The Ultimate Guide to Using a Compass

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The Ultimate Guide to Using a Compass At first glance, using a compass doesn’t seem that hard- just hold it flat and it will point you to the North. But little do most people know, that’s only half the battle. To successfully navigate using a compass, you not only need to know how to use …

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Back to Nature: 5 Tips for Getting Your Kids Outdoors

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 With so much time spent in front of screens, it’s no surprise that our attention spans are getting shorter, our sleep is getting fitful, and our anxiety is climbing. What’s worse, our children are suffering from obesity, they are losing valuable life/preparedness skills, and they are out of touch with the rhythms of nature.

We all know there is more to life than sitting inside. It is time to consider getting back to the very core of what family time is about – reconnecting with one another by doing activities together. Summer is the perfect time to disconnect from Netflixing and our computers and get outside. Author Richard Louv’s groundbreaking book Last Child in the Woods touches on all of the benefits that come from getting kids off of the couch and outside.

But how do you compete with electronics and entice a kid to spend time outdoors? Here are 5 tips to get your kids back to nature.

5 Tips for Getting Your Kids Outdoors

  • Plant a seed: If you already have a garden, this one is easy, but all you need is a little piece of dirt to get started. Simply allow your child to pick out a flower, fruit, or vegetable of their very own and plant it in a suitable location. Encourage children to do their own research about which plants will do the best in their region and at this time of year. Try not to intervene too much—put your child in charge of planting, watering, marking, and watching their seed sprout and grow. Kids will take pride in knowing that they’ve succeeded in growing something and checking on their plants every day will give them a reason to get outside.
  • Photograph wildlife: older kids who are obsessed with their iPhones can put those selfie skills to good use—give them photography assignments to capture the creatures that live in your neck of the woods. You can even make it a kind of photographic scavenger hunt by assigning certain points to certain animals (a Bigfoot sighting gets them 1000 points!)
  • Sleep outside: have kids take their bedtime routine to the great outdoors. Set up a tent, gather some flashlights, and maybe even pack some fun snacks. Younger kids will of course need mom or dad to stick around while older kids can feel a sense of pride for staying outside all night (obviously a fenced yard is preferable if you’re going to be letting them try this solo).
  • Build a fort or shelter: all it takes is a trip to the hardware store for some plywood and 2x4s (or get creative and recycle an old bookshelf or other piece of furniture) and a little imagination and your kids will have a secret lair or fairy fort. Let the littles create a blueprint and then watch them bring it to life. Younger kids will need help wielding tools but in a pinch even a cardboard structure can be a fun (and temporary) feature in your backyard.
  • Start a collection: a leaf, flower, or rock collection is a great way to encourage kids to forage in the yard. Press leaves and flowers between the pages of a book before pinning them in an album. Rocks can be painted or polished and featured in a shadow box or glass jar.

Remember that kids look to adults to learn how to regard the natural world. If they see you enjoying your coffee out on the porch swing or spending time decompressing on a walk around the neighborhood, they will look to nature as well.

Pamela Bofferding is a native Texan who now lives with her husband and sons in New York City. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing with her dogs.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

TEOTWAWKI. Survival. How Prepared Are You?

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TEOTWAWKI. Survival. How Prepared Are You?

How prepared are you? Have you gone to any expense or put much time into your survival plans? Or don’t you really think anything is going to happen anyway, so what is the point in going the whole hog?

The problem is of course, IF there is a survival event, it will be too late to prepare after it has happened. I find myself at that point where I think I have done all I can do without “going the whole hog”. We are off grid & off all services, we are equipped with 18thcentury technology & some modern technology. We are producing our own food. BUT, if a survival situation arrives that is a direct threat to my family & my home, then we will need to construct a high palisade right round both houses & the garden areas.

To do this now would be inconvenient, because (A) we don’t have the man power that we would have in a survival situation, & (B) the palisade would block our view from the house. It would also use up a lot of our time & resources for something that we may never need.

Going off grid was not difficult, & we have been off grid for many years. It has cost us less to live off grid than it would have done to live in the city. Getting all the necessary tools & equipment together was not a problem, nor did it involve any extra expense.  Living off grid is a lifestyle choice, & the items you need to purchase are a part of that lifestyle. The 18thcentury equipment was purchased to satisfy my interest in Living History, Historical Trekking & experimental archaeology. The fact that we now have all this equipment, supplies, knowledge & skills is a plus in our survival preparations. Indeed, if I had not become interested in 18th century Living History, it would have taken me a lot longer to realise the potential & advantages of this technology over modern technology.

So having told my story, what is yours? Are you really serious about being prepared, or is it just a game? If you are serious, just how far have you got so far, & how far are you prepared to go pre shtf ?

Mike Evans: Author of Prepper Fiction

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Mike Evans: Award Winning Author of Prepper Fiction Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, post-apocalyptic author Mike Evans joins us. Mike, who lives in Iowa with his wife and children, released his first book on Amazon two years ago and never looked … Continue reading Mike Evans: Author of Prepper Fiction

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Training Should Never End

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I hear a lot of people say “I’ve got enough training (one SUT class), I don’t need any more.”. Usually, they are the guys who have spent more on their AR, than they ever would on any amount of training (even training on how to properly use that AR), and when you suggest they should […]

12 Essential Survival Items Under $12

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12 Essential Survival Items Under $12 Stocking up on prepper or survival gear can get expensive. Most of the time, if you go with the cheap versions of things, you get items that won’t work as advertised. That could be life-threatening in a survival situation. Imagine being stuck out in the middle of the wilderness …

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24 Food Storage Tips From 100 Years Ago

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24 Food Storage Tips From 100 Years Ago I have always struggled with my food. When I first started prepping I would just buy extra food and then forget about it. Then years later I would go to it and it had expired, I know you can still eat it but with the meat I …

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DIY Farmhouse Bed With Storage Drawers

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DIY Farmhouse Bed With Storage Drawers Storage is pretty non existent in any house, especially if you are a prepper. Make you own storage bed with storage draws with these FREE plans. and have great hidden storage. I love a good solid bed. I hate the cheap metal frames which squeak and move when you …

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No, You Can’t Come to My House

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No, You Can’t Come to My House We have all heard it: “If something happens, I will just come to your house.” As preppers, homesteaders, and survivalists, we work hard and make sacrifices to ensure that if something does happen, we will be OK without power, running water, and the availability of goods and services. …

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Gamegetter Sends

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Here’s something that Gamegetter is offering to help you on your path to preparedness. ___________________________________________Cooking For Large Groups/Food Safety Class Class I of the cooking for large groups/feeding your tribe classes will be held on Sat. August 7th in Sagamore Hills,Ohio. Those who took Class I and didn’t attend the Class II&III weekend class can take […]

Academy Sports Caves to Anti-Gunners: Bans Sale of AR15s and AirSoft Guns that look like ARs

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Major U.S. sporting goods retailer Academy Sports & Outdoors is the latest P.C. Company to roll over to the anti-gunners. The store has instructed all of their locations to immediately remove modern sporting rifles from displays and advertising… […]

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BREAKING: Anti-Trump Delegates Launch New Plan To Oust Him, And This One Might Work

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BREAKING: Anti-Trump Delegates Launch New Plan To Oust Him, And This One Might Work

Image source: YouTube screen grab

The Republican National Convention could collapse into chaos this year, as prominent party leaders and delegates are organizing a revolt against presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump in the wake of poor polling numbers and a number of statements that have put him out of line with party ideology.

