Uninvited guests

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They are back,  the uninvited guests who arrive as soon as the weather turns warm enough. I’m talking about bugs,  insects and arachnids.  In the last few weeks we are killing 2 and 3 kissing bugs each night,  fortunately they aren’t making it inside the SkyCastle,  but it’s not for lack of trying on their part.

They arrive after dark,  when you are asleep,  they are over an I checked long,  crawl up to your face and suck your blood. Think of a giant mosquito with a beetle body…

They carry and spread Chagas,  a parasite that causes a chronic disease that slowly eats holes in your heart and lungs,  eventually leading to death.

I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge about these insert to,  especially here in west Texas,  I tell my neighbors about them and they seem oblivious,  I suppose it’s mainly because these are nocturnal creatures that are rarely if ever seen during the day.

The other creatures that invade in warmer weather are the ants, spiders, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks…  It’s just a matter of knowing when to expect them and how to make it inhospitable for them.

What creepy crawlies do you deal with and what do you do about it?

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Tuberculosis is reemerging as a major health threat in the US

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Following up to my previous articles on antibiotic resistant bacteria, Tuberculosis (TB) has reemerged as one of the major antibiotic resistant disease threats to the public.  TB in particular is

Homemade Healing Boo Boo Cream

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Homemade Healing Boo Boo Cream Knowing how to make your own Neosporin like boo boo cream is a great skill to have. This recipe is a great natural alternative and cheap and easy to make. This homemade ointment consists of powerful essential oils, herbs and beeswax that quickly address pain and stinging while reducing the …

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As I sit here tonight in central Ky, I think about the horrible tragedy that happened in Orlando, 50 people killed and 53 more hurt. All I see is hatred and bigotry coming from a lot of people,
instead of us all pulling together, like we should to help the families that this tragedy has be fallen.

One news source has people that were happy about the tragedy. While other news sources call for more gun control. In my opinion gun free zones do nothing but create target rich environments for these lunatics.

Aurora, Co the the shooter passed 2 movie theaters that allowed concealed carry to get to the one that didn’t allow conceal carry. That is the one he shot up.
The guy from the Orlando shooting targeted a gun free zone only 2 people in the building had guns and one was shot first. Had other bar patrons been armed this would have gone down differently.

I am a firm believer that everyone should serve 2 years in one of the military branches and learn how properly use a firearm. All the mass shooting take place in gun free zones. You do not see these lunatics walking into places where people are armed and ready to shoot back. There have been a few that have tried that and it ended horribly.

My family and I avoid gun free zones because those places have more crime than areas that allow open or concealed carry. These type of attacks are carried out by lunatics that will stop at nothing to accomplish what they have set out to do regardless of the weapon they use to do it.
Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer and diesel fuel in Oklahoma city. The Boston city bombing was done by propane tanks with shrapnel attached to it. There have multiple stabbing by crazed knife wielding lunatics. Had someone been armed and ready to defend those that are around them then things might go differently.

The crime rates in areas that have gun free zones is higher than in areas that have people that conceal carry or open carry. The simple fact remains if you want to keep your family safe seek proper training on firearms and stay away from gun free zones.


Written by Red Lewis.


Why Learning a Different Language Can Improve Your Survivability

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 Learning a foreign language (or several foreign languages) will give you and your family a distinct advantage when the SHTF.  A foreign language is akin to medicine in many regards.  You keep the medicine with you or nearby in case you need it.  The same thing applies to the ability to speak a foreign language.

Your location can determine which language to learn

First let’s ask the question, “Where do you live?”  I’ll give you a good example.  Here in Montana, being next to the Canadian border the ability to speak French has its advantages.  This is in relation both when traveling to Canada or when Canadians visit here.  Yes, it is English that we speak here; however, knowing that it is still an advantage when you use your intelligence to form contacts and interact with others.

That being said, perhaps you may live in upstate New York, or one of the Great Lakes states, and have business interests in Canada or contacts among the Canadians.  French can be a very valuable tool for you.  Not to mention the fact that you will also be able to interact with many Europeans from a conversational perspective who speak French and not English.

Then there are Americans who live on the border with Mexico.  Spanish is encountered constantly in states such as Texas, New Mexico, and California.  Spanish is the key to interaction in many instances in daily life.  If you’ll notice I mentioned all of this in the context of normal, everyday relations.  But what if everything “goes South” and the SHTF?

You may wish to know some Spanish not only to gain a heads up on what is happening with the influx of the drug cartels and illegal aliens, but what if the Cubans and Nicaraguans (both Communist) participate in an invasion of the United States?  Arming yourself with Spanish can be a great help, from a military perspective and from a perspective of defending and surviving such an invasion.  The same with French.

Other languages to consider: Russian, Chinese, and German.  NATO forces use the latter language highly, and the former two are of countries that it is very possible will participate in an invasion of the United States when it hits the fan.  Now be advised, fluency is a goal, but you can arm yourself with conversational phrases and everyday speech and work your way up.

Berlitz used to put out a ton of different language guides…some of these books with multiple languages in one volume…to help with everyday speech.  It can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.  If there is a medical emergency, or if you must convince someone pointing a weapon at you that you’re not a terrorist…there is always a situation that you may come to rely upon a language.  The best thing you can acquire is some sort of tutor, such as a private instructor or a course in a community college.  Augment this with self-study.

There are tapes/dvd’s, and online courses available.  You also have “Google Translator” to be able to compose letters and help you to study.  Remember: it is just as important to arm yourself with knowledge as it is to amass an entire warehouse of supplies.  Barter is another area that bears mentioning with regard to learning a foreign language.  You have a good supply of dried fish and canned fruit, and some Mexican traders (post SHTF) have a herd of goats.  It would really behoove you to make an inroad with them in their own language.  Also, it tells them they might not be able to put the screws to you and cheat you if they know you understand their language.

Think tactically in all matters

Language is not only a tool: it is a weapon, both defensive and/or offensive.  In the original “Red Dawn” movie, the Spanish kid that was one of the “Wolverines” snuck into the Russian and Cuban camp in a Cuban uniform and yelled out that the Wolverines were attacking, throwing many into pandemonium.  Then he leaped into a fighting position and went to town on them with a machine gun.  His action was diversionary, to confuse, and it was effective.

Do what you can and develop one or two languages so you can at least carry on a basic conversation.  It can do nothing but help.

                                  PELLEGRO – MINAS!

If you should see a sign posted by invading Cuban troops that reads as above?  It’s not San Pellegrino Mineral Water from Italy for sale.  Those words mean, “Danger – Mines!”  The kind of mines that explode.  Arm yourself and defend yourself by picking up a foreign language.  It is an investment that is long-term, and the benefits may not be realized, until you need it that one, critical time.  It can mean the difference between success or failure, in many ways.  Keep fighting the good fight, and good luck with your studies!  JJ out.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

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How To Make The Best Apple Cider Vinegar Ever

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How To Make The Best Apple Cider Vinegar Ever I love turning trash into treasure, and this apple cider vinegar recipe is an example of that. When I saw this method for making vinegar in Anne Simpson’s book, Your Grocery Budget Toolbox, I knew I wanted to try it. Apple cider vinegar has so many uses, …

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How To Can Food Without Electricity

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How To Can Food Without Electricity Canning is a safe sure way of having food after any disaster. Canning is fun and a great family night spent preparing. I call canning my insurance for the future, Now, if SHTF how can you carry on canning? There is no electricity or gas? Growing a garden, hunting …

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The Survival Guide To Long Term Food Storage

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The Survival Guide To Long Term Food Storage These are troubling times indeed with economic, climatic, and social upheavals and wild gyrations of every type in every corner of our planet. One of the most important factors towards this type of preparation is to ensure that there is an adequate food supply to last out …

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Don’t Purchase a Generator With Out Reading This First

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Don’t Purchase a Generator With Out Reading This First Electricity is what today’s world practically lives on. While it is not necessary towards survival, it is present in things that we use daily, including the lights we turn on to brighten a room and the refrigerators we use to keep our food cold and from …

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally Fleas are a pain in the butt. If you’ve noticed that you are getting more and more fleas around the house, but don’t want chemicals on your pet or in your abode, here are some less harsh ways to combat fleas. Stop using the chemicals, make your own.. In order to get …

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Multi-Day Severe Weather Outbreak to Target Central US

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By Becky Elliott AccuWeather

A dangerous, multiple-day severe weather event will continue to unfold across the part of the central United States into midweek.

Following the first significant heat wave of the season across the Plains and Mississippi Valley, hot conditions and high humidity will give way to downpours and powerful thunderstorms across a large portion of the region.

The greatest threat from the storms will be from damaging wind gusts and large hail. However, a small number of storms could produce a tornado and flash flooding.

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Volcanic Activity Worldwide: Monday June 13, 2016

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Mushroom cloud from Popocatépetl volcano yesterday (CENAPRED webcam)

Source: Volcano Discovery

Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): The activity of the volcano has become more intense during the past days. Several ash plumes were detected by Tokyo VAAC and blight glow is intermittently visible on the webcam.
Most likely, the volcano has started another phase of intense, intermittent strombolian explosions.

Semeru (East Java, Indonesia): Access to the mountain was closed after a 26 year-old Swiss climber has been missing for 10 days now since he climbed the volcano on 3 June.
The young man who climbed the volcano without a guide was reported missing by a travel companion who had been in a different location for a few days and could notice his absence only 3 days later. Despite intense efforts, local search-and-rescue teams have so far been unsuccessful to locate the young man. It can only be speculated about his fate, but chances of his survival seem dwindling.
The most likely causes for the accident are lost orientation on the mountain during ascent or descent, or perhaps falling into one of the difficult-to-access steep ravines draining on the volcano’s steep slopes.

Suretamatai (Banks Islands, Vanuatu): The alert level of the volcano (also known as Vanua Lava) was recently raised a notch from 0 to 1 (on a scale of 0-4). No details about volcanic unrest are available, but presumably, the Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory recorded elevated seismic activity from the volcano.
Residents and tourists are reminded to stay outside of areas near the crater and in particular avoid the Sulfur River (E flank) were there is a high risk of volcanic gas emissions.

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): A moderately strong vulcanian explosion occurred yesterday morning at 11:17 local time, producing a mushroom-shaped ash plume that rose approx. 3 km above the summit and dispersed in westerly directions.
Today, the volcano has been mostly calm with only minor emissions mainly of steam and gas.
The activity of the volcano itself has been very stable over the past months and at overall low to medium levels only; while lava is slowly accumulating in the summit crater, this growth of the lava dome is occasionally interrupted by explosions such as this one.

Currently erupting:

Ambrym (Vanuatu): active lava lakes in several craters (updated 13 May 2016)
Aso (central Kyushu, Japan): degassing, sporadic steam / ash explosions (updated 8 Mar 2016)
Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea): intermittent mild ash emissions (updated 23 May 2016)
Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia): strombolian explosions, ash plumes up to 500 m, extrusion of a small lava dome with rockfalls (updated 28 Nov 2015)
Bristol Island (United Kingdom, South Sandwich Is): new eruption since late April 2016 (updated 23 May 2016)
Chikurachki (Paramushir Island): new eruption since end of March 2016 (updated 31 Mar 2016)
Colima (Western Mexico): intermittent mild to moderate explosions (updated 20 May 2016)
Copahue (Chile/Argentina): seismic unrest, occasional ash venting (updated 22 Mar 2016)
Dukono (Halmahera): mild strombolian activity, continuous intense ash emissions (updated 23 May 2016)
Erebus (Antarctica): active lava lake in summit crater (updated 8 Dec 2014)
Erta Ale (Danakil depression, Ethiopia): overflowing lava lake (updated 2 Mar 2016)
Etna (Sicily, Italy): weak, dilute ash emissions from NE crater (updated 19 Apr 2014)
Fuego (Guatemala): lava flows on S and W flanks, lava fountaining from summit vent (updated 23 May 2016)
Ibu (Halmahera, Indonesia): stromolian and phreatomagmatic explosions (updated 29 Oct 2015)
Karymsky (Kamchatka): occasional small explosions, thermal anomaly (updated 5 May 2016)
Kerinci (Sumatra): intermittent ash emissions (updated 1 May 2016)
Kilauea (Hawai’i): new lava flow from vents on NE flank of Pu’u ‘O’o (updated 28 Apr 2015)
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): mild strombolian activity in summit crater (updated 27 Apr 2016)
Langila (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): ash emissions (updated 13 May 2016)
Masaya (Nicaragua): active lava lake ini summit crater (updated 6 May 2016)
Momotombo (Nicaragua): intermittent vulcanian explosions (updated 29 Mar 2016)
Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia): intermittent mild to moderate ash emissions (updated 23 May 2016)
Nyiragongo (DRCongo): new vent on crater floor (updated 8 Mar 2016)
Ol Doinyo Lengai (Tanzania): effusion of natrocarbonatite lava inside the crater (updated 8 Jul 2013)
Pacaya (Guatemala): intense spattering from intra-crater cone (updated 29 Mar 2016)
Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): degassing, sporadic explosions, slowly growing lava dome (updated 20 Apr 2016)
Rabaul (Tavurvur) (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): lava fountains, ash emissions from Tavurvur cone (updated 12 Sep 2014)
Reventador (Ecuador): lava flow on SW flank (updated 24 Feb 2016)
Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): sporadic vulcanian explosions from Minamidake and Showa crater (updated 20 May 2016)
Sangay (Ecuador): mild strombolian activity in summit crater (updated 20 May 2016)
Santiaguito (Guatemala): intermittent strong explosions from growing Caliente dome (updated 23 May 2016)
Semeru (East Java, Indonesia): growing lava dome, lava flow, strombolian activity (updated 14 Feb 2016)
Shiveluch (Kamchatka): growing lava dome (updated 9 May 2016)
Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia): continuing pyroclastic flows (updated 22 May 2016)
Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): weak, intermittent strombolian explosions (updated 23 May 2016)
Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): strombolian explosions in Ontake crater (updated 20 Apr 2016)
Tungurahua (Ecuador): large and frequent explosions, ash columns rising several km (updated 9 Mar 2016)
Turrialba (Costa Rica): near-continuous ash emissions, explosions with ash plumes up to 3-4 km height (updated 23 May 2016)
Ubinas (Peru): sporadic vulcanian explosions (updated 16 Jan 2016)
Villarrica (Central Chile): lava lake in summit crater, spattering, strombolian explosions (updated 4 Apr 2016)
Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu): ash emissions, weak strombolian explosions (updated 13 Nov 2015)
Zhupanovsky (Kamchatka, Russia): steaming / degassing (updated 31 Mar 2016)

