Malware Inside

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Some smart phones are coming with some extra, hidden functions already built in. Not only will you get a high-resolution screen, multi-megapixel camera, and all the latest software…you could also have malware lurking inside the phone’s hardware. According to SC Magazine, some new phones from China can be compromised remotely by thieves. Read the whole […]

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Thoughts on Self Improvement Part 2: Making it Stick then Upping the Tempo

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Awhile back I talked about self improvement in a boringly titled post called Thoughts on Self Improvement. As I progress through some of my own self improvement I have been thinking more about the issue. Today I want to share those thoughts.

So we began action on the issue we want to improve. Generally speaking there are two ways we could do this.

We can totally modify the behavior all at once cold turkey. Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop eating crap, stop finding potential mates drunk at closing time, whatever. In some cases when the behavior is dangerous this is a good option. On the other hand in some cases stopping using substances cold turkey can actually be dangerous. Those are the extreme pro’s and con’s. In general I am against this approach because it is harder to stick with but sometimes you wake up and don’t want to do something anymore and it sticks.

The other option is a more gradual approach. Instead of a heart attack in a bag every day get a turkey sandwich or salad 2x this week, next week do that 3, etc.

How do we make this progress meaningful? I believe we need to make our plan measurable.

Drink less beer is not a measurable plan. Drink 2 or fewer beers Sunday to Thursday and not more than 6 on Friday/ Sat is measurable. Work out isn’t measurable. Exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week is measurable. A measurable goal matters because that way you can know if you are succeeding or not.

Now we know if we are making the initial plan stick.

I should note that these are measures of performance not measures of effectiveness. These are not a long term answer because they are not performance rated. The weakness of measures of performance is you might not be measuring the right thing. You could exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week (meeting the measure of performance) but not improve at all and thus fail your measures of effectiveness.

I like to start with measures of performance for three reasons.

Image courtesy of Kenny AKA Knuckle Dragging

First the primary goal early on is habit building.

Personal case in point. Leave was chaotic and I a only really getting back to dry fire practice this week. My goal was simple. Do 5 sessions of dry fire this week. No agenda, no time goals, no measures of effectiveness. Just do some dry fire most days of the week.

Why did I do it this way. My goal is just to get back into the habit of doing dry fire.

Second is that in the beginning of many self improvement areas or fitness/ skill building you will make progress right away so that isn’t an issue.

Third in some cases you may not have a baseline from which to develop meaningful Measures of Effectiveness.

So how do we up the tempo?

It looks different for different things.

Lets take my dry fire. Next week I will probably do 10 minute sessions and use a shot timer. No real agenda and no par times. Just dry fire for 10 minutes 5 times using a timer. The week after that I will go to 15 and have a rough agenda. A week or two after that and I will probably have a program similar to something John Mosby would use. About that same time I will start keeping track of measures of effectiveness and setting short to mid term goals for them.

So those are my thoughts on how you can work towards self improvement. Get out and do it.

4 Amazing Multipurpose Blades For The Outdoors

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If we’re talking preparedness and prepper conduit, we have to agree on one thing: there’s no such thing as being too prepared! And this is because so many things can go wrong at any time. It’s extremely important to be both physically and mentally prepared for when it really hits the fan; and it will hit the fan hard. You’ll need to counteract everything life throws at you, and it won’t be easy. But you have only so much time to do it, your resources are finite and there’s only so many things you can keep around the house or on you. Owning any sort of multipurpose blades is the way to go; the more you can get done with a single object that you can easily store in a small space is the key to surviving in a hostile environment. When it comes to pocket blades, the sky’s the limit. There are many companies that have followed in the footsteps of Victorinox (the producer of the Swiss Army Knife) and have released many competitive products, which are equipped with a lot of useful gadgets alongside a well sharpened blade. Owning such a tool will get you out of many tight spots; it’s only a matter of finding the right one for you. Let’s have a look at some of the finest multipurpose blades on the market.


The Swiss Army Knife

It’s only fair that we start with the most renowned name in the business, with the brand that started it all. The Swiss Army Knife is the most common product that Victorinox has to offer. And its reputation is well deserved. This tiny gadget is so much more than just a “blade-in-a-box”, it comes equipped with many tools and gadgets to help the wielder’s cause in so many situations. There are various models with a different combinations of features. The most multifunctional model comes with a can opener, a screwdriver, a compass, a pair of pliers, a nail file, a pair of scissors, magnifying glass, a toothpick and more. More recent models also offer a USB flash drive, a small digital clock and even an LED flashlight. The economic design makes it easy to fit in a small pocket and easy to use in any situation. The price will vary, depending on the model and the amount of features it has.


The Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman have taken the idea forwarded by Victorinox and are trying their best to take it even further. This company have released a very serious model that’s giving the Swiss Army Knife a run for their money. Their “flagship” blade is called the Skeletool, and what’s sets it aside and makes it shine is the carbon fiber version. Not only is it small, compact and easy to use, but it’s also light and very durable at the same time, thanks to the carbon frame. In the tools and gadgets department, the Skeletool has all the necessary appliances you could need in a SHTF situation: a bottle opener/ carabiner, a bit driver, a pocket clip, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and of course, a sturdy and sharpened blade. Based on the model, you’ll spend somewhere in the range of $80 – $100 if you decide to go with the Skeletool.

The CRKT Guppie Multi-Tool

The Guppie Multi-Tool is a device released by Columbia River that can also be attached to your belt, in case your pockets are full The clip gate makes it easy to attach to any sort of belt or D-ring. The gadget is made up of very durable 3Cr13 steel. The knife blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel and it can be opened with one hand. It also has a powerful enough LED light, a wrench, a bottle opener, a jar opener. The wrench jaws are adjustable and open half an inch, making it very efficient for small assembly or repair jobs. This tool is so much more than just a blade, and it will be very useful in case you’ll find yourself in a pickle.


The Buck 301 BKS Stockman

The Buck 301 BKS Stockman is one of the most elegant pocket blades on the market. This folding knife is not exactly what you’d call “small”, as it reaches an overall length of 4 inches. This all-American pocketknife has 3 very durable blades, made out of 420HC stainless steel, which will stay sharp for a very long time. It has a sheepsfoot blade, a Spey and a 3-inch clip point. To attest to the product’s quality, the Buck 301 BKS Stockman comes with a lifetime warranty. The handles are made of plastic, but they’re made in good taste and out of a strong plastic, that will last forever.


There are so many products to choose from, so making the right choice won’t be an easy task. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to settle for just one multipurpose folding knife. You can get as many as you like, just make sure that the tools you decide to equip yourself with are complementary. No use in carrying too many identical knives on you. The more diverse their features are, the more options you’ll have in a survival scenario.


By Alec Deacon



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MORE Free Resources for Preppers

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A year ago, I wrote a very popular post of Free Resources for Preppers. This article presents a dozen more free resources.

1) LDS Preparedness Manual (you’ll have to give them an email address to download) – The Mormons have taught/required preparedness and self-reliance of their members for generations, and have accumulated much practical knowledge on the subject, much of which is presented here.The link is to the most current edition, but if you don’t want to give them your email address, you can get the  2011 edition at this link (.pdf automatically).

2) The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency (link downloads ,pdf automatically) by John Seymour. I found the link to the 1976 book edition of the book on the City Farmer News website, so check them out.

3) The Complete Outdoorsman’s Handbook (link downloads ,pdf automatically) by Jerome J. Knap.

4) Back To Eden Organic Gardening Film (link to the  documentary on You Tube): “Back to Eden Film shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive organic gardening methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The food growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. Never, until now, have Paul’s organic gardening methods been documented and shared like this!

5) Bee Basics: An Introduction to Our Native Bees (link downloads ,pdf automatically) – a publication of the US Forest Service. Bees are, of course, very important to the pollenation process, and our gardens depend on them. Its important to understand their role, and how to protect them.

6) Plans For a Complete Beekeeping System (several downloading options available.

7) #HistoryHub – a part of my webiste, #HistoryHub has the text of over 40 primary historical documents, and over a dozen secondary souces. Whether you are a home schooler or just wanting to understand real history (not the idealogical propaganda taught in schools), you should check it out. And keep checking back, because I frequently update #HistoryHub.

8) Basic Physical Health with Limited Resources (link downloads ,pdf automatically) – an LDS publication. Maintianing good health before, during, and after a SHTF event is extremely important.

9) Surviving The New World Order (several downloading options available) by B.A. Brooks. I’m typically not one to buy into grand conspiraies, but this 20-page booklet has a lot of really usefully prepper and survivalist information.

10) LDS Nutritution and Diet Manual (link downloads ,pdf automatically) – another LDS publication dealing with health and nutrition.

11) The Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan for Financial Self-Defense for the Small Investor
 (link downloads ,pdf automatically) – a famous, but now out-of-print, book from 1980. The Alpha Strategy presents a plan to protect your assests from both high infaltion and depression, as well as hiogh taxation and political manipulation.

12) Article Archive of The Backwoods Home Magazine –  100s of free articles on homesteading, gardening, raising food, self-reliance, and other topics of interest to preppers and survivalists.

The Pros and Cons to Using a Motorcycle as Bug-Out Transportation

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Bug Out Motorcycle

There are pros and cons to using a motorcycle as bug-out transportation or using one to simply escape a disaster area. You would drive yourself crazy trying to prepare for all possible road or off-road conditions when it comes to choosing a motorcycle. Therefore, to make a decision you would assess your need, probable terrain you would have to cover and do a threat assessment. Most importantly, however, can you navigate with a motorcycle in the winter months, because if you cannot then it is not a logical choice?

Cruising bikes are not ideal for jumping ditches and heading out across a pasture to get around a gridlocked section of the highway while a traditional dirt bike is typically smaller with limited cargo space and they are not ideal for long trips on pavement.

However, motorcycles inherently give you more options than most vehicles would as far as getting around traffic jams and other obstacles on the road and even the so-called cruising bikes can take advantage of walking paths and narrows lanes, and navigate over rough terrain, because they would not bottom out and could avoid large rocks and downed limbs for example.


1.) Fuel economy. You can travel much further on less fuel, and this could mean the difference between surviving and not in some cases.

2.) Easy to store and hide at a base camp, at home or anywhere you end up. Once out of the disaster area you can conceal/camouflage a motorbike rather easily as compared to a full sized motor vehicle.