“This isn’t going to go away,” Cecil Stinemetz, an anti-Trump delegate from Iowa, told The Washington Post for a story Friday. “Trump or others might say that these are just little groups who won’t do anything and it’ll fizz out — that’s not going to happen. Trump just continues to embarrass himself and his party and this is not going to let up.”

A super PAC (political action committee) called Courageous Conservatives is organizing the revolt, and a conference call was held Thursday night, The Post reported, calling it the “most organized effort so far” to stop Trump. Dozens of delegates are supporting the plan.

The Plan to Block Trump’s Nomination

Blocking Trump’s nomination would be difficult because most delegates are “bound” to support him. To stop Trump, the movement is pushing the convention’s rules committee to pass a “conscience clause” unbinding delegates who say they cannot in good conscience support him. The resolution would then have to be passed by the entire convention before a new nominee is chosen. The committee is scheduled to meet on July 14-15, prior to the July 18-21 convention in Cleveland.

Significantly, the delegates say the movement is not intended to back Sen. Ted Cruz or anyone else – simply to block Trump.

The delegates are upset over Trump’s comments about federal judge Gonzalo Curiel’s heritage, over his support for taking away gun rights from those on the no-fly list and terror watch list, and over his poll numbers, The Post reported.

This Cool-To-The-Touch Lantern Provides 100,000 Hours Of Emergency Backup Lighting

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton leads Trump by an average of 5.8 points in the average of polls

The movement may have received momentum Friday when House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview that “the last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience.”

The hope is to have a contested convention in which the delegates would pick the nominee.

BREAKING: Anti-Trump Delegates Launch New Plan To Oust Him, And This One Might Work

Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena, site of the GOP convention.

“This literally is an ‘Anybody but Trump’ movement,” delegate Kendal Unruh of Colorado told The Post. “Nobody has any idea who is going to step in and be the nominee, but we’re not worried about that. We’re just doing that job to make sure that he’s not the face of our party.”

About 30 delegates from 15 states took part in the Thursday conference call, The Post reported. There are 2,472 delegates, and 1,237 are needed to win the nomination. Trump currently has 1,542 delegates, according to

Unruh and his followers are organizing the effort via email, Facebook and Twitter. A group called the Citizens in Charge Foundation is planning to spend $2.5 million on advertising designed to sway delegates to the anti-Trump side.

“It’s not an effort for a candidate or against a candidate, but it’s an effort to educate people on what their real authority is and have them get the comfort that they’re not alone,” Eric O’Keefe, a supporter of the campaign, told the newspaper. “There’s a whole network of like-minded people.

“This is not a play for Cruz or Kasich or Ryan,” O’Keefe said. “I trust the delegates that if they understand their authority, they’ll nominate a good ticket.”

Several Republican leaders, including US Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) the chair of the House Energy and Commerce committee, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, have said they will not endorse Trump or are not ready to do so.

Trump told The Post: “I won almost 14 million votes, which is by far more votes than any candidate in the history of the Republican primaries. I have tremendous support and get the biggest crowds by far and any such move would not only be totally illegal but also a rebuke of the millions of people who feel so strongly about what I am saying.

“People that I defeated soundly in the primaries will do anything to get a second shot — but there is no mechanism for it to happen.”

Who do you support – Trump or the delegates trying to oust him? Share your thoughts in the section below:

Tired Of Losing Freedoms — And Looking For Another Country? Read More Here.

My thoughts on Dave Ramsey

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Good Afternoon what are your thoughts on Dave Ramsey’s plan for

getting out of debt as a preparation for Economic problems? Are you

familiar with it? I’ve never heard you mention him, albeit you

certainly talk about having cash saved up. I think if everyone had

their debt paid off the extra income would certainly help absorb some

inflation. Give options anyway.



I very much like Dave Ramsey and recommend his book “The Total Money Makeover”. I like how he recommends staying out of debt, having a tight budget and living below your means. His advice regarding not buying new cars or taking leases is spot on. Buy your car cash. If you can’t, you certainly shouldn’t go into debt for it.

The only point I don’t agree with him is gold.

Dave calls gold a “lousy” investment and mentions the poor returns compared to other investments. That much is true, gold is a lousy investment but that’s because gold isn’t an investment at all. Gold is a commodity. Investments generate money for you, think interests or a property you put up for rent. Buying and selling gold won’t make you much money. You’re more likely to lose some given premiums and shipping. But for an economic collapse? Oh yes, that’s different. When something terrible happens and the dollar, Euro or whatever fiat currency starts devaluating at double digit rate per week, gold will hold its own and then some. In reality it’s just keeping its true value, plus the higher than normal premium due to market interest as an economic shelter.

At one point Dave says that a pair of blue jeans or a tank of gas are “very valuable”, but not gold coins and that canned soup “would have been a better hedged against a failed economy”. As someone that actually went through an economic collapse and has studied failed economies elsewhere around the world for years, I can tell you this just isn’t true. I’ve haggled and bought two pairs of very nice jeans at a black market in Buenos Aires for a fraction of the cost of a similar quality pair in USA or Europe. After the collapse, the business of buying and selling gold went up 500% in Argentina. Gold became so valuable it became a premium target for pickpockets and burglars, so much that its still just impossible to go around town with any visible gold jewellery.

Gold is not an investment. It is a commodity considered valuable throughout history, which goes up and down in price but overall remains a globally recognized form of wealth.

Besides, as someone that dealt with an economic collapse first hand I can assure you is that you can’t grab any other asset or investment, throw it in your pocket and make a run for the airport while the country falls apart around you.

Then again, this is why you take advice regarding economic collapse from me rather than Dave Ramsey! 😉


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

Questions And Answers Episode 105

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James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike


Questions And Answers


Join us this week as we tackle your questions and answers. Some of the topics include supplementing your camping food with wild edibles. Cooking with grubs, frying grasshoppers.

Matt calls in wanting to know how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning. We go deep on this question. With tons of info on how to keep cool during the hot months. Shading your house, reflecting the sun back and using the ChiliPAD to stay cool.



