Iron age reality show

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The original reality show, filmed in 1978, 12 adults and 3 children were chosen from around 1000 volunteers to live in the “iron age”, they lived this way for 1 year, fully immersed and living the life.

The nice thing is they weren’t in competition with each other, no one was “voted” off, they lived and worked together as if it were the iron age. It also interviewed the people some 30 years later and how it affected their lives.


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Are You Ready to Get Back to the Basics?

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Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast? Would you like to be more self-reliant and live a more natural (greener) life? A lot of people who start with an interest in basic food storage for emergencies end up diving into a whole new world of cooking from scratch, raising chickens, gardening, and some even move on to living completely off-grid. It starts to make a lot of sense as you realize how much easier it is to be prepared if you are not so dependent on “society” for your needs.

Back to the Basics eBook Bundle

We are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with a bunch of other bloggers and authors to create a bundle of eBooks all on topics that will help YOU get back to the basics. Individually our Food Storage Made Easy eBook series normally sells for $24 and for just $5 more (during the launch sale) you can get our ebooks plus an entire library of over 60 ebooks on topics ranging from preparedness to homesteading, gardening to homeschooling and much much more. The value of this bundle is staggering! CHECK BACK JANUARY 18TH TO ORDER AT THE INTRO SALE PRICE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.43.49 PM

We have already had a chance to preview this bundle and we are so excited at the wealth of knowledge contained here. A couple of the books we are most excited to dive into are:

  • Whole Wheat Bread Making
  • 10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals
  • Dehydrating eCourse
  • The Debit Card Envelope Budget
  • Easy Peasy Chores
  • Tips for the Beginning Beekeeper
  • Vegetable Gardening Basics
  • The Beginners’ Book of Essential Oils
  • Wonder Oven Cooking Videos
  • Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan
  • Practical Simplicity
  • and the Household Organization Pack

There is enough golden content here to keep us reading for weeks!

Join the FREE 15-Day Back To Basics Living Challenge

Not sure if you want to invest in the bundle? No problem! The authors have put together a FREE 15 day course that will give you a sampling of what will be included in the bundle. If you join the challenge you’ll also be notified as soon as the full bundle is available to purchase.

Want to get a jump start on becoming more self sufficient and getting back to basics? Join us for the FREE 15 Day Back To Basics Living Challenge Starting January 10, 2016 (you can still join in after that date!) In the meantime get a jump start on getting Back To Basics with our FREE Quick Start Guide!
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20 Clever And Crafty Uses For K-Cups

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20 Clever And Crafty Uses For K-Cups Most of us love our cup(s) of coffee in the morning. Let’s face it, we need our coffee in the morning. Nothing has made it easier to brew at home than the Keurig. Last year Keurig Green Mountain sold more than 9 billion K-cups. That’s billion, with a “B”. …

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The Benefits Of Coffee In Your Survival Stash

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Can you imagine starting off each day without having that first cup of coffee in the morning? I can’t, and I’m pretty sure that most of you can’t either. And in all fairness, how could we? It’s hard to be responsible and functional adults without that boost and the “friendly kick in the rear” that coffee gives us. Caffeine gives us just a bit of energy to get us started through the day and on top of it all, the habit of having a cup of coffee is social activity that often times brings people together, by opening the door for socializing and small talk. If coffee is such a necessity in our da-to-day average lives, imagine how much more we’re going to need it in a survival situations, when social structures will fall and we’ll be forced to fend for ourselves. Life will be infinitely harder and stressful, as we’ll find ourselves in a struggle for procuring the simplest necessities, like food and water. You’ll need to keep your strength up, have a clear head and keep your wits about you. And there’s no better way of boosting yourself than to add some coffee to your survival provisions.


Coffee improves your health

Coffee has been known to have beneficial effects when it comes to human health; but this only applies to fresh coffee that you brew at home. The processed one tends to lose its beneficial traits. According to a study released in 2012 by the National Institute of Health, coffee drinkers have a higher life expectancy. And it’s no wonder if you consider that the drink is a major source of antioxidants, which reduce overall inflammation and the danger of succumbing to respiratory cardiovascular diseases. The study previously mentioned also states that coffee drinking prevents other afflictions as well, like diabetes, strokes and infections.

Coffee boosts energy and mental alertness

And we’re back to what coffee does best: gives energy when there’s need for it. The caffeine is plentiful in the coffee beans, and this is the main source of energy that gets us started in the morning. It stimulates the adrenal gland that releases cortisol, a steroid hormone, which acts upon the sugar reserves stored in the liver. The result is a burst of energy, which won’t last for very long, but it will be more than enough to get you up and running, especially when will power just isn’t enough. Coffee is being consumed by humans for ages. In certain zones Africa, hunters wrap coffee berries in animal fat. They consume them for extra energy when they’re out hunting, to increase stamina and awareness. Apart from the energy boost, this wonder drink also increases mental alertness; it gets you thinking clearly and very aware of your surroundings. That’s why preppers shouldn’t go without it when SHTF. Because of its wonderful properties, coffee has been a part of the military way of life for decades now. Caffeine consumption has been encouraged greatly amongst our troops, even if it comes in the form of tea or caffeine-based chewing gum.




Coffee improves morale and reduces depression and suicide rate

Having a cup of coffee every once in a while can be a great morale booster. Especially in a survival scenario, when the whole world will seem to have been turned upside down. Coffee, just like other familiar rituals, will give you a sense of normalcy which will make the ordeal just a bit more bearable. The smell and taste of coffee will work towards keeping your morale up, just as well as it will keep you alert at all times. If you’re spirit is up, depression will be kept at bay. Studies have shown a direct correlation between low rates of depression and suicide amongst those who drink two or more cups of coffee a day. So if you want to make your doomsday experience a bit more bearable, don’t forget to add coffee to your survival stash. But use it wisely, as reserves will be limited.

If you’ve been convinced by now, waste no more time and start stocking up on the wonder-beans as soon as possible. Coffee products don’t have a very long shelf life and it’s not native to North America. The best option you have is to procure freeze-dried coffee that you can store for long periods of time. When you need it, just take it out, roast it and grind it yourself.


By Alec Deacon



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My Search ForA Good Rubber Boot(Part 2)

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Dateline: 11 January 2016 AD

In my creek, with dry feet.
(boot selfie)

In my previous blog post I explained that rubber boots these days are not as durable as rubber boots used to be, and the reason for this appears to be that most rubber boots these days are made using a synthetic, thermoplastic, so-called rubber, as opposed to more durable natural rubber. Then I told you about two long-established companies in France that still make rubber boot using natural rubber.

I decided that I would get either a pair of the French Aigle rubber boots or LeChameau rubber boots. Both are available from online sellers. But the European sizing concerned me. I wanted to actually see the boots and try them on.

The Aigle boots appealed to me a bit more than the LeChameau, but they both seemed pretty much the same. I saw that the LeChameaus were sold by Orvis. I have never been to an Orvis store but I knew there was one in Rochester, NY, which is a couple hours west of me. Then I learned that there is an Orvis store in Manchester, Vermont.

Manchester is east of me a few more hours than Rochester, but Vermont is special to me. I hiked the Appalachian Trail there when I was a teenager, and went to the Sterling School (now Sterling College) for a year. Marlene and I had our 30th wedding anniversary coming up, and I hadn’t taken any vacation for all of 2015, so we decided to just drive to Vermont.