3.) Avoid gridlocked highways, and road barriers/obstacles, but you have to be careful and know your bike’s off-road capabilities before setting off cross-country as you try to avoid traffic jams.

4.) Leaving quietly is another advantage. You can push the bike far enough away so when you do start it and it happens to alert anyone you have a good head start.


1.) Limited cargo space, even though the fuel economy compared to a motor vehicle is considerably better, you would still need fuel at some point. Unless you have a cargo trailer attached you would not have the ability to carry fuel with you.

If you do have a cargo trailer, then you have pretty much limited yourself to relatively good roads and certain trails or pathways.

2.) No protection from the weather and this could be a major concern in some areas of the country. Limited to no cover at all from thrown objects, gunfire and other projectiles like arrows, bolts or even steel balls launched from a slingshot.

3.) Snow will slow or stop you completely, as would ice.

Obviously, there are more advantages and disadvantages to using a motorcycle as a bug-out vehicle, but we have listed the most obvious ones.

In an ideal world, you would have a bug-out vehicle capable of going off road and you would have a motorcycle in the back of your hulking 4×4. When you could not travel any further in your motor vehicle, you would ditch the truck and hop on the bike, but this is more likely to happen in the movies than in real life.

A bike may not work unless you have a specific destination in mind and can get there on a tank of fuel and that you have supplies at your location. You cannot carry much on a bike, even a bug-out-bag may be too much to carry on some bikes.

You can get a small cargo trailer to haul behind some bikes, but the expense can be considerable because certain bikes would not be able to tow a small trailer and once you start adding accessories the price tag increases, and once again you are limited as to which trails and roads you can use if you tow a trailer.

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SkyTech Laser Pointer Review

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Recently, I was approached by SKYTech to review one of their personal lasers. While I did not know where to begin or what to do with a SKYTech laser pointer, outside of giving presentations, I accepted. For full disclosure, it did not come with batteries or an instruction manual other than the letter stating, watch … Continue reading

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How To Setup ADS-B Scope and RTL 1090 To Detect Air Traffic

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If you are just joining the series, we suggest you start with the first video for an introduction into what you can do with Software Defined Radio (SDR)– To do this you need the inexpensive SDR USB Dongle from NooElec adsbSCOPE, RTL 1090, and the NooElec SDR are all you need to begin monitoring aircraft …

Continue reading »

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The Best Way To Restore An Old, Rusted Wood-Burning Stove

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How To Restore An Old, Rusted Wood-Burning Stove

Image source:

My brothers and I years ago came across an old wood-burning stove in the garage of my Grandfather, who had passed away. We were in the process of renovating his house and property, and finding the old wood stove was not greeted enthusiastically at first.

“Let’s load it up and junk it. We could probably get 20 bucks for the scrap price,” one of my brothers said.

I actually considered his suggestion because I had way too many other projects to think about, but my other brother held out.

“We might need this someday,” he said. “Besides, it was Grandpa’s.”

The result was that we spent some days and weekends over the summer restoring this old wood stove.

The Most Versatile Backup Stove In The World Allows You To Cook Anything, Any Time, Any Where

This was a very basic wood-burning stove – sometimes referred to as a “boxwood” stove. It was cast iron and elongated, and was basically a firebox on legs with a flue at the back and a damper. My Grandfather used it in his garage in the winter while he tinkered around with stuff like chainsaws and sharpening axes and probably a few nights smoking cigars and just passing the time.

The entire stove was very rusted, both inside and out. There was still a good amount of ash in the firebox and a significant mouse nest made from various fur, fluff and other stuff.

The First Step

Our first step was to totally disassemble the stove. This involved loosening all bolts for the legs, the top, the door and every other piece. We laid these out on a sheet of plywood and started to scrape the rust with sandpaper, steel wool and both dry and wet rags.


How To Restore An Old, Rusted Wood-Burning StoveA curious side note is that gravestone makers have the ability to sandblast, and many will sandblast your stove for a small amount if it’s very rusted. We didn’t need to do this, but I thought about it after a few hours of rubbing with sandpaper and steel wool.

We finally washed it down again with damp rags to clear off the rust/dust and let it dry in the sun. My brother thought we should spray paint it with a high-temperature flat-black paint, but I wanted to use tubes of stove-black. You rub it into the surface and rub it some more with a rag.  It’s more expensive than spray paint, but when my brother saw the result he said we should get more of the stuff.

New Survival Energy Product Makes Every Window A Powerful Solar Charger

We used his high-temperature spray paint for the firebox interior and the underside of the stove, making all of the parts and pieces you could see completely black.

What About the Stove Integrity?

Once we had this old stove looking good, I started to worry about taking this from a decorative piece to a fully functioning and reliable stove. The first step was to insert some fireproof, fiberglass rope into the door to create a good seal.

The next step was to make sure the top lid, where you might put a cast iron pan, had a tight seal.  These can get pitted, but we were fortunate and the seal was not compromised.

Our biggest problem was that the damper was rusted and pitted. I removed it and took it to a stove shop and handed it to the guy and asked, “Can you help?” He went back into his store room and came out with the exact damper in perfect condition. I asked how much and he said, “How’s 10 bucks?” I couldn’t pay him fast enough, and I went straight back to the cabin.

Testing It

My brother and I started up a fire in the stove in the backyard, and I’m glad I did. The stove black and spray paint actually gave off some vapors, but once they burned off, the stove was without leaks, smells or anything that would cause us any significant worry.

That stove has been keeping the garage warm for about 12 years now. We still tune it up and maintain it, but I’m so glad we didn’t junk it. It’s an heirloom in my mind, and sometimes I sit by it and smoke a cigar, while I mess with a chainsaw and think about my Grandfather.

Have you ever renovated a wood-burning stove? Share your advice in the section below:

If You Like All-Natural Home Remedies, You Need To Read Everything That Hydrogen Peroxide Can Do. Find Out More Here.

hydrogen peroxide report

48 Surprising Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

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When I think of hydrogen peroxide, I think of my mom torturing me with a wet cotton ball every time I got a cut or scrape. Sometimes I would even try to hide them from her. But eventually I learned the importance of using hydrogen peroxide to prevent […]

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Herding Cats

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Herding cats would have been easier than having the family come over to paint the house last Sunday.

Everyone showed up Saturday night and sat around the fire, lied to each other and drank a little beer. I blew up air beds and opened the camper to find room for everyone to sleep. Having a tiny house does have it’s disadvantages at times. My buddy even had to sleep on the couch.

It was windy, really windy and almost too cold to do anything but we did.
After a big breakfast we braved the wind to get the house painted. I fired up the smoker and put on two racks of ribs and about thirty pounds of chicken. Potato salad and baked beans were our sides. At noon when the temp was above 50, everyone went to work. My buddy manned the smoker while I played “Runner Boy” for the painters.
What, there’s a hog in the trap! I looked up and everyone was gone. It was time for a hog killing. After that we got back to work.

We got the front all painted, but it was getting too late to start on the back. I will do that this weekend. There is a lot less to cut in back there so it should not take as long and if it’s not windy then I will get to try out my new sprayer that is still in the box. 
Then it’s on to the railing across the top.  
Last night I got the main power ran for the house. No more of this turning one thing off before turning another on kinda deal. I have the power to run it all now. 
Plus I need to spend a day cleaning up after the disaster left behind from the weekend. 
 I guess that’s all I got for now, A big thanks to all that came out to help.
See ya,

Israel Power Grid Hit By ‘Severe’ Cyberattack

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‘Severe’ Cyberattack In Israel Takes Down Power Grid Computers

The computers that control Israel’s power grid were shut down this week by a cyberattack in what Israel Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz called a “severe” attack.

“We had to paralyze many of the computers of the Israeli Electricity Authority,” Steinitz acknowledged Tuesday in a speech at the Cybertech Conference in Tel Aviv. “We are handling the situation and I hope that soon, this very serious event will be over … but as of now, computer systems are still not working as they should.”

Authorities did not say who was behind the attack, nor did they name the cyber weapon used in the assault, The Times of Israel reported. It came during a week when temperatures at night were near-freezing.

The attack is significant because Israel is among the world’s leaders in cyber security.

New Solar Generators Deliver 4 Times More Power Than Previous Models!

This is the second major cyberattack on an electricity grid in recent week. On December 23, malware known as Black Energy succeeded in shutting off electricity to half the homes in Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk region. Some grid experts blamed that attack on hackers in Russia.

Electronic Holocaust

Israel has been hit by a number of major cyberattacks over the past two years, The Times of Israel reported. In April hackers claiming to be with Anonymous warned that they would launch an “Electronic Holocaust,” and they ended up taking down Israeli websites and gaining access to emails.

In July, Israel’s National Cyber Authority warned that a major cyberattack was imminent.

Israeli authorities have suspected hackers associated with the terrorist group Hezbollah and its allies in Israel were behind the earlier cyberattacks.

There were conflicting reports on whether the attack sparked blackouts.

The attack did cause Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to issue a frightening warning.

“The greatest curse that we face is that in the Internet of Everything, everything can be penetrated,” Netanyahu said. “Everything can be sabotaged. Everything can be subverted. And when I say everything, I mean everything.”

Do you believe America is prepared for a cyberattack? Share your thoughts in the section below:

Are You Prepared For Blackouts This Winter? Read More Here.

Disaster Preparedness For Your Pets

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If you are a pet lover, one of the saddest things you can see is news coverage of animals abandoned by their owners due to a natural disaster. Seeing news crews filming a food region with a dog standing on a roof waiting for help can be heartbreaking.

How could people run away and leave […]

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Home Security: How to Protect Your Most Precious Possessions

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Everyone has valuables and keepsakes that they do not want to lose. While you may never have someone break into your house, it is still best to be prepared for everything. If you take these four home security steps, then your most precious possessions will remain safe no matter what happens at your home.

Home Safe

There is no better way to keep your precious possessions safe at home than with a secure, metal safe. If a burglar is able to get inside your house, then they will not be able to access anything you put inside the safe. Bolting the safe to the floor will ensure that they can’t take it to another location. They will move on to something else once they realize the safe is not going anywhere because burglars are looking to get in and out extremely quickly. Most home safes are fireproof too, which provides even more protection for your valuables.

