How Continuity of Government Matters to You

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As most of you know, the federal government has procedures in place to protect and shelter elected officials during a major catastrophe. The procedures have been in place for decades and up until a few years ago, the shelters and procedures were designed to protect and shelter against a nuclear attack.

The cold war caused this country to rethink certain things, and what goes around comes around.

The results of a nuclear attack would be the same as an EMP caused by mankind or Mother Nature, however. The bunkers and procedures would still be used because they are still relevant, and assumedly have been upgraded to meet evolving threats.

The average citizen, of course, would be left to fend for themselves, and according to some studies, which by the way are highly speculative, coordinated help would not arrive from the federal government until 80 or 90 percent of the population was already dead. After all, the elected officials would have to see to their own welfare first, and then devise a plan for helping the rest of us, and frankly, if there are less of us, then there is less help required.

Cold thoughts maybe, but also reality, because the government always calculates an acceptable number of casualties into every plan they have ever developed. The government knows that they cannot possibly control, or feed over 300 million people or more when you factor in other countries and their people that may be affected and on the list for aid.

In 1859 there was a massive solar storm dubbed the Carrington Event. The only infrastructure at the time was the telegraph system, which was melted down of course. It was so destructive it actually burned up papers on the telegrapher’s desks. Imagine if that happened today. Experts can only agree that it’s just a matter of when and not if it happens again (Klein, 2012).

What Does This Mean For You

In 1859 welfare was the local church helping a family out, or neighbors bringing food and helping with the children and chores if someone took sick or there was a death in the family. In the absence of government, the people banded together and did what the government essentiality was designed to do, and that is to protect its citizens from threats foreign and domestic.

The community helped out, and yet even during hard times people were expected to help themselves as much as possible. This is what is lacking in the government’s plans for today’s population, accountability. Vagrants and lay-a-bouts didn’t get much sympathy in 1859. A hand-up was not a handout.

Homes were lit with candles and for the better off folks or the “upper crust”, lamp oil, or “carbon oil”(kerosene) was available for lanterns. Wells were main water sources and gravity fed water towers were used to supply water to towns and cities. Electricity was not needed. You can’t miss what you had never had.

Today, of course, it’s a different story. Whether you like it or not or even realize it, the government is in your life, and you will miss it when it’s gone. With that being said, however, missing it and not being able to survive without it are two different things.

Who Can Go It Alone

Not many can do it alone, however, some if not many think they can. Once federal, state and local governments are not functioning then it is up to the people of the communities across this country to govern their communities, and communities will need governing. Anyone that thinks otherwise is in for a rude awakening. A crisis that collapses the government is not an episode of the Walking Dead. The reality is much different from a television series.

People will have to come together if for nothing more than for collective knowledge and skills. There is safety in numbers, and you the lone wolf will need others as well.

Of course, you can survive on your own if you have the supplies, the means to grow and raise your own food, the ability to provide medical care for you and yours, and defend your property alone. Anyone can do this for a period, but then what.

When one government fails then another must rise in its place. Instead of a centralized government, local governments will have to do all the heavy lifting in the short-term. You should be a part of this movement, otherwise, you cannot complain about how it is run.

You might consider all this while you prep. What would you need, what would your community need, and what can you contribute.

It is not about making sure everyone else survives, you can’t guarantee that, but it is about making sure you survive. The absence of government or some sort of order means anarchy and this lessens your chances of survival. Some may welcome the chaos for whatever reason, but in a short time, it will destroy those that wish it.

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