Chicken with Honey Beer Sauce

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I believe it was early 2010 sometime and I was on business at JFTB (Joint Forces Training Base) Los Alamitos. After a long day in the field, a group of us went to the pub on base for a much needed drink and meal. The pub is a little unique in that it has an outside patio with gas grills set up where one can grill up their own food, have a drink, and watch the military aircraft come and go.

I decided to grill up some chicken, knowing well my chicken grilling skills always seemed to leave the chicken on the dry side. But hey, I was hungry and chicken is what I was craving. When I ordered up a breast to toss on the grill, the bar maiden asked if I would like it marinated for about 20 minutes first. “Why not”. I watched her as she proceeded to pour out a healthy dose of teriyaki sauce in a shallow bowl, followed by Guinness straight from the tap. To this she immersed the chicken breast and set it aside.
To this day I can not forget how juicy and tender that chicken was after I pulled it off the grill. Sure, I seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper and some other things once on the grill, but the sweetness of the teriyaki and beer really made a difference.

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