Crazy Voices Crying In The Wilderness

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Crazy Voices Crying In The Wilderness

For the herald’s voice is crying / in the desert far and near,

calling all to true repentance / since the kingdom now is here.

—Johann Olearius, “Comfort, Comfort Ye My People” (1671)


Alone of all the prophets, John hailed the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.

—The Church of England, Common Worship (2008)


The Voice

He came out of the wilderness.  His hair was long and caught up in seven braids.  He wore camel’s hair clothes, rough and not so fashionable.  He tied it together with a leather belt.  Locust was his superfood and he preferred wild honey to Stevia.  His name was John.

He cried with a loud voice.  Anywhere he could.  From a bluff.  From big rocks.  From a rise along the riverbank.  Wherever there was a makeshift camp, a passing caravan, a crowd gathering at a waterhole … suddenly he would appear, and he would lift up his voice and cry:

“Repent!  For the kingdom of God is at hand.”

Kingdom of God?  The people knew those words.  Daniel the prophet had spoken of a kingdom the God of heaven would set up in the latter days (Dan. 2:44).  Kingdom of God.  Kingdom of heaven.  The kingdom of the coming Messiah.

The Messiah.  Could the Messiah be John himself?  Was he the promised King?  Or was he perhaps some other figure out of a distant prophecy?  Elijah was supposed to come as the Messiah’s herald (Mal. 4:5).  And, if anyone could pull off the look and feel of Elijah, it was John.

Then again, Moses had spoken of a great Prophet, the greatest Prophet, who would speak all of God’s words, do great signs and wonders, and know God face to face (Deut. 18:15-19 and 34:10).  Maybe this man was He.

Christian Heroes For Christian Kids: These Stories Are Putting God Back Into History!

Whoever he was, his message bit the soul with great force.  He called the religious leaders “a generation of vipers” — “the seed of the Serpent.”  He called all of God’s people to turn from their sins, not in word only, but most especially in deed.  “Bring forth fruits appropriate for repentance,” he demanded.  And he did something else.  He summoned men and women alike to baptism, a cleansing rite that the prophets had associated with Messiah.

More and more people flocked to the wilderness to hear this man preach and — before long — he established himself on Jordan’s banks where Israel’s religious leaders could easily find him.  It was only a matter of time before they showed up.  Church police.  He was an outside voice in religious matters and a potential rival to their authority.  They came to examine his credentials, to see what he would have to say for himself.

“Who are you?” they demanded.  “The Messiah?”  Not that they would have believed him if he had said yes.  “Or are you Elijah?”

“Nope,” he answered to all three.

“Who are you, then?  We need to give an answer to those who sent us.”

And John said: “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the LORD,’ as the prophet Isaiah said.”

“Then why are you baptizing if you’re not the Messiah or Elijah?”

Keep in mind … baptism was an Old Covenant concept and ordinance (Heb. 9:10; Num. 19).  That’s why the theological experts didn’t ask, “What are you doing?” but rather, “Why are you doing it?”  The baptisms they knew mostly pertained to certain Jewish sects in the area. But they knew there was another baptism, one that was both Messianic as well as eschatological (Isa. 52:12; Ezek. 36:25).  But who was John that he should offer it?

“I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance,” John said, “but He who comes after me is mightier than I whose sandals I am not worthy to bear.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit . . . and with fire.”

John’s Baptism

We’ve all heard it in Handel’s Messiah:

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Ev’ry valley shall be exalted, and ev’ry mountain and hill made low; the crooked straight and the rough places plain.

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

The words come from Isaiah 40:1-5.  The voice is that of John the Baptist.  God was about to manifest His glory before all flesh, and He chose this particular man to serve as His voice.

John was the son of a priest and a Nazarite from birth, a birth that had been foretold in the Temple (Luke 1:5-22).  He came “in the spirit and power of Elijah” to prepare Israel for the Messiah’s coming (Luke 1:17).  His message was one of glory and judgment.  The kingdom of heaven, the redemptive rule of God through His Messiah, was about to explode into history with news of the King.  John’s message regarding the new King posed a challenge to all men, beginning with Israel:  Will you submit obey and be faithful or will you be a rebel?