More continued coverage and updates at Volcano Discovery: Volcanic Activity Worldwide 

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Most Recent Earthquakes World-Wide: Monday June 13, 2016

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Source: Volcano Discovery

Earthquake list: past 24 hours (only M>=2.5) (129 quakes)

Updated: Mon, 13 Jun 22:02 UTC (GMT)

Time Mag. / Depth Nearest volcano (distance) Location Map Source
Mon, 13 Jun (113 earthquakes)
Mon, 13 Jun 20:49 UTC M 2.6 / 7 km – [info] (391 km) SOUTHERN IRAN


Mon, 13 Jun 20:44 UTC M 2.6 / 36 km – [info] (224 km) OFFSHORE ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE


Mon, 13 Jun 20:43 UTC M 2.5 / 7.1 km – [info] Kuju (12 km) NE KUMAMOTO PREF


Mon, 13 Jun 20:41 UTC M 2.6 / 11.4 km – [info] San Cristobal (16 km) Nicaragua


Mon, 13 Jun 19:17 UTC M 2.7 / 13.4 km – [info] (152 km) 14 Km WNW from Alonissos


Mon, 13 Jun 18:59 UTC M 2.6 / 12 km – [info] (83 km) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA


Mon, 13 Jun 18:47 UTC M 3.1 / 25.2 km – [info] (49 km) New Zealand


Mon, 13 Jun 18:31 UTC M 3.9 / 130 km – [info] Morne Watt (16 km) – West Indies, Dominica 3.9 DOMINICA REGION, LEEWARD ISLANDS


Mon, 13 Jun 18:17 UTC M 4.1 / 45.5 km – [info] (104 km) KINKAZAN REGION


Mon, 13 Jun 17:59 UTC M 4.5 / 76.2 km – [info] (283 km) – 291km N of Tobelo, Indonesia


Mon, 13 Jun 17:58 UTC M 4.8 / 14 km – [info] (311 km) North of Halmahera, Indonesia


Mon, 13 Jun 17:41 UTC M 5.0 / 10 km – [info] (1487 km) WESTERN INDIAN-ANTARCTIC RIDGE


Mon, 13 Jun 17:36 UTC M 3.0 / 130.3 km – [info] Aucanquilcha (27 km) 39 km al SO de Ollagüe


GUG (U. Chile)
Mon, 13 Jun 17:20 UTC M 2.7 / 10 km – [info] (505 km) 16 km of Bojnord, North Khorasan



More continued coverage at Volcano Discovery: Global Earthquake Monitor – Map & List of Recent Quakes World-Wide


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Can on a biomass stove? Sure – Check out the SilverFire Super Dragon stove

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Is it possible to can food on a biomass stove? Cooking for a lot of people and want to use a biomass stove? Check out this latest SilverFire biomass stove – it can answer both these questions.

by Leon Pantenburg

SilverFire is a SurvivalCommonSense.com sponsor. I was not paid to do this review.

“What about canning on a biomass stove? Can the heat be regulated well enough to use a pressure canner?”

This question has come up frequently. I used to say “no” because regulating the heat on a biomass stove was an iffy proposition. And with standard biomass stoves, the constant fuel feeding would be a really tedious chore.

This SilverFire forced air stove can regulate cooking heat very effectively.

This SilverFire forced air stove can regulate cooking heat very effectively.

But this latest innovation from SilverFire will change all that.

Biomass stoves are the wave of the future, IMHO. They are fueled with biomass materials, and produce intense cooking heat. The advantage over other types of stoves is that they operate on twigs, wood chips, small sticks and virtually any form of organic material. The downside is that many biomass stoves require almost constant fuel feeding, and the cooking temperature varies quickly with the fuel intake.

I stopped by the SilverFire booth at the June Mother Earth News Preparedness Expo in Albany, Oregon in June. I  found the company had addressed the canning issue with their newest stove, the SilverFire®Super Dragon with Pulse Width Modulater Fan Speed Control.

Several stoves were set up and working. I am familiar with the whole product line, and use them regularly. The SilverFire Scout® is my stove/cooking setup for backpacking – provided there are no fire closures in the area. My Survivor® is another winner.

I’ve used the Dragon Pot® extensively on Boy Scout campouts, and find it works well even when the temperatures are in the single digits. (Check out these SilverFire video product reviews.)

But the Super Dragon may top all these. It kicks out heat like a blow torch, and the output can be regulated with the twist of a dial from simmer to too damned hot.

Here’s some of the nuts and bolts about the Super Dragon:

The Super Dragon is a top lit updraft gasifier. It is simple to operate.  Insert vertical positioned fuel into the combustion chamber; next place a little tinder on top and light.  To fine tune the  flame adjust the primary and secondary air control knob on the stove.  These regulate air flow through mechanical orifices, designed in the fan housing.

This system works really well in all the SilverFire toploaders.

There are no electronic parts to fail, except possibly the commonly-available and durable 12V (0.48A) blower fan.  Super Dragon’s operate somewhat like a LPG gas stoves.

An off grid product should work without electricity, IMHO. The more gadgets and doodads added, the more complicated the item becomes, and more prone to failure. So I was curious to see how this forced air  fan could be powered.

Todd Albi demonstrates the SilverFire Scout at the Mother Earth News Preparedness Expo.

Todd Albi demonstrates the SilverFire Scout at the Mother Earth News Preparedness Expo.

Todd Albi, owner and designer of the SilverFire line of  biomass stoves, said the Super Dragon came about because people wanted more control over the heat output, and needed a way to regulate temperatures. They also needed high, sustained heat. This heat had to be accurate enough to work with a pressure canner.

This issue was solved with a fan powered with 110-volt AC adaptor that comes with every stove, a concentrator ring, and a cast iron trivet with pot supports.  This stove is designed for large volume pots, not a small pot.

The Speed Pulse Width Modulater (fan) is included with the Super Dragon stove for accurate heat control for canning, and low power cooking for delicate cooking (pancakes, crepes, eggs,  etc…).  Just plug in the PWM into the Super Dragon fan housing, add power cord and the dial control will allow you to set the fan speed at what ever setting you need.

In addition to the AV/DC option, the small fan easily runs off any 12 volt DC battery pack or small portable solar panel.

This solar panel easily powered the Super Dragon electric fan.

This solar panel easily powered the Super Dragon’s electric fan.

Albi was running the stove with the fan powered by a solar panel from Harbor Freight. The fan has a 12 volt input, meaning, it could be run off virtually any motorcycle, truck, forklift etc. battery. And Albi claims that means the stove fan could run almost indefinitely.

“The fan only draws three watts. The dome light on a truck pulls 12 watts,” Albi said. “You could get years of use off one forklift battery.”

The Super Dragon is easy to light, easily adjusted, lightweight, and cooks very rapidly.  Thin tight packed fuel produces a very rapid boil.  If you want to slow the cooking process down (e.g. slow cooking with cast iron) add thicker, dense fuel into the combustion chamber.

Dense material takes longer to burn, and is ideal for slow cooking on the charcoal ember selection setting.  Combustion in the Super Dragon produces minimal emissions, if using dry fuel.  The only residue left is minute fine ash, due to the efficient combustion.

I like the SilverFire line of products, and have recommended them for a variety of uses. For the prepper or preparedness types, who want the ability to can food when the power goes off, this is a really good investment.

Also, IMO, a good biomass-powered stove should be in every preparedness kit. The SilverFire Super Dragon is a good choice.

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Are You Making This Mistake in Self-Reliance?

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When I lived in an apartment in the city I often caught myself romanticizing self-reliance.

When I thought about my future self-reliant life I saw myself growing potatoes, storing them in a root cellar, and restoring my house to old-style appliances, lamps, and so on.

The reality is that both potatoes and the root cellar are fairly new to this country in the large scheme of things.

The potato was brought to Sweden around 1655, but did not see widespread adoption until the 1800’s when agronomist Eva De la Gardie figured out potatoes could be used to make moonshine. After that discovery, all of a sudden Swedish farmers got busy planting potatoes.

The root cellar has a history going back to at least the 1400’s in Sweden, but most root cellars still standing today were built in the early 1800’s after large land reforms.

As for electrics, plumbing and so on, this house was built in the year 1900 but didn’t get running water or toilets until the 1960’s.

So what’s the point in trying to restore the house to a certain decade, or turn my way of living back to a certain century?

My point is that there is no “perfect” time period we can turn back time to and live happily ever after. It does not make sense to focus on a certain period, whether it’s the “homesteading”-era or the hunter-gatherer era. All there is to history is generations of people who have tried to survive and live good lives the best way they could.

I don’t think our time is any different.

I pursue self-reliance in the country side because I think it can give me a more fulfilling life than working a 9-5 job in the city for the rest of my life.

Make no mistake, self-reliance is hard work. It was even harder 200 years ago, but it’s still hard. I “work” more hours than most employees, but it’s way more fulfilling than flipping burgers or shuffling paper. And I invest all this time in building natural and resilient systems of production so I don’t have to work as hard 20 years from now.

I do think there’s no better time for people who want to build their self-reliance. Compared to homo sapiens 40,000 years ago we now know a lot more about growing lots of food in a small space. Sure we’ve also forgotten many things, but overall the expansion of knowledge in just the past couple of decades is mind blowing.

I think the key to building your self-reliance in the 21st century is taking advantage of appropriate technology.

Something else that’s important is to keep an open mind. Don’t disregard solutions just because they’re old. We’re by no means at the height of human civilization, and sometimes moving forward means taking a step back.

“It is vital to ask questions for which no answers are available, otherwise we might be tempted to dismiss 60,000 of 70,000 years of human history with the excuse that ‘the people who lived back then did nothing of importance”. – Sapiens

Never stop asking questions, and steer away from the mistake of romanticizing self-reliance, or a certain era of self-reliance. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Cover photo: Lane Pearman. CC-BY 2.0

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Trying Out Some New Food Storage

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Got this in the mail today. Got this Emergency Preparedness Entree Meal Samples – 16 Large Servings – 4 Lbs – Prepper Freeze Dried Food Storage – Hiking / Backpacking / Camping / Doomsday Survival Supply so that I can try it out and see if I want to order a larger supply. Great way to see if you are going to like something. The Beef Stroganoff is very good. So that is a yes. We will try the other flavors over the next few days.

15 Healthy & Frugal Uses for Witch Hazel GIVEAWAY!

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uses for witch hazelYou know how almost everyone has that one thing they swear by? Sometimes it’s a remedy, or a recipe, or an herb. My great-grandmother used to have a bottle of witch hazel in the medicine cabinet of her tiny mobile home bathroom. Myself, I tend to swear by lavender and rose essential oils for most of my aches and pains. If you have those two things, you will basically live forever. (Kidding.)

