Liberals Hate This Anti-Gun Crime Proposal

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4573522770_3079eae4f8Liberals LOVE gun control.

But they HATE common sense solutions to ending gun violence.

There is a common sense solution to ending gun violence.

Of course liberals hate it:

How to solve the problem of gun violence, that’s the question harped about whenever a school-shooting occurs. Leftists crow “Eliminate guns!” leaving only police and military personnel with firearms. Until of course, they have to get on the hating-cops bandwagon. Then their position proves problematic. On the other end of the spectrum are diehard gun activists who dare anyone to pry their guns from their cold dead hands. Hey, speaking of which, we’re giving away an AR15. Go get it, yo.
As entertaining as the bickering is, both sides might want to lay down their arms and look to initiatives like Project Exile. Hailed as one of the most effective strategies for reducing gun violence ever, Project Exile works because it’s simple: If you have a gun when you’re not allowed to have a gun (because you’re a felon and/or douchebag), you automatically get five years in prison. Second offense? Ten years. Simple right. But brace yourself, because here comes the shocker… it worked. Like, really well.

Or in other words, enforce the gun laws already on the books.

If you’re a felon and are caught with a gun, you get locked up.

If you’re a felon or mentally unstable and commit a crime with a gun, you face serious prison time.

Let’s stop the bickering on both sides of the gun debate and focus on the problem.