Get a Dog

Nothing provides amazing and cheap home security quite like a dog. Most dogs will bark anytime they hear something abnormal going on in the home. This barking will alert you in a timely manner if you are asleep. If you are not home, then the barking will most likely keep the burglars from entering your home. Barking not only brings unwanted attention to the house, but they are also risking a dangerous bite by entering your home. Even if the dog is extremely friendly, the stranger entering your house does not know that.

Alarm System

The presence of an alarm system is usually enough to deter a burglar from entering your home. The loud alarm and the fast response of the local police department provided by an alarm system gives you a level of home security you can’t get with anything else. Reviews of alarm systems can help you learn more about security systems to protect your home and family. People tend to get relaxed after owning an alarm system, so you need to make sure to set the alarm each night to maintain your high level of home security.

Ample Outdoor Lighting

Dark homes are prime targets for burglars because they can get in and out without being detected by any of the neighbors. Keeping your yard well lit with some nice outdoor lighting is a great way to add style to your home while also adding an extra layer of security.

You never know when your home can be the target of a thief, so you want to have a decent amount of home security at all times. You work hard to get your precious possessions, so make sure you protect them using adequate home security measures.

Written by Rachelle Wilber

Precision Holsters, Tac-Bars and More Giveaway

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Like this article?

tac bar and precision holster contest

The Giveaway Starts In…

In the last few episodes of the Survivalist Prepper podcast Lisa and I have mentioned the latest giveaway we are doing that includes a holster from Precision Holsters and a Tac-Bar survival rations package from Expedition Research.

Along with these two prizes we are also going to add a couple of our own. We are going to throw in a couple of Legacy Foods 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Kits that we sell at the

Before I go over how to enter and how to win, here is a little information about the prizes we are giving away.

Precision Holsters

I recently did a video review of the inside the waistband holster I received from Precision Holsters that fits my S&W Shield. If you win this prize, you will be able to pick the holster of your choice (shipping not included)

Today you can use the coupon code “dalespholster” (without quotes) to get 15% off.


I also did a video about this Tac-Bar package (below) I have also done a couple videos reviewing other survival food bars and the Tac-Bars are much better than any I have tried. For more information about these survival bars visit the Tac-Bar website.

32 Serving 72 Hour Kit

At the we sell Legacy Food Storage products and we are including 2 of the 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Kits.

32 Serving Family 72 Hour KitLegacy’s 32-serving kit includes 8 emergency meal options, all of which come in 4-serving pouches that are simple to prepare and even easier to store. All of the food storage in this kit comes in one compact bucket that can fit almost anywhere.

How to Enter and Win

  • This giveaway is pretty straight forward, if you are already a member of the Survivalist Prepper Academy you are already entered. After that members and nonmembers you can get more entries daily by using the contest entry form below.
  • You can also leave a comment below to get entered into the giveaway. Just say something like “sign me up!” or whatever you would like to say.
  • The holster and Tac-Bars will be given to podcast listeners and YouTube subscribers, and the Legacy food will be given to members. This means that in order to be eligible for everything you need to be a subscriber, listener and member.
  • The winners will be picked on Febuary the 18th on the podcast, as well as our YouTube Channel.
  • The winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email and claim their prize. If I don’t get a response I will pick an alternative winner.

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Surviving Dystopia

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Up-Coming on Surviving Dystopia 1/27/2015

Book Review: FOXFIRE

1-26-15 BOOKSI’ve been having guests on the show to talk about their books and have talked about mine but I want to talk about a favorite series of books.  The Foxfire Books… I currently have volumes 1-6 and every time I open the pages of this wonderful walk into history I am amazed at how it came about and what it really represents.

Foxfire came about as a classroom experiment…Yep, you got it right students did this!

What strikes me right out of the gate is the dedication in the very first volume…

” This book is dedicated to the people of these mountains in the hope

that, through it, some portion of their wisdom, ingenuity and individuality

will remain long after them to touch us all.”

1-27-16 artRayConnorI have often mused on the show about things I learned from my grandmother and mother, how I could sit for hours and listen to the stories that “gramma” would tell and soak up every bit of information she would share and now do the same with my mother and share with my daughter.  It is a great circle of information and too often it is lost.

1-27-16 F1“Daily our grandparents are moving out of our lives, taking with

them, irreparably, the kind of information contained in this book.

They are taking it, not because they want to, but because they think

we don’t care.”

-Excerpt from Foxfire I

There are twelve volumes in the Foxfire series of books, and these are actually a compilation of articles that were published in the Foxfire magazine beginning in 1966.  We talk about surviving dystopia on this show and the examples in these books tell of a life that the everyday way of doing things is what we nowadays might consider that “Dystopia.”

1-27-15 IMG_7226This series is close to my heart as in my writing I have a book that is taking forever to compile that is much the same, in this book I seek stories of the past to share with readers the thoughts and ponderings of the elderly.  Seeking to not lose the knowledge of our grandparents and save it for future generations to marvel at, much as I did as a wide eyed girl hanging on Gramma’s every word.

Join me as I share with you some of the favorite parts of this wonderful series that every prepper should have.  In just the first volume alone we talk about Hog dressing, building a log cabin, recipes, home remedies and more.

Get your own copy of the Foxfire books and other great publications at

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Systemic Risk Of The 80 Percent Who Live In Urban Centers

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We are witnessing major societal disruptions around the globe while financial and geo-political tensions are growing in all Western democracies. The Western world is essentially bankrupt and the cumulative total debt is politically and mathematically impossible to repay. The enormous systemic risks surrounding this fact alone should be enough to motivate a critical-thinking person into […]

All About Zika Virus

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One of the scenarios we write about is the “Pandemic”. Although we have had success curing many illnesses with antibiotics, we are still struggling with outbreaks of viral diseases. In 2014, thousands died in West Africa during the Ebola epidemic. In 2015, Chikungunya virus crossed the Atlantic into the Western Hemisphere and infected a million people. This year, Zika virus is the latest pandemic, and the first to generate travel warnings specifically for women that are pregnant or of childbearing age.

A little-known virus of equatorial Africa and Asia, the Zika virus has “jumped the pond” and is wreaking havoc in South America, especially among pregnant women and their newborns. Like its predecessors, it’s a mosquito-borne virus. Citizens of the Americas have little immunity against it.

Most people experience mild flu-like symptoms, but an infected during a pregnancy can yield a newborn with brain damage. In late 2015, it was mainly a Brazilian problem. A congenital abnormality (once called a “birth defect”) called microcephaly started appearing among newborns. Microcephaly presents as an abnormally small head and is associated with mental handicaps; if severe, it may be incompatible with life.

Brazil is a large country with a youthful population; in an average year, it sees about 150 cases of microcephaly. Since the arrival of Zika virus in May 2015, there have been 3,500. Now, cases of the virus are being reported in the United States from Virginia to Arkansas to Hawaii (mostly in returning travelers from South America). In total, 25 countries so far are reporting evidence of the virus.


spanish flu ward
Infectious disease can be endemic, epidemic, or pandemic:



–An Epidemic infectious disease is a community-wide outbreak of an illness that is not always present in an area. Influenza, EnterovirusD68, and Ebola are examples.
–An Endemic infectious disease is one that is normally found and expected in a certain area. Malaria is endemic in many tropical countries.
–A Pandemic occurs when an infectious disease crosses various borders and runs rampant throughout a large region, or even the whole world. The Spanish Flu of 1918 is the classic example. Zika has had outbreaks in Africa, Asia, and now, South America. Cases have been reported in Denmark and Sweden as well.


Zika virus is a member of the Flavivirus family, which contains a number of well-known diseases such as yellow fever, chikungunya, and West Nile virus. Like the others, Zika virus is carried by Aedes mosquitoes, which are the main agent of transmission (human to human transmission can also occur); unlike the others, the virus affects the unborn.

Symptoms of the virus include headache, rash, fever, and conjunctivitis (pink eye). The grand majority of infected people have no signs of the infection whatsoever. This is ominous for a pregnancy, as the mother doesn’t even know she was at risk.



There is no vaccine or treatment available that is effective against Zika virus. Prevention, however, is simple: Don’t travel to the countries where widespread outbreaks are occurring. If you have to go, use sunscreen, long pants and sleeves, plus mosquito repellant or netting. Standing water near your location in affected areas should be drained.

Mosquito control efforts are underway in Brazil and other countries at risk. Besides the usual sprays with pesticides, you might be surprised to know that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are playing a part.

A male “Franken-mosquito” called OX513A has a gene that kills his offspring. Female mosquitoes only mate once during their lives, so this might have a significant effect. Brazil claims more than a 90% decrease in the population after release. OX513A was also used in the Florida Keys in 2012 (over protests) to combat an outbreak of another Flavivirus, Dengue Fever.




Joe Alton, MD


Learn more about infectious diseases in our 3 category #1 Amazon bestselling book “The Survival Medicine Handbook”, with more than 270 5-star reviews…

The Self-Reliance Weekly Report – Jan. 28, 2016

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The Self-Reliance Weekly Report is a collection of strategies, made up of the articles, books, DIYs, and products that I found useful on my own little prepper’s homestead. It seems like Mother Nature was out to get many of us this week! This week, massive rains and flooding have caused our septic system to make our home almost unlivable. No matter what’s going on with our home, of course, we still have a responsibility to our livestock, for producing our food, and for maintaining our self-reliant lifestyle, and that’s true for preppers in every situation, including those who have been dealing with crippling winter storms in the East.


Septic system issues are a nightmare.  This piece from Backdoor Survival was certainly relatable to my family this month. As the rain continues to pour down on California (yay!!!!) areas that have had little water are suddenly flooding, and causing issues that no one expected. For us, that issue is flooding that is pushing the contents of our septic system into our house.  Even though we now have “too much” water, we had to resort to the most stringent of our water conservation strategies because we were forced to limit what we put down the drains. Take some time this weekend to check out your septic system or sewage system and learn how to keep the contents thereof from backing up in an emergency. The clean-up was bad enough with power – imagine facing this type of disaster during an outage. Even though I’m a renter, it’s important that I not fully rely on someone else to solve my problems in an emergency, so I ordered this book to learn more about my system.