However, I may now have to expand my list to three sacred items, and thanks to Nana, this product wasn’t exactly a stranger.

A few weeks ago, I was gifted a big bottle of Dickinson’s Deep Cleansing Astringent, enhanced with witch hazel. I tried it almost as soon as I got home, and I loved how clean and fresh it made my face feel, and it smelled awesome, too! But what really intrigued me was the inclusion of witch hazel in the formula. I hardly even knew what it was, but found that witch hazel is actually a fascinating and versatile medicinal herb.

After much research, I have put together this list of wonderful (and surprising) uses for witch hazel in a variety of ways!

Uses for Witch Hazel

  1. It’s wonderful skin food! It can shrink your pores, reduce acne, and help with oily skin. You can also make your own facial toners, cleansers, and astringents with this herb as a base.
  2. Rub witch hazel into your scalp for a natural dandruff treatment.
  3. Use it as a remedy to reduce spider veins.
  4. Soothe diaper rash in infants. Simply use a cotton ball to apply witch hazel to the affected area. Apply to a very tiny area first and watch for any negative reaction.
  5. Witch hazel can help reduce sunburn. Witch hazel contains anti-inflammatory properties, so applying it will not only soothe your skin, it will also assist in preventing skin peeling.
  6. Drink a tea made with witch hazel to heal a sore throat.
  7. Disinfect open wounds. This can be applied to both people and animals!
  8. Use for tick removal. Not just for pets, but adults and children as well. Putting a few drops of witch hazel on the tick will help to loosen it’s grip on the skin.
  9. Witch hazel can act as a flea repellent. There are several recipes online for using witch hazel to repel fleas from infesting your life.
  10. Makeup remover. Mix up your own natural makeup remover with this herb. It’s ultra frugal, too!
  11. Prevent razor burn with witch hazel!
  12. DIY floor cleaner. I already make my own cleaner for when I mop my kitchen floors, and now I’m definitely going to add witch hazel to the mix next time! The solvents in the witch hazel are great for getting up tough stains and residue.
  13. Homemade natural deodorant. Yep. There are tons and tons of recipes on Pinterst for DIY deodorants with witch hazel, although a spritz of witch hazel on each armpit is effective on its own for many people.
  14. Witch hazel can reduce bruises and swelling. Keep a small bottle in your first aid kit.
  15. Make a bug spray with witch hazel and other essential oils to keep away mosquitoes. If this doesn’t work, witch hazel is also good for reducing the itching and swelling of bug bites.

Any time you can use one product for multiple uses, you are saving money and time. Witch hazel is one of those versatile products that you’ll end up using in more ways that you imagined.

Are you looking for more frugal tips? Check out my other lists!

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uses for witch hazel

Terror Threat: You need to be Prepared because the Government has Proven they are Not

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Information is slowly leaking out in relation to the Orlando, Florida terror attack and the total failure of our government’s anti-terrorism agencies has become appallingly apparent. […]

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18 Tips To Prepare For Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season has officially begun. Meteorologists are forecasting an average season with 12 named storms and the potential for a few major hurricanes in 2016. But just because they’re expecting an average season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother preparing. There were only 6 named storms the year hurricane Andrew destroyed much of South Florida. Considering […]

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Video: All About Botulism

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Some members of the preparedness and homesteading community have learned an important skill: That of canning food for future use. In this video by Joe Alton, MD, he looks at a major risk of not paying strict attention to the safety of canned food, whether manufactured at home or by a huge food conglomerate: Botulism. This disease can cause severe illness, and it pays to have a good idea of how to recognize it, prevent it, and treat it.

To watch, just click below:


Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,


Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP

Amy Alton Everglades Close up 400 x 600

Amy Alton, ARNP

Learn about all the medical issues that you might encounter with the brand new 2016 3rd Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook! In times of trouble, you’ll be glad you did.

Building Your Survivalist BOB

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There are some things you absolutely must have to survive. Most of today’s modern junk won’t withstand the apocalypse, and you can’t take everything with you.

It might seem like a big task, but building your first bug out bag (BOB) doesn’t have to be hard.

Think about what you need to get you out […]

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Some Thoughts on What to Do in an Active Shooting situation

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shootingThe shooting that occurred in Orlando Florida has been on my mind ever since I heard about it yesterday.  It clarified some thoughts that have been going through my mind for some time now.  First let me express my condolences to the families of the victims, I feel for them.  Second, let me express my contempt for the radical Muslims and the fellow travelers in our current administration who aid and abet them.

Now the next section may make some people upset with me.  But these are the thoughts that have been going through my mind.  First the government programs teach that if you are caught in an active shooter situation to run, hide or fight in that order.  I personally have some questions about this.  I think that this is the correct tactic for women and children and men who are too far away.  But for men who are within a reasonable distance of the shooter it should be fight.

In yesterday’s shooting, we saw people who texted messages as the shooter approached them.  They would have stood a lot better chance if they would have thrown the phone at him and charged.  With the number of rounds he fired, he had to have done several reloads.  Now I am 72 years old and I feel that I could travel approximated 20 feet during the time it takes to reload an AR15.  Another  factor is that regardless of how well trained an individual is, an AR15 is not a magic weapon.  It only fires in one direction at a time and only one round for each pull of the trigger.

Now my feelings for some time is that if I am involved in an active shooting situation and am within a reasonable distance of the shooter I will attack.  Now being a bit of a realist even though this is my plan, I don’t know if I would have the courage to actually do it until I am faced with the situation.  But I know that if I get the thought in my mind ahead of time I am much more likely to do it.

Now let’s discuss what happens if you charge, first there is a good chance others may join you.  People react to a leader.  If the shooter has to deal with you, it buys time for others to flee.  If you are shot, but if the suspect goes down as a result of several people charging, you will get medical help much sooner.  You won’t lie there for three hours, slowly bleeding to death.  I believe that fighting back will reduce the death toll in most situations.

I hope that if I am ever in such a situation I have the courage to die on my feet fighting, rather than hiding in a bathroom.


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Gun Ban Bingo

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And now the talking heads on the TV are blathering on about ‘military grade body armour’…..you know what that means…

Time for GunBanBingo! Here’s your card…go crank up NPR/MSNBC and let’s play…



Once Upon An Apocalypse: The Journey Home Review

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People in the prepping community struggle all the time with the thought of, “What if I’m away from home, and more importantly, my family, when SHTF?” All of the gear and car emergency kits in the world won’t bring peace of mind about your loved one’s well being. The thought of how your surrounding community is holding up, also looms overhead. Once Upon An Apocalypse The Journey Home, follows two people at different preparedness levels on their perilous trip back to their families, after an Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP attack.

John Carter and Jill Barnes had the typical big brother/little sister relationship in their younger days. Each went their own way as they grew older, each getting married and raising a family. Chance and possibly luck brings them together after an EMP hits the United States and leaves them stranded away from home. The story is told in a 2nd person point ­of ­view, with each chapter told from one of the main character’s perspectives. Keep that in mind and the story flows much smoother.

Readers will notice a lot of gear and terms commonly used in the preparing community. This makes for a more in depth experience, being able to visualise exactly what they’re using and how they’re using it. One interesting factor in the story is that the main characters are at different levels in being prepared. Without giving too much away, it’s interesting to see how one character views the other when the time comes for action.

Author Jeff Motes started the story out as a series of Facebook posts to engage friends into thinking more about what they would do in an emergency situation. It bloomed into a full fledged novel, full of hard times and even harder decisions. With the perspective in which the story is written, and the author’s knowledge of the preparedness world, Once Upon An Apocalypse makes for a very exciting read, and one that will certainly have you thinking, the next time you take a trip away from home. Get your copy of Once Upon an Apocalypse: The Journey Home on Amazon.

Review By: KYPrepper89

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Food Safety During And After Weather Emergencies

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Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. can disrupt all your plans in an instance causing great damage to property and infrastructure.

And also to your food supply.

While there is no 100% foolproof way to protect your food storage from mother nature, there are steps you can take both before and after a disaster to prevent […]

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Filtering Water and Cooking on the Trail (Video & Transcript)

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Filtering Water and Cooking on the Trail (Video & Transcript)

Video By Backwoods Gourmet  
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Transcription provided by American Preppers Network

Number of speakers: 1 (Backwoods Gourmet)
Duration: 16 min 49 sec

Watch more Backwoods Gourmet Videos Here!!

BG: “Hi folks. Backwoods here. Today we are gonna make a little video showing you guys how to cook out on the trail. I just walked into this place; obviously it’s a swamp/river. Got good flowing water here. Wanted to talk a minute about that. We are looking for water to purify. You can see it is decently cleared as tannic. Most of your rivers and streams in Florida are gonna be tannic. In other words, just because it looks brown, doesn’t mean it is dirty. That is from all the leaves, the roots, all the other organic matter that falls into the water and it just like turns it into like iced tea. That does not mean it is not good to drink.”

“Also, you want to try and find, boiling water if you can out on a lake is going to be a different deal. In a lake however, you want to try and go with your greener or clear lakes. Green water usually means that there is a healthy eco system in that lake that has planktonic algae growing in it. That produces an entire food chain. Also, look for aquatic animals. If there is fish living in it and bugs coming off it, here when I first walked up there were two or three little bass swimming around the edge. There’s lots of minnows swimming around the edge that generally means it’s at least not to polluted for them to survive in there. This is pretty pristine here even though it is a little tannic so we are gonna go ahead while we have the opportunity, we are gonna go ahead and take some of this water and filter it.”

“First thing we are gonna do is get out our water filter. Here we are going to be using the Sawyer water filter. We got that packaged up here in our pack here. Zip lock bag is also going to double as an extra water container for us. We’ll keep that one, keep it clean. Here with this system there is just a couple parts. That’s the back flow for cleaning the filter. This is the filter itself and then we have our water pouch so we are gonna go ahead and open that up. This also fits a, this also fits 2 liter bottles so if you find some of those lying around it works pretty great. So I am just gonna go here, there’s not gonna be a lot of debris in this water. If there was I would use some panty hose, which I also have. I’m trying not to disturb the mud on the bottom. Let’s get out here where it’s a little clean and we’ll start filling that up.”

“The other thing I didn’t mention was, here in Florida we have a lot of brackish water. Even though it may look fresh it could possibly contain salt. Especially off the Saint Jones River or anywhere in Northern Florida. Around the cost we are here close to Tampa Bay. This river does flow into Tampa bay. However I do know there is a water control feature south of here that prevents the salt water from coming back up this far. So we’re just gonna go ahead and fill this guy up.”

“Alright we’ve got our pouch filled up here so now I’m gonna put the cap back on it. I did find one thing useful using it the first time. You actually had to move it along the water to get the pouch to expand. So I just kind of pulled it across the top of the water and it filled right up. But just kind of dunking it didn’t really work; the pouch was squeezed tight closed from being rolled up. So, if you have that problem just move it along the water and it will open it right up. So now we will just take the lid off of it and we are gonna screw the water filter on to its place. It has a little protective cap here on the end and we’ll go ahead and filter it and look at it. I want to show you what the water looks like straight up out of the river first.”

“Well, here’s the water straight up out of the river. It’s not too bad, it’s pretty clear even though the river looks kind of dark. It’s not that bad, but once we filter that it should be much better.”

“A fresh, clean zip lock bag, we are gonna go ahead and, you don’t wanna use, you don’t wanna put filtered water into anything you’ve ever had unfiltered water in. You can actually drink this straight out of the bag. It pretty much works with gravity but you can squeeze it. It has one of those tips like a sports bottle. In this case we wanna save it so we are just gonna go ahead and let it drain. The thing I wish they had of done was put some kind of an eyelet on this bag so you can hang it but you can actually compress the bag and it speeds up the process a little bit.”

“Ok, we’re gonna take another look at it. Much clearer, let’s get a closer shot of that. There is still a tiny, tiny bit of color in there but any particulars that are in there are now gone and it’ll be safe to drink. Some of you are probably asking, “Well, I didn’t see you drink any of that.” but I’m gonna go ahead. I actually tried some and it’s great. (Drinking) Especially on a hot day like today. It tastes like bottled water.”

“Real quick I wanted to show you a hazard out here in the wilderness. Especially in wet and swampy areas. This is poison Ivy boys and girls. Okay. Leaves of three let it be. This can put you out of action.”