  • Supplementing wild edibles
  • Keeping cool in the summer
  • I would love to know yours and mike’s edc.
  • What is your ideal apocalyptic scenario?
  • Why do you prep?
  • What’s your ideal survival firearm?
  • Is technology a help or a hindrance for survival?
  • What are you bug out bag must haves?
  • Please describe the differences and similarities of B.O.B., get home bag, car emergency kit, edc…
  • What would you personally do in a mass shooting scenario?
  • What are your first aid kit must haves?
  • What hand tools do you recommend everyone should have for a grid down scenario?
  • What are some effective diy home security preps both low and high tech?
  • Is there an episode this week?


Bannock Recipe


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Faith and Freedom Friday- God Knows the End from the Beginning

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Picking up in Romans 8:33, Pastor Cooley teaches on God’s ability to know the end from the beginning. When we see the massive corruption  in the world today, remember that God isn’t surprised by any of it.

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5:15

After many years of praying and searching for a pastor that understands America’s social, economic, and political problems and how evicting God from our country has brought those problems about, my wife and I finally found Pastor Cooley, a true man of God and a dedicated patriot.

While attending Pastor Cooley’s church for several weeks, the thought struck me; how many other faithful patriot preppers out there are having trouble finding a good church and are enduring feel-good, cotton-candy sermons  just so they can be in fellowship with other believers?

In an effort to help redeem the time in these evil days, Faith and Freedom Fridays, is available as a podcast to stream or download featuring recent messages from Pastor Clifton Cooley of  Calvary Baptist Church, Sebastian, FL.

If you happen to be in the Sebastian, FL area, please come worship with us Sundays at 11:00 AM and Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM  123 Thunderbird Drive, Sebastian, Florida  32958

Do you have a good picture of your gun, Bible and American flag? Send it to and we’ll feature it on Faith and Freedom Friday!

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10 in 1 Camping Tool!

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Pretty neat tool that my son bought. It is 10 tools in one little item that will easily fit in his pocket when he hikes or whatever. It is a 10 in 1 Multifunction Outdoor Survival Military Camping Hiking Compass Tool new. I have got to get one for each of us!

“Short Description:
Compass: Measure for magnetic azimuth (Relative functions of compass: acquire data at horizontal and vertical level). Thermometer: Measure for ambient temperature. Hygrometer: Measure for ambient relative humidity. LED light: Lighting. Reflector: Call for help in country-side, reflect sunlight to sent out the light signal. Spirit level: Determine level condition.
Item Description:
Compass: Measure for magnetic azimuth (Relative functions of compass: acquire data at horizontal and vertical level)
Thermometer: Measure for ambient temperature
Hygrometer: Measure for ambient relative humidity
LED light: Lighting
Reflector: Call for help in country-side, reflect sunlight to sent out the light signal
Spirit level: Determine level condition
Whistle: Call for help in country-side, sent out the sound signal.(use tappet to push out the whistle from the third hole at the left side)
Flint: Wilderness survival by make fire.
Magnifier: Find a coordinate in a map.
Ruler: Measure a distance (3cm length)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 75 x 39 x 25 mm

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy: What to do in the case of an active shooter

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After the Orlando mass shooting, many people are wondering what to do if caught in such a situation. Here is some sound advice from two medical experts.

By Leon Pantenburg

A few days before the Orlando tragedy, I was at the Mother Earth News Preparedness Expo in Albany, Oregon, and ran across a new bleeding control kit. I interviewed the creators of the kit, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, of the widely known and respected Doom and Bloom.

I already thought such a kit would be very valuable. After all, a person can bleed to death in minutes, long before that 911 call brings an ambulance. And what if you’re in the backcountry, miles from the nearest help?

And what if you’re on the scene of such an event as Orlando? The answer, obviously, would be to help to the extent of your abilities. A complete first aid kit will help but: “What should you do in this situation?”

Here’s what Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy recommend.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are highly trained and experienced medical professionals.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy 

Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, is a physician  and fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of OB/GYN.

Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.

Together, they’re the authors of the #1 Amazon bestseller in Survival Skills and Safety/First Aid “The Survival Medicine Handbook,” well-known speakers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as contributors to leading survival/homesteading magazines.

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Fire Starting is a Skill You Need to Practice

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fire startingI watch several of the survival shows on TV and occasionally you will find some good information that slips by the directors.  It seems that many of these shows are more hype than substance.  I wouldn’t want to have my life depend on what I have learned from those shows.  However, there is one skill that most of them point out is extremely important and that is fire starting.

Now over the years I have talked with people who thought that they could play Daniel Boone and start a fire easily.  Most of them ended up using a surprisingly large quantity of matches and never did get a really successful fire started and this was in good weather.

Even if you are planning to bug in, fire starting will probably become part of your life.  You may be starting fires for cooking, heating, for light (candles or kerosene lanterns) or simply to get rid of some trash.  The bottom line is that even if you have a Coleman stove and a lifetime supply of fuel you still need something to light it.

If you are out in the woods the situation is even worst, you may be dealing with wind, rain and damp wood.  Learning tricks like using resin to help start fires can save your life.  Give some serious thought to what type of fire starting devices you carry and stock.  I have canned a significant number of boxes of strike anywhere matches.  But they will run out eventually.

Here are some links to previous posts I have written on fire starting.

I am an avid reader and one skill that I have found to have been extremely important to our pioneer ancestors and primitive people thought out the world is the ability to preserve fire.  By this, I mean banking your fire at night so that you can restart it in the morning without a fire starter.  Also the ability to transport fire, they made all types of fire bundles that would allow you to transport hot coals all day and be able to use them to start a fire that night.  I have to admit these are skills that I have not developed, but am starting to work on.  When I have made some progress, I will write a post on the results.

In the meantime if any of you have information to share it would be appreciated.

Thanks Howard


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How to Dehydrate Sweet Peppers

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How to dehydrate sweet peppers | PreparednessMama

This year I have a bumper crop of sweet peppers. So far I’ve harvested 45 fruits from the garden. What do you do with 40+ sweet peppers? First, we had a wonderful stuffed bell pepper dinner with our fresh from the garden crop. Delightful! Try a recipe from here, here, or for one with a twist […]

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The Survivalist’s Clever Trick For Making A Smoke-Less, Undetectable Fire

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The Survivalist's Clever Trick For Making A Smoke-Less, Undetectable Fire

Image source:

A Dakota fire hole is not simply another way to make a fire. It is the survivalist’s trick to cooking food – or simply staying warm — when limited wood is available.

What makes it so special are all the advantages it has compared to other fire models:

  • It has little smoke.
  • It burns more efficiently.
  • It cooks food quicker.
  • It lasts longer.

Not only does the Dakota fire hole have those benefits, but it is a good skill to learn for any outdoorsman, survivalist, camping extraordinaire, or regular/everyday individual.