Sometimes, disposable products are the best choice. This week, with our septic system issues, I certainly had reason to be glad that I stock disposable paper products for emergencies. We often take water for granted, but there are many reasons why you might have a crisis in which you can’t run your washing machine or dishwasher. Although I had plenty of water, I was unable to send much down the drain without risking my septic backing up into the house again. Here are some other tips I used for sanitation while limiting my use of running water this week.

How does your bug out bag measure up?  With our issues this week, we nearly had to bail and stay elsewhere. Of course, we always have bug out bags ready to go. Is your bag packed? You truly never know when an emergency will occur that requires evacuation. If you haven’t checked out Graywolf’s Ultimate Bug Out Bag, you’re missing out. And while you’re busy packing your own ultimate bag, here are 20 of the best foods to include. After reading that article, I revamped some of my food choices.


How efficient is your homestead?  There are several things that separate a productive homestead from an expensive hobby farm.  One of the most important is your efficiency at recycling nutrients back into the production system. (These 3 tips can help you be sure to use absolutely everything.) Another great exercise in self-reliance is growing fodder for your livestock – this will supply you with nearly unending nutrition for your animals, even when there is nothing for them to graze on due to winter weather. Some of my local homesteader friends are relying almost solely on fodder this winter and their animals are thriving. Not only is it super-nutritious, but you’ll also save a fortune on your feed bill.

Do you raise meat chickens? Now that my layers are finally producing, my next big project here on the homestead is meat chickens. I bit the bullet and ordered 25 Red Ranger chicks that will arrive sometime in mid-March. I chose the breed based on advice from The Frugal Chicken. (This is an excellent guide that I’ve been referring to often while preparing for their arrival.)

Are you an urban or suburban homesteader? Then do I have the book for you. Angela England has really outdone herself with this beautifully illustrated guide to stealth gardening. She offers lovely suggestions for planting even your front yard with edibles that won’t have the neighbors calling the head of the HOA to rat you out. When space is at a premium, you need to be able to use every bit of your land. Check out Gardening Like a Ninja: A Guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles Into Your Landscape.


Farm Blog

Even though I have had a billion other topics to write about, we are still sticking (mostly) to our Once a Month Shopping Challenge.  I have to confess, December ended up being a wash. I started out well, with a fully loaded fridge and freezer. But then with houseguests, holidays, and a spur of the moment vacation, we shopped several times throughout the month for food.

The good news is, aside from a trip to the feed store for the animals, we did not have to do any grocery shopping for the month of January. My cupboards and freezer are still bursting. These months of only shopping one time have not only saved us money on our groceries, but quietly and with no added effort at all, my food supply has multiplied. I guess when you focus on things that will get you through a month, you begin to move away from the perishables that most of us pick up constantly. February will be the last month of our six-month challenge, but we fully intend to stick with the once-a-month shopping plan.

In other news, the septic system issues may well be unsolvable. Estimates for repairing the system are far in excess of $10,000. This is because the current system was installed before some county regulations that will force it to be completely relocated, pumped uphill, and other ridiculous and impractical requirements.   (I’m incredibly thankful right now that I rent and that bill won’t be coming to me.) However, the bill that WILL be coming to me is the one for relocating. And when you have livestock, finding a home that is set up for it (and will allow it) is easier said than done. It’s so disappointing – heartbreaking, really – because it seemed we had found the perfect place, but it appears we will be forced to move as soon as we can find a place. The air quality in a home with issues like this is not conducive to good health and, of course, that has to come first.

Books and Products

The following are products that I personally use and have recommended in the article above. (These are affiliate links, and purchasing through them costs you nothing extra but provides a small commission.)

Gardening Like a NinjaGardening Like a Ninja: A Guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles Into Your LandscapeTurn your yard into the envy of the neighborhood while adding to your dinner table! Learn how to garden like a ninja as you sneak in plants that you can use for everyday cooking, creating a sustainable and beautiful landscape that’s easy to maintain. Save time and money using the visually appealing and edible designs and harvest the fruits from your delicious paradise! (ORDER HERE)


Oil of the Month Club Top SellersHave you joined Spark Naturals Oil of the Month Club? It’s the least expensive way to build your supply of essential oils.  All oils are 15ml bottles – shipped out to you once a month (on the same date you ordered the product). The price is $15.99 a month and includes shipping and tax.I like the fact that Spark doesn’t have the hype of some of the multi-level marketing oil companies out there. They are simply good products at a fair price. ORDER HERE (and put DAISY in as the promo code for an additional discount.)


Fodder SystemIf you’re considering switching your livestock to a fodder system, this excellent guide to getting set up is free for the moment. Sprouting fodder is the best way to stretch your feed and still give your animals plenty of nutritious, high-quality goodness.



Septic System Owner's ManualThe Septic System Owner’s Manual: This clearly written, illustrated guide addresses that need, emphasizing conventional septic systems powered by gravity flow, filtering through soil, and the natural soil organisms that purify sewage. The book discusses maintenance, what to do if things go wrong, and alternative systems such as mounds and sand filters. Additional chapters cover graywater systems, composting toilets, and a unique history of water-borne waste disposal.  (ORDER HERE)


preppers water survival guide

The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: You can survive up to three weeks without food, but only three days without water! When catastrophe strikes, having enough water can spell the difference between life and death. The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide offers a step-by-step plan with straightforward information you can easily follow. (



Let’s hear your Self-Reliance Weekly Report!

With half of the country covered in a crippling blanket of snow, I’m sure that many of you have been dealing with your own issues with Mother Nature. I would LOVE to hear some stories about how your preparedness endeavors have paid off this week, while many residents dealing with the blizzard were panicked and unprepared. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a round up of “How Prepping Helped Us Survive the Blizzard” stories? Please share yours in the comments. :)

What’s going on at your farm or urban homestead right now?  How’s the weather in your area? Have you participated in the once-a-month shopping challenge? Please share your updates in the comments below!

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Cottonwood Trees are Useful for Preppers

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cottonwood trees

The fibrous inner bark that is a good fire starter

I have some cottonwood trees growing on my property, including one that is almost dead.  This got me to wondering whether or not they had any good uses for preparedness.  I have always considered them kind of worthless trees, but after a bit of research I have changed my mind.

While they are not good firewood, they burn poorly because they are so fibrous.  But for many woodsmen, the cottonwood tree is a revered tree.

It is a good indicator of water.  Their roots seek out water and you will normally be able to find water near where they grow.  The dry fibrous inner bark of Cottonwood trees is great for tinder.  Find dead branches, scrape off the bark, and crush the inner bark between your hands working those loose fibers.  Before you know it, you will have a good bunch of tinder.  These tinder bunches were also used to transport fire since they will smolder for long periods of time.

Many parts of the cottonwood tree are medicinal. A compound called salacin, which is found in the leaves, buds and bark of cottonwood is very similar to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) which is found in White Willow trees.  This has proved to be effective in lowering fevers and reducing inflammation and lessening pain.

The yellowish, sweet-smelling sticky sap of the cottonwood tree, also known as “balm of gilead”, has been used for centuries to treat many different skin troubles, such as small cuts, bruises, rashes and even minor burns.

The inner bark of cottonwoods can be eaten and was often used to feed  horses.

cottonwood trees

a different type of conk

cottonwood trees

Conks growing on Cottonwood trees

In you find a dead or dying cottonwood you will often find a type of mushroom or fungus general referred to as conks growing on them.  Dry conk was used to start or transport fire.  By placing a burning ember in a hole in the conk, it would smolder all day allowing you to transport your fires.  If you are short of matches or other fire starters, this can be very valuable.


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5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

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5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Image source:

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of helpful information out there about wilderness survival from experts and those who made it out of a crisis situation themselves. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of false survival information out there – information that can ultimately get you killed.

Here are five of the biggest myths about survival that could cost you your life:

Myth No. 1: You Can Successfully Suck the Poison Out of a Snakebite

The primary reason why this one is a myth in the first place is because we have seen it on so many movies and TV shows. But the truth is that cutting into a snakebite to get to the poison only makes an existing open wound worse. Furthermore, this action does not provide you with a good way to remove all of the poison, and any that you can remove with your mouth can either get on your skin or down your throat.

Restore Your Old Blades To A Razor’s Edge In Just Seconds!

At the very least, this will cause heavy skin irritation and severely damage your trachea. The best treatment to handle a snakebite is to use anti-venom and seek medical attention. You should wear a cool, soaked bandana or similar material around your head and place another one over your wound until medical help arrives.

Myth No. 2: Food Is Your First Priority

There’s no denying that starvation is certainly one of the things that can kill you in a wilderness survival situation. But you can survive for up to four or more weeks without food. In other words, it’s not what’s going to bring you down first. In that time, there are plenty of other things that could kill you before you starve. Staying hydrated and staying warm are, by far, bigger priorities in a survival situation.

Myth No. 3: A Shelter Means You Are Protected

5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Image source:

For one thing, chances are high you’re not going to make a shelter that has four walls and a roof when stuck out in a survival situation. Your shelter is more likely to be a lean-to or a similar, simple shelter. Such a shelter is necessary for survival because it keeps you camouflaged in the wild and offers you a little bit of wind protection. If you’ve insulated your shelter, it can provide you with some warmth as well.

New Solar Oven Is So Fast It’s Been Dubbed “Mother Nature’s Microwave”

But when it comes down to it, simply constructing a shelter is not going to keep you fully protected from the elements throughout the night. You’ll still be cold and uncomfortable, which is why you also must build a fire and always be on the watch for a hungry animal or an incoming storm.

Myth No. 4: If You’ve Been Stabbed by an Object, You Should Pull It Out

This is a myth similar to the snakebite one in that it comes from movies and TV. We’ve seen a countless number of heroes who, after being stabbed by a knife, pull the blade out and tend to their wound. If you are ever accidentally stabbed with a knife or any other sharp object in a survival situation (such as a sharp stick or glass), pulling it may only cause you to bleed faster and make things worse. Instead, dress your wounded area and keep the object stable until it can be properly removed.

Myth No. 5: Moss Only Grows on the North Side of Trees

While it is true that moss tends to grow better on the north side of trees, “better” does not equal “only.” In fact, as long as it receives water and shade, moss can grow on any side of a tree. The point of this is that you can’t count on tree moss as a navigational tool. For all you know, you could the going in the completely wrong direction – making your survival situation worse and threatening your life in the process.