It was a short, multipurpose vacation. In addition to checking out the boots at Orvis, we visited the Window Quilt workshop, the Vermont Country Store , and King Arthur Flour. It was a good time

The Orvis store was something different. We walked in and first looked at a table of men’s plaid dress shirts. Marlene said “These are nice shirts.” Then I turned over the price tag… $130. We recoiled from the table in unison.

Orvis has absolutely beautiful, high-quality clothing. It’s the style of clothing I like. But it is shockingly expensive. If the shirts were $30 each, I might have splurged and bought one. But I’m in the wrong socio-economic class to be buying clothing at Orvis. Boots, however, are different…

A little further into the store, a man asked if we were looking for something in particular. Well, as a matter of fact, we were hoping they had some LeChameau boots? His face lit up and he took us to the LeChameaus.

LeCahmeau, Vierzon

I tried on a couple pairs of the leather-lined Chasseur. Size 43 fit best. The Chasseur is very nice. Price: $400.

I did not buy the Chasseur. I couldn’t justify it. The British Royals can (and do) wear leather lined LeChameau rubber boots, but they’re filthy rich. I’m a commoner.

Having done my research, I knew the LeChameau Vierzon boot, with jersey lining, was only $200 a pair. The Vierzon doesn’t have a long side zipper (a nice feature) like the Chasseur, but I can manage without that. I just want a natural rubber boot that will hold together and keep my feet dry for years to come.

Manchester Orvis did not have any Vierzons in stock, but the Orvis Man (Dale Robinson—a downright nice guy) was very helpful. He called the warehouse (in a southern state) and found that there was one size 43 in stock. He ordered the pair for me, and they showed up at my house a few days later.

Within minutes after their arrival, I had my LeChameau boots on and headed to my field to work on digging a ditch (more about this in a future blog post). 

My LeChameau boots are comfortable. They are not as heavy on my feet as the Bass Pro boots that prematurely failed me. They are not insulated, which means they are more of a spring and fall wet-weather boot, not a winter boot. 

On the downside, they don’t look quite as manly as the camouflaged BassPro boots I had. But I didn’t buy the boots as much for their looks as I did for their durability and longevity.

I expect the boots will get a puncture or two in the years ahead, but that isn’t a problem. Natural rubber can be patched easily and securely.

Is it good economy to spend $200 on a pair of rubber boots when I can get other rubber boots for $100, or less, elsewhere? Well, if these boots last as long as I hope and expect they will (10 years, at least, would be nice), I’ll consider them a good value.

A couple of interesting sidenotes…

1. It turns out that the Vierzon boots are not made in France. They are made in Morocco. I think the high-class, leather-lined Chasseurs are still made in France. Also, if I understand correctly, some of the LeChameau footwear is now made in China.

2. Dale Robinson (the Orvis Man in Manchester) told me that the only real problem they’ve had with the natural rubber boots is that they do not hold up to chicken manure. Apparently, a chicken farmer bought a pair and continual exposure to high-ammonia chicken manure deteriorated the boots. I raise some chickens but I’m not concerned since I don’t deal with heavy concentrations of high-ammonia chicken  manure. Still, it’s a good thing to know.

So that’s the story about my search for a good rubber boot. So far, I like my LeChameaus. If there are any new developments with the boots, I’ll let you know.

Stained Glass at VT Orvis
(click for larger view)

Survival Medicine Hour: New Sterilization Method, Skin Infections, Ginger

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One big issue in remote locations is the sterilizations of instruments and dressings. Now, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease has tested a new method that claims 100% sterilization using portable items that won’t break the bank. Joe Alton, MD explains the procedure and talks about infections you’ll find in soft tissues as a result of poor disinfecting practices and dirty wounds. Also, Amy Alton, ARNP talks about one of her favorite natural remedies: Ginger. All on the latest Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy.

To Listen in, click below:


Wishing you the best of health in good times and bad,


Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP

joe and amy radio

Spiritual Fitness for the New Year-Dr Mike Spaulding-Pt2

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Dr. Mike Spaulding of Soaring Eagles Radio is back on the show for the second half our our interview. We talk about getting spiritually in-shape for 2016. Spiritual fitness will be your most important prep if you intend to face the dark days ahead. To learn more about being spiritually prepared, listen to Dr. Mike’s archived messages from Calvary Chapel Lima.

In The Days of Noah, Book Three: Perdition, a global empire arises  from the ashes of the world that was. The emerging order is unified by a new global currency and a single world religion which are mandated by an imposed UN treaty.  Noah Parker’s family refuses to take the IMF implant required for buying and selling in the new  system, and are hunted down like common criminals for daring to resist the state. Noah will have to rely on faith and wits to endure the powers of darkness which are quickly consuming the earth.


Cati Armor offers affordable body armor including level III trauma plates made of AR-500 steel which can endure multiple rounds from pistols and rifles up to 7.62 NATO. There plates are available with Rhino Linings coating to reduce spall.


I use JM Bullion because they have the lowest over-spot price of any dealer I have found for silver and gold bullion. JM Bullion now offers free shipping on every order!

God bless and happy prepping!


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Homemade 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply Kits

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Homemade 72 Hour Emergency Food Supply Kits Personally I think we all should have a few 72 hour emergency food supply kits as part of our preps. They are easy to make, easy to hide and store and easy to grab if you have to get out of your house in an emergency. These are …

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How To Repair An Old Beat Up Cordless Drill Battery Pack

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How To Repair An Old Beat Up Cordless Drill Battery Pack I am so glad I came across this article, I always have to get a new power drill set just because the batter looses power or is no longer powerful anymore. The question many of us should be asking is Do I Fork out …

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Rum Recipe – How to Make Rum

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Rum Recipe – How to Make Rum There is nothing like enjoying an adult beverage now and then. I will say as a bit of a warning to pass on to others, rum made from a pot still has some wildly different characteristics than Bacardi or other off the shelf rums. Pot distilled rum, like the …

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How to Start a Wood Fire the Easy Way

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How to Start a Wood Fire the Easy Way Most people who clicked on the link to get here likely thought, “How hard is it to start a fire? Paper, wood, lighter – Poof! Fire!” If you have perfectly dry paper, wood, and no wind that could put the lighter out or the fire before …

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5 Pieces of Advice for the Newbie Homesteader/Prepper

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5 Pieces of Advice for the Newbie Homesteader/Prepper Prepping and homesteading have largely been romanticized by the media and don’t really get into ‘the dirt’ of what it takes to live these kinds of lifestyles. There are lots of companies out there who offer ‘free’ advice for the newbie while trying to sell them something, too. When …

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DIY Gutterless Rain Barrel – a “Drain Barrel”

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DIY Gutterless Rain Barrel – a “Drain Barrel” This DIY gutterless rain barrel is a great alternative to the standard rain barrel collectors you can get. This way of collection could be implemented on a shed or smaller structure to get maximum water collection. How to build a “drain barrel” for those of you who …

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Strontium, An Evil One-Two Punch, now EPA Waffles Over Whether to Regulate It

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stock here
Strontium does nto come out in large quanties in your run of the mill meltdown.    But when strontium burns on concrete, or burns through concrete, 100 times more comes out.  