“If we wanna get a fire going, it’s really wet down here we are right next to the river. We want to try and find stuff that’s kind of high and dry. There is a piece of cypress tree right there. You can tell by the way it breaks there that it is really dry. Go ahead and gather that guy up and some of this other stuff that is a bit, it’s not lying directly on the ground. You know, we’ve got stuff lying up in these limbs; we’re just kind of gather up some of that. We need little stuff, big stuff. Get us a little pile going on over here. Here is some great, great tinder right there. Let’s get all that little bitty stuff. We need all that to get our fire going. Carry this back over here. This stuff that’s laying right here in the mud’s not going to work. We are going to find kind of a dry spot and start prepping that. Gonna go find some starter material. I see a palm tree over here. Let’s go check that out. On the way over to the palm tree I noticed some very, very fresh signs of wild hog here. So, there is food around so and we actually seen them on the way in here. So this would be a good place to have a base camp. A; you’ve got unlimited supply of water and you got game in the area. So let’s go back to the palm tree now.”

“We are gonna keep our eyes peeled for that guy. Alright like I showed you guy’s in the previous video, all that stuff up in here is dry. We wanna get in there and get that fiber that’s in between. Its right there, see it coming out? Okay, this stays dry even when it rains. That’ll catch our spark from our carbon match. We are gonna get a pretty good fistful of it. The other thing is, the ground is pretty soaking wet so we are just gonna go ahead and get us a palm here. That’ll give us something to put our fire on.”

“Spruced it up a little more. Got a little more courser, dryer stuff on top of it there. See if we can get that to go. Boom. The thing is, is that if we can get it going long enough to actually start catching some of this wood. I hear the wood boiling now. If we can keep that going long enough. Get some air in it.”

“Looking pretty successful. We’ll start building on it. We don’t need a huge fire.”

“Okay, we just got our canteen cup up next to the fire. You notice there is almost no smoke. Look up, no smoke. No sign of smoke. Go ahead and take advantage of this while it’s going pretty good. Got my good old top Raman. You don’t really need hot water for these. They are a great source of complex carbs that will keep you going out here and there is really no excuse for not buying them at .29 cents. They weigh practically nothing to put in your pack. The flavor packet is also very high in sodium to help water retention. You’re going to be sweating a lot in the summer time. Just wanna keep the fire going here. Notice its already burned through the palm leaf but by the time it burnt through the palm leaf the ground was already dry. Just gonna try and keep the fire up around the canteen cup.”

“This one is not knapping as well because it is a little wetter. But we do have a coals going on there so we will just keep nestling them up against the canteen cup.”

“This is Backwoods here out in the wilderness eating Raman noodles. Pretty good. These are gonna store up for quite a while. Little stale, but all in all not bad. Came out, did it on a little improvised fire. Started without matches or anything. Hope you learned a little bit. We’ll be back for more videos on some other gear you can bring that will make this process a lot easier and we can do a little bit more elaborate meals than just Raman noodles. Once again, not bad for the middle of nowhere.”

“Once again, Backwoods. See ya next time.”


This Transcription is available for copy under the Creative Commons By-ND license.  You may copy and repost this transcription in its entirety as long as original links, affiliate links, and embedded video remain intact, including this CC notice.

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Survival Medicine Hour: Urban Survival, Slowly Healing Wounds

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In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP discuss what it takes to be an effective medic in an urban survival setting. From dealing with contaminated water to controlling a bleeding wound, there are special considerations that must be taken into account when surviving in place in the town or city. Find out what items you should have and how to approach the bleeding wound. Plus, Dr. Alton answers a question from “rancher”, a member of Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast audience, about how to deal with thinning skin as you age and spend time in the outdoors. Conventional and natural remedies are discussed to help wounds in fragile skin heal faster.

Also, the new 2016 Third Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook has hit Amazon, and it’s 670 pages of plain English advice on what to do in a disaster when the hospital is far away or just plain no longer exists. Get a copy today for your survival library.

To listen in to the podcast, click below:



Wishing you all the best in good times or bad,


Joe and Amy Alton





Prepping Like a Pirate Part 2: Hiding Your Survival Cache

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So where do you hide your cache? Think about where you are on a regular basis and where it would be safe pretty consistently. Your hiding spot should be somewhere you’ll always be able to access, and it should be somewhere that isn’t going to change in a significant manner for a very long time.

Just like the old infomercial for the rotisserie oven, when it comes to a survival cache, you should ideally “set it and forget it,” meaning you should build your cache and hide it somewhere that you’ll be able to get to in an emergency, but you won’t be checking on it every day or even every month. Ideally, it should stay in place; unless there’s a good reason for it, you shouldn’t see your cache again until it’s needed.

Part two of the Prepping Like a Pirate series covers where to hide your cache and ways to make sure your cache is still there and in working order when the time comes to use it. I’ve collected some basic tips that could make the difference between your cache being there or not when it comes time to grab it and go.

*Prepping Like a Pirate is a 3-part series on creating and hiding your own survival cache. Each part will cover a specific topic about survival caches to get you started with building your own cache.


Choosing a Survival Cache Location

Guarantee Access – When it comes to hiding your cache, you don’t want to choose a random field to dig a hole and drop your cache into. It would be a shame to need your cache and find a shopping mall where the field used to be. Instead, think of places like established parks, forests, and other protected areas that, for the most part, won’t be changing anytime soon.

Think about what might happen in the months and years after you hide your cache, and plan accordingly. Protected land is great, but even that isn’t guaranteed. Steer clear of traveled trails and natural clearings, as these are prime spots for construction and changes to the environment.

Urban Environments – If you’re in an urban environment, this gets a little trickier. You want to hide your cache somewhere that you’ll be able to access but not be noticed. Abandoned buildings are great, but they tend to catch fire and be torn down, or be remodeled and used again. Any of these scenarios would separate you from your carefully created cache.

Watch for Flooding – Finally, you want to pay attention to the environment around your proposed cache location. Even if your cache is waterproof, you don’t want to keep it somewhere that’s prone to flooding. Water damage is always a concern, but the land can change dramatically during a flood, causing the area to look very different, or even washing your cache away forever. Worse yet, it might still be where you left it, but now it’s under 20 feet of water.

If you’re opening up your cache, that means things are pretty dire, so you don’t want to be searching unsuccessfully during an emergency.; you want it to be right where you left it and easy to grab.

What the heck is going on with Walmart?

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Hello my friend and welcome back!  Something I need to share with you is about the tunnels that have been rumored to exist that run for hundreds of miles underground and are connected with Walt-Mart in some way.   A very close personal friend of mine that I trust 100% has recently confirmed to me that …

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NEW Giveaway!!! Cheers for GearBest Big Sale this Summer– Best Ever Promo

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In Their Own Words: War Has Been Declared!

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     This is a very difficult post to write.  My heartbreak over the terrorist attack in Florida comes from the depth of my human faculties.  And I will admit that my flesh and my spirit discern this tragedy from different perspectives.  I want to try to describe to you what is going through my mind, as well as what is being revealed to my spirit.  This is a convoluted and divisive situation, and my opinion is full of twists and turns.  I fully expect that my viewpoint will not be universally accepted, whether one is secular or Christian.  But this is an exercise of trying to figure out exactly where I stand on multiple issues, and I hope it will give you pause to think about your own faith and our shared humanity.
     I had a heartfelt discussion this weekend with a very dear friend who happens to be gay, and who came to this country from Israel as a teenager.  He told me that “it was the Constitution and Bill of Rights that inspired him to become a US citizen.”  His maternal grandparents survived the Holocaust camps, and his father fought in the Israeli War for Independence in 1948.  Both his parents served in the Israeli military, fighting in the Six Day War in 1967 and the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  The spiritual war against God’s chosen people has been imprinted on his DNA.
     My friend told me that his grandparents’ experiences in the camps, along with their survival and the tenacity and sacrifice of his parents (to give him a better life) has given him both strength and conviction regarding his faith and our freedoms.  He told me that having survived Hitler’s murderous regime, his grandfather “continuously warned that what happened with the policy of appeasement by governments, and that [the] hatred of Jews and Christians would happen again during my lifetime.”  And now, we see evidence of that in Orlando, Florida.
     Coincidentally, you may have easily dismissed the killing of singer Christina Grimme in Orlando just one day prior to the travesty at the Pulse Club.  Allegedly, police now suspect that her murderer traveled from St. Petersburg to Orlando, a distance of some 107 miles, with the specific intent to kill the contestant from NBC’s ‘The Voice” — possibly because of her outspoken Christian views.  Here is an excerpt from her webpage:   In the western world, especially American civilization, when asking for a person’s religious standing, the most common response you will encounter is simply “I’m a Christian.” Most people subtly just think to themselves “Oh, okay good. I was worried for second.” But as I have traveled to Israel recently, fervently prayed and studied Scripture, and examined the culture around me, I have found that when someone says “I’m a Christian,” I should be more worried for their soul than if they said “I’m an atheist.”
     Before you stone me to death with your subconscious judgment, let me explain. If you will, come explore with me what it should look like when a person claims Christianity. Come with me, and let’s take a look at the most overused word in the English language. What is this “Christian” stuff all about anyway? 
     Here was a young woman who obviously took her faith seriously, and was beginning to ask serious questions about what it means to be a Christian.  I suspect that she was becoming outspoken and challenging her generation to start recognizing their position in the Kingdom of God.  And the Enemy needed her silenced.  So can her untimely death be associated in anyway with a jihadist terrorist who slaughtered so many of the gay community in Orlando?  I think it can, and here is why.  It is time that we Christians understand the reality of a single Bible verse.  It is Revelation 12:7 and here is what it says:  Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back.  

     We must see the events of the past few days for what they are … part of the devil’s strategy in the ongoing spiritual war.  And this war is being conducted on multiple levels.  If we try to limit the scope of Christina’s murder and the murders at the Pulse Club  by calling them hate crimes or a terrorist attack; or by calling for more gun control, then we fail to see the “bigger picture”, if you will.  They must be seen from the viewpoint of the war being waged in heaven.  The men who committed these atrocities — one who hated a young woman’s Christian faith, and one who pledged allegiance to ISIS — are both soldiers in that war, infected with the ideology of a false god, doing that god’s will.
     I have heard news commentators saying that the nightclub murderer was “inspired by a foreign terrorist organization”.  The truth is that he was inspired by a spirit commanded by the devil — one of the ranks of the Enemy’s army that Paul refers to in Ephesians, Chapter 6.  And being the Father of Lies, satan can use his influence to convince our leaders that this is a hate crime; or because of the easy availability of guns.  There are those who will say that we are losing this war because of political correctness.  That is only partially true.  We are losing this war because of our spiritual ignorance!
     As a nation, we are failing to connect the dots.  We need to see that these active shooters — the one who attacked at the Gay Center in Tel Aviv, Israel; or the two in Orlando; or the one who attempted to attack the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles yesterday — are soldiers in the army of satan.  They are demonized followers of a false god.  To get sidetracked with how to accurately “label” the atrocity is a distraction and part of the devil’s strategy to keep us chasing our tails.  When a shooter shouts “Allahu Akbar” before beginning his deadly rampage, then it is crystal clear that he is glorifying his satanic master, and worshipping a false god in his holy war.
     As I said earlier, this spiritual war is attacking our faith on different levels.  I would be insincere if I did not address the facts that these attacks are coming against the gay community.  I’m sure there are those Christians who will determine that this is an act of God’s judgment against the LGBTQ community.  That is a verdict that I, personally, cannot make.  God loves His creation, and desires that no one be lost. He “is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).  I have no doubt that He is grieved over the loss of those men and women in Florida.  And, as a Christian who has gay friends whom I love with a heart like Jesus’s, I mourn those who have died because a false god is promoting “a month of conquest and jihad”.
     That being said, hear me clearly … I am not saying that I approve of a sinful lifestyle — anymore than I excuse the sinful lifestyle choices that I have made in my past.  There is a common saying:  Love the sinner; hate the sin.  I know that the Bible does not say that in those precise words.  But it does say: And have mercy on those who doubt; save others by snatching them out of the fire; to others show mercy with fear, hating even the garment stained by the flesh.  I know that whoever does not love, does not know God, and I believe cannot show God to others.  So it is my belief that I am to show mercy for the sinner, while maintaining a healthy hatred of sin and its effects on a person.
     God, on the other hand, can perfectly love and hate a person at the same time. This means He can love him as someone He created and can redeem, as well as hate him for his unbelief and sinful lifestyle.  Therefore, I leave it up to Him to work that out, while I try to continue to show others the benefit of my salvation and redemption.
     But because our actions in this physical world (and the battles in the spiritual world) affect and influence each other, I am left wondering just how the flagrant defiance of those involved in the Gay Pride parade in LA will effect satan’s allies in this world.  Make no mistake!  I do not believe God approves this rebellion against Him.  But I also believe that this month of Ramadan has special significance for those wishing to sacrifice their lives to their false god.  And demonic orders are being given in the spiritual realm to those responsible for carrying them out on the earth. Homosexuality is “illegal” in sharia law and according to Islamic law, homosexuals are subject to being thrown off the top of a building, then stoned.  It has been reported that anti-gay messages, attributed to ISIS followers, are now appearing on Twitter and other social media sites.
     So, as a final summation, my thoughts and emotions are still in turmoil.  I deplore the loss of human life, and I believe God grieves for all His creation.  But I see this heinous act from my spiritual consciousness.  This is part of something much bigger than what we see before our eyes.  It stretches beyond a single gunman in a nightclub in Florida.  It extends all the way to the heavenly realms where a war is being waged between God’s angels and satan’s demonic followers.  Jesus has defeated the devil, but the conquered enemy hates the presence of God, and will use his influence to command his generals and his soldiers to kill and destroy.  In history, Christian warriors used their weapons of faith in God’s Truth, and perseverance in battle to overcome the power of pagan idolatry. We must do the same today.  But we must realize that we have access to the power that raised Jesus from the dead; and the Enemy’s demonized soldiers are no match.  There is a war being waged — and we better recognize the purpose and goals of our enemy; those both in this physical world and in the spiritual realm!  The war in heaven is being manifested on earth.  Our enemy has declared his intentions and, as Christians, we can no longer ignore him or neglect our responsibilities in God’s Kingdom on earth.  Be courageous and stalwart!

