Recommended Reading: Carryology – What Refugees Bring When the Run for their LIves

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The Syrian refugee crisis is both a tragedy and an example of what bugging out actually tends to look like. It’s not glamorous–it’s horribly desperate. Men, women and children fleeing their homelands for the hope of safety somewhere else.

These are the lucky ones who have made it to some relative safety, versus drowning in the sea or suffocating in the back of a truck. They’ve had to rely on smugglers to move them out of country, and were limited to one small bag. Big bags, suitcases and other belongings were left behind.

This article is a look inside their one bag.

They don’t have much–a change of clothes, some money, a cell phone and some miscellaneous toiletries. All that they’ve managed to hold onto during their flight to safety. 

Take a look.

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