4 ‘Lost-In-The-Woods’ Shelters Every Survivalist Should Know How To Build

Learn How To ‘Live Off The Land’ With Just Your Gun. Read More Here.

75% Of World’s Fish Have Been Wiped Out By Mankind … Collapse Of Marine Ecosystems Now Imminent

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Marine ecosystems

By Jennifer Lea Reynolds – Natural News

(NaturalNews) Many people point their fingers at climate change, underwater weapons testing, ocean quakes and biodiversity, as reasons behind the collapse of the marine ecosystem. While there’s something to be said for these issues as contributing factors in the decline of marine life, the fact remains that the ongoing after-effects of Fukushima’s radiation plays a significant role too.

Consider this: in 2006 – years before the nuclear disaster in Japan – a paper was published in the journal Science, which warned of the fate of marine life. Lead author Boris Worm, assistant professor of marine conservation biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, noted that “… all fish and seafood species are projected to collapse within my lifetime — by 2048.” An abstract of that paper, entitled, Impact of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem Services, states that, “We conclude that marine biodiversity loss is increasingly impairing the ocean’s capacity to provide food, maintain water quality, and recover from perturbations.”(1,2)

Continue reading at Natural News: 75% Of World’s Fish Have Been Wiped Out By Mankind … Collapse Of Marine Ecosystems Now Imminent

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1 Dead and 8 Arrested After Oregon Militia Clashes With FBI

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Survival World News

ammon bundy twitter

By Joshua Krause – The Daily Sheeple.

The standoff between law enforcement and the Ammon Bundy led militia, took a turn for the worst on Tuesday at 4:25 PM. The FBI and the Oregon State Police attempted to arrest several members of the militia during a traffic stop. At the time the group was en route to a community meeting at a senior center, 70 miles north of Burns, Oregon.

Shots were fired during the traffic stop, which led to the death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, and the hospitalization of Ryan Bundy with non-life-threatening injuries. A total of 8 people have since been arrested, including Ammon Bundy and his brother.

According to Finicum’s daughter, “We all thought it would end, but not like this.” she further added that “My dad did stress that they wouldn’t pull a gun on them unless they pulled a gun. They were…

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Satellite Images: A Snow Blanket for the East Coast

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Survival World News

A Snow Blanket for the East Coastacquired January 24, 2016download large image (14 MB, JPEG, 5184×3456)

Source: Earth Observatory

Two days after a massive winter storm system dropped snow from Tennessee and Georgia to Massachusetts, millions of Americans are digging out. By some news accounts, more than 30 million people lived in areas that received at least 20 inches (50 centimeters) of snow, and 3 million more saw at least 30 inches (75 centimeters).

The Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 captured this natural-color image of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. in the early afternoon on January 24, 2016. Most neighborhoods in the image received at least 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 centimeters) of snowfall from the nor’easter that pounded the region from January 22 to 24.

The image below is a close-up of Washington drawn from the larger image. Note the long shadow cast by the Washington Monument.

acquired January 24…

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Groundhog Day Snowstorm May Aim For Denver To Minneapolis

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Survival World News

By Alex SosnowskiAccuWeather

A strengthening winter storm will bring the potential for windswept snow and travel disruptions from the central Rockies to the Upper Midwest early next week, including on Groundhog Day.

While the exact timing and extent of wintry weather are not set in stone at this point, early signs are pointing to the threat for moderate to heavy snow, poor visibility and travel disruptions along a 1,000-mile-long swath.

The track and strength of storm that rolls ashore in California on Sunday will determine the coverage and intensity of the snow and wind from Colorado to Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Continue reading at AccuWeather: Groundhog Day Snowstorm May Aim For Denver To Minneapolis

Fun in the snow: Viral videos from the blizzard of 2016
Blizzard survival guide: These tips could help save your life
AccuWeather Winter Weather Center

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Gusty Winds And Rainy Spells Target Northern Ireland And Scotland Into This Weekend

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Survival World News

By Courtney Spamer –AccuWeather

Storminess will continue this week, as another windstorm aims for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

A storm will cross just north of the British Isles Thursday night and Friday, sending wind and rainy spells to the United Kingdom.

Unlike the storm that brought widespread rain and wind into parts of South West England, the impacts with this storm will stay off to the north.

Continue reading at AccuWeather: Gusty Winds And Rainy Spells Target Northern Ireland And Scotland Into This Weekend

Interactive United Kingdom radar
Check MinuteCast® for your location
Detailed forecast for London

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Make your own biodiesel : A Simple BioDiesel Handbook

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Make your own biodiesel : A Simple BioDiesel Handbook ( Learn to Make BioDiesel Step by Step The Easy Way): Make your own BioDiesel: The definitive step … Bio Diesel Step by Step The Easy Way) 1) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

With this incredible e-Book you can make your own sustainable energy/ alternative fuel company in your backyard. It a simple and easy fashion the complexities and Science of Making bio Diesel are simplified.
Learn just how easy it is to take advantage of the cutting edge Biodiesel technology( Where you can easily setup your own French fry grease processing system in your Garage. But this idea is only the beginning ….. A quick run down of what to expect inside our Kindle eBook are as follows:

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To

Biodiesel Basics: A Simple Bio Diesel Handbook

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“With rising fuel prices, who wouldn’t want to have more options when it comes to fueling our vehicles? This book takes a quick look into what bio-diesel is, how to construct your own refinery, and how to find sources of bio-diesel. This is a great fuel option for those that are environmentally conscientious or just want to stop getting robbed at the pump. This has some great lessons in it for the budding science student on just how this technology works. The book also details some of the few drawbacks, like the lingering smell of fried food and the initial startup costs. Overall, it is easy to follow and understand with great step-by-step instructions.” Liz Evans
“This book gives an overview of biodiesel. It examines and compares the ways in which we can use vegetable oil and ethanol. It’s quite technical and the book does go into some chemistry but it wasn’t at all hard to follow. It’s well-researched and gives quite a wide overview as it also discusses the problem in Hong Kong, and it helps to open your eyes, and there are links included for further research.” Robert Sparks

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Learn Exactly What Biodiesel is?
  • How it’s made?
  • Where to get supplies for processing your Own Bio diesel?
  • Biodiesel Facts and Tips that you MUST know!
  • How to design a Biodiesel processor?
  • All about basic Biodiesel processor design?
  • Why use biodiesel when diesel is available freely( Call your Local Restaurants, and Beg for their Old Grease?
  • Biodiesel resources on the Web!
  • Ethanol resources on the Web!

David Kershner Foreign and Domestic Author Episode 88

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David Kershner

David Kershner


David Kershner


Today I’m joined by Author David Kershner. David has written the Foreign and Domestic book series. David takes a unique take on a societal collapse. I’ve not seen authors cover the collapse of the food system before. The food system is one of my main concerns. Both in availability and quality.

The overarching theme in Part ,When Rome Stumbles, deals with the downfall of America’s food system. Government malfeasance and corporate corruption is what breaks the food system finally. Hannibal is at the Gates brings about our financial collapse as our former colonial adversaries, along with major US debt owners, orchestrate a financial coup. His most recent effort, By the Dawn’s Early Light, but now introduces a HANE/EMP to complicate matters. He is  currently writing Part IV, Colder Weather.


We talk about The food system quiet a lot. being something we are both very passionate about. We get off on some tangents and getting David reeled in was an effort but it was a great chat. Consider checking out David’s highly rated books. I hear I may be getting killed off in the next one. Which is a dream of mine.



David’s Facebook Page

David’s Amazon Author Page

You can email him directly at djkpublishinghouse at gmail dot Com





  • Who is David Kershner
  • Tell me about the Foreign and Domestic Book series
  • What would it take to get rid of GMOS
  • What else is wrong with the American Food system
  • You hunt and garden a portion of your food right?
  • What is your top  advice to people?


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Ten Things We Wish We’d Known Before We Went Off Grid

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Nick Fouch and Esther Emery, hosts of the Fouch-o-matic Off Grid channel, moved off the grid in 2013 and since then their family of five lives in a 314 square foot yurt in the Boise foothills while building their off grid timber frame dream home.

Esther’s mother, Carla Emery, wrote the homesteading and self sufficiency classic, “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.” (which I display prominently in my bookshelf), but that did not mean Esther knew everything about off-grid living already.

The number one question they get over and over again is “What do you wish you had known before you had made the shift to off-grid living?”

Here’s their lighthearted and encouraging response:

1. Solar power is easier than you think

“It took me a long time to get comfortable with the idea of all these different solar components and it was also confusing, but there’s a lot of good literature out there that simplifies it. And you’re not going to get it horribly wrong.

2. Plants can’t grow without soil

“We wasted some time our first year trying to grow plants in the soil without realizing that our first job was to create soil. So we have a number of ways of doing that. Just bringing in any kind of organic matter, from various kinds of manure to grass clippings or leaves. We now use a chicken tractor to use our chicken manure to really create soil, even right in the middle of our garden plot where we just had dry clay soil before. We do a lot of sheet mulching, and we’re building our earth so that when we plant the plants they’ll actually grow.”

3. Water runs downhill

“Gravity fed water systems are a lot easier than you think, and it’s just worth hooking it up and experimenting and see what it’s able to do.”

4. Carrying water is the worst. The literal worst.

“We carry our water in 5 gallon buckets all winter long. This will be our third winter of doing that, and if all goes according to our very very detailed and careful plan this is our last winter of it. And that’s good, because it’s back breaking labor.”

5. Batteries run out

“We now have rechargeable headlamps. They’re expensive, but they will never go bad so instead of buying a whole bunch of AAA batteries all the time and throwing them out we just plug these in and recharge them.”

6. Bears like trash

“Okay, so we already knew that before we moved out here, technically, but I think we didn’t realize what a priority that was.”

7. Firewood is a ton of work

“Every year we have to fill this woodshed – it takes about 5 cords of wood or so to get us through the winter – and that’s a lot of work. Getting it all over here and split and cut into the right shape and size and making sure it’s all dry and actually useful as firewood”

8. Yurts are better at cold weather than they are at hot weather

“We underestimated the brilliant design of a yurt. If it’s insulated it holds heat very well. And we also underestimated the extent to which hot air would be trapped in the summertime.”