Revelation 13:7     “The beast was permitted to go to war against the saints and conquer them.  He was given ruling authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation,”

Orlando Massacre: War On America Declared And Already Lost?

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Survivopedia war on america

what if they had a war…and nobody came?” – Old Viet Nam Era Hippy Peace Slogan.

So why are we not fighting back?

Because it took less than a few hours after this horrific attack in Orlando–when the sickening pools of blood on the dance floor were still wet and slippery–for political activists like Geraldine Thompson in Florida to be shamelessly giving news soundbites that again were blaming only the guns, the lack of universal background checks, and the availability of ammo and high cap magazines as the real cause of the Orlando Massacre!

And she went on to say that gun control–instead of a concentrated anti-Islamist state counter attack–will be what she will be talking about with the governor of Florida! Shame on you, Senator Thompson!

The agenda based media was also more interested in figuring out why it “took so long” for the police to breach the area where Omar Mateen was holding the hostages. This instead of asking questions like are we going to have to wait until these radical Muslims detonate a suitcase nuke (about 30 of them are not accounted for anymore and classified as missing from certain world arsenals), and next time kill 50…THOUSAND Americans before making pertinent inquiries of the government like when are we going to have a serious WAR against the ISIS Caliphate in the Middle East?!

The police departments responding in Orlando handled the situation flawlessly in my not so humble professional experience and training. And until some of the Mainstream Media reporters start rushing into harm’s way themselves to save us, they should quit trying to humiliate heroic police work by asking such stupid questions!

My own tactical curiosity is piqued, however, with things like why weren’t there more civilians inside that club carrying concealed? Why was there only a single armed security guard? That club surely could afford a couple more?

Reporters with the mainstream media should be more concerned with better arming the citizen’s early response teams and coordinating additional cooperation with departments in watch patrols in critical target areas. They’d get more than enough volunteers with ex-military or LEO experience to make a serious difference.

Also why wasn’t this Omar Mateen “scrutinized” a little more after the FBI first investigated him for his terrorist affiliations in 2013? Then again in 2014? I mean, Omar Mateen wasn’t just exercising his 1st/A rights talking bad about government injustice like the Malheur Oregon protestors did, but who eventually died or were arrested because of it? Mateen actually was associating with a known ISIS terrorist bomber!

I mean, there are no problems with the FBI keeping continuous tabs on Patriot Militias or with Police State officers immediately disarming people without due process with so-called domestic violence potential assumptions. Or seizing (prohibiting you from possessing) your cash that they merely think has been associated with the crime of drug dealing.

And how about your doctors being able to legally summarily disarm you also without due process if they simply believe you might become violently dangerous? So in as much as all these Extreme Crime Prevention and Public Safety measures swim in the deep sea waters of agenda base misguided anti-Constitutional overreach, shouldn’t serious potential participants in an active shooting War against civilian Americans at least be considered fish in the same ocean?

So why did the FBI apparently screw up with this Mateen Muslim in the same way they did with the Tzarnov brothers in the Boston Bombings? How did this guy slip through the cracks this time with all the money allocated and the availability of super stealth technology for unfettered, unaccountable secret spying on the general populate?

I’ll Tell You Why

Because this regime doesn’t consider association with known enemy of the state criminals for similar criminal interests as bad of a crime as American law-abiding citizens owning guns, and the totalitarian State’s agenda based need to confiscate them.

Make no mistake. The FBI is highly competent at what they do. Their only limitations on case successes are the restrictions and misdirected and highly questionable legal priorities put upon them by the Administration that “owns” them.

Ironically, but insidiously, I guarantee this administration will use this Orlando tragedy to find a way to further restrict regular non terrorist Americans from obtaining guns, but NOT known Muslims who have clear indicators of potential very dangerous radicalization.

The Big Stupid Question

A lot of what we are hearing on the news in response to this attack in terms of proactive solutions to the Orlando attack is “How can we prevent this in the future?”

Amidst the after-shock and confusion and mainstream media crap hyperbole, a few bright voices in a dark political agenda wilderness this morning put for the unabashed truth.

Newt Gingrich had the correct answer. His answer boils down to “Head ‘em off at the pass” (in their own Arab lands) once and for all with some good old fashioned “search and destroy” missions against them. Until they’re ALL GONE. Period!

Noted Fox News foreign terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka stated that we shouldn’t be shocked. This has been predicted by terrorism experts for years. And it’s going to get worse. Gorka stated that the “lone wolf concept is an intentional administrative obfuscation to keep the people stupid about the fact that ALL these mass killings are really well ‘orchestrated’ by the ISIS state caliphate. There are no lone wolves. They all connect back and are instigated by ISIS.

Video first seen on mauriedee.

This specious redirect is constructed into a format that the Totalitarians can manipulate within the domestic terrorism scam/fraud to use to eventually disarm the People. This regime is not really that concerned with Islamist terrorism as they are with what they consider to be domestic Patriot opposition to their Totalitarian control agenda. Which they will put into the “domestic terrorism” category to eventually neutralize them.

Dr. Zhudi Jasser, an American citizen Muslim of an entirely different Islamic ideology which clearly voices strong opposition to ISIS said this morning that the U.S. “…needs to declare war against and fight radical theocratic Jihadists.”

Why Is This Really Happening?

For all you false flag aficionados you might want to think outside your box on this one.

Why does an agenda based Totalitarian Administration have to plot their own false flag event, when all they have to do is NOT recognize that we have an in progress, not “Un”-declared guerilla war happening on U.S. soil, designed to terrorize and bring down our nation–and loudly announced in advance by clearly identifiable enemies, as a clear, target focused threat?

For Christ Sake, the ISIS Islamist State just also announced officially and proudly today that they are responsible for the Orlando Act of War!

And Obama knew this before his press conference this afternoon that was the expected obligatory leftist agenda based obfuscation of what really happened. Pitifully, but as usual, he still did not identify a radical Islamist Jihadist for what he is.

Obama referred to this Islamic State act of war as simply another “act of terrorism that is yet to be identified”. And he said it even though he had to have been briefed first and foremost that this Islamist soldier Omar Mateen was, indeed, a radically influenced Muslim Jihadist who was shouting Allah au Akbar as he slaughtered innocent civilians, which the Agent in charge in Orlando verified along with other obvious and solid motive indicators.

But, of course, the only specific that the Prez seemed sure of was that it was a “crime of hate”? Obviously a reference to the extreme anti-gay religionist obsession of targeting an LGBT bar.

And also, as usual, he shamelessly had the nerve to take advantage of this tragedy to obscenely put in a plug for his gun confiscation agenda by once again nauseatingly blaming easy availability of firearms as the “real cause” of this act of war on our soil.

He must really think we are all stupid sheeple. Didn’t this Muslim Jihadist pass the background check to get his murder weapon? Which too many times again proves that gun control NEVER works…

I wonder how many hundreds more of innocent American lives will be lost by denying the truth and not declaring war against a foreign invasion, and petitioning Congress for launching an all- out counter attack against the enemy Islamist State Caliphate throughout their lands in the Middle East?

I ask you here honestly, and with sincerity, Mr. President; as an American Combat veteran who served honorably, and will die a Patriot if he must, what do you think this does to my own, and other Vet’s, morale to know that you are trading a few million Muslim votes in November for the potential of allowing the deaths of countless Americans by not declaring war, seriously tightening the immigration system and borders, and bombing the enemy countries until they are no longer and will never again maintain the ability to attack us again?

And you are even allowing hundreds of so-called refugees illegal entry without even the most basic effective vetting when there is verifiable expert assessment that it is guaranteed that there are ISIS infiltrators among them?

You are pulling the same political duplicity for your own party gains as you did with your crony Hillary in Benghazi when closing in on your last election campaign? Sacrificing American lives to win an election. Up until today, I didn’t urge anyone to watch 13 hours. I felt it was too inciting for the average American against our government…perhaps in the wrong way?

But now I’m going to watch it EVERY DAY! And I’m going to keep watching and watching and spreading the word that every American should watch it as much as I can.

Because One Thing is for Sure, America Will Prevail!

Remember that America is NOT Paris, whose immediate government reaction to their attack–amazingly–was to implement even more absolutely way out useless gun control measures against their already heavily disarmed people. So I’ve got more breaking news for the Potus and his minions, which includes a new Declaration of Independence from totalitarian destruction of our beloved country.

We, the REALLY pissed off People of the United States of America, won’t take this kind of rubbish much longer.

Either from the enemy Jihadists, or from our own political leaders who for all practical purposes are apparently aiding and abetting the enemy by default. If our military is not all out actively and intensely destroying the enemy very soon, in a war which has been openly declared on us, then we are already losing that war!

But wait just one freaking minute! The U.S. of A. NEVER loses wars?

Then what the hell in this nutjob world is going on here?

The Final Question

There are questions remaining in the continuing investigation of this Islamist State Declaration of War against the American People in the “Pearl Harbor” of Florida. Most of the answers will be self-evident and the conclusions not that surprising.

Because we’ve been “at War” for 15 god damned years with these psycho Islamist Jihadists in the forms of early Al-Qaeda and current enemy ISIS Caliphate consumed by a death oath against all American and Western culture and its “infidel” citizens.

But tomorrow, when my legislators say: ‘Not YOU again…?’ I will tell them that this time I only have one thing to ask you to find out for us…

Why is Potus committing dereliction of duty, and possibly a treasonous Constitutional infraction, by not doing his sworn job’s primary responsibility by promptly retaliating against this despicable ISIS Act of War against us…

…by immediately acknowledging this “Pearl Harbor” attack on U.S. soil for what it is, which is much more than “domestic terrorism,” and announcing a formal Declaration of War against the entire ISIS/Islamist Caliphate? And then launching a strike force carrier group toward the Gulf?

If the answer to that alone doesn’t create a tsunami of national outrage by “We, The People” to make sure that Hillary doesn’t carry this shameful reluctance to defend our Great Country to a third term…then maybe we should all just surrender, “submit”, and queue up, stripped naked for the “last shower line” at the “Gulags”. Like they did in Germany.


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.







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Thank you for smoking

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It’s under the “I Don’t Know What I’d Do With It, But I Want Them Anyway” category.

I’m not exactly 100% sure what use smoke grenades (or smoke-generating devices) are in a preparedness situation. Oh, sure…from the ‘lost hiker’ perspective it’s nice to have an enormous cloud of smoke wafting through heavy forest canopy making your location more readily apparent to rescuers. Or if you’re in a boat at sea. Now, drop those two scenarios and ….. ?

The last time I heard of anyone outside of the military using smoke to cover a retreat or advance was this guy..and it did not go well for him. I suppose that in some sort of Mad Max world you’d use them to choke people out of buildings or perhaps provide distractions. But, other than that, I’m not really seeing a lot of practical application. Then again, I relly haven’t sat down and wargamed it through completely either.

Regardless….the subject does have some interesting baggage with it.

In the old days, back when this was a free country, you could buy your classic military pull-ring smoke grenades through the mail and at gun shows. They were fun and, no two ways about it, looked cool mixed in with your gear. Paintballers loved em. And, as usual, some scrotally-challenged wonder at ATFE decided that the fuze assembly and/or igniter system fell under the classification of ‘regulated explosive’ and that was the end of the party. (although they are still available on department letterhead or with an ATFE explo license.)