If you are not familiar with Strontium, I have done quite a bit of work on it.
1) It gives you leukemia
2) Once in your body, it stays forever
3) It has a wicked one-two punch, one of the strongest
4) It accumulates in your bones, next to the red blood cell formation
5) It is highly soluble in water, any that didn’t get out in the initial blasts and fires, is being dissolved out by the underground river, as we speak.

Read up here —-


Strontium. It is what’s unsaid…
Announcement of Final Regulatory Determinations for Contaminants on the Third Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List

After careful review and consideration of the public comments, the agency is making a final determination not to regulate dimethoate, 1,3-dinitrobenzene, terbufos and terbufos sulfone.

The agency, however, is delaying the final regulatory determination on strontium in order to consider additional data and decide whether there is a meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction by regulating strontium in drinking water.

As the evidence of the extreme harm to health inflicted by nuclear radiation mounts, the denialists are resorting to ever greater extremes, writes Chris Busby.

On the one hand, advancing the absurd claim that ionizing radiation is not merely harmless, but health-enhancing. On the other, closing down the experiment that would have provided the strongest evidence yet.

“The torture imposed on logic, reason and observational data by the advocates of nuclear power has now reached the level of clinical psychosis – a thought disorder in which reality testing is grossly impaired.”

Troll Infiltrator to ENENEWS Brought Trumped Up False Charges Against Dana Durnford, And Is Found to Be Jay Cullen

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Alright, thats the longest title ever.    I have been trying to create a “perfect article” and with a trip coming up tomorrow, I just need to get the information out there.  

An infiltrator of ENENEWS was masquerading as a real participant.    

This infiltrator was also responsible for bringing false charges of “Stalking” against Dana Durnford, an anti-nuclear activist who devoted his life to documenting the ocean condition and protecting the ocean that he loves.   

The false charges could have put Mr. Durnford in jail for 20 years.   This in itself is a crime.

This infiltrator is paid by the nuclear industry to downplay the damages of radiation and in particular Fukushima.    This is quite easy, being that this same infiltrator is complaining about not having enough funds, and the Nuclear Cartel devotes up to $1.4B per year to “advance their industry”.

Who is this criminal who accepts money from nuclear interests, and then brings serious false charges against a well known Youtube Antinuclear Activist, and then participates at ENENEWS to infiltrate and disseminate lies, create confusion.

Jay Cullen

 One of Cullen’s Pages is Fukushima Inform, through Facebooks links and sources, note the other pages which I may “also like”.    Very informative methinks.  Busted dead to rights methinks.

It sure seems disingenious that Cullen does out of his way to right a long article on how Fukushima has not impacted the health of ALL CANADIANS, when his expertise is related to Marine Chemistry.    Just seems odd, that article is here

Here are some quotes from Jay Cullen posting at ENE

Perception Creates Reality

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Oregon Pics9.jpg

I was asked by a friend to do an “up to now” synopsis of what I’ve seen go on with the Oregon Standoff situation. This is in no way “all inclusive”, but there are valid points that can be learned from for future endeavors.

This is the first thing I remember seeing about the Hammond’s situation. Here are some quotes that I think show the irony of the thoughts on both sides.

“Today two Oregon ranchers were sentenced to five years in federal prison under terrorism statutes for setting preventative fires on their own land. We are gravely disappointed at this outcome.”

“This is an example of gross government overreach, and the public should be outraged. Today’s verdict is also hypocritical given BLM’s own harm to public and private grazing lands, which goes without consequence. It is unjust.”

“Please join Farm Bureau and declare your support for Steve and Dwight Hammond. Join over 2,600 other citizens from across the country and show BLM that this extreme abuse of power will not go unnoticed and is shameful. Sign the petition at This must never happen again.”  Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue.

“We all know the devastating effects that are caused by wildfires. Fires intentionally and illegally set on public lands, even those in a remote area, threaten property and residents and endanger firefighters called to battle the blaze”

“Congress sought to ensure that anyone who maliciously damages United States’ property by fire will serve at least 5 years in prison. These sentences are intended to be long enough to deter those like the Hammonds who disregard the law and place fire fighters and others in jeopardy.”                                                                Acting U.S. Attorney Billy Williams.

Two main points from these quotes and the article. First, their were many people in their county who supported them and their plight. Second, The AUSA apparently doesn’t understand what the word “malicious” means, and disregarded the fact that a JURY said ruled it was not a malicious act.

One of the things I noted back in November was this letter supposedly written by Ammon Bundy that said the Hammonds were being threatened.

“Dear Friends,

Yesterday I received a phone call from Dwight Hammond (74). He said that he was very afraid for his life and for mine as well.  He informed me that federal agents contacted his attorney. They told Dwight’s attorney that if Dwight and Susie did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy, that they “would detain the Hammond’s early for federal prison and that they would transfer pain to the Hammond family”. He further said, that he believed “they would bring misery to the whole family”. Steven Hammond’s attorney also confirmed that federal agents contacted him and hinted a raid on the Hammonds home if they did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy. On Thursday November 19th, Harney County Sheriff, David Ward, informed me that federal agents indicated to him that if the Hammond’s continued to speaking out, that they may raid the Hammond’s home and detain them early for federal prison. I informed the Sheriff that it was his duty to make sure that did not happen. I do not have to explain how this is a violation of individual rights. Dwight, Steven and Susie have all told me that they are terrified of what will happen if they continue to communicate with me. In the last phone conversation between Susie and I, she told me that she loved me and was so thankful for what I have done to get the truth out. She then informed me that she feared that if we continued to talk, federal agents were going to put a bullet in her and Dwight’s heads, and possible mine. I attempted to instill courage in both Dwight and Susie, but fear had over come them. This last Wednesday I spent a good part of the day in the Hammond’s home. We spoke for hours. Several times, I found the Hammond’s in tears when they explained the injustices that has destroyed their lives. They were hopeful that the American people were going to stand for them. And that, just maybe, they would be able to return to the life they once knew. In just a few short hours, federal agents again have dashed the Hammond’s hope and replaced it with fear. I hold my tongue against those that would inflict such pain upon these wonderful people. It reminds me of the scripture that reads: “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn” (D&C 98:9). Everyone within the reach of my words must know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that justice is brought to the Hammond’s. I will not stop until the Hammond’s are home free, without fear. I do not fear for my life. I love the Hammonds, I love the Lord.”                                     With Concern,
Ammon Bundy”

Do I believe the Hammonds were threatened by the Feds? Sure do. This is one of the reasons I have a problem with what Ammon is doing. Does Ammon think that the Feds won’t mess with the Hammond men now, just because they are in custody? What kind of a friend would take that risk?

The learning point here is “Don’t cut off your friends nose to spite your face.”. Risking your friend’s safety and that of his family, just to make a point that you believe needs addressed is somewhat ignorant, especially when your friend is the reason you say you are doing it.

The Rally took place on January 2nd, 2016. Here is a synopsis of the rally by Sheriff Mack.

“On January 2, 2016, four of us representing the CSPOA attended the rally in Burns, OR on behalf of the Hammond family

“There is no question that the Hammonds’ rights have been violated by the Federal Government. However, the Hammonds did not want an armed confrontation or violence of any kind, which coincides exactly with the CSPOA platform. So we went there in complete support of the Hammonds and their peaceful approach.”