How to Build It

Building this fire hole is not as complicated as it may seem, as it basically consists of two holes. The first hole is called the “main” fire hole. To create it, the hole must be dug a foot in diameter and a foot deep. At the bottom of this main fire hole, the chamber is located. The chamber is where the wood will be burned for the fire. The chamber needs to be a few inches bigger than the rest of the hole to fit larger pieces of wood. The other hole is called the “airflow” hole. The airflow hole is where the air goes through to feed the fire. It needs to be half a foot in diameter, although the depth varies.

Discover The Secrets Of The Word’s Top Survivalists!

The airflow hole should be dug and angled toward the chamber. So, basically the airflow hole needs to be dug straight down and then angled to the bottom of the main fire hole. The airflow hole also should be positioned upwind from the main fire hole. Then, simply put the kindling into the chamber and light it up. As the fire gets stronger, add more pieces of wood to the fire. Start with smaller pieces of wood and then add larger pieces as the fire gets stronger.

Story continues below video:

If someone is looking to cook with the Dakota fire hole, simply put a wire screen and whatever needs to be cooked on top of the hole. If no screen is available, even fresh sticks could be used, since the fire is lower than the surface. The main magic behind this fire is that the airflow hole sucks the air down through its tunnel to the chamber in the main fire hole. This allows the fire to burn better and longer than other methods.

The Dakota fire hole is definitely for people of all shapes and sizes. Anyone who simply wants to cook outside can use this to cook their food at a faster and more efficient rate. Also, a person who is surviving out in the woods can use it and not have to worry about getting huge loads of wood to keep the fire going. Another great advantage of this fire hole is that the fire and smoke cannot be seen. If someone is trying to stay undetected, this is the fire hole to use.

Any person can use the Dakota fire hole — the unsophisticated but easy way to build a survival fire!

What advice would you add? Share your tips in the section below:

Learn How To ‘Live Off The Land’ With Just Your Gun. Read More Here.

Current Events and Prepper Awareness

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Recently, there were two incidents which I feel preppers should stop and take stock of. Situational awareness is broader than just your immediate surroundings, it is the world we live in and the trends swirling around us every day.

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Don’t Be Caught Without Essential Survival Gear!

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Survival Gear: Any family that loves camping will have a pretty good supply of survival gear. Items that may not be needed in a ‘civilized’ campground will definitely be needed in a disaster situation. Preparing for anything means acquiring survival equipment — as soon as you can afford it.

Signal Mirrors in your EDC

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Signal mirrors in your EDC

Shared with us by The Prepared Guy

Why do I never see this item on anyone’s bug-out/get-home/go bag list?  Seriously!  I don’t recall seeing it on any list whatsoever in my recent memory!  I may very well be wrong, unobservant or I simply haven’t seen enough lists lately.

When I was a Boy Scout a signal mirror was one item that I never went hiking or camping without.  One of the few scouting projects I actually do remember was making a signal mirror.  Where that mirror is now, I haven’t the slightest idea.  I really wish I did.  It went with me everywhere.

In this picture you see two mirrors.  The small one is made of plastic and the larger is glass.  The plastic one will not break nearly as easily as the glass mirror but there are disadvantages with plastic.  It scratches a lot easier, which will make it less reflective, and the reflection is not as bright or crisp as with the glass mirror.  Yes, a plastic mirror of the same size is significantly lighter.

These tiny Lexan or plastic signal mirrors are very cool.  They ensure that you can quite literally always have one with you as they come is various sizes.  Size is everything with a signal mirror.  The larger the better, the easier to use and further the signal can be seen, especially under low(er) light conditions.  Even on an overcast or hazy day a signal mirror can be an effective signaling device.



I bet you’re still pondering why you should add a signal mirror to your EDC gear.  First of all, to me,  EDC does not just mean what I have on my person.  It is anything I carry with me every day and could be part of the gear in my vehicle.  For my work I carry a business bag.  In it I carry more EDC stuff than work stuff.  It is a quality Victorinox shoulder bag that looks like a work bag; not a tactical bag that could attract attention.  I’m not gonna carry a glass mirror in my pocket BTW.





Other than the obvious use of being able to signal for rescue in a dire circumstance a signal mirror can serve many other valuable purposes.

  • You can use a mirror to look around corners or over the top of solid objects like a desk without being noticed or exposing yourself to attack in an active shooter or other tactical scenario.
  • Working in a group or team efficiently over distances requires communication.  Use a signal mirror to send Morse code in complete silence to other team members or as a pre-determined sign to coordinate efforts.  Signaling at night under a full moon is also possible however more difficult.
  • Place a mirror in a tactical location so that you can watch your own back or where it will give you an additional viewing angle around obstacles.
  • Use the power of sunlight to distract and/or temporarily blind an attacker… or rooftop sniper.
  • Direct sunlight into a dark place with far greater power than a flashlight.
  • Deflect an incoming laser beam from an enemy satellite.
  • Use it to apply your Camouflage face paint.
Of course a mirror can also give away your location to others if they are as perceptive as you.  So, use caution and good judgment and, yes, practice. Know how to use a signal mirror and become familiar with and be able to quickly reference what the incidence angle is between the sun and your subject.  Practice will help you to make angle determinations quickly and accurately, which mistakes might otherwise give away your position.
Do you have any other suggested uses of a signal mirror?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Preparing to survive the coming Presidential Election!

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Hello my friend and welcome back! If you have been paying attention to the Presidential race, then you see the diametrically opposed groups that are involved.  The primaries haven’t even started and there is already violence between the two groups.  In today’s post, we are going to look at Preparing to survive the coming Presidential …

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What Are We Missing?

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     As I have shifted my focus towards sharing my knowledge about spiritual warfare, I am encouraged by the number of people and readers who have responded favorably.  Even more than that, I am reassured by the honesty and courage of those who have told me they know this is where the Holy Spirit is taking them, but they’re not quite sure what to make of it, or where to start in gaining a Biblical foundation on the subject.  I’m so happy that they are willing to take that first step and to be honest about their need for more wisdom and experience!