9. Temporary is longer than you think

“Our plan before we had ever done any part of living off the grid was to be in the yurt for a year. Well that’s going to be at least three years before we have our house habitable. I guess the takeaway from that is you just don’t know until you’re doing it. So if you’re setting up a temporary situation you might as well make it comfortable enough to be in for a while.”

10. You can do things you didn’t know you could do

“An attitude of learning and an attitude of being okay with accepting that the lessons we need to learn are sometimes kind of elementary is allowing us to make the changes that we’ve always dreamed of making.”

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Survival Communications for the frugal Prepper!

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Hello my friend and welcome back! In today’s post, we are going to look at survival communications and what the frugal Prepper should know about them.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a top-notch communications setup.  It can be easy and inexpensive if you know how.  Grab a cup of coffee and have …

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Surviving Survival Book Review

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Surviving Survival
By Laurence Gonzales
A book review by: James C. Jones

Laurence Gonzales’s book Deep Survival (reviewed in an earlier edition) is probably the best book ever written on survival psychology. The subtitle “Who Lives, Who Dies and Why” should tell you that you need to read that book. I used it as a reference and inspiration for many of my articles and presentation. Basically your brain manages your survival and you need to understand how that works in order to manage your brain under stress. The first book focused on how we respond to survival situations by analyzing the experiences of people who have survived some horrific situations and injuries. Lets take a look at her newest book, Surviving Survival.

In this new volume Mr. Gonzales takes us beyond the survival event to examine the physical and psychological aftermaths. Here we explore the post traumatic challenges that the victims faced. We examine how the victims of alligator, shark and bear attacks coped, or failed to cope, with the mental effects of these events. We also look at the impact of losing a child and the effects of a military veteran whose job was to reassemble bodies blown apart by IED’s prior to shipping them home. The victims survived these events only to be rendered non-functional or even suicidal because of what happened to their minds. These kinds of stresses completely break down the normal mental balances and perceptions. There are detailed explanations of how the brain process’ stress and how victims have used this understanding to adjust and recover. Of particular interest is the section on how Aron Ralston’s mind processed the situation and eventually allowed him to cut off his own trapped hand to escape from Blue John Canyon in Utah in 2003.

One of the most fascinating ideas in the book is that we have three levels of the mind. As the author put it “the human mind, the dog mind and the frog mind.” Under survival situations we often need to use the more primitive minds or as we call them “instincts”. Survival skills are human, survival instincts are more animal and the “sixth sense is real and resides from our most primitive levels.” When something just doesn’t seem right, when the hairs on the back of our neck stand up, this is the sixth sense picking up odors, vibrations, facial expressions, sounds that we do not consciously, acknowledge or understand. The book documents two cases where the conscious human, logical bran overrode the sixth sense with catastrophic results. If you want to go beyond simply starting a fire and building shelters to explore how survival really works, I highly recommend this book and it predecessor.

Surviving Survival, by Laurence Gonzales, 257” pages, 5 ½” x 9”, paperback, $14.95
Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales, 300 pages, 6 ½” x 9”, hardcover, $19.35

It was noted that World War Two veterans suffered less post-traumatic stress syndromes that those of more recent conflicts. It was postulated that they may have experiences more stress from the depression and from a harder life prior to combat [or been more religious and family anchored].

Having survived the initial event, many were unable to cope with the effects. They had ruined lives and occasional suicides.


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Stay Away From These Supplements That Harm You!

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big herbal supplements

As you delve deeper into the arena of survival medicine, you will learn more about using herbal remedies in place of conventional medicines. While this advice has a lot of advantages, it won’t be of much good if you simply try to stockpile pre-manufactured herbal supplements.

Aside from problems with shelf life, there are no regulatory guidelines to ensure that you are actually getting the proper amount of each herb listed on the bottle.

In fact, there are hundreds of herbal remedy brands on the market that prove to have fake ingredients and even dangerous fillers when tested by an independent lab. This will generate a huge negative impact on your ability to survive crisis.

What’s the Problem with Using Fake Herbs for Treatment

Historically speaking, if a human suffers from a physical or mental ailment, there is an herbal remedy to cure it. The problem comes in when large scale manufacturers claim to be making extracts from certain plants, even though the pills, potions, or powders are nothing more than placebos, or have so little extract in them there is no way they can be of therapeutic value.

Not only do consumers wind up spending millions of dollars on these fake herbs, they mistakenly believe the herbs are useless, or that there is no way to make good use of them. In some cases, these placebos even lead to death if the person does not get some form of proper medication in time.

Aside from being misleading, fake herbs are just about as unhealthy as illegal drugs. When companies want to cut corners, they easily use toxic fillers or ones that increase your risk of developing cancer or other diseases. If some of these fillers are supposed to extend the shelf life of the herbal formula, it may simply not hold up for years as expected in your stockpile.

Simply trying to add more government regulation isn’t about to solve the problem. If businesses are going to make fake products to begin with, they will find some way to phony test results that are meant to catch them.

How Is This Going to Hamper My Survival?

Consider a situation where you are on medication to treat a chronic medical condition. Let’s say that you are aware of the fake herb problem, and have actually done some research on brands in order to find a creditable one. Here are just a few problems that the fake herb crisis can cause at the worst possible moment:

  • In some cases, the herb may lose its potency much faster than expected. If you put these bottles of herbal remedies in your stockpile, they may be useless by the time you actually need to use them. If you plan to use herbs for heart disease, diabetes, or some other serious health problem, these impotent herbs from a “reliable” source could still lead to your death.
  • Consider a situation where you have been stockpiling herbs that you purchased online because you have read about other brands that aren’t as reliable. Perhaps you have even gone so far as to stop taking regular medications for a few days, and felt well enough to feel confident in using these herbs in a crisis situation. Even if you felt better, it does not mean that the herbs were actually working. In many cases, medications can still have an effect on your body weeks and months after you stop taking them. Once you are in a crisis situation, the placebo effect from fake herbs will wear off, and then you will be stuck with a useless stockpile and no way to get the care you need.
  • In some situations, you may decide that you would prefer to buy dried herbs so that you can create your own oils or other concoctions. As with regular pills, there is still an enormous chance that any dried herbs you buy will also be packed with fillers, and trying to make oils and teas from these drugs may be more dangerous than expected. Aside from non-existent therapeutic value, some of these fillers may even include pesticides and other toxic plant residues that will reactivate once you heat up the materials or try make a tea from them.
  • When it comes to stockpiling drugs and herbs, it is all too easy to simply buy a few bottles and store them away compared to growing herbs and processing them yourself, rest assured that the former method is much easier. As a crisis scenario goes onward, herbal suppliers are not going to be in a position to make new supplements. The greatest danger associated with stockpiling pre-manufactured supplements is that you will never be encouraged to learn how to do it for yourself from planting the seeds to harvesting, processing, storage, and dosing.

How Safe Are the Foreign Herbal Supplements?

When it comes to the arena of herbal supplements, you will find that as soon as one brand is taken off the shelves, people will take to the internet to see if they can get the herb they want from overseas.

Today, there are foreign herbal “pharmacies” that are making millions of dollars off fake herbal supplements that are no better than what was just removed from the shelves of your local store. In some cases, as border patrol catches up with these pharmacies, they can, and do prevent shipments from coming into the country.

If you are purchasing herbs from overseas, think very carefully about what you are doing, because these scammers will take your money, and then the herbs you bought will never arrive because they are unable to get through customs.

How to Stay Informed

Herbs that have been used for centuries in alternative medicine systems are not the same ones that you are able to buy on the market today. In fact, you may be getting fake herbs that are every bit as dangerous as the conventional drugs that your doctor prescribes or that you buy over the counter.



If you are determined to buy herbal supplements, keep up with current news on which companies are selling fake or adulterated goods.

Here are two sites that will help you get started, as well as provide you with a good basis for studying further:

  • – this group conducts independent tests of all kinds of drugs and supplements. Once they complete their studies, they release the information to consumers and other watch groups. also releases a number of nutritional surveys and conducts numerous studies on the safety and usefulness of a range of herbal supplements. Since the group conducts independent tests, their results may vary from those conducted by the FDA, pharmaceutical labs, and others that may be interested in testing various products. At the very least, this a third opinion that you can look to when controversial results or unusual side effects arise.
  • – no matter whether you are interested in finding out more about dangerous foods, drugs, or herbal manufacturers, this site will give you plenty of information. You can keep up with current enforcement actions and also look at the historical records of companies that are under investigation via the warning letters. As you study information on this site, you will also gain a better sense of what the FDA lists as deceptive advertising, as well as some indicators of how much harder it will be to buy herbal supplements in the future.

Ask a licensed herbologist or a licensed alternative medicine practitioner about these herbs. Many people today are surprised to find out that most states have a licensing board for medical practitioners other than conventional nurses and doctors. You don’t need to simply hope that your doctor actually knows about herbal supplements and alternative treatments when fully qualified people are on hand to answer your questions.

Always ask your doctor what courses they have completed in herbology and what, if any continuing medical education credits (CME) they have in this area. If you find that they have not officially studied in this area, then find someone that holds a proper license. If you would not take your car to get an oil change to a beauty parlor, it won’t be the best option to assume that every doctor knows as much about herbal remedies as they do about conventional drugs. At least, a licensed herbologist receives newsletters or other industrial insider information that helps them avoid buying fake herbs for resale.

Some herbologists will grow their own herbs. If you visit their shop or practice, you may be able to see the plants growing, or even watch as your supplements are prepared. If you cannot grow your own herbs, this means of acquiring them may be a bit safer.

Just be sure to consult with the BBB for the state where the business is located and other consumer protection agencies to see if anyone has filed problematic reports against the business. Also check the state licensing board to see if there are any disciplinary actions listed against the provider. (Actually, you should do this for conventional providers as well).

If you “google” different herbs, make sure you find all kinds of information about what works and what doesn’t. Rather than just rely on basic search engine results, visit Google Scholar, which is a special part of the Google search engine that only returns information from scientific, peer reviewed studies that are often considered legitimate enough for a number of industries.

In some cases, you may uncover genetic testing studies on specific brands of herbal supplements even if they have not been listed on mainstream media, or the FDA.

Be aware that there is a difference between the two search engines, never take what you read for granted, and verify the source of the information and the information itself. This includes investigating the financial sponsors of the studies and any investments they may have in competing businesses.