 “We should allow nothing to detract from the Hammonds’ plight and the wonderful rally that was held in their honor.”

Points I take away. First, What was the point of the rally? Was it cover for those that planned the standoff? Were the standoffees planning on more of the ralliers going with the to the Fed building? It was on behalf of the Hammonds, not trying to intimidate the Feds. Second, as I’ve already said making things worse for the Hammonds, no matter if it’s the men locked up, or those left at home, is irresponsible and not the actions of supposed friends.

Here and here (“To restore and defend the Constitution”) are two videos of Ammon saying why they were there at the Fed building. Points I take away from this video. First. someone hasn’t based their plan on reality. Believing the Feds will allow them to stay there for years, or that they will give up any property due to “intimidation” is a fools arrand. Do I believe that is a desired end state? Hell Yeah! Do I believe this is achievable? Hell No! By the way, Restore the Constitution how? What you are doing definitely isn’t the path to that.

What was the plan? From a reliable source out there, this has been in the works for well over a month, and that some trailers were staged on Thursday night before the Saturday rally. So they’re gonna be there for years, but needed supplies to start rolling in around the 5th or 6th? Was the plan to make people feel sorry for them and donate, thus showing a support base around the country? If that was the plan, it worked, but from what i was told, initially, they did not have the personnel support they wanted, and are fortunate that the word was spread as quickly as it was.

Oregon Pics6

This was apparently when he was giving an update on the Sugar Pine Mine situation from his hotel room. Just “Why!” Nice boonie buddy LOL

Next let’s talk about personnel. First off, having guys on the ground that are outright lying about serving in the military (Cooper and Cavalier), not to mention they are both ExCons, is detrimental to the overall perception of not only the “Cause”, but gives an air of illegitimacy to the whole group that let them continue be there.

Listen, I have a friend who is a Federal ExCon. He got railroaded by the Feds, imagine that. He was one of the reasons I gave Kerodin a shot at making something good happen as IIIPSFA President, (You know what they say, “No good deed goes unpunished”), and we see how that turned out.

The point is that if I was going to take this kind of action, I would make sure the people involved were 1) Who and what they said they were, and 2) I would not allow someone with a felony record to partake in the operation, at least initially. The media has enough crap they can spin, regarding the people involved, why give them legit crap to sell? The people involved do not need military experience, but those in charge should have advisers that have legit military leadership and planning experience, that’s just a “No Brainer”.

My last point regards appearance. Perception is definitely reality in this instance. Appearing as if you are going to war, but claiming it is just a peaceful protest, sends the wrong image. Fortunately, I believe Ammon and some others get that (or they have no multicams LOL) Ammon is dressed for a protest, Cooper is dressed for combat, and is wearing gear to support a weapons system that he’s not allowed by his felony status to have (and no, I don’t necessarily believe saying a guy that has done his time should not be able to own the means to defend himself and his family, that’s a whole other post)   Here are a few pics to show an example of what I’m saying.

Oregon Pics5

Another point to be made about appearance, look at the two pics below, do you think there will be an Identifier Friend or Foe issue here. The Civilian looks just like the Fed (except for the ear muffs.

Oregon Pics7

Oregon Pics8

Now we have other groups showing up, saying they are going to be a buffer between the Feds and the Standoffees. Well, that’s a technique I guess, but I bet the Feds are just looking at it as “Standoffee Reinforcements”, and good or bad, it has probably ratcheted up their “Defensive may go Offensive” posture. From what was said in another video ( I first heard it from my friend that’s out there, then I saw the video), apparently, they’re already having issues with who is showing up, and some people that are a little big for their britches (Cooper).

Bad planning (might actually have been brilliant to get people to feel sorry for them and help out), lack of local support (the county residence) Some less than stellar crew members, and outsiders now coming in with ideas of their own. What does this equal? Who knows, it’s a path that no living person has any experience on.

As I’ve said before we need to support the Hammonds by signing the petition to release them. We need to support those already at the Standoff by letting them know will will not allow any more free Wacos. And we need to pray that all involved keep their wits and their judgement in check so they can come to a peaceful conclusion of the standoff. The next time someone tells you that we just need to “Get it on!”, ask them, when was the last time they did. The answer is usually that they didn’t except in Modern Warfare 3.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE







The Tin Hat Ranch and Patreon

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The Tin Hat Ranch has launched a Patreon campaign.  Content has been, and will always be free at the Tin Hat Ranch.  We hope you’ve learned a lot from watching our videos and reading our articles.  If you value and learn from the content produced by the Tin Hat Ranch, have the means, and would …

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EDC Keychains

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In order to truly be prepared for whatever might happen in this world you need to have tools on hand no matter where you are.  You might have a way to provide illumination or start a fire in your bug-out bag (BOB), at home, or in your car, but that won’t help you if you can’t access it.

But there is one thing that every person carries with them at all times – keys!  Which is why making your keychain into an everyday carry (EDC) tool kit is the perfect way to make sure you are prepared no matter where you are.

It’s Personal

The contents of an EDC keychain will be as individual as the person carrying it.  Everyone has different needs and no two EDC keychains are alike.  Having said that, there is one item everyone should have on their keychain – a good LED flashlight.  This is useful in so many situations that about the only thing it can’t do is help you find your keys (it’s attached to them!).  You can find some very decent keychain-sized LED flashlights that are small, yet powerful.  A good example is the Photon II Micro-Light.

Other than the flashlight, what you include on your EDC keychain will depend on you or the person for whom you are building the keychain.  Here are some considerations:


No, men and women don’t necessarily need different items on their EDC keychains, but they do carry them in different places.  Men tend to carry these types of things in their pants pocket, but women tend to carry them in their purse.  Consideration needs to be given to the type of clothes worn on a regular basis, including work clothes, whether they are business suits or construction attire.  What the keys and other items are attached to and how bulky the keychain is will affect how it can be carried, so keep this in mind when designing the EDC keychain.

What You Need

Take the time to really think through what you will need on your EDC keychain.  If you are a mom who is around kids a lot, you might want that keychain hand sanitizer.  If you are a college student, you might prefer to have a flashlight or kubotan for when you are walking around on campus alone at night.  Take your needs and preferences into account when designing your EDC keychain.

Technical Ability

When designing your EDC keychain, keep in mind your level of technical ability.  If you aren’t proficient with a striker when it comes to starting a fire, then perhaps a small lighter would be more practical.  If you don’t know how to use half the tools on a multi-tool, then perhaps just a single blade would be a better choice.  Be sure that you will have use for what you carry on your keychain and that you have the ability to use it.

Potential EDC Keychain Items

Besides a flashlight, and taking into consideration the above points, what types of items do you have to choose from when deciding what to put on your EDC keychain?  There are so many possibilities.


This can be a Swiss army knife or other type of multi-tool, but it should have a number of basic features, the first of which is a blade.  It can also include a bottle opener, plyers, can opener, scissors, screwdrivers, saw, and more.  It should be versatile and of good quality.


A permanent Sharpie marker (miniature in size) is a great tool to have on your EDC keychain.  Markers can be good in all sorts of situations.  I like it because aside from its more obvious uses, such as labeling boxes or writing notes, it is a useful tool to have if you are a prepper and have a mutual assistance group (MAG) or a larger family to coordinate with if society goes south.

