Good News From”Further South”

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Dateline: 15 May 2016
For those who don’t already know, David the Good and family, formerly of Florida, have left America. David revealed this in his Blog Post a couple days ago. As explained in the short YouTube video above, they are renting a cocoa farm at “an undisclosed location near the equator.”  

Those who have read this blog for awhile know that I’ve mentioned David several times. We “met” back in 2013 when he purchased a Whizbang Wheel Hoe kit from me and reviewed it at his blog. Later, when I came out with my Classic American Clothespins, David bought some and reviewed them too (Here is the Review Link).

And David is, like me, a self-published gardening book author (see his books Here). He also has a slightly zany sense of humor that is frequently manifested in some of his YouTube Videos. For the most part, I get the humor and appreciate it. 

When you move your family from Florida to a cocoa farm in an undisclosed location near the equator, taking all your stuff can be expensive. So you just don’t take all your stuff. You take only the most essential and valued items. Which means, of course, that if you are a “survival gardener” you take your Whizbang wheel hoe, and I was very pleased to hear that is exactly what David has done. 

At this point, I don’t know if the clothespins and David’s Planet Whizbang Hat were deemed necessary and worthy enough to make the journey.

Now, as I pondered this move, it occurred to me that David would have at least one problem moving to an undisclosed location near the equator. That problem being that his blog is titled Florida Survival Gardening

But I just looked, and it’s now titled The Survival Gardener. So I guess that little problem is solved.

David and family (his wife and a number of children) are among a growing number of American expatriates. It’s an exciting idea to consider, and I wish this family all the best in their new tropical homestead.


P.S. I’ve been privileged to know about this planned exodus for some time, and I actually know where the undisclosed location near the equator is. But I’ve been told it is Top Secret (for now), and I’m very good at keeping a secret.  

Who knows… I might want to head down there myself someday. Wouldn’t that be something! And I’ll change the name of this blog to The Deliberate Tropical Agrarian.