     First of all, I am seeing that there is a remnant within the Church who are waking up. It’s as if they are receiving a wake-up call after a long slumber, and are becoming alert to an unsatisfactory situation and they want to take action to remedy it.   It’s as if someone has just unlocked a secret door that promises a whole new level of understanding of the Word… and they are curious and eager to explore it within Scriptural boundaries.  And what is exciting to me is that these are the same people who a year or two ago were resistant to my own emerging awareness that we Christians are in a spiritual battle on this physical earth.
     Once that truth is realized, I think it is important to take a good look at why Christians have been reluctant to accept this premise and what has been missing from the Church’s message to believers.   Frankly, I’m pretty much convinced that the dispensationalist teaching of the Age of Grace has convinced Christians if we have faith in Jesus as our Savior then we live in kind of a bubble of security.  This man-made philosophy is a religious interpretation of time periods, fostered by a 19th Century Bible teacher, John Nelson Darby, and then popularized by Cyrus Scofield’s Reference Bible (another 19th Century theologian).
     I could write an entire post on Dispensationalism and why I do not subscribe to it, but I want to just briefly mention it here as a means of explaining why we have been unable to focus on the reality of the spiritual realm’s interaction with the physical world, and why our own power and authority have been unrecognizable.  In short, Wikipedia gives a well-informed definition of Dispensationalism:  this philosophy considers Biblical history as divided deliberately by God into defined periods (or ages), to each of which God has allotted distinctive administrative principles.  The typical seven-dispensation scheme lists the periods as follows:  the “Ages” of Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law, Grace, and the Millennial Kingdom.  As you can guess, those who believe that God has divided history into specific time periods, see the Age of Grace as existing from  the cross to the Second Coming.  It will end with the wrath of God, culminating in the Great Tribulation. Some use the terms Age of Grace or the Church Age for this dispensation.
     The reason that I do not subscribe to this philosophy is because nowhere do I find evidence of God deliberately stating that He will act a certain way within a determined time period or age.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Now, if a man wants to say he can see some distinctions about God’s attributes throughout history, that’s one thing.  But I point out this philosophy to you because it greatly colors how we Christians view our relationship with God, and our position and purpose within His Kingdom.
     We modern Christians tend to think that Grace is ours because it has come by salvation through faith in Jesus.  But Salvation has always been by the grace of God, received by faith.  Abraham experienced it:  And he believed the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness.  The people in the Old Testament, before Jesus’ death and resurrection still had to trust in the Lord—a trust they showed in offering the sacrifices. The Old Testament worshiper, by sacrificing an animal, was saying, “I trust God will save me despite the fact that I am sinful.” Christians take the same approach today, spiritually, but the practice is different. Instead of offering repeated sacrifices for sins, we trust in the one-time sacrifice of Christ.  But because we have been convinced of a man-made philosophy that we live in the Age of Grace, we are just waiting here on earth for the Second Coming.  Any difficulties in our lives or our relationship with the Lord are explained away as “times of testing” or “God growing our faith by teaching us perseverance and reliance on Him”.  Sadly, this leaves many Christians in a perpetual state of defeat; beaten down by the Enemy who takes advantage of our spiritual ignorance.

     Another by-product of the Dispensationalist viewpoint is the doctrine of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  The thinking goes something like this … If we have received Grace by our faith in Jesus, then we have found special favor in the eyes of God.  Our acceptance of Him as our Savior means we will be saved from God’s wrath and we will be swept up into Heaven before God’s Judgment and Wrath come upon the earth.  I do not intend to argue against this doctrine in this post.  I only bring it up to point out that those who subscribe to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture are likely to view the attacks of the Enemy as something they just have to endure until Jesus comes to rescue them.  And I believe that is a strategy of the devil that keeps us from leading spirit-filled lives and renders us as ineffective partners and co-heirs with Christ.
     If we think that our only way to deal with destructive issues is to rely on God’s grace (which is very real and available), then we attribute the attacks upon our lives as coming from the visible and physical world — our boss, our lack of money, family members … anything and anyone, but the real perpetrator.  If we could come to know and understand that there is something we can’t see; powers and forces working in the spiritual realm that are manipulating and controlling our physical existence, we might come to the truth of who the real enemy is!
     The truth is, we not only underestimate the power of our spiritual enemies, but our own God-given power found in God who lives in us, the Holy Spirit.  And we have been given authority by Jesus to use that power to live in victory!  What is especially sad to me is that we don’t really know how to believe in God for our deliverance and healing, even though Scripture repeatedly tells us that Jesus is our Deliverer and one of the names of God is Jehovah Rapha, “the God who heals”.  It is because the Church, itself, doesn’t teach this reality in any kind of definitive or tangible instruction.  Have you ever heard your pastor preach that you can be physically healed through the power of Jesus, just as Jairus’ daughter was?
     Because we don’t know how to embrace this Biblical truth the devil spins a doctrinal lie that convinces us we are being faithful when we continue to stay in our suffering, relying on God’s grace to get us through.   We come to believe that our endurance and perseverance begets character and faith.  But I do not believe that it is God’s desire to have us live this way!  He takes no pleasure in watching us suffer through unwarranted guilt, or unforgiveness, or bitterness, or pride.  He wants us living in the victory that His Son died for!
     If we Christians could only understand that it is within our power and authority to bind those attacks from the Enemy; that through prayer and petition, we can partner with heavenly forces to take the fight directly to the source of our sufferings.  Instead of letting the devil whisper his lies of deception and blame, which point to earthly foes and take our eyes off our spiritual power, we need to re-focus our spirits on trusting God to pull back the curtain so we can see what is really attacking us.  And then by asking Him to re-create in us a new mind, we can “see” in our spirits the way He is able to take all those hindrances of pride, unforgiveness, anger, etc. and destroy them, placing the Cross between us and the spiritual forces of evil that come to steal, kill, and destroy.

     I know this sounds surreal and supernatural to you.  But guess what?  We serve a supernatural God!  And this scenario is exactly what happens in the deliverance ministry God has brought to me and my husband.  I don’t know any other way to describe it … people are able to picture Jesus in their minds as He hugs them and tells them He has been with them through every sorrow in their life, and He is able to heal the wounds to their spirits and souls, removing the fiery darts the Enemy has used to derail their lives.  As they forgive those who have harmed them (just as Jesus has forgiven us), they are set free from the bondage that kept them enslaved, and their spirit is released to live in the freedom that Jesus’s death bought them.
      But the most important thing is that they now know that the Enemy has no power or control over them.  We each have authority to approach Jesus in our spirits and to partner with Him to use His power to defeat any demon or spiritual force of wickedness that attempts to put a barrier between us and God.
     God’s Kingdom is anywhere God is, so that means it is on this earth.  We are His children, designed to rule and reign in the righteousness wrought by Jesus.   As co-heirs of the Kingdom, God can use us to rule with Him and Jesus.  BUT, the Enemy will rule with man, too, if he can.  Our existence on this earth is a partnership, whether for good or evil.  But we can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it under our own power.  Church, it is time to understand the truth about who we are, and what we can accomplish for our Father’s Kingdom.  Let’s deny the devil the weapons of Doubt and Unbelief; let us join with Jesus to get ourselves free and then combine forces with Him and the power of God to free our fellow Christians.  Let’s be bold and trust God for who He says He is … our Deliverer, our Healer, our Shield, and the Horn (Strength, Power) of our Salvation.  Let’s live like we truly believe Him!