Ideally, you and your family/MAG should have a bug out plan and if you ever need to get out of town in a hurry, you can use your Sharpie to place strategic symbols (on street signs, concrete dividers, or the like) to indicate which way you have gone, where you are heading, and whether or not to follow.  Of course, you should have all this planned out in advance, including the symbols and what they mean.


The kubotan is a strategic non-lethal self-defense weapon that is about the size and shape of a pen.  It is made of a heavy stainless steel and easily fits in the hand.  The kubotan is ideal for striking an assailant and is best used on the pressure points or sensitive bony or fleshy parts of an attacker.  It is inconspicuous and is generally not recognized as a weapon, which gives you an advantage over your attacker.

The important thing to remember with the kubotan is that it takes skill to know how to use it effectively and if you do choose to carry one, then it is important to get training in and practice its use so that you can skillfully take down and get away from an assailant if necessary.

Tactical Pen

Having a pen on hand is always useful, but having one that is inconspicuous and can double as a weapon is phenomenal.  A tactical pen can be used as a writing tool, which is great when you have to scribble down notes or make a list, but it is also made of durable materials and can be used as a non-lethal self-defense weapon in much the same way as the kubotan.  Training in its proper use is required, as with the kubotan.

USB Drive

This might seem an odd choice for an EDC keychain, but you can carry the entire contents of your computer on your keychain, which is useful for a number of reasons.  First, you have a computer backup ready to roll at all times.

Second, if there is a collapse of society, but you can still access a computer, then you will still have the capability of accessing your most important files, which might include practical instructions on various skills you might need (such as how to build a shelter, start a fire, or what wild plants are edible), movies, music, family photos, maps, and anything else that is relevant to you and your situation.


A whistle is a commonly carried item that will allow you to draw attention to yourself when necessary.  Whether you are about to be mugged or you are injured and want others to know where you are, being able to blow a whistle will attract the attention you need.  Plus, it’s small and easy to carry.

Duct Tape

There is such a thing as EDC duct tape, which is absolutely brilliant!  You’ll have to make it yourself and it entails getting a short piece of paracord or wire.  If you use the paracord, take out the innards until you are left with the nylon sheath.  You want the length to be at least two or three inches longer than the width of your duct tape roll.

Once you have your paracord or wire ready, make a small loop at one end (to attach to your keychain) and place the length of it along the edge of the duct tape with the loop hanging over the edge.  Now roll the tape around the paracord or wire, making a nice tight roll of tape.  You can make it as big as you want.  And remember, it might take some practice to get it straight.

Safety Pin

A safety pin is so tiny and unobtrusive, yet so useful, that it is a must-have on an EDC keychain.  Attach one or more of these little gems and you will have the means to temporarily repair clothing.  It can also be used to pop out the SIM card from an iPhone, to change the time on a clock in your vehicle (if it has the tiny buttons), or any number of other ingenious uses.

Lighter or Striker

Having the means to light a fire when you might be stuck out and away from home is a good idea.  A lighter is an obvious choice, but there might be places you aren’t allowed to carry a lighter, either that or you don’t want to be seen with one.  If that is the case, you can carry a striker.  Just be sure you know how to use it.


Having a means of determining direction is important.  This might not be necessary in the city, but if you have to get out of the city or get lost in the woods, then a compass might be a much-needed item.

Time Piece

A watch might not easily fit on a keychain, at least not with its straps, but if you can, attach just the watch face (without the straps) or another time piece that is small and easy to attach.  This is important.  Most people don’t wear a watch anymore, but if your cell phone runs out of power or gets lost or stolen, you need a means to tell the time.  If you have an EMP-safe time piece, you’ll be that much more prepared.

Bison Tube(s)

It is ideal to have one or two Bison tubes hanging on your keychain.  These are about the size of your pinky finger and can hold small objects that you might want to keep with you.  You can keep some water purification tablets in one, just in case you find yourself in a bind with no drinkable water.  You can also use one to tuck away a little extra cash and your emergency information.  These are handy little containers.

Tying it All Together

Finally, you need to think about how you want to carry all the items, about what type of organizer you need.  Some people prefer a lanyard and others prefer a more traditional style of key organizer.  There are a number of options from which to choose, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with all of them before you make a decision.

Traditional Key Ring

The traditional keyring works well for just a few items, but if you have a number of keys, then fitting a bunch of other items on there might not work as well.  If you combine a regular keychain with a carabiner or other type of clip, then you would have a more functional keychain that can hold additional items.

A variation on the traditional keyring is something like the free key split ring, which makes it easier to slide keys on and off the ring.  There is also the A&P stainless steel cable key ring, which allows you to pile on a lot of keys and other items.  If you have a lot of things to put on your EDC keychain, this is ideal.


A lanyard is a useful method of carrying your keys and other EDC items.  It can hang around your neck, but still be stuffed into a pocket or a purse.  If you would rather, you can use a long chain.  Everything can easily be attached to the end of the lanyard or chain for easy carry.

Key Hooks

There are a number of different types of key hooks on the market, including:

  • The Corter Bottlehook – a bottle opener and key hook in one
  • S-biner gear clips – a variation on a carabiner, it acts as a double carabiner, which means it holds a lot; a locking version, such as the Nite-Ize S-Biner SlideLock is ideal
  • Fishhook – a keychain with a fishhook-like appearance that can easily fit a number of items


There are also clips that are designed to hold keys and other items.  These clips are perfect for men in particular, who carry their keychains in their pockets and have a lot of bulk.  The clip can easily be suspended over the top of a smaller pocket, allowing the keys and other items to hang down into the bigger pocket and making it easier for men to reach their keys and tools.

Have Fun With It!

Ultimately, creating your personalized EDC keychain can be a lot of fun.  You can use different colors and styles of items to create something that is functional, easy to carry, and attractive to look at.  Plus, you will have everything you need at your fingertips, no matter what kind of situation you end up in.

Apollo Tactical Compound Bow Package Review

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Apollo Tactical Compound Bow Package ReviewA little while back I was given the opportunity to try out the Compound bow from Apollo Tactical and I am very impressed with the product. As most of you know who visit this website often, over the past year I have gotten bitten by the archery bug, I started with building my own long bow, after that I purchased a crossbow, and now I am falling in love with the compound bow.

I was a little intimidated by this bow at first because I am no professional and this is definitely a top of the line bow. I think my initial hesitation to purchase a compound bow was based on the fact that they looked so complicated to use. The long bow and cross bow are pretty basic setups, but a compound bow just looked like I would have to spend time and money to get everything adjusted and fit to my specifications.

While this is true for some compound bows, it is not the case with the Apollo Tactical compound bow, everything is adjustable without the need to go to the pro shop or purchase a bow press.

The draw length is adjustable from 19 to 30”, and the draw weight is adjustable from 15Lbs to 70Lbs with just an Allen Wrench that comes with the package. I currently have mine set at 28” draw length and 45Lbs draw weight.

The main reason I have my compound bow set to 45Lbs draw weight right now is because the muscles I use to fire a compound bow need to be worked into shape before I can fire more than 2 shots at a higher weightage. I am working on my stance, consistency and sighting it in, so I need to be able to fire it continuously. Eventually I will raise the weight, and the great thing about this bow is I can do it any time I want.