What You Need to Ask the Doctor

When it comes to fake herbs, let your doctor know what herbs you are using as well as the manufacturer. In many cases, your doctor won’t do more than ask and keep this information on file, but a discussion about fake herbal supplements is still very important.

If you are having strange side effects, or something does not feel right, ask your doctor to run some tests, and as with any other drug, demand copies of your blood work and any other diagnostic studies, then go ahead and research on numbers that are outside of the normal reference ranges.

Pursue second opinions and other specialist advice if you see something amiss. Never forget that when a crisis happens, doctors and competent medical providers won’t be there to to help you, let alone take care of relatively routine matters. Make use of what advice you can get now so that you have a better chance of having the best information in a time of need.

When it comes to going back to the old ways as a means of surviving a major crisis, using herbal remedies is bound to hold a good bit of appeal. But simply trying to buy herbs from a local store or even online can be a very hazardous undertaking. You should know how to spot fake herbs and understand how they can affect your health now and in a crisis situation.

As with any other prepping scenario, check what kind of herbs are in your stockpile, and do your best to avoid fakes and placebos. There are plenty of resources available to help you get the best information. Take advantage of these resources so that you do not wind up with even more problems once a major crisis occurs.


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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Scavenging abandoned cars for survival items

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In every disaster movie you see a panning shot across a large highway packed with cars attempting to flee the city. The scenario continues with people abandoning their cars and joining their fellow citizens pushing onward on foot trying to escape. What they leave behind is up for the picking and scavenging abandoned cars for … Read more…

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Evil Revisited

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     As Soviet troops approached the Nazi prison camp at Auschwitz in January 1945, most of its population was evacuated and sent on a death march. The prisoners remaining at the camp were liberated 71 years ago today, on January 27, 1945, a day now commemorated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
     And this next Saturday will mark 83 years since Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and the supposed one thousand year Reich had begun.  It has been nearly a century, yet the evil perpetrated by this satan-influenced monster is still present in the world.

     Although world history will tell us that Hitler was defeated shortly after the liberation of Auschwitz, his legacy, and the evil that it embodies, still lives on.  Those who personally lived through the nightmare and horrors are fewer in number, and their voices will soon be in the past, while the interest in Hitler among the younger generation is growing — especially in light of the migrant refugee problem in Europe, accompanied by civil unrest and economic hardship.
     In fact, two years ago, Britain’s Daily Mail reported, “Hitler’s ideology — and some of his methods — have new adherents.”  Due to the financial upheaval over the Euro, economic hardship was exploited by Far-Right groups with neo-Nazi ideals, such as the Golden Dawn movement in Greece, and now the “Nationalist Settlers” movement in rural Germany.  The movement in Greece is admittedly fascist, and it is not just aimed at Jews, but illegal immigrants.  The Nationalist Settlers have adopted an ideology that returns not only to traditional dress and values, but according to those who have researched them, they believe wholeheartedly in the whole Nazi racist superman garbage and are worming their way into local positions of power as councillors, volunteer firemen, teachers and festival organizers.
     The world is also seeing a rise in anti-semitism in both Germany and France, and Jews are openly fearing persecution, and greater numbers are leaving Europe every year.  And then there is the report about Jamal, 80 miles northeast from Berlin, where every home except one is owned by a neo-Nazi.  Knut Jahn, who lives in the village of Jamal, said, “They hold pagan festivals around bonfires, sing songs banned since the fall of the Third Reich and cluster around a signpost that informs the visitor just how far away Braunau-am-Inn is; the Austrian birthplace of their beloved Adolf Hitler.”
     Mr. Jahn expressed fear over the spread of this evil ideology throughout the small villages and hamburgs of Germany, because the far-right tries to indoctrinate children as young as five into Hitler worshipping.  But it’s not only Germany that is seeing the return of Hitler-lovers.  A group of neo-Nazis shocked passersby in Newcastle, northern England, with an impromptu rally featuring a banner with the words “Hitler was right” in front of a picture of the Nazi dictator’s face.
     Israel National News reported that some 20 activists from the far-right “National Action” group staged the Nazi flash mob, and the group assembled in front of a World War Two monument in the city center, and proceeded to give Nazi salutes and chant racist slogans, as stunned passersby looked on. They held a large banner with the words “Refugees not welcome, Hitler was right,” in an apparent attempt to capitalize on anti-immigrant sentiment triggered by a much-criticized open-door policy elsewhere in Europe.

     Right now we see Europe as a continent in chaos, and here are some interesting facts you may not be aware of… that word chaos is associated with Leviathan of the Bible.  In fact, the Leviathan of the Middle Ages was personified by John Milton in Paradise Lost as an image of Satan, endangering both God’s creatures (by being embodied as a serpent-like sea monster and attempting to eat them) and God’s creation (by threatening it with upheaval in the waters of Chaos).  According to the author of The Satanic Bible, Anton Szandor LaVey,  Leviathan is listed as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell.  And following right on its heels, in demonology, the Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell (envy), and its gatekeeper.
     So it kind of makes sense that chaos is reigning now throughout the world, doesn’t it?  And with all the recent trouble with migrant refugees from the Middle East, the mingling of two hate-filled ideologies (Radicalized Islam and Nazism) only spells trouble for Europe and the world.  But just as evil was conquered at the Cross, the One Who Will Judge The World will crush the head of Leviathan and restore His peace upon the earth.  No amount of revisited hate and rebellion by the princes of hell can usurp the reign of our King.

Isaiah 27:1    “In that day the Lord with His hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea.” 


Podcast #126: Interview With Wranglerstar

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January 27th, 2016: In today’s show I had the extreme privilege to interview Cody otherwise known as Wranglerstar.  For those of you unfamiliar with Cody, you can find he and his family on their YouTube channel by going to Be sure to check out his book Modern Homesteading – Recovering The American Dream. Join Cody at […]

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Therapeutic Silver Solution by My Doctor Suggests

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Have you heard of the therapeutic silver solution by My Doctor Suggests? I have been using My Doctor Suggests Lozenges for a few years. I prefer these cough lozenges over any other brand I have tried. My throat gets dry a lot from allergies and having used my voice for different professions over the years. I always have a handful of these gems in my pocket or my purse. They soothe my throat and I believe they keep me from getting sick. I have used silver solutions for years but only the 10ppm amounts. I was at my daughters house and she had some 30ppm silver solution produced by this company. I quickly ordered 12 bottles of it for my home remedy stash. I then contacted the company to see if I could try some of other products they offer.

I really love the products produced by this company and I’m not just saying it because they sent me a box of product. I have been using their products for a few years now. It’s the only silver solution I recommend and personally use. I do not make any money from your purchases but I want you to be aware of some alternative home remedies I love. So there you have it. I love this silver solution and use it whenever I feel it’s necessary. I do not take the silver solution every day, just giving you the heads up here.

I love the silver solution gel because if I get a cut or sore of any kind it takes weeks to heal my skin. This stuff heals my cuts in half the time. I love it! Silver Solution Gel. I highly recommend it for sunburns, cuts, and scrapes.

You may be thinking “what about those people who have skin that turned blue or gray from silver?”. Here’s the deal about that topic, I had a neighbor who mixed her own concoction of colloidal silver and something else and it made her skin gray (permanently). This stuff is different, I am not a scientist but this stuff works for me and my entire family uses it.

Therapeutic Silver Solution:

Here is the story of how the company started and I quote:

“My Doctor Suggests, LLC started when founder Paul Hirschi was introduced to the health benefits of advanced silver technology by the world’s foremost expert Dr. Gordon Pedersen. As they discussed the pioneering work Dr. Pedersen had accomplished and the astounding  properties of state-of-the-art silver solutions, Paul knew this was something that he wanted to share.

Paul set out to create a company that would incorporate not only the advanced silver technology that Dr. Pedersen suggests, but a variety of other high-quality, natural and truly effective supplements that any doctor would feel comfortable suggesting their patients use. Thus was born My Doctor Suggests, LLC.’ ” End of quote.

Here’s the deal with Dr. Gordon Pedersen, I buy his book and hand them out to people all the time: A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution: A Quantum Leap In Silver Technology: How molecular structuring safely destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast. I have about 4 of his older books: A Fighting Chance- Third Edition by Dr. Gordon Pedersen. How to Win the War Against Virus and Bacteria with Silver I highly recommend this book to add to your first aid kit and emergency preparedness stash. If we do not have access to pharmacies or doctors after a disaster or unforeseen emergency, we need other options. Just saying. I use this silver solution whenever I have been around anyone who is sick. I take it whenever I get a little run-down. Is it a miracle drug or non-drug, I don’t know. But I do know it works for me. I highly recommend this product but of course, you must do your own research and decide what works for you and your family.

I took this off of the My Doctor Suggests website and I quote:

“MyDoctotrSuggests pH Balanced Silver Solution is the next generation in silver supplement technology.

This solution is triple the strength of our normal solution. It contains 30ppm silver, and is pH balanced to optimize your body’s absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems*, all while leaving your body in it’s naturally balanced state.
Silver has been used for centuries and even recently by the likes of NASA in their shuttle water purification systems, and handheld electronic device glass producers because of its antimicrobial properties. Other companies are catching on that silver not only works, it works great!
So what sets My Doctor Suggests silver apart? Our superior silver is pH balanced for optimal health.
Having the right balance is key. And when it comes to our body’s pH levels, it can have a dramatic impact on health!

pH is a measure on a scale of 1 to 11 of how acidic (low number) or alkaline (high number) something is and our blood pH needs to maintain a slightly alkaline level (over 7) to keep us healthy. We help our bodies to maintain this pH balance by consuming more alkaline-forming products and foods and fewer acid-forming products and foods. Most all other silver solutions on the market are acidic while My Doctor Suggests maintains a truly pH balanced approach.

Now you can get all the great benefits of the immune support* from silver while not disrupting your body’s pH.

Looking for Gallon Size – Click Here

Therapeutic grade – Triple Strength.

SUGGESTED USE: Use our triple strength solution in the same quantity you would our original 10ppm solution. Recommended daily serving size is 2tsp twice daily. May double serving in times of physical crisis.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” End of quote.
Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little about my favorite silver solution. I highly recommend the products made by My Doctor Suggests LLC. Let me know if you have ever used silver, I would love to hear from you. May God bless you for being prepared for the unexpected.