2 Corinthians 10:4-5     “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the [true] knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,”



More Violence, More Political Hay for the Left

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Survivopedia hay for the left

Rahm Emanual, the mayor of Chicago, Obama’s home town, has been quoted many times as having said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste…” But few people ever remember the end of that quote, which is the truly telling part. It goes on to say, “…And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Leaving the grammatical mistakes aside, this quote gives us a keen insight into progressive-liberal thinking. While they try to paint themselves as the party of compassion, Democrats are anything but compassionate.

Their history makes this clear, even though their telling of it is the opposite. We must remember that it was the Democrats, not the Republicans who were and are trying to oppress the blacks. So, while they claim to support blacks today, it’s only to get their vote.

Liberals know that they can’t get their extremist agenda passed into law; so in many ways, they’ve given up trying. That’s what’s behind many of Obama’s executive actions, as well as many of the court cases that the left brings up, purely for the purpose of defining case law to mean what they want it to mean.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Obama has chosen to use the Orlando shooting as one more opportunity to make political hay, rather than to do anything meaningful to protect the people of the United States of America. He cares about us just about as much as Democrats in general care about blacks.

No, I’m not being cynical with this, merely observant. Time after time, Obama has used a crisis to further his political agenda, rather than to do anything worthwhile. Once again, rather than address the elephant of Radical Islam in the room, Obama has chosen to use this act of violence to claim that there’s a need for more gun control.

In the world according to Obama, it was actually a 29 year old gun named Omar Mateen walked into the Pulse Nightclub, a gay bar in Orlando, Florida and opened fire, all by itself. I’ll have to say, that was quite a gun. I’ve never seen a gun that can walk, let alone one that has the mental capacity to pick its own targets, based on its religious/political views. Obviously, my guns are defective, or just too darn lazy to do what the president says that guns are supposed to do.

It’s become like a broken record, with Obama repeating the same talking points over and over again, each and every time that some Islamic radical or crazed young man goes off and kills a bunch of people. His total disregard for the facts and his total denial of the reality of radical Islam has turned his response to these attacks into a circus side-show, rather than a meaningful response from the man who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world.

But maybe this time was just a little different. Obama did say that they (meaning his administration) believes this to be a terrorist act, as well as a hate crime. Of course, that statement didn’t include anything about the killer being a Muslim extremist or his ties to ISIS. Nor does it admit the fact of Islamic terrorism. But that’s all right, as far as ISIS is concerned, because they took credit for the act themselves, rather than waiting for Obama to do it for them.

Perhaps Obama’s use of the term terrorist was nothing more than a precursor to his blaming this horrific act of violence on right-wing terrorists, as he has done before. I guess you could say that Muslims are conservative in one regard though, as they want to keep things the way they used to be, back in the sixth century. But they aren’t the same sort of conservatives as we have here in the USA.

Video first seen on Thisthatamazing.

So thanks to Obama’s failure to tell the truth and place the blame where it belongs, all he’s accomplished is to stoke the political fires and show how ineffective he is as a leader. As for any meaningful response, especially one that goes after the enemies who perpetrated this act of war, we’ll have to wait for the next president to come along.

Of course, that depends on who the next president will be. Hillary is in the same camp as Obama in a number of things, most specifically her feelings towards Muslims. She has made plenty of statements showing that she supports them over US citizens. And we can’t forget that Hillary, like Obama, was indicted in Egypt for their support of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known Muslim extremist organization. She seems also responsible for allowing our ambassador to be killed in Baghdad, while not raising a finger in his defense. Rather, she made a premeditated attack on a YouTube video and its maker.

So we can expect Hillary’s reaction to these attacks to be the same as Obama’s, ignoring them for what they are, and calling for greater and more restrictive gun control. After all, the more they can do to take the guns away from the people, the better they can control the people.

What Makes the Difference?

But there may be something even more sinister in wanting to take the guns away from honest citizens. Could it be that Obama, Clinton and others are actually in cahoots with the Muslim terrorists? Could their efforts to disarm the public actually be in preparation for an all-out Muslim invasion? Could they actually be so sold out to the Muslims, that they are willing to work to create an open field for them, where Muslims would have no opposition to their killing sprees?

Apparently there were no armed citizens in that bar, who could defend themselves and stop the gunman from killing others. The left will try to use that, unrealistically I might add, to show how useless a good guy with a gun is. But in doing so, they will have to ignore the work of the Orlando police, good guys with guns, who ultimately brought the killer down.

It is clear that Obama, Clinton and their cabal have missed the import of this incident, along with that of San Bernardino, California. These are clear acts of war, propagated by a terrorist organization which is calling itself a country, the Islamic State. They have declared war on us and invaded our country; and yet our political leadership is doing nothing in response. Where is the outcry from Washington? Where is the national call to arms? Where is the condemnation of the criminal government that stands behind this incident?

This was not “homegrown terrorism” as the left would have us believe. The shooter was a Muslim who declared his ties to ISIS. His parents were immigrants from Afghanistan, a Muslim country; and even though they condemn the killing their son wrought, they are the ones who brought him up in the Muslim faith. Yes, he was born on American soil, but his act of terrorism had nothing to do with that. It was an act of Islamist outrage that people would live differently than the way that they demand.

As a conservative and a Christian, I cannot and will not condone homosexuality. But as a former member of our military, I have stood to protect the homosexual way of life. How they choose to live is their decision, and as long as they do not hurt anyone else in the process, it is their right.

I imagine I could find many other conservatives, Christians and service members who would agree with me on that. But none of us would walk into a gay bar and open fire. Yet Omar Mateen felt he had the right to do so, just because he was offended by two gay men kissing. Hey, I don’t like seeing men kiss each other either, but that’s their business. My appropriate response is to look away.

War has been declared on us by Islam in general. The Islamic State itself has declared war on us. Oh, they blame it on the United States and Obama’s drone war, but that’s mere smoke and mirrors. They declared war on us, killing Americans and our allies, long before we fired our first shot. Have we forgotten 9/11?

President Bush was right to declare the War on Terror in the wake of 9/11. Regardless of the effectiveness of his actions and the accuracy of his information in attacking Iraq, he did so in the propagation of that war. He recognized the enemy and went after it; fighting the war on enemy ground, rather than giving them the opening to continue attacking us here at home. The result? There were no more terrorist attacks on American soil during the rest of his presidency.

Yet today we mourn the seventh such attack on American soil, since Obama took office. These attacks are accelerating. With the frequency between them shortening. Why? Because we have made no effective response. Our enemy only understands strength; yet we have shown them nothing but weakness.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, he has promised to do something about Muslim extremism in this country. While I don’t particularly like him as a presidential candidate, I feel confident that he won’t just sit by and condemn guns, when it is Muslim killers who need to be condemned. He may not yet have the knowledge of how he will do that, but it is clear that he has no intention of allowing these attacks to continue unanswered.