Apollo Tactical has set up a coupon code for fans of Survivalist Prepper for $50 off, just use the coupon code “grayman” (without quotes) at checkout.

The Compound Bow Installed Options

As I said, I am no professional…yet, but because this bow is so easily adjusted, you don’t need to be. Along with being easily adjusted to your body style this compound bow comes with a few other things already included.

CNC Milled Aluminum Parts: USA billet aluminum is used in our CNC machines to make the cams, body and other major parts of our compound bow. The bow is finished and assembled by hand, and made with exclusive anti-vibration and dampening technology.

The Forward Site: UV Lighted Site with 5 adjustable fiber optic pins, with a glow in the dark ring that really helps in low light situations.

The Peep Sight: Think of a peep sight as the rear sight on a gun, mechanically they serve a similar purpose. You just line up the peep sight with the forward sight and fire away.

D Loop: A D loop simply gives you a place to attach the arrow release without having to attach it to the main string giving you better accuracy.

Weighted Dampening System: The built in, “weighted dampening system” is designed to reduce vibration & sound. The machined metal weights are suspended in a sheathe of rubber.

Stabilizer: The stabilizer shares this technology extending its role from simple counter weight to actively improving your accuracy and stealth.

Whisker Biscuit: The arrow rest or “whisker Biscuit” also gives you better accuracy by holding the arrow in place insuring the same arrow position every time.

Apollo Tactical Compound Bow Package

As I said before, I am really impressed with the compound bow package from Apollo-Tactical. Because everything I needed was included, all I had to do was turn an Allen wrench a few times and I was out back shooting. Along with all the options already installed on the bow, the rest of the supplies came in a heavy duty hard case.

The Complete Package Includes

  • 6 ALUMINUM ARROWS (Great for target practice)
  • 6 CARBON MIX ARROWS (Great for accuracy)


Shooting Compound BowThis is not your run of the mill compound bow, this a top of the line milled aluminum compound bow with all the bells and whistles included. This package has everything you need to hit the range or head out hunting.

This bow weights 4.5 lbs and includes adjustable draw length 19” to 30” (without bow press) and adjustable draw weight 15 Lbs to 70 Lbs (without bow press) sending arrows flying through the air at up to 320 FPS (Feet Per Second) making it ideal for any shooter.

The price might be a little intimidating at first, but if you add up what it would cost to purchase each item of similar high quality you would end up paying just as much if not more.

The mere convenience of getting everything you need without having to wait for 10 different packages to get shipped, and not having to deal with compatibility issues makes this fantastic package even better.

Remember, use the coupon code “grayman” (without quotes) at checkout to get $50 off this compound bow from Apollo-Tactical

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Scientists Discover New Link Between Sugar And Cancer

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sugar cubes wikimediaIt’s no secret that sugar is incredibly bad for you. The typical American diet, which probably has more added sugar than any national diet in the world, is known to cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, tooth decay, nutrient deficiencies, and of course, cancer (and that’s just the short list). Cancer in particular, has been connected to sugar consumption for some time now, by both mainstream and alternative medicine. Plenty of theories have been posited to explain the precise mechanism for how sugar fuels cancer growth, and it seems that modern science has just discovered another compelling link.

A study conducted by Lorenzo Cohen at the University of Texas was recently published in the Cancer Research journal. It found that sugar influences a metabolic pathway called LOX-12, which affects how cancer spreads in the body. This is big news, because as Cohen noted in an interview with NBC, “The majority of cancer patients don’t die of their primary tumor. They die of metastatic disease.” They discovered this link after feeding mice copious amounts of sugar.

Cohen’s team used mice for their study but say they took many steps to make sure the process was as close as possible to what happens in people. They fed sugar to the mice in doses very similar to what Americans eat every day, and they used mice that are genetically predisposed to breast cancer in much the same way that many people are.

They fed mice four different diets that were either heavy in starch or heavy in different types of sugar.

“A human study reported that dietary sucrose/fructose/glucose but not starch is associated with increased risk of breast cancer,” they wrote in their report.

When the mice were six months old, 30 percent of those fed a starch-dominant diet had breast cancer. But half the mice that had been fed extra sucrose had breast tumors. And the more sugar they were fed, the bigger the tumors grew.

While all forms of sugar contributed tumor growth, it was fructose that had the biggest effect. Mice that were fed the most fructose had stronger LOX-12 pathways, and as a result, grew the largest tumors. Considering that there is significantly more high fructose corn syrup (which is 55% fructose) in the American diet today than there was a few decades ago, this may explain why the United States has one of the highest cancer rates in the world.

What the study didn’t address however, is the relationship between naturally occurring sugars and cancer, or if there’s any link there at all. Fructose is of course, commonly found in fruit, and in smaller amounts, certain vegetables. That’s one of the reasons why representatives for the food industry claim that their sugary drinks and candies are relatively safe for human consumption.

Lorenzo Cohen stated that it’s simply a matter of quantity, since our bodies only need sugar in small amounts. “We need glucose. We need sugar. It is an energy source and we need it to live. We refine sugar that’s extracted from its source and consumed in extremely high quantities.”

On the other hand, the way these sugars are delivered to our bodies may be just as important as their quantity. While it’s true that the sugar in a candy bar is made of the same glucose and fructose as the sugar in fruit, it’s also wrapped up in fiber and other nutrients when found naturally in food. This serves to significantly slow down the absorption of sugar in our digestive tract.

So if you only ate sugar from natural sources, not only would you be eating less sugar since those foods usually don’t contain nearly the same amount found in processed foods, but that small dose of sugar would also be delivered to your body at a much slower rate. There’s a good chance that this LOX-12 pathway would be exposed to a negligible amount of sugar, if we stuck to a strictly natural diet.

Though the study doesn’t address the difference between natural and added sugar, it does sound like added sugar is the real culprit here. The recommended amount of added sugar for any diet, is no more 6 teaspoons a day for women and 9 teaspoons for men. Even when Cohen fed the mice an equivalent to those small amounts, it still contributed to tumor growth.

So it’s very possible that no amount of refined sugar is safe. The human body is simply not built to digest it in a healthy manner, and cutting it out of your diet should be your highest priority if you want to reduce your cancer risk.

Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

15 Ways To Wipe Your Butt When The Toilet Paper Is Gone

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It’s been said that toilet paper will be worth its weight in gold after the shit hits the fan. I don’t think this is far from the truth. Toilet paper is a modern luxury that people tend to take for granted until the moment they reach for it […]

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25 Items You Should Throw Out Today

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25 Items You Should Throw Out Today We all feel the need to de-clutter our lives. It is difficult not to notice the recent rise in popularity of tiny house living. Television shows and home improvement magazines proclaim the benefits of paring down our lives and removing clutter from our homes. While you may not be …

It’s Time To Say Goodbye – Moving On Is Never Easy!