M18_Grenade.svgNature abhors a vacuum and so does the market. A few outfits have stepped in with their own version of ‘pull ring’ smoke grenades. Most notably, these guys. I ordered a few of them the other week, out of curiosity and they arrived a few days ago. I haven’t tried them yet but the videos of them being used seem rather promising. But…they are nowhere near the durability of the military product. For one thing, it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is a firework that has been dressed up with tactial-looking stickers and graphics. The ‘body’ is a heavy cardboard tube..like most fireworks. The degree of weather-resistance and durability of this product would seem to be….mild. As I said, I have no idea what I would do with these things, but if I did think I had a need for them I’d want them to be as waterproof, crushproof, moistureproof, and durable as possible.

To be fair, though…it looks like they generate a nice amount of smoke in a hurry. And..theyre cheap.

Giving us better durability and water-resistance, but a distinct lack of color, are the distress smoke signals available to boaters. I like these. I can usually find them cheap at gun shows, they aren’t about to raise the eyebrows of anyone, and they seem to generate a decent amount of smoke. I could entirely see someone rolling one or two of these down an office stairwell in Katrinaville to dissuade looters from coming up the stairs.

Naturally, there is always a DIY option for these sorts of things. A quick perusal of YouTube, a trip to WalMart, a side trip to Home Depot, and you an pretty much build some amazing, albeit improvised, smoke generating devices on your own.

Planning a shelter in the wild

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If you ever built something in your life, you know that planning is the most important part of any construction project. Building a shelter in the wild is no different than any other homestead project and you shouldn’t rush headlong into the building phase. Before you chose a site for your shelter and start cutting … Read more…

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Tactical Pen – My Most Used Everyday Carry

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Tactical Pen Everyday Carry One of the greatest benefits to being a woman prepper is the use of a handbag.  I store a variety of everyday carry items in it like a knife, duct tape, pepper spray, key chain light, multi tool, small firstRead More

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What is Democide?

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by Megan

Many of us may not be as informed as our grandparents when it comes to politics and war, but we are still not a stupid people. Freedom is still important to a great many people and there are still many people, especially preppers, who are not willing to just follow along with whatever plans the government cooks up next.

In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. —  Zbigniew Brzezinski

Democide occurs when any unarmed individual or group of individuals is murdered by a government. There are several different types of democide, including genocide, mass murder, and politicide. Whatever side of the fence you might be on when it comes to government, the quote above points out the one thing that everyday citizens on both sides need to understand.

The key factor to democide is similar to the key factor when determining homicide. Was there premeditation? Did the actions of the government demonstrate a lack of regard for human life? Make no mistake, governments may appear to be made up of bumbling incompetents who are lazy and driven by greed but the elite, powerful families, the “wizards behind the curtain”, has become very effective at democide.

The largest democide occurred as a fallout of communism. Although the thought of your government murdering people might be scary and unheard of, it’s really nothing new. Keep in mind that soldiers being killed during battle is not counted as democide.

Here are some events you may have read about or remember, that today are considered democide:

  • 1917-1987 USSR, nearly 62 million people killed.
  • 1933-1945 The Jewish Holocaust, over 20 million people killed. Most people are familiar with the holocaust having read about or seen portrayals of how this tragic event played out.
  • 1936-1945 Japan’s Imperialism over 5 million people killed.
  • 1949-1987 PRC (Communist China) over 76 million people killed.
  • 1975-1979 Cambodia, At the direction of Pol Pot, over 2 million people killed by communist Khmer Rouge, aka “The Butcher”.
  • Western Colonialism combined killed 50 million individuals.

Forms of Democide:

Politicide is the harm or murder of individuals or groups of individuals by government based on the fact or perception that they belong to a specific political group, are a threat to a government entity, or for other political purposes.

Genocide is the maiming, torture, or killing of individuals by government simply because they practice a certain religion, are of a specific race or ethnic group, or specific language. The term genocide was not used until the 20th century but the earliest documented example of genocide was centuries earlier. The good news is the rate of genocide has been going down since the end of World War II.

Mass Murder is a term used to refer to events where a government indiscriminately kills any individual or groups of individuals.

Soft-Kill Democide Theories:

Many people believe that there is a depopulation effort being quietly carried out by globalists. These efforts involve forced population control that while it does not involve directly murdering living individuals, it does prevent the birth of or terminate new lives.

Mass sterilization and procreation control through required birth control implants and forced abortions.

Vaccines have long been debated due to a recording which was made where a Merck scientist openly states that vaccines provided to Americans had been contaminated with cancer viruses and leukemia, which will result in the death of 1 in 3 Americans.

Chemtrails which are streaks of what looks similar to jet spray in the sky, have long been believed to be government attempts at poisoning the population under the guise of stemming global warming. Chemtrails containing aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, and some say possibly even the cancer virus known as SV-40.

Listen to this first-hand account from Kristen Meghan, who was in the Airforce as an industrial hygienist and an environmental specialist who tracked the health hazards that pilots may have been exposed to during their service:

or this one from Ted L. Gunderson, former FBI Chief in Charge followed after his death by his doctor and a colleague, both of whom speak to the fact that they believe he died of bladder cancer that was a direct result of arsenic poisoning.

Toxic Fluoride (a component of bug poison that harms body, mind, and teeth). Though some experts will discount toxic fluoride based on the low levels, what they don’t say is that even minor amounts of fluoride can be damaging you are exposed to those levels from multiple sources on a regular basis. It all adds up and that build up over time can have damaging effects on the human body.

There is growing evidence that a democide event may be planned for the United States that appears to be similar to Pinochet’s terrorist regime. Pinochet came into power in Chile as a result of a coup that is believed to have been sponsored by the CIA. During his reign, 40,000 people were detained as political prisoners and many more simply went missing.

A little time spent on the Internet will reveal video documentation of FEMA camps which appear to be completely set up and ready to receive citizens in need. The only problem with this scenario is that these “camps” are complete with armed guards, high fencing, and barbed wire, which seems to be more preparation to keep people contained inside against their will.

Democide events are still happening today. In 2015, over 4,000 Christian people were killed in church attacks throughout Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria are suffering persecution from the Muslim religious and political elite dominating Northern Nigerian government, Muslim Fulani herdsman, and Boko Haram.

Isis overtook the Iraqi Northern region in August 2014. During this process thousands of people, among them approximately 1,800 girls, were taken as sex slaves. The Yazidi women have had their children taken from them, women have been raped, they have been bought and sold.

Several days ago, 19 of the girls, who refused to submit to sex with their ISIS captors, were burned alive in front of hundreds of witnesses.

So what steps can you take to prepare for further incidents of democide?

  • Refuse to participate in any violence other than legitimate self-defense. Do not condone or otherwise support hate, violence, or fighting.
  • Research the bloodline of all our leading politicians. Then share your findings regarding the true lineage and goals of these New World Order politicians.
  • Be certain that you monitor and truly understand what your children are being taught in their schools. Many public schools are teaching children to blindly obey authority. While rules and laws have their benefits and blatant law breaking for the sake of it should not be encouraged, blind obedience is not healthy either.
  • Teach your children to have an informed and balanced respect for authority, not a blind one.
  • Provide them with education and experiences that are diverse.
  • Ensure that your own behavior models adult responsibility for them.
  • Share your beliefs and values with those closest to you and start planning for ways to disconnect as much as possible from any dependence on government for your livelihood and well-being.
  • Pay attention to attacks and persecution that is happening around the world and do not let these democide events go unnoticed or unchallenged.

It is estimated that throughout the 20th Century, all over the world, approximately 100 million people have been the victims of democide. People killed by their own government. We’ve only touched the surface with this article. This is both a tragic and shameful practice that simply must be stopped. The only way to do that is to educate people about what is happening and what to do about it.

Had you heard the term Democide prior to reading this article?

Turn Off The TV

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Could you get rid of the television? That includes, of course, Netflix and all of the other television alternatives. I don’t mean cut down. I mean turn it off completely.
Ditching the tv could make you healthier, happier, and improve your relationships.
A little television hurts no one, but did you know that the average American spends more than 34 hours a week watching television? That’s almost five hours a day, every day.  (In Canada, it’s about 3 hours a day). Television shows, Youtube videos, movies – they all add up. Since those numbers include people, like the Amish and Mennonites, who never watch it at all, the true average is certainly much higher.


For those Mennonite groups that refuse to watch television, the answer is simple. Almost everything shown on television goes against their core beliefs. It really is as simple as that. Plain Mennonites assess technology (and we’ll deal with that in a later past) to see if it fits with their values. Television does not.
Get rid of the TV and be happier and healthier!

Time Suck

When we ditched the television years ago, the first thing I noticed was time. Suddenly I had time to read books, write more and just … do things.  With the average person in North America watching 3-5 hours of television a day, that’s a lot of extra time.

Face Time

No, not Facebook (honestly, that can be just as bad). When you’re vegging out in front of the screen, you are not spending time with the people who mean the most in your life. Sometimes we convince ourselves that watching a movie or show together is ‘quality time’ but it rarely is.
“TV will never be a serious competitor for radio because people must sit and keep their eyes glued on a screen; the average American family hasn’t time for it.” – Author Unknown, from New York Times, 1939


When you watch television – almost any show out there, including the news – you are programming your brain with negativity. This certainly has an effect. Even after we stopped watching television, the mister enjoyed watching celebrity roasts on Youtube. Eventually, though, we realized that his humour was becoming darker and snarkier as he picked up the attitudes he was watching.

It Makes You Callous

With the celebrity roasts in mind, think about the comedies that you watch. We laugh at mistakes, giggle at those who are different and don’t fit in, feel superior to the stereotypes. Arguing, tension and drama are all a vital part of fiction and non-fiction online. After all, it would be boring, as an adult, to watch conflict-free Timothy Goes to School.


Expectations Soar

You know that the images you see online, and on the magazine covers, are fake, right? With makeup, lighting and of course Photoshop, they can be made to look … well, better than you. Better than your husband or wife, too. Not only look better, but they behave better, too. At the end of every episode, love and friendship returns and all is well. When our lives don’t work quite the same, depression and other problems can occur.
And these expectations extend outside the home, too. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Perry Mason was an inaccurate portrayal of lawyers and police detectives are never quite as awesome as Columbo.

“Poor people have big TVs and small libraries; rich people have small TVs and big libraries.” – Brian Tracy

Relationships Suffer

Couples who watch television together are more likely to fight. Considering what it does to you psychologically, is that a surprise? In general, couples who watch a lot of television together are more unhappy all around than couples who do not. A steady diet of television is very bad for your intimate relationships.

Subliminal Messaging

Do you know why television exists? If you thought it was to entertain you, then think again. 
Television exists to sell products. Every bit of it is designed to keep you watching and get you buying.  If you feel inferior to the gorgeous people, you will buy the products that promise to make you beautiful. Or thin. Or active (I mean, McDonalds advertises directly to people who want to see themselves as happy and active). By watching the shows, you are volunteering to be brainwashed. Companies spend trillions of dollars every year to reach you through shows – because they know it works.


Lower Self-Control

Have you ever tried to turn off one of your favourite shows in the middle? It’s hard. They use so many psychological hooks that it is very difficult to walk away. Our society doesn’t help, since it is assumed that everyone is eagerly watching the latest popular shows. 
Think about this – I know who Jon Snow and Sheldon are and I haven’t watched a television show, of any type, in over six years. People talk about these characters as though they are real people. Based on all the known effects of television, and with what I’ve heard about Game of Thrones, by the way, I would never willingly watch it.
We ditched the television about six years ago, and I honestly can not say that I regret it. What about you? Could you turn off the television – and leave it off? You’ll be healthier, happier and have better relationships, which seems like a wonderful exchange.

Get Rid of the TV

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Could you get rid of the television? That includes, of course, Netflix and all of the other television alternatives. I don’t mean cut down. I mean turn it off completely. A little television hurts no one, but did you know that the average American spends more than 34 hours a week watching television? That’s almost […]

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Mix and Match: Using Essential Oils to Create Personalized Insect Repellent

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 If you’re one of the unlucky ones who get eaten alive by bugs during the summer months, you’ve probably spent a small fortune on stinky, chemical-laden insect repellents. A custom blended essential oil is a great way to save money, avoid harsh reactions to unknown ingredients or known allergens, and customize for the particular pests in your area.

Choosing your perfect potion

You may want to focus your insect repellent oil blend based upon your geographical region.

