Reader Questions: Red Dot CO Witness?

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Morning Ryan, 

Do you know much about red dot optics?  I bought a Vortex SPARC II for an AK SBR. Im not sure if I should co-witness the dot to the front sight or use the higher mount so all I see through the optic is the dot.

The front quadrail also looks to be a few degrees off of a straight alignment with the rear and front sights. Will I be able to correct this with the windage and elevation or should I take the rail off and try to reinstall to get everything square?

Thank you for your time.
Ryan here: I have used Aimpoints plenty at work.  You want to co witness the red dot and the iron sights or at least aproximately so. Basically you need to be able to see the iron sights and the red dot at the same time. This article pretty much explains it. People talk about absolute co witness or 1/3rd co witness or whatever. I do not really care about that. For the sake of this discussion if you can see both the iron sights and the red dot it is co witness.
I believe in co witness for two reasons.
First is ergonomics and muscle memory (which they now say is not a thing but whatever). Rifle goes into the pocket of the shoulder then up to cheek to stock and the eye acquires the sights. I want to put my face on the same part of the stock and see the sights every time. If a scope was mounted high enough to clear the AK’s front sight the whole thing would be off.
Second on the off chance the red dot fails (out of battery power or whatever) I want to be able to see my sights and thus just keep shooting. 
If the rail is way off I would mess with it but otherwise just adjust the red dot. It should have plenty of adjustment range to cancel out a few degrees of cant.
Hope that helps,