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Sometimes, you grow a little too much to handle everything – and when it comes to our Old World Garden Farm’s website – that is exactly what happened! When we first started the little OWG blog in 2012, it was really intended as a way to let our family and friends keep up with our projects and the progress at the farm. We never really intended for it to become a gardening, cooking and diy site – but somehow it did. We have gone from a few views and followers after the first month’s launch in early 2012 – to over 600,000 visitors a month and just under 70,000 followers at the end of 2015. With that said – we have simply outgrown our space on the site and the server where it all began. A few weeks back, we found out we were nearing the maximum capacity – and would need to move to a larger platform to handle it all. So……that is exactly what we are doing! Although probably not the best time for it to happen to us with the book nearing publication and the house project beginning in full swing – we have to take the leap! The Good News… […]

Psalm 136:1

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Give thanks unto the LORD for He is good:
 for His mercy endures forever.”

     His mercy endures forever … that is a familiar and comforting refrain for us Christians.  And it is a repetitive honor sung throughout Psalm 136 to the glory of our Lord… twenty-six times to be exact.  And perhaps it is repeated so often in the Psalm because Israel knows, from their history, that God takes great pleasure in being recognized for his continual love and mercy.
     They can recall the Temple being filled with the presence of the Lord in a cloud, when the trumpeters and singers joined in unison, accompanied by cymbals and other instruments, and as with one voice, gave praise and thanks to the LORD, raising their voices in praise to Him and singing: “He is good; his love endures forever” (2 Chronicles 5:13).  Or perhaps they remember, in Jehoshaphat’s time, when God gave them victory over the invading armies of Ammon and Moab after Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the LORD and to praise Him for the splendor of His holiness as they went out at the head of their army, saying: “Give thanks to the LORD, for his love endures forever.” (2 Chronicles 20:21-22).
     Notice that the entire Psalm gives a very convincing picture of who our LORD is, and why we should not only give Him thanks, but recognize that “His mercy endures forever”.  We thank Him because He is great and good in Himself (verses 1-3); He is the Creator of the world (verses 5-9); He is Israel’s God and Savior (verses 10-22); He is our Redeemer (verses 23-24); He is our Provider and the God of Heaven… and His mercy endures forever (verses 25-26).  
      Obviously, this mercy is to be acknowledged and praised.  But what exactly is “mercy”?  The Hebrew word is cheçed, and suggests God’s strength, steadfastness and love; His generosity and loyalty.  God remains committed to His promises and Covenant, but retains His freedom toward the manner in which He will extend those promises (through both discipline and redemption).  But it endures forever!  His mercy is permanent, and it is reliable.  
     It has been clear that God responded to the praise and honor given to Him in the Old Testament.  The Chronicles of the Bible record not only His appearance, but the victories that are possible when His people raise their voices in praise, and remember His faithfulness and perpetual mercy.  For us, in the 21st Century, the final implementation of God’s mercy is eschatological — it is the goal and end of all salvation and history!  Because of His enduring mercy our hearts will be full as we enter into His Heavenly presence, and His mercy will be the subject of our praise for all eternity.  I can hardly wait! 

3 Important Reasons To Join A Survival Group

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Survival groupMost of us don’t realize this but all of us are already in a ‘Survival Group’. It’s called the ‘Human Race’. And it has been trying to survive continuously since the dawn of time.

The trick is to differentiate between a survival ‘Rat Race’, and its dangerous mythology that leads us all astray, and a personal social integration with others that can be more beneficial in emergency bad times than going it alone.  

As children we were told that the tortoise ‘always’ beats the hare in the end. So just go slowly and surely in life and you’ll be okay. Which of course becomes laughable after you ’grow up’ and   discover that ‘speed’ initiative is critical in many successful applications in life. Especially if you want to do maximal gains in the shortest time.

Why, then, do ‘they’ tell us these lies? Because it is how ‘they’  get so rich and powerful while the rest of us snooze and lose. They know that time is more often an enemy than an ally. ‘They’ minimize the competition and seize the opportunity to hedge their bets by telling you to slow down while they, themselves, picked up the pace to really get ahead in the competition. This is aka sheeple mind control.

But anybody who has been into prepping for a while realizes that the best survival tool is your brain. So once you learn the reality of things in life you become better ‘prepared’ to survive. Good preppers cannot lock themselves into a mind prison of abject intransigence and obstinacy.

You’ve all heard the expression that ‘the mind is like a parachute…it does not function well until opened!’ Your friends at Survivopedia noticed that too many of us are in a quandary about bugging out or bugging in. And although most preppers ultimately come to the realization that it’s better to bug out to a pre-determined BOL in bad catastrophic circumstances if you want to minimize your risk of life, their personal situation makes this option unavailable for various reasons.

But after you get over the ‘mythology’ of ‘surviving in place’, the fact is that the difference between bugging in and bugging out is like night and day, no matter which you think is best. And the decision must be made with both the long term emergency dilemma, and the short term concern compared in the final analysis.

But both situations share a potential need for having a group support factor with this being even more critical with bugging in if it becomes a bad, long term situation. Therefore forming or joining an SPG (Survival Prepping Group) should be something to seriously consider for improving your odds of any kind of survival, especially in a major event.

It might be as simple as getting your family and/or close friends interested enough to cooperate and plan for a quick evacuation to a far enough away motel for a local emergency such as a hurricane or a nuclear power plant meltdown if you are on the Easter seaboard coastal areas or an earthquake in California. If you’re alone without extensive training or resources, you might have to try to seek out like-minded prepper persons and go from there? In any event here are important things to consider:

1. Stregth in Numbers

There’s a reason for the timeless aphorism ’misery loves company’. It’s one of the foundational concepts for the proliferation of the species. Our primitive ancestors would never have made it past the first predator beast’s lunch hour if their social structures didn‘t evolve ahead of the basic biological family unit and into an extended tribal or clan paradigm, which would then create a ’community’ where the ‘misery’ was mitigated.

Organizing in mutual harmony is intrinsic to our humanity and social structuring. Belonging to a group of friends or relatives that share the same goals and are committed to helping one another achieve them is far better than trying it all by your lonesome. Especially if you are physically ‘challenged’ in some way as many of our senior patriot preppers are.

However, there’s a dark side to the equation. So-called outside the norm group in a variety of cultures are nothing new. Before modern disaster/end times survival became popular there were some who chose to drop out from the conventional status quo and form their own community mini-cultures which became known as cult groups or ‘retreatists‘.

They found remote property and minimized as much contact with the outside world as possible. Most of these contemporary groups failed due to the psychological problems with misrepresented ideals of the group as a whole which more often than not opposed or contradicted the individual group members’ sensibilities, morals, and emotional content.

It was also very difficult to make the transition from the conveniences of modern society and experience the ‘withdrawal symptoms’ of more ‘primitive’ and solitary life styles. These situations eventually devolved into mini-dictatorships and invariably broke apart.

Therefore any group formation specifically related to emergency prepping and survival must be entered into ‘carefully’ in order to preserve the potential benefits and not create a expanded   problem in the longer run. It must not be allowed to become one of those whack-job anti-g para military groups that the treasonous anti-2/A pundits enjoy vilifying as such to make sure the ’authorities’ take ’interest’ in their activities for future ’reference’ as potential ’domestic’ type terrorists.

In a serious long term survival situation, however, even a small core group as tight as two or three persons with good mutual reliability, compatibility, utility, and more importantly, a viable, rehearsed PLAN to help each other, has a tremendous advantage over going it completely alone.

2. Surviving a Major National Catastrophic Event.

First let’s face the largest differential rationale between bugging out and bugging in.