Mosquitos hate citronella, lemon, thyme, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, catnip, basil, lemongrass, geranium, and lavender.

Grapefruit, juniper, rose geranium, thyme, and oregano are your best bets for repelling ticks.

Citronella, tea tree oil, lemongrass, lavender, orange and pine work best to deter fleas.

If you’re dealing with multiple bugs, feel free to choose an oil that works double duty. Go by what smells good to you and do a little trial and error to see which scents smell the best together and which seem to be the most effective.

Making your mixture

  • Once you’ve decided which oils to use, fill a clean 4 oz spray bottle with 2 ounces of boiled or distilled water.
  • Add an ounce of witch hazel or vodka (vodka has also been proven to be an effective insect repellent on its own)
  • Next use a dropper to add a total of 50 to 75 drops of any combination of the essential oils you’ve chosen.

This recipe will make a standard-strength mixture—simply add a few drop more or less to tweak until you get the strength you prefer. Even if you need a very strong formulation, be sure to keep the percentage of oils under 15% of the total volume for safety. Leave a little bit of room in the bottle so you can shake the mixture before every application (separation of oils is normal and to be expected—shake before every use for best results). Adding a little bit of jojoba or coconut oil can turn your bug spray into a skin moisturizer as well.

Keep a bottle in your diaper bag, your purse, out on your patio and/or in your car. If, for some reason, you forget to spray on your mixture or you already have bug bites, a drop or two of lavender or tea tree oil directly on the bite will relieve itching and speed up the healing process.

A few warnings about essential oils

Make sure your oils come from a reputable source and be aware about what products you’re already wearing on your skin, as some interactions can occur. It’s also always a good idea to test for skin sensitivity and allergic reactions before dousing yourself with any new oils. Children and pregnant or nursing women can have serious adverse reactions to certain oils so use caution. This natural bug spray is perfect for spritzing your dog around the collar, but avoid putting essential oils on your feline friends, as many of them can be poisonous to cats.

Pamela Bofferding is a native Texan who now lives with her husband and sons in New York City. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing with her dogs.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

The June Garden in Texas Zone 8b

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Garden success and failure in Central Texas garden zone 8b. | PreparednessMama

Take a photo tour of my June garden Welcome to the garden tour, we’re glad you’re here! Most of you may be finishing up your planting and are looking forward to the summer harvest. Here in Central Texas, the garden has been cranked up for a few months and the harvest will come to an […]

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How To Grow Cool-Weather Crops (Even Lettuce!) During Summer

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How To Grow Cool-Weather Crops (Even Lettuce!) During Summer

Image source: Pixabay.com

What do lettuce, spinach, mustard, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage have in common? They all like cool weather – preferably in the 60s. When days get long and temperatures climb into the 80s and above, these sensitive veggies tend to give up and call it good for the season.

The combination of sunlight and heat causes plants to bolt, meaning they send up a flowering stalk and soon go to seed. When plants bolt, the leaves get tough and the flavor turns bitter and unpleasant.

There’s nothing you can do about the weather, but with a little tender loving care, you may be able to grow cool weather crops all summer long.

Choose Heat-Resistant Cultivars

Fortunately, gardeners in warm summer climates have a huge selection of heat- or bolt-resistant varieties from which to choose. Your favorite seed store or garden center can advise you about suitable plants for your climate, but here’s a hint: Look for cultivars with names that suggest a high level of heat-tolerance, such as summertime, slobolt, sun king, summercrisp or summerbibb.

Provide a Little Shade

Cool-season vegetables perform better in light shade, or at least a spot where they are protected from hot afternoon sunlight. You can always tuck a few plants alongside hosta or other shade-loving perennials, or take advantage of a shady spot under corn, sunflowers, tomatoes or other taller plants – preferably on the north side.

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If shade is at a premium in your garden, shade cloth may be your best bet. Although you can get super-duper shade cloth that blocks up to 90 percent of sunlight, 30 to 50 percent is about right in most climates. Research indicates that use of shade cloth can increase yields considerably.

How To Grow Cool-Weather Crops (Even Lettuce!) During Summer

Image source: Pixabay.com

Container planting is always an option, as nearly any vegetable is suitable for container growing as long as the container is large enough to accommodate the roots. The good thing about container growing is that you can always move the veggies into shade – say, under a tree or patio — when the mercury climbs.

Cool, Cool Water

Water cool-season veggies lightly every day. Even the hardiest plants wilt in hot weather, but water cools the soil, keeps plants hydrated and offers heat-stressed plants a bit of welcome relief. Don’t worry about watering too deeply; lettuce and most other cool-season vegetables have shallow roots.

Easy on the Fertilizer

Don’t fertilize heavily during hot weather; fertilizer creates lush, leafy plants more prone to damage by heat and sunlight. (And more inviting to aphids and other pests.) If you’re convinced the plants need fertilizer, add a small handful of a balanced fertilizer at planting time.

It’s a Small, Small World

Instead of planting large crops, practice the art of succession planting, which will keep you in fresh veggies all summer. Try planting a small patch or a four-foot row, and then plant a new patch every seven to 10 days. When the first patch is nearing the end of its useful life, the next patch will be up and coming.

Harvest When Cool

Harvest your garden during the cool part of the day, when the plants are crispy and well hydrated. Bring the veggies into the house and get them in the fridge as soon as possible.

To prolong the harvest and increase the yield of lettuce, spinach or other leafy crops, snip the leaves close to the ground, and then harvest the new leaves that grow in their place. This technique is known as “cut and come again.”

Mulch Much?

A thin layer of mulch helps keep the soil cool and most. Be careful, however, and limit mulch to a couple of inches if slugs are a problem. You may need to skip mulch if slugs are winning the battle.

What advice would you add on planting cool-weather crops during summer? Share your advice in the section below:

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Introduction To Backyard Aquaponics

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The ability to grow plants and raise fish organically without the use of pesticides or fertilizers is accomplished through a method called aquaponics. This system of growing plants and raising fish without the use of soil was discovered by researchers from the University of Virgin Islands while looking for ways through which you can grow plants organically.  And, with just a little sweat equity and a few dollars, you too can have a backyard aquaponics system working for you!

How Does It Work?

Basically, aquaponics works in a win-win situation. What happens is that it combines the traditional aquaculture with hydroponics. In aquaponics, plants feed on the effluents released by aquatic animals.  Those plants, in turn, purify water to keep the fish more comfortable.

Backyard Aquaponics

Between 2006 and 2007, this technique was widely adapted and is now commercially used on many farms to grow plants organically. According to some farmers, aquaponics grows plants 50%-100% faster as compared to inorganic farming. With just a small amount of space, you’re able to deliver ten times more as compared to older methods.

What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is essentially the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants). This process takes advantage of the aquatic affluent (fish waste) deposited in water to provide essential nutrients to your plants. When the water is affluent rich, it becomes toxic to the aquatic animals. During this stage, plants absorb and use the nutrients eliminating the high water toxicity for your fish to survive.

Backyard AquaponicsThere are so many benefits you’ll enjoy when you make a backyard aquaponic system. Unlike a fish pond where you’ll have to exchange water every now and then, an aquaponic system relies on the relationship between plants and aquatic animals. Freshwater fish release ammonia which is converted to nitrite by a nitrifying bacterium called nitrosomonas. Another nitrifying bacterium called nitrobacter converts the nitrite to nitrate which is used by the plants to freshen the water for the fish. This process of converting ammonia to nitrite then to nitrate is referred to as “the nitrogen cycle.”

Types of Aquaponic Systems

There are three major types of Aquaponic systems:

Media Filled Beds

This method is the simplest and is commonly used in most backyard aquaponics systems. It involves filling containers with medium and small clay pebbles then planting seedlings directly into the media.

Fish tank water is then pumped over the media to allow the plants to feed on the excess nutrients. The medium clay pebbles act as biological filters where they help to eliminate toxins giving your fish fresh and clean water in the long run.

There are two major ways which this Aquaponics system can be operated:  continuous water flow method and the flood and drain (also known as ebb and flow) method.

Nutrient Film Technique

This method involves pumping nutrient rich fish water through PVC pipes. Plants are grown inside cups with small holes at the bottom to allow the roots to reach the water in the PVC gutters.

It’s important to understand that this method is only suitable for leafy green plants with small root systems and not larger plants with bigger, invasive roots.

Deep Water Culture

This method is commonly used in both commercial and backyard aquaponics systems because it’s relatively cheaper to setup and operate. This method uses a foam “raft” which floats on top of water. Plants are held in holes made in the raft in a way that the roots dangle into the water. For perfect results, fish water can either be pumped on the floating racks or the racks can be placed directly on fish water.

Benefits of a Backyard Aquaponics System

Setting up a backyard aquaponics system in your garden comes with lots of benefits such as environmental improvement, better health and higher quality nutrition. This section will review some of the most essential benefits which farmers can expect to enjoy.

Saves Space

Unlike other gardening methods, aquaponics system allows you to plant your seedlings close together thus saving on space. Since this method involves submerging plant roots in nutrient rich water, there is less overcrowding which helps you save on space as compared to other gardening techniques.

No Weeding

Another benefit of backyard aquaponics system is that you don’t have to weed anymore. This method doesn’t encourage the growth of weeds since there is no soil involved. Farmers are able to enjoy the freedom of growing plants at home without weeding.

No Soil Pests

Since Aquaponics doesn’t rely on soil, farmers are relieved the burden of using pesticides to eliminate soil pests. Pesticides destroy the plant slowly over time due to toxins absorbed by the plant.

Plants Grow Faster

Backyard aquaponics system allows plants to access nutrients for 24 hours each day making them grow faster. According to research, vegetables such as lettuce have been proven to grow twice as fast as compared to when planted normally on soil.

Making Your Own Backyard Aquaponics System

Backyard Aquaponics

There are many ways through which you can make your own backyard aquaponics system. Regardless of the method you choose, always ensure that your system is able to grow plants in a way that confers most of the environmental benefits such as low environmental impacts and water efficiency.

Without wasting time, we will go through a step by step program on how to make a Flood and Drain system.

Flood and drain system

Necessary Equipment and Material

Build Process

  1. Place your fish tank on a flat surface away from direct sun to reduce algae growth.
  2. Place the pump and feed pipe in the fish tank.
  3. Place the grow bed near the fish tank. Fill it with gravel and make sure it’s close to the fill pipe.  Also make sure the drain pipe from the grow bed feeds directly into the fish tank.
  4. Install the timer on the pump and set it to cycle for 15min on, 45 min off.
  5. Join the pipes and the pump together to connect the fish tank with the grow bed. Also remember to connect the overflow drain in the grow bed to remove water.
  6. Plant your seedlings into the grow bed and place your fish inside the fist tank.
  7. Test your fish water to determine the level of Ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. If you notice that the pH level is high or low, you can adjust it accordingly to keep the water neutral.
  8. Turn on the pump to start the cycling process. This involves circulating nutrient rich water from the fish tank to the grow bed then back to the tank again. After a few days, you’ll notice that your seedlings are growing; a milestone which reveals that your aquaponics system was successfully established.


In summary, there are tons of benefits which farmers enjoy once they set up a backyard aquaponics system. The system is cost efficient and makes backyard gardening more productive and economical. According to research, aquaponic systems use about 1/10th the amount of water used when farming on the ground. This technique helps you produce a tremendous amount of fish and vegetables within a short time in a small area.

backyard aquaponics



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Remington 870 Vs. Mossberg 590: Which Pump Shotgun Is Truly Better?

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Remington 870 Vs. Mossberg 590: Which Pump Shotgun Is Truly Better?

Image source: YouTube screen capture


There are two flavors of pump shotgun that seem to dominate the market: the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 590. Each gun has its associated advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other, and fans and detractors seem almost evenly split into two camps, with a lot of us in the middle who shoot and own both types.

Let’s take a look at each design.

Remington 870

In 1951, Remington unveiled the Model 870 as the ultimate modern pump shotgun. Some 65 years and more than 10 million models delivered, it has proven itself to be the best-selling shotgun in history.

Remington 870 Vs. Mossberg 590: Which Pump Shotgun Is Truly Better?

Remington 870. Image source: RifleShooter.com

Available in a variety of barrel lengths, finishes and furniture options, the Model 870 has a vigorous aftermarket dedicated to improving its performance.

One of our gripes about the 870 pertains to Remington going with a dimpled magazine tube that inhibits the installation of a magazine extension.

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Probably not a major concern to the millions of duck and deer hunters who cannot legally use them on their 870, it has plagued those of us in the competitive shooting and self-defense realms. There are a number of ways to circumvent this issue, but it is our only real gripe with the 870.