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Homestead Blog Hop #67

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Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday featuring real food recipes, natural health remedies, DIY, crafts, Gardening Tips, and more...

Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop!

JAMberGUESS WHAT!!? J1 is ENGAGED!! Yes, my 2nd born, whom I have lovingly referred to as J1 here on The Blog, asked his lovely girlfriend for her hand in marriage. The date will be sometime this July. So exciting!!

Ok I had to share this life event with y’all! Some of you have been around since my early years as Crazy Homeschool Mama. You are like my cyber family.

Now on to the hop…
Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday and is for all things homesteading: real food recipes, farm animals, crafts, DIY, how-to’s, gardening, anything from-scratch, natural home/health, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, natural remedies, essential oils, & more! Basically anything related to homesteading.

Meet and Follow Your Hosts!

Homestead Blog Hop Hosts - come link up your homesteading posts every Wednesday

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Amanda – Idlewild Alaska (Facebook/Pinterest)

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Featured Posts from the Last Homestead Blog Hop

Each week we will choose three posts to feature. Each post will be shared on all social media platforms by all of the hosts! Here are the features from Last Week’s Hop:


DIY Raised Garden Beds for Under $30 - Featured on the Homestead Blog Hop

1. DIY Super Easy Raised Garden Bed for under $30 from The Cape Coop 

Canning Recipe: Homemade Apple Cider - Featured on the Homestead Blog Hop

2. Canning Recipe: Homemade Apple Cider from Taylor Made Homestead 

All About Grass Fed Beef - Featured on the Homestead Blog Hop

3. All About Grass Fed Beef from The Rustic Elk

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Homestead Blog Hop every Wednesday featuring real food recipes, natural health remedies, DIY, crafts, Gardening Tips, and more...

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Do you need Essential Oils of your own?
You can send me an e-mail and I will personally assist
you in choosing the best oils to fit your needs.
Please use discretion if using oils.
I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat what ails ya.
I can just give my advice. Essential Oils have yet to be
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CPS Kidnaps Veteran’s 5 Kids Because He Used LEGAL Medical Marijuana

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CPS Kidnaps Veteran’s 5 Kids Because He Used LEGAL Medical Marijuana

Two of Raymond Schwab’s five children. Image source: YouTube

The state of Kansas took a veteran’s children because he was using legal medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) he developed while serving his country in uniform.

“They’re basically using my kids as a pawn to take away freedoms I fought for,” Raymond Schwab, the father and a Navy veteran, told The Denver Post. “It’s a horrible position to put me in.”

Schwab’s ordeal began when he and his wife were preparing for a move from Kansas to Colorado for his job, and his mother-in-law took their five children (ages 5 to 16) to a police station. She says she now regrets doing it, the newspaper said.

Medical marijuana is illegal in Kansas even though it is widely available just across the state line in Colorado. Schwab already had a medicinal marijuana card from when he previously lived in the state.

New “Survival Herb Bank” Gives You Access to God’s Amazing Medicine Chest

Police turned the kids over to social workers, who took custody of the kids. The state kept custody of the children even though allegations of emotional abuse against Schwab – a Gulf War veteran — were found to be unsubstantiated.

When Schwab tried to get the kids back, a judge ordered that he and his wife, Amelia, give up marijuana for four months and undergo urinalysis tests to confirm they were drug free. That meant Schwab would have to go back on VA-prescribed pain relievers he claims had destroyed his life. Marijuana, he said, has been more effective in treating his symptoms than traditional drugs.

Story continues below video

Schwab tried to go off marijuana even though he thinks his conditions will worsen without marijuana. Despite that, Schwab still does not have the kids back and has only seen them three times, The Post reported. The children are still in a state foster home, the newspaper reported.

Honorably Discharged Veteran

Schwab is an honorably discharged Navy veteran who served in the Navy during the 1990s. He was certified 50 percent disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and prescribed a variety of drugs, including pain relievers, muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Fast, All-Natural Pain Relief With No Nasty Side Effects!

He says the VA drugs made him worse and led to a heroin addiction he overcame with cannabis therapy.

Schwab is not the only out-of-state resident who lost children to Kansas authorities due to medical marijuana. Amber Thurmond believes she lost custody of her 9-year-old daughter because of her advocacy for medical marijuana, Off The Grid News reported.

Another mom, Shona Banda, lost custody of her son after the boy mentioned at school that she used medical marijuana.

Schwab this month testified before a Kansas state Senate committee on behalf of a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

Do you believe Schwab and his wife should be given their children? Do you support medicinal marijuana? Share your thoughts in the section below:

Harness The Power Of Nature’s Most Remarkable Healer: Vinegar

Is the Food Saver Worth It for Apartment Dwellers?

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Avoiding food waste is one of our goals in our household and it is always a challenge. At the same time, living in a small space makes me evaluate whether an item or gadget is worthwhile to have while using up precious counter space.

When Apt Prepper Daughter got a FoodSaver for Christmas, I was excited for her to try it.

She did the most basic test to see whether meat frozen in a FoodSaver pack would last longer than meat that was frozen in a zip lock bag.

The meat tested was fresh ground beef. Continue reading

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Take the Frustration Out of Chopping Firewood With This Quick Tip

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firewoodNobody ever said chopping firewood is easy. If anything, that’s what makes it so satisfying. It takes skill, precision, and endurance to build up enough firewood to last all winter, and being able to accomplish that is rewarding to say the least. Still, it’s a task that should never be more difficult than it needs to be. Any tip or trick you can find is fair game.

One of the simplest things you can do is to find a way to keep the log together as you chop it. Otherwise, every successful chop you make will mean having to bend down to pick up the pieces and adjust the log. It will also help you steady those uneven logs that simply refuse to remain standing on their own.

Probably the most popular way to do this, involves nothing more than one or two car tires.

Alternatively, a chain and a rubber bungee cord can also help you keep the log together.

In that guy’s case, it probably also helped that he had a really high quality wood splitting axe. Nonetheless, both of these methods are pretty useful for making your firewood chopping session a little shorter, and a lot less tedious.

Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Do You Have the Skills to Survive a Depression?

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depressionAnswer yes or no to the following questions:

Easy skills level: 

  1. Do you know how to sew on a button?
  2. Do you know how to use an oil lamp?
  3. Do you know how to boil an egg?
  4. Do you know how to ride a bike?
  5. Do you know how to keep houseplants alive?

If you answered yes to all 5 move on to the next level.

Medium skills level:

  1. Do you know how to cut up a whole chicken?
  2. Do you know how to hem or fix a rip in clothing?
  3. Do you have a stocked first aid kit in your home?
  4. Do you know how to build and maintain a fire?
  5. Do you know how to cook and season dried beans?

If you answered yes to any of the 5, move on to the next level.

Hard skills level:

  1. Do you know how to grown your own vegetables?
  2. Do you know how to use a pattern and sew your own clothes?
  3. Do you know how to can fruits and vegetables?
  4. Do you know how to start a fire without matches?
  5. Do you know how to raise chickens?
  6. Do you have a fully prepared emergency kit in your home?
  7. Do you own and know how to use a gun?
  8. Do you or does someone in the home know how to fish and hunt?
  9. Do you have a well-stocked pantry?
  10. Do you know how to make a quilt?
  11. Do you know how to bake bread from scratch?
  12. Do you know CPR and basic first aid skills?
  13. Do you have the physical ability to ride a bike?
  14. Do you know how to purify water for drinking?
  15. Do you know how to cook in a dutch oven with charcoal?

If you answered yes to all in this level, congratulations! You will survive. If you passed the easy and medium levels but failed the hard level not to worry. You are teachable. A Boy Scout learns 99% of these skills!

Contributed by Lisa Todd

Knives with Battle Horse Knives!

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Knives with Battle Horse Knives!
Josh “7P’s of Survival

KnivesThis Show is all about knives! We will have Dan Coppins the owner of Battle HorseKnives on the show to talk about some of his great knives and outdoor gear. We will be covering how he got into knife making, A company history and explanation of the makers marks you may see, the knife making process, how you can witness and learn the process first hand, The Pathfinder Series of Knives, The brand new and highly innovative tree frog knife, spotlight several products that I love but you may not have heard of and then close the night learning about some of the future plans for Battle Horse Knives!

For those who may not know Battle Horse Knives (formerly Blind Horse Knives when Dan and L.T. Wright were partners) is based out of Ohio and offers 100% made in the USA products that are among the best quality in the world. BHK is without a doubt one of my favorite knife makers and I often carry their PLSK1 for hunting season and their Short Trail neck knife is with me regardless of where I’m at in the world. BHK is a family owned business, if not by blood, then by Christ.  They have enjoyed serving their customers since 2007 by building high quality, handcrafted knives at a fair price.  BHK is so sure you will love their knives that they back it with a lifetime repair, replacement or refund policy. Their replacement policy will cover any manufacturer defect or normal wear and tear (Blind Horse Knives can be returned to L.T. Wright Knives or BHK for Warranty Service).

So what are some of those great products that Battle Horse Knives puts out that I love so much?

The Pathfinder Series of Knives: This series of knives is without a doubt among the best on the market for long-term self-reliance. The PLSK1 paired with the PLSK2 are a tandem that are very hard to beat for a long-term kit.

1-26-16 tree frog (3)Tree Frog: This new folding knife is one of the most innovative knives to come to the outdoor knife market in a very long time, A folding backup knife that can be used to baton wood with if needed. This knife is the monthly special and is on sale for $170.00 right now. If you haven’t seen it in action you can find a review by Dave Canterbury on his YouTube channel where he makes a bow drill set and batons some poplar with this knife.

Spear Point: I haven’t got to use this product yet but have a friend who has one and spears by it as a backup strapped to the back of his PLSK1. I love the utility of the design, its many uses and the fact that it can sit behind your primary knife and you will barley know it’s there until you need it.

Annual Renegade Program:BHK offers this unique program in which for $25.00 annually you get 10% off each regular priced project, a collectors badge, entered into a monthly drawing to win knives and gear, option to test out knives in pass-a-round program, buy knives not offered to the public, invitation to outings and free admission to The Battle of the Blades Knife Show.
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