistakes, we are distracted this time of year. We forget to prepare and get the information we need to safely abuse our Turkeys.

Safety Tips For Cooking a Holiday Turkey — Gobble Gobble!

1) Clean Your Oven Before the Big Day — dried on cooking oil, grime and other food particles are fuel for a oven fire. Take a day or two before major cooking to put your oven on the “self clean” mode to burn off leftover grease or do a overnight clean.

2) Never Put Water on an Oven Fire — if one should spark, close the oven, turn it off and get your fire extinguisher which should be in the kitchen.

3.) Don’t Leave Your Bird Unattended — most of us want to pack in as much as possible, so leaving the bird cooking may seem like no big deal and even smart time management. But take no chances, make sure an adult is present and that they know how to shut the oven off and to locate and use a fire extinguisher.

The best place to keep one is near or in your kitchen since most fires occur there. If you are not familiar on how to use a fire extinguisher, check out this helpful guide P.A.S.S. reminder.

Pull Pin. Aim at base of fire . Squeeze handle. Sweep side to side.

4.) Make Sure Your Pans Properly Fit — We’ve all cooked with pans that don’t fit properly. Avoid grease drippings by using large enough pans to hold excess fluid and oil. This makes a difference.

5.) Deep Frying Requires EXTRA Care –If you must deep fry your Turkey, then keep in mind it is dangerous.

People have severely burned their children, themselves, their home and yes, charred and blown up the Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey all in hopes of getting a taste of that deep fried goodness. Yes, Turkeys can blow up!

Experts claim that alcohol, frying an unthawed Turkey, oil spillage and placing a hot fryer on a wooden deck are the biggest no no’s for safety. Keep it simple and remember to READ and FOLLOW the cooking directions!