Sustainable Sundays #6

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Welcome to Sustainable Sundays! I’m so glad you’re here. This is a link party focused on eco friendly, sustainable practices. We’d love to have you link up posts about gardening, upcycling, homesteading, natural foods and recipes (nothing from a box!), reducing, reusing, and recycling.   
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It has finally warmed up here in Nova Scotia. And by warm I mean it might hit 80F – downright chilly for some of my readers!

When I planted my potatoes, I did something rather silly – my father tilled up the patch very nicely and I immediately put down the potatoes and covered them with hay. My mistake? I didn’t let the chickens hunt out the bugs and worms first. My poor potatoes were a casualty of war. Luckily, they’re coming up now, but they were pecked and broken up and moved all over the place so that I no longer have nice rows with a walking path. This should be interesting!

Most Visited Post: This recipe for Sofritas from Morsels of Life was one of the two most visited posts from the week. This looks amazing! Have you made sofritas before?

Most Social: For the most social feature, we chose this Sauerkraut recipe from Skip The Bag– this post was also tied for most visited post!

Marie’s Choice: Oh, I can’t help but pick How to Repurpose Cans. The one thing I hate about buying anything in cans is … well, the cans! Even though they can be recycled, I wish there were more ways to use them. Check out this very pretty upcycle.

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Your Hosts

Danielle @ is a stay-at-home mom turned DIY and ecofriendly focused blogger. 

Between sewing, upcycling, and woodworking projects, Danielle loves to read, play with her dogs, try to keep her garden alive, and investigate new exciting ways to go green. Danielle also wrote the book, “A Complete Guide to Using, Laundering, and Sewing Reusable Cloth.

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Marie @ lives in a literal “cabin in the woods” five miles up a rough dirt road where everything brought IN must be carted right back OUT – that’s a great incentive to produce much less garbage.

Their homestead is 100% solar powered and wood-heated. Marie is the author of “A Cabin Full of Food.

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