Should Trump win the election, I feel confident that one of his first actions will be to demand that the military and perhaps the Department of Homeland Security, provide him with real plans for dealing with ISIS. It may not happen the first day, or even the first week, but the order will go out.

It is time to stop Islam in its tracks. They can have their religion and they can worship their god. But they have no right to subjugate the world and they have no right to attack American soil. It is time for a strong response and we need a strong leader, who can provide that response. Anything less will lead to the continued shedding of American lives.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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How To Store Water For Survival Today Not Tomorrow

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We need to learn how to store water for survival today, not tomorrow. I read articles in the newspaper detailing water contamination and the need to store water now. Just this last week we had another problem right here in Syracuse, Utah. KSL TV on Syracuse, Utah Contaminated Water. Don’t forget to throw out your ice cubes in a situation like this. The water was contaminated with E.coli and Coliform.

I want to remind people to please sign up for the Reverse 911 in your location today. If you are on vacation or at a second home you will get the Reverse 911 message from the phone number (s) you registered. You might remember, I wrote about why you need to register your phones where you are located. If you registered your phone number in say Phoenix, Arizona since you live there, that is awesome until you go on vacation. It’s great because you will learn very quickly by text, email or a recording (based on your city or county) that there is an Amber Alert or an imminent danger situation in your neighborhood, city or county. Hopefully, the place where you are staying has a Reverse 911, I would register there as well in that city, county or state.

I have a daughter that lives in Huntington Beach, California. Here’s the deal, one block from her home you can see this sign that says something to the effect “Evacuate this way (with a large arrow) in cae of an imminent Tsunami.” I can’t remember the exact statement, but I do remember seeing the word Tsunami. So I called her to make sure she has signed up for the reverse 911 notification. So many people have given up their landline because of the cost, and now it seems the safety of a landline is not as safe as we thought at one time.

I wrote a post about Flagstaff, Arizona where CenturyLink underground cables for the home phones, the internet and some mobile phone companies were vandalized. Here’s the link to see exactly what happened: Flagstaff Century Link Vandalism 2015.

Colorado and a few other states recently had some really bad weather with hail the size of quarters: NBC News Reports Storms-Flash-Floods-Threaten-Midwest. Check out the pictures by NBS news comparing the golf balls to the quarter size hail. I would hate to be an insurance agent after that storm. Wow, talk about dents on cars and house damage from the hail. I hope all the families are okay.

I remember years ago taking “sales” classes at a local bank I worked for in Salt Lake City, Utah. They taught us you have to show clients what bank products are available, and then do it over and over again so they understand the product(s) may be worthwhile and needful sometime. Maybe not today but tomorrow. They will remember if you talk, mail postcards to them, etc. about the products the bank has available for them. So, if I sound redundant on “store water now,” then please forgive me. You will thank me later, I promise.

Please Store Water For Survival Today:

I feel like I need to tell my readers to store water today. Again. If you can save the money get some containers to store water and use the suggested EPA approved Water Preserver drops I use you, then you will be set. I only use these drops: Water Preserver Concentrate

Quote from manufacturer:

    • Use with tap water to store emergency drinking water for 5 years. To be used with 55-gallon water storage barrel.
    • Water Preserver is the first and only product recognized and proven effective for 5-year water storage, registered and licensed by federal and state EPA.
    • Water Preserver was scientifically tested for 10 years to ensure its potency for 5-year storage.
    • Guaranteed 100% effective.
    • Water Preserver is a proprietary formula of stabilized, ph-balanced sodium hypochlorite with highly effective residual action that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. Accept no substitutes.”End of quote.

Bleach or City Water Rotate Every Six Months:

I am not rotating my water every six months. If you use bleach to preserve your water you must remember to rotate the water every six months. Here is a link you might like to read on bleach in water storage: Red Cross.Org. I quote:  “Fill the bottle to the top with regular tap water. (If your water utility company treats your tap water with chlorine, you do not need to add anything else to the water to keep it clean.) If the water you are using comes from a well or water source that is not treated with chlorine, add two drops of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to each gallon of water.  Tightly close the container using the original cap. Be careful not to contaminate the cap by touching the inside of it with your fingers. Write the date on the outside of the container so that you know when you filled it. Store in a cool, dark place.  Replace the water every six months if not using commercially bottled water.

WaterBricks to Store Water Now:

These are my favorite water containers because you can carry one in each hand and they weigh about 27 pounds each if filled with water. They hold 3.5 gallons each so I use 1/4 teaspoon of my favorite Water Preserver above. Or you can count out the drops. I might have blinked when counting but I put 1/4 teaspoon in mine. I rotate them every 5 years! Yes, they are BPA free. Here they are: WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Water and Food Storage Container, 3.5 gal of Liquid, 27 lb of Dry Food Products, Blue


Store Water Now-Blue Cans (my favorite):

I have talked about water storage in containers but if you have limited space and want some really good tasting water, these are for you. I am personally buying cases of these for my daughters. You can order from She contacted me and sent me a few cans to try and I was hooked. I love these cans because they are pure water. Once you try this water you will love them too. They have a 50-year shelf life!

Here is a little information from the manufacturer and I quote:

  • 50 Year Shelf Life
  • 12 oz of water per can, 24 cans per case
  • 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • Hermetically sealed water purified with 12 step filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging” End of quote.

Let’s be prepared before we need to be prepared. We can do it, store water now, one container at a time. Blessings, Linda

My favorite things:

Blue Can – Premium Emergency Drinking Water
Blue Can – Premium Emergency Drinking Water
Berkey GSPRT Generic 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle, 3-Pack
Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation

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Household uses of vinegar worth knowing

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On today’s market you can find all sorts of complex chemicals that have the same household uses of vinegar, a natural substance that has been used in the household for thousands of years. Many people don’t know that a gallon of distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can replace a large number of chemical … Read more…

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Food Riots Embroil Collapsing Venezuela — 4 Killed, Hundreds Arrested

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Food Riots Embroil Venezuela -- 4 Killed, Hundreds Arrested

Image source: YouTube screen capture

Food riots in Venezuela have caused four deaths and led to the arrest of up to 400 people in recent days, as the socialist South American nation continues to spiral toward societal collapse.

“We want food!” a mob chanted, blocking a major street less than two miles from the nation’s presidential palace, Reuters reported.

The country’s food shortage has forced citizens to forage for fruit off of trees and even eat dogs and cats, as Off The Grid News reported.

The Quickest And Easiest Way To Store A Month’s Worth Of Emergency Food!

Social media reported that there were several deaths during riots in Cumana, the capital of the state of Sucre. Dozens of shops were looted, Reuters added.

Authorities in Cumana banned the use of motorcycles for 72 hours, an action that makes it harder for looters to get away from police.