Crazy Voices Crying In The WildernessJohn hit a nerve.  Submission requires repentance.  Men must acknowledge their transgressions of God’s law and turn away from them.  The King required action, visible fruit.  Mere “bloodline” descent from Abraham meant nothing: “God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham,” John said.  He pictured the King, the Messiah, standing at the threshing floor that was Israel with a winnowing fan already in His hand.  This Messiah would separate the chaff from the wheat:  He would gather the wheat into His barn and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.  The Judge was knocking at the door.  Israel … each Israelite … must make a choice.  The consequences would be eternal.

Those who professed repentance, John marked with baptism.  Baptism pointed to cleansing, to new birth and resurrection (Ps. 51:7; Ezek. 36:26-27; Titus 3:6).  It was a sign and seal of the work of God’s Holy Spirit.  The Messiah was coming to baptize Israel with God’s Spirit or with the fires of God’s wrath.  There could be no neutral ground.  Those who would repent and receive their King would have the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).  Those who rejected repentance, who continued in their self-righteousness, would face temporal and eternal wrath.  (The destruction of Jerusalem, with all its horrors, was little more than 40 years away.)

Behold, The Lamb Of God!

John’s first work was to call Israel to epistemological self-awareness.  Each Israelite needed to know his own sin.  And each needed to repent.  John’s second work was to introduce the Messiah Himself.  And so one day, John saw his cousin Jesus coming to Jordan for baptism.  John knew Him for who He was, and he tried to put Him off, “hey wait a minute … I need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?”

But Jesus insisted.  For though He had no sins, He needed to be identified with His people, and He needed to be set apart to His priesthood by one already a priest (Matt. 21:23-27).  And so John baptized Jesus in the Jordan.  As Jesus came up from the river, the heavens opened, the Spirit of God, dove-like, descended upon Him, and the Father in heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:16-17).  And so, baptized and anointed, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, became the Christ, the Anointed One, the Prophet, King, and Priest of divine redemption.

It was about this same time that John pointed to Jesus and called out, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!”  And here is the last puzzle piece.  How can a sovereign and holy God forgive sinners?  Good works have no merit.  Repentance has no merit.   Man has broken God’s law, and God is rightly offended.  His wrath is just and inevitable.  Unless …

“The Lamb of God.”  A sacrifice.  A substitute.  One whose life is of infinite value.  One who in His own body and soul bears the wrath of God against sin in the place of His people.  To repent, then, means to embrace the Lamb, to trust His shed blood, to find in Him new life and the power for obedience.  Entry into God’s kingdom lies through the blood of the Lamb.

A Dying Voice

John died a martyr’s death for condemning King Herod’s marital sins (Matt. 14:3-12).  Jesus said he was the greatest of the Old Testament saints, the greatest of the prophets.  But John got to see Jesus, his Messiah.  He had the amazing privilege and responsibility of introducing Him to Israel.  And yet, Jesus said, “the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Matt. 11:11).  John still operated in the shadows of the Old Covenant.  He didn’t live to see the cross or the empty tomb.  He didn’t live to Pentecost.  The blessings of New Covenant life far surpass even the glories of John’s ministry … because the King has come.  The kingdom of heaven, then and now, is a reality.

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3 Emergency Heat Sources When The Power’s Out

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How to Make Pine-Sap Salve

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Patriots’ Prayers for 1-15-2017

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Prayer of Repentance of the United States

Heavenly Father, we confess that, as a nation and as individuals, we have sinned against You in thought, word, and deed. We have also omitted to do what Your holy law requires of us. As a nation, we have replaced the authority and perfection of Your Word with the whim of our own ever-changing opinions for our standards of right and wrong. We no longer keep Your commandments, or follow Your teachings.  But now, with repentance and humility, we turn again to Your love and mercy. We entreat You to forgive us, as individuals and as a nation, all our transgressions and to cleanse us from all our sins. Lord, fill our hearts with the light of Your truth. Strengthen our will by Your grace. Teach us both to desire and to do only what pleases You. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. 