The decision mainly being determined by how bad it is, or going to be. Although a level 5 super hurricane or an earthquake measuring 8 or 9 on the Richter scale can devastate an entire coastal city almost as bad as a bomb, if you planned in advance to set shelter in place that protected you from the initial force of the storm or quake and you survived it, there would soon be immediate first responders and government help and supplies and good outside support for immediate aid and rebuilding again. So bugging in might have worked in these types of disaster.

However, if something like a large meteor strike, a long overdue pandemic plague, or major EMP or terrorist power grid attack shut down most of the nation’s power grid, collapsing the commodity and resource supply, grinding everything down to a massive swath of death and destruction and effected almost everybody with everything from anarchy to widespread starvation and looting then being in a major city would not be the best place anymore for any ’bugs’ let alone humans.

People will always naturally come together for support and help until there is not enough left for everybody, and no help ever coming again, then it will be every man for himself.  And it will be nothing like you could have imagined in your most frightening nightmares.

Did you know that not only was there cannibalism in many parts of the world when starvation set in even in relatively modern times, but in the Roman empire in its last days in the city of Rome after it collapsed, some of the good, but starving, ‘citizens’ killed and ate their slaves and others?

If you are not bugging out from a major city in a true long terms break down of society, you will not likely make it on your own for very long, no matter how much you have stocked, locked, and loaded… But having a prepared survival group that you can count on would be a much better situation for you when it finally occurred to you that you had made a grave mistake by not bugging out earlier.

3. Facilitating the Bug Out

If you are inclined to be one of those who would prefer to get the hell out of Dodge City to a relatively safe spot in a more rural location at the first sniff of any really dangerous ‘dark clouds forming on the horizon’ because you always can come back if the storm blows over, but you have no reliable family or friends and you are all by your lonesome in the big concrete jungle, living almost a monastic lifestyle from day to day and hand to mouth on a very limited budget and you really don’t even have any friends except for the nosey pigeon hanging around your window sill and the mangy alley cat trying to catch it on occasion, and you don‘t even own a car…then you might be a more prudent survivor if you considered joining or even forming your own prepper group- also of like mindedness- to mutually assist each other in a small group bug out? Remember, if you’re in this situation, you can bet there are others within walking distance of you, likely thinking about this also?

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Forming or Joining a Team

Truth be told, if you think you need and want to be in a serious survival group plan, it isn’t something you find in the discount aisle at Walmart. But it’s not that hard to locate or set up if you are willing to do the diligence. You can start with the following:

  1. Do a computer search of ‘prepping/survivalist groups/clubs’ in your city or area. If you google ’prepper communities’ by state you’ll find several which, unfortunately, are closer to the ’groups’ I’ve described above. Many of these are a little more trustworthy as they are of Christian based foundation. And in my state there are even dedicated church groups who have rural ’retreats’ on multiple acre tracts owned by the denomination Co-op that are well stocked and set up for long term ‘end times’ emergency survival for their members. So if you are a loner but attend church you can check with your minister if he knows of any like minded individuals you can associate with?
  1. If you live in a city with no plans for much of anything yet, you can fish around by post a card at your local sporting goods/gun store where sooner or later serious preppers will come through saying something like ’disaster preparedness interested person(s) seeks like minded individuals in the area for mutual beneficial association’. This, of course, has some inherent risks in that there are always those out there that are looking to scam people. So you’d have to be very careful with your screening process. And be very careful with your contact meetings and personal information. The best way for the average person is to simply start up a relative conversation with someone you already know like a family member, neighbor or friend leading into a discussion on ’what would you do if a SHTF situation occurred?’. With today’s current events it would take me about two minutes to re-direct the conversation to ’what would anyone do in that situation’. You’d be surprised at how many of your acquaintances or neighbors would say something like, ’Yeah, I’ve been slowly stocking up for a while now’, which would gain you an opening for you to later inquire as to their opinion on starting a mutually beneficial group?
  1. If you are a senior and pretty much on your own, again, if you have a church community that would be a place to inquire. The other good one is that most areas have local community service senior centers usually for 55 and older which provide everything from discounted daily meals to recreation like card games, field trips, and other services. These become tight knit groups in and of themselves that provide various forms of mutual support. They are a great place to meet people and start a prepper support group. This holiday season week would be a great time to get out and check one of these centers out. They probably even have Christmas and New Years parties.

If you are older and disabled or incapacitated to the point that you can‘t do much of anything physical or don’t even drive, then if you aren’t already being taken care of by someone or in a senior assisted living center, it might be wise to look into that. And if you do, many of the newer centers are better than others. With off grid emergency power and supplies and pretty good primary security. Which would be a better choice.


I’ve noticed that too many of our ‘senior’ patriots seem to have too much trepidation about their personal prepping situations and abilities. While some of the more rigorous physical mechanics of prepping are not for everybody, by no means does this preclude anyone being well prepared just because of their age.

I’ll remind us all that two of the most recent ‘with prejudice’ dispatches of Islamic terrorists were easily accomplished by people in their sixties and seventies. The sixties something security guard at the Art Museum in Texas who quickly and calmly fired and took out two jihadists with his Glock as they exited their vehicle and opened fire with an AK and 9mm carbine on him!

And in Canada the seventy something Sergeant at Arms in their house of parliament was pushing his pencil in his office when a shotgun firing jihadist entered through the building hallway pinning down all around him. It only took the Senior Superman seconds to single handedly engage the attacker in a firefight and take him out with his 9mm pistol! Thus potentially heading off serious carnage because he was heading for the state room where a full congress session was in progress!

Don’t sell yourself short just because you aren’t as strong or nimble as you used to be or use a cane, have a heart condition, or anything else. Survival prepping is NOT only about Rambo style violent activities. Even in a real military combat that’s the ‘job’ of young people aka ’cannon fodder’. And you know who was actually pointing and firing the cannon, don’t you?

You don’t see many, if any, real Army Generals under 40, or humping 100 pound rucks, do you? Not that many of them couldn’t if they had to, but their value is more in expert knowledge and experience and guidance. Unless your survival group is the geriatric ward of the local nursing home many independent persons even in their 80’s and beyond could hold their own if the SHTF in a group team.

Modern tools and tech make it easier for those who are physically disadvantaged to maintain sufficient physical potential to make it when the SHTF. And if you’re that concerned about it, it may be time to include some physical ‘improvement’ toward a healthier lifestyle because I’ve found that one of the main problems with old age limitations is just being out of shape for your age. Start to consider a comprehensive physical rehabilitation program as part of your prepping.

More mature persons also provide a life experienced insight and conditioning to emergencies which balances the ‘shock and awe’ of younger people when it comes to really bad events, because it would be likely that it wasn’t their first rodeo particularly if they’ve accumulated a lot of ’round the block miles on their life odometer.

Why do you think the greatest American Indian warriors were always old people sitting around the campfire drinking firewater and smoking pot? You’d never make it to that blissful point in life if you were stupid. They were respected and obeyed as the council of Elders and Chiefs. Remember this profound fat old bald headed beer bellied red necked pistol packing OTR truck driver aphorism: “Older dudes and dudesses driving around in old pick up trucks, RULE!”

And serious senior preppers also reflect the truth in that country song: They ‘may not be as good as they once were/ But in an emergency, seniors will be as good once–when it counts the most–as they ever were!’


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

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