Looting is taking place daily, the watchdog group Venezuelan Observatory of Violence reported.

Socialism in Action

A 17-year-old was killed when a mob attacked a Socialist Party office in the state of Merida. Many Venezuelans blame the Socialist party, and their leader President Nicolas Maduro, for the food shortages. Maduro, in turn, blames economic warfare waged by the United States for the problems.


Food is now being distributed by neighborhood committees controlled by the Socialist Party, AP reported. Maduro’s opponents believe the distribution is really an effort by the party to control the population.

“The looting is going to continue because there’s hunger,” Roberto Briceno Leon, director of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, said. “The government’s response appears to be insufficient or politicized, so people are resorting to robbery.”

Do you believe food riots could take place in the United States? Share your thoughts in the section below:

Discover The Secret To Saving Thousands At The Grocery Store. Read More Here.

Controlling Weeds in an Organic Garden

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Weeds are the bane of any gardener, but they can be especially bothersome to organic gardeners. Many gardeners choose to use weed killer to get rid of weeds, but you certainly aren’t going to do that in an organic garden. So what can you do?
Weeds might take a bit more work in an organic garden, but it is still very possible to deal with them! (For one thing, you can eat some of them!)

Well, you’ll need to identify your most troublesome weed, and then deal with it in the way that best gets rid of that particular type of weed. We’re going to look at a few of the most common weeds, and how to get rid of those weeds.

Dandelion is a really common one that grows everywhere. While they are a fabulous food plant, most gardeners just want to get rid of them. To get rid of dandelions, you need to dig out the entire taproot – and they’re deep.

You should always pull them up with a hoe before they flower. And you can spread corn gluten over the areas you wish to remain free from dandelions in the early spring. This will help keep a lot of the seedlings from growing.

Crabgrass is a major pest in many yards and gardens. It is very tough to pull up, and it is especially hard to get rid of. You must pull up the entire plant, including all of its roots. You can suppress further growth by spreading down corn gluten in the early spring. You can also mulch to prevent the seeds from germinating.

Poison ivy is a horrible plant. It can cause terrible rashes even with very mild exposure. You should always wear gloves when handling this plant, and don’t ever let it touch any part of your skin.
You must cut the plant at the base, then let it dry out completely. Bury the vines, or throw them away in the trash. Never, ever burn poison ivy, because the smoke can be fatal! Do not compost poison ivy.

Lamb’s quarters is an edible wild green. Last week I was showing some to my father and said, “Do you know what this is?” He nodded “Wild spinach!” Even though they are a very tasty and useful green, most people think of them as common weeds. They can be difficult to get rid of. You can hoe or pull up the plants when you see them. Then you should mulch heavily to suppress the seedlings.

Ragweed is a plant that many people want to get rid of, and I am afraid I can’t think of a single good thing to say about it. It’s a very common allergen, and its pollen is a major cause of hayfever. You can hoe up seedlings, and use a mower to mow down full-sized plants. You can use mulch to cover the areas where it grows. You can compost ragweed if it hasn’t yet gone to seed.

Purslane is another edible plant that you should consider eating instead of destroying. Or at least eat some of them. You can remove individual plants by hoeing. If you pull the plants, they can reroot themselves if you leave them lying on top of the soil. The seeds of this plant can mature after the plant has been pulled, so don’t compost them unless you want a compost bed full of purslane. You can mulch to prevent these from growing.

Prickly lettuce is an annoying little plant that is related to dandelion and sow thistle. In fact, when young, it can be easily mistaken for dandelion. It can cause itching and burning if it comes in contact with skin, so always wear gloves when you handle it. You can pull or hoe plants, or cut the taproot below the soil. In much of the United States, prickly lettuce has become pesticide-resistant, providing us with more incentive to deal with these plant pests organically.

You might wish to leave it alone, as it can attract beneficial insects, but it can carry lettuce diseases. Be sure to keep it away from your lettuce patches because it can cross with domestic lettuce. It is also poisonous to livestock, so you should be sure to keep it away from your animals. You can hoe or pull plants beneath the soil line. You can compost it if it hasn’t yet gone to seed.

Weed control in the garden does not require chemicals. Mulching, digging and hoeing are all ways to deal with weeds in your garden.

Increase Your Muscle Mass Naturally with this Natural Supplement

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 Ready Nutrition Guys and Gals, we’re going to discuss a supplement that I have been using regularly for a few years called by its acronym DHEA, short for Dehydroepiandrosterone.  Wow, a $20 word if ever there was one!  The good thing is that DHEA is less than that amount and can do a great deal for you.  Let’s get into the meat and potatoes and give you some facts.

DHEA is the most abundant hormone found in mammals, humans included.  It is absolutely essential in many different biological and metabolic functions, and our bodies produce it naturally from cholesterol.  Boy, I’ll bet eyes widened on that one!  Seriously, DHEA is used extensively by our immune systems in fighting disease.  It is also used to maintain hormones (growth, sex, etc.) and is a major basic component of those hormones.

When people have low levels of DHEA (to the deficient level), this leads to disease.  Among those ailments are diabetes, cancer, CAD (coronary artery disease), high blood pressure, and illnesses of the immune system to name a few.  So let’s jump over to its origin within the body.  Cholesterol is converted by the body into a hormone called pegnenolone, and from this hormone comes DHEA and progesterone.

DHEA is responsible in aiding glucose metabolism, and it also plays a major role in stress response.  Optimal levels of DHEA are 750-1250 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter) for males and 550-980 ng/dL for women.  This can be measured by a blood test, of which you may ask your physician for help with.

The supplementation of DHEA in men and women helps to reduce body fat mass while simultaneously increasing muscle mass.  That is a key point.  It does this while lowering HDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and helping to prevent atherosclerosis.  It is an exceptional supplement for athletes and those who follow training and exercise regimens.  It is an OTC (over the counter), natural steroid.

Yes, indeed, it can be purchased in many health aisles at your local stores. You take 1 per day with a meal.  After three to four months, discontinue taking it for about 2 to 4 weeks before starting it again.

There are no contraindications to using DHEA, except that sometimes it causes a slight increase in acne, and mild facial hair growth.  It is not recommended to take by those who have suffered any type of prostate, breast, ovarian, or uterine cancers, as those are hormonally influenced and the DHEA may contribute to it.  As with all things, consult with your family physician prior to utilizing DHEA and any information provided in this article.

I have found it to be very useful, especially regarding weightlifting and exercise.  It is very economical with no side effects, and is great in addition to the protein powders for packing on the beef regarding muscular development.  It helps to reduce stress (short-term and chronic), and is easy to use along with any other vitamins and supplements in your daily routine.  Consider stocking up on it and incorporating it with your physical fitness program.  You have a great day and keep up that good fight!  JJ out!

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

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