Psalm 119:1-8 (NKJV)

Blessed are the undefiled in the way,
Who walk in the law of the Lord!
Blessed are those who keep His testimonies,
Who seek Him with the whole heart!
They also do no iniquity;
They walk in His ways.
You have commanded us
To keep Your precepts diligently.
Oh, that my ways were directed
To keep Your statutes!
Then I would not be ashamed,
When I look into all Your commandments.
I will praise You with uprightness of heart,
When I learn Your righteous judgments.
I will keep Your statutes;
Oh, do not forsake me utterly! 

Daily Bible Reading 
(Continuing in the book of Genesis this week.)

Sunday: Genesis 16 (Hagar and Ishmael)
Monday: Genesis 17 (Sign of the Covenant) 
Tuesday: Genesis 18:1-15 (A son is promised) 
Wednesday: Genesis 18:16 – 19:29 (Sodom & Gomorrah) 
Thursday: Genesis 19:30-38 (Descendants of Lot) 
Friday: Genesis 20 (Abraham & Abimelech) 
Saturday: Genesis 21:1-21 (Birth of Isaac; Hagar & Ishmael Depart)

Greedy Corrupt Australian Government Refuses to help WW2 allies!!!

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I can’t see how any Australian can say that they are proud to be Australian after seeing these images. Our corrupt Australian Government not only sanctions this genocide in West Papua, but it is funding it!!! Rape, murder, disemboweling whilst still alive, men women & children! When will the majority of gutless uncaring mindless Australians grow a backbone & sack this corrupt government & change our whole corrupt government system. How can Australians bury their heads in the sand & allow this abominable treatment of our WW2 allies to continue?

Women & children slaughtered!

This is a trophy picture, the Indonesian military hunt these people down as if they were feral animals.

Mass graves!

Disemboweled whilst still alive!

Another trophy brought back to camp, this one a woman!!!

Even the United Nations do nothing to help these people! 
This is the world we live in now, who will be next? You think the greed for money & power has any bounds? Look at these images & think again!!!

Sunday Prepper Bible Study-Last Chance

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At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.

Jeremiah 18:7-8

This week, Obama leaves the White House and Trump will take his place. Given the alternative, it could have been a lot worse.

But now comes the test. Not only will we see if Donald Trump intends to fulfill his promises, but we will also see if the conservatives who put him there can do more than vote once every four years. Not only should  we hold Trump’s feet to the fire, but also our own. We must stand firm and push forward with all our strength. There is still much ground to be regained.

The most important fight we have before us is the protection of the unborn. Trump has said he will nominate pro-life Supreme Court Justices. That’s a good start. Let’s hold him to that campaign promise. However, that is only one battle in the war for human life. With a Republican, House, Senate and Oval Office, this is our first chance in 10 years to get legislation on the books that will nullify Roe v Wade.

We still don’t have a super-majority in the Senate, and the Dems could filibuster the legislation, but at least we could get the blood of those unborn off the hands of the Republican party. And with only nine votes standing in the way, don’t tell me there is no deals that can be struck. Substantial pressure can be applied to the Democrats in the Senate. We can purge this wickedness from our land.

But I fear this is our last chance. If we don’t make the most of it, if we fail to stand up, speak out, and defend the lives of the unborn this time, we deserve every ounce of the wrath God has stored up for this nation.

The National Pro-Life Alliance has been working with Senator Rand Paul to get the Life At Conception Act passed. 2017 could be the year this bill is passed into law. But it takes time and money. I pray that you’ll consider funding pro-life organizations like NPLA and The Center for Medical Progress in 2017. If you’re maxed out on giving, dedicate a portion of your tithe to these organizations. More than a new HD projector, your church needs a country that is not under the curse of God for its dereliction of duty in protecting the unborn.

Beginning January 20th,  Email and call  President Trump and your Representatives. Let them know that if this bill doesn’t come back up in 2017 and if it doesn’t get their vote, you won’t be voting for them in the next election. If you have a favorite pro-life organization or political action committee, leave it in the comments below.

Consider attending this year’s March For Life on January 27 in Washington DC. If we can learn anything from the left, it should be the lesson that “the squeaky wheel gets the greasing.”

Jesus said “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his own soul?” Prepper translation: “What good will it do you to survive the coming economic collapse, nuclear war, or even a zombie apocalypse if you don’t know you will go to heaven when you die.” A recent study found that 10 out of 10 people die! On that day we will meet our Maker. It only makes sense to be prepared for that day. Click here to learn more about knowing GOD.

Have a blessed day and happy prepping!


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This is just a test

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My computer died a while ago and I have been having trouble using my tablet for writing on my blog and then being able to use my son’s computer. It seemed like any time I would have liked to have used it , he was on it! So I did some research and found out that my tablet, a Samsung Tab 3, does very good with a bluetooth keyboard. I found a bluetooth keyboard on ebay for 16.00 and got it. What a difference this is making. I just got it paired to my tablet and I am already loving it. It makes it like a actual computer. Which it basically was , but with my old eyes I had trouble using the keyboard that popped up on the tablet. Now I am typing away!!

 LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing Winter Squash Recipes

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SHTF First Aid – Home Remedies for Preppers

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Survival Medicine Hour: Hypothermia, Pt. 2, Avalanches, Blizzard Survival

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In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe and Amy Alton: Bees are having a hard time these days and new attention is being given to their plight. The Fish and Wildlife Service have added the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee to the endangered species list, which join seven species of the Yellow-Faced bee that were added in September.


Hypothermia (part 2) is discussed regarding treatments including: getting the person out of the cold or sheilding them from the weather as much as possible, monitoring their breathing, begining CPR if needed, warming them up with your body heat or warm dry compresses and more. Keep a Winter Car Survival Kit and supplies handy to help when disaster or accidents happen.


Avalanches are dangerous, but only a small percentage of victims die from hypothermia, most perish due to traumatic injury or suffocation before they freeze to death. Snow slides are part and parcel of the winter wilderness experience and it pays to know what to do if you’re caught in one. Blizzards occur every year in the United States, and cause fatalities among the unprepared. In these storms, 70% of deaths occur due to traffic accidents and 25% from being caught outside during the blizzard. Learn safety tips to prevent these deaths and keep you and your family safe and healthy during the winter.


To listen in, click below:


Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,


Joe and Amy Alton

joe and amy radio

The Altons

Hey, are you prepared to deal with medical issues in the uncertain future? Find out more about 150 topics as they relate to survival in our new Third Edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Medical Help is Not on the Way.

How To Can Water for Emergencies

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How To Can Water for Emergencies Stocking an emergency water supply is something everyone should do-regardless of their situation. Natural disasters can disrupt water supply, contamination can occur with chemical or biological hazard leaks, and cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and burst. Bottled water is definitely easy to come by when conditions are …

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You’ve Been Lied To… Discover the Truth

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 One of the titles of our Adversary is “Father of Lies.” It is a apt title, for one of his main strategies is deception, and he has been at it for all of human history. 

We have been lied to repeatedly by the government, authorities and “experts” of the worldly system. In school we receive indoctrination, not education. The mainstream news media is little more than a PR firm for the worldly system of the Adversary. Lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats have worked hard for generations to impose the the Adversary’s worldly system upon us through government and law. Political correctness is nothing more than a societal enforcement of his lies.

We have been lied to about Biblical Truth, history, civics, economics, science… the list goes on and on… 

I suggest prayer and the study of Scripture as the first and best defense against the Father of Lies. Next, spend time finding out the Truth for yourself. To that end, each week I will suggest a book or video exposing Truth in the face of Lies, posting the suggestion in the “Discover the Truth” section at the top of the left-hand column of this website. I will also keep a running list of past suggestions below:

Week 1Brilliant: Made in the Image of GodScientific & archaeological facts validate the Biblical Creation account.


Is the US a Socialist State?

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by Aaron

A 2012 Pew Research Center poll regarding positive versus negative reactions to the terms “capitalism” and “socialism” revealed that 40% of respondents had a negative reaction to capitalism while 31% had a positive reaction to socialism. If we shift our view only to millennials, a Harvard University poll of millennials (ages 18 to 29) showed that a whopping 51% do not support capitalism, while only 33% claim to support socialism.

In the interest of fair journalism, I should point out that worded differently the polls would suggest that most millennials dislike socialism more than they dislike capitalism. So I’