You can either pound the dimples out by inserting a socket head into the magazine tube, or simply drill them out.

I was first issued a 5-shot 18-inch barreled Remington 870 Wingmaster while serving guard duty at the armory during a stint in infantry training school at Camp Pendleton. I did not feel under gunned with it then, and still keep one in a safe with a magazine extension, Remington factory top-folding stock, Rem choke system and Magpul forend with a surefire light.

Mossberg 590

In 1961, Mossberg rolled out their Model 500. The 590 was an improvement upon this design that came about a few years later. The most significant change was the magazine tube that was closer in design to the Remington 870 by using a similar magazine cap that made maintenance easier.

Remington 870 Vs. Mossberg 590: Which Pump Shotgun Is Truly Better?

Mossberg 590. Image source: MossbergOwners.com

The design was further improved in the 590A1 by upgrading the plastic safety and trigger guard to metal versions and using a heavier barrel at the request of the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two is the placement of the safety. Remington uses a cross bolt type at the base of the trigger guard, whereas Mossberg places theirs at the rear of the receiver in line with the shooter’s sight.

Our gripe with Mossberg is that they offer very little in the way of a choke system on most factory models. A choke system gives the shotgun more versatility as a system. While it may be mostly negligible on shorter barrel home-defense guns, it is still the only way to attach a shotgun silencer like Silencerco’s Salvo.

In spite of my experience with the Remington, my first shotgun was a stainless Mossberg Marinecote 590. I chose this one because I felt its construction would inhibit rust while deploying for six-month Western Pacific tours with the Marines. That and despite being a Marine Infantryman for two years, I was still too young to legally purchase a handgun. I currently have two Mossbergs in my safe. One is a short-barreled 20 gauge that holds two rounds. The other a 9-shot 590A1 with a Speed Feed stock holding four extra rounds, a sidesaddle shell carrier holding six, a forend light and of course the ubiquitous bayonet lug that mounts either an M7 or M9 bayonet.

The Verdict

If World War III were to break out tomorrow and for some reason I needed a fighting shotgun, I might be more inclined to grab the 590A1 with its ghost ring sights, dedicated weapon light and advantages with capacity and on-board ammo storage.

My 870 is lighter and a bit nicer to shoot due to a better trigger and tends to be what I grab in the house most often when I hear a suspicious noise. It is simply easier to maneuver indoors than the bigger Mossberg. Fit and finish is slightly better than the Mossberg, but this is a shotgun that is over 30 years old and not representative of Remington’s current offerings.

As a gun writer, I have the luxury of shooting a variety of firearms, and placement of the safety is not a huge concern. I do urge new shooters or those who shoot less frequently to select a version where the placement of the safety is more comfortable for them, as that seems to be the only difference.

Both shotguns will serve you well as a self-defense weapon. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Which shotgun do you prefer – the Remington 870 or Mossberg 590? Why? Share your thoughts on the weapons in the section below:

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5 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money On The Homestead (No. 2 Trips Up Lots Of People)

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Image source: Pixabay.com

Image source: Pixabay.com

Even small expenses can soon add up on a monthly or annual basis on the homestead. Here are five ways that homesteaders waste money that could be put to better use elsewhere.

1. Not repairing clothing

Working on the homestead is hard labor, and it takes a toll not only on the body but also on clothing. However, when good quality clothing becomes worn with a hole, or torn, or loses a button, resist the temptation to automatically discard it and buy new replacements. Instead, learn to mend clothing. A simple sewing kit, manual sewing machine, and basic supply of cloth can greatly extend the service life of clothing.

Also, consider hanging your laundry out to dry. Air drying is much easier on clothing than using a drying machine. After all, that lint in the drying machine filter is just small pieces of clothing material that belong with the clothing, not in the trash.

2. Paying too much in property taxes

Property taxes are an annual evil that siphon away serious dollars that would be better managed by the property owner instead of the government. While there’s no magic wand that can reduce the property taxes on a given piece of property, off-the-gridders should give serious consideration to how much acreage they really need.

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A lot of people yearning to escape modern life in the cities or suburbs dream of 40 acres or a hundred or a thousand. And if your heart’s set on it and you can afford that, go for it.

Otherwise, think about how much property you really want. I lived for years on 40 acres and loved it. But maintaining the perimeter fencing and keeping an eye out for trespassers was a lot of work. When I decided to move, I bypassed the 40-acre and 80-acre properties and settled on five acres. I have enough room for gardening and small animals, but the area is small enough for me to keep an eye on.

3. Throwing away material that can be reused or recycled

5 Ways You're Throwing Away Money On The Homestead (No. 2 Trips Up Lots Of People)

Image source: Pixabay.com

While many homesteads don’t have trash pickup and they routinely haul it to the dump, many do subscribe to private trash pickup services. If you do, scrutinize the size of the container you’re paying for. You may be able to downsize. Frankly, for homesteads that should be reusing or recycling a lot of material, the smallest trash container available should be sufficient.

4. Not bartering

If you have a thriving homestead, you probably have excess goods or services that others may be willing to barter for. Why buy something from a store when you can barter for it?

For example, my neighbors own a ranch and raise cattle and pigs. Instead of buying beef or pork from a store, I trade chicken eggs, rabbits or produce from my garden for meat from my neighbors.

It works with services, too. I can help the neighbors on their ranch and get some meat in return.

5. Not buying used

There are many opportunities for thrifty homesteaders to buy used items that are acceptable. For instance, new books these days cost close to 10 dollars. So browse in a used bookstore and pick up a great read for 50 cents.

Clothing is another opportunity. While I buy much of my clothing new, I buy used clothing for when I’m working outside. When I’m digging soil or cleaning animal pens, used clothes work just fine for me. Goodwill stores and garage sales often yield gently used clothing for a dollar or less.


Simple changes can yield small savings. However, over time, these small savings become big savings.

What other ways do homesteaders throw away money? Share your ideas in the section below:

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Secret Gardening: How To Hide Your Food In Plain Sight

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How To Plant A ‘Camo Garden’ No One Will Ever Find

Image source: Pixabay.com

You’ve been gardening for years, and have mastered the art of growing food on your homestead. You do it organically, without using commercial pesticides and fertilizers. You save your own seeds, can your own produce, and are practically self-sufficient.

But in the event of a local or nationwide disaster that closes stores and causes people to become desperate, how are you going to protect your garden from potential thieves? Sure you could be generous and help a number of people for a while, but you can’t possibly feed each every individual that shows up at your door every time.

If you want to play it safe and make your garden “invisible” from unwanted elements, turn it into a “secret garden” with planting guilds.

A guild is a design principle in permaculture that groups assorted plants together, usually in a circle, surrounding a central plant. Each plant is carefully chosen to complement the others, ensuring each other’s growth. Like forests, guilds mimic the wilderness by having multiple layers of diverse vegetation: trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, root crops, ground cover, and even animals, insects and beneficial microorganisms. All of these work together to meet the four basic needs of plants: food (mostly in the form of nitrogen), mulch, pollination and protection. A guild is an ecosystem in itself, with different members in symbiotic relationship with one another. On a larger scale, a forest garden, also known as a “food forest,” is a great example of a guild.

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I first heard about guilds after watching a video of renowned natural farmer Sepp Holzer, who grew a food forest in the mountains of Austria. He cultivated a sundry mix of fruits, flowers, legumes, corn, buckwheat, herbs and spices, pumpkins, salad greens, medicinal plants and different kinds of root crops all across his acreage. He didn’t plant them in neat rows, but scattered seeds at random and just let nature do its course. Guild-planting, he says, makes the garden so much more dynamic, abundant and efficient. In fact, the yield in his food forest in the Appalachians is five times more than it would be if he did traditional row gardening.

How To Plant A ‘Camo Garden’ No One Will Ever FindThe benefits of guilds are undeniable: less or practically no irrigation, no mulching, no commercial pesticides and fertilizers and, ultimately, minimal maintenance. You get high yields from a very small space. And, because food forests look like a wild, untended, neglected hodge-podge of overgrown bush, nobody will think it’s a virtual paradise brimming with food! Even animals and pests would have a hard time fighting an array of repellents to get through to your goods.

Here are the different layers to plant in a guild:

1. Trees. In a guild, the trees are strong, deep-rooted plants that reach deep under the ground to absorb minerals and bring them up to the surface. They’re the canopy layer, dominating but not saturating the surrounding plants. They provide shelter for smaller trees and shrubs, beneficial animals and insects. The trees grown in the center of guilds are normally fruit or nut trees. In the northern states, they’re most likely apples, pears, cherries, plums and figs; in the subtropics, citruses like oranges, limes and lemons.

2. Shrubs. Shrubs provide a windbreak to reduce stress on your central tree. They can be low or understory fruit trees like bananas and papayas, stalks like corn, various woody perennials and most berry bushes. Comfrey, borage and dandelion are good because they’re “miners” – they collect nutrients from the soil, store it in their leaves and feed it to surrounding plants when they shed their leaves. You can also chop-and-drop them to use as green manure.

Story continues below video

 3. Vines. Vines make up the vertical layer that climb up the central and understory trees. They need little soil and ground space to thrive, but they require physical support from stronger plants beside them. Vines provide much food in less space, not just for humans but also for surrounding plants since they are nitrogen-fixers – they absorb nitrogen from the air and make them bio-available for surroundings plants. Examples of good leguminous vines are lima and runner beans. Annual climbers that seed themselves easily are gourds like cucumbers and squashes. Other edible vines are honeysuckle, jasmine, bramble, passionflower and of course, grapes.

4. Herbs and flowers. Herbs and flowers protect the fruits and nuts in your guild. Spices like peppers and herbs from the allium family like chives and onions ward off harmful insects. Even mice are said to be repelled by chives. On the other hand, fennel and dill attract wasps that prey on those harmful insects. Flowers, for their part, mostly attract pollinators, but certain ones draw predator insects: those from the daisy family, the Umbelliferae family when flowering (carrots, parsley, celery), yarrow and allysum. Marigolds, nasturtiums, lavender, tansy, elderberry, wormwood and peppermint geraniums are known pest repellents, while daffodils are said to keep deer at bay.

The thing to remember is that pests are attracted through sight and smell. Having an assortment of flowers, whether pungent-smelling or aromatic, will give mixed signals and confuse them. Other plants that can protect your guild from bigger animals and unwanted folks are thorny ones like cacti and osage orange.

How To Plant A ‘Camo Garden’ No One Will Ever FindSpeaking of protection, try attracting beneficial animals, too, like frogs, lizards and birds, or keep ducks or guinea fowl to control slugs. They’re natural predators. Put up birdhouses or consider building a pond to help attract these garden friends. The key is to simulate a balanced natural ecosystem so the different elements can regulate each other’s growth.

5. Ground cover – Ground cover plants protect the soil around the guild from too much sun, and reduce erosion during heavy rains and strong winds. They are your living mulch, building the soil while smothering unwanted weeds. They hold moisture and nutrients in the soil, keeping beneficial microorganisms underneath happy. They are usually in the form of grasses, legumes and brassicas. Ground covers that are wonderful nitrogen-fixers are comfrey, alfalfa, hairy vetch, field peas, soybeans and clovers. Other great edible cover crops are oats, barley, rye, buckwheat, canola, flax, rapeseed, spelt, spinach, mustards, strawberries, globe artichokes, parsnips, radishes, fava beans, fenugreek, chamomile, nasturtiums, elderberry, dandelions, sunflower and chicory.

6. Rhizomes — These are root crops that are diligent diggers:  white and sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, yams, daikon radish, and edible tubers like turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, cassava and yacon. They loosen compacted soil, make it soft, and mine nutrients underground. In the level which they belong to, called the rhizosphere, permaculturists like to include beneficial organisms like worms, insects and fungi.

For a comprehensive list of edibles you can plant in your food forest, click here.

As you can expect, you’ll have to prioritize growing perennials so you won’t have to sow and pull out parts of your garden year after year. Use open-pollinated heirloom seeds, and just let them go to seed to replenish themselves. And remember: The more diversity you have, the greater the variety and nutrients on your plate … and, the more confusion and camouflage you’ll create for both pests and people.

What advice would you add? Share your tips in the section below:

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Surviving with Hypothyroidism after SHTF!

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How to Survive with Hypothyroidism after SHTF Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” There’s a quiet epidemic growing around the globe. People are developing hypothyroidism, which is an under-active thyroid. There is also an overwhelming predominance of a specific type of hypothyroidism called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. So much so, that both are nearly interchangeable terms. Right now, in … Continue reading Surviving with Hypothyroidism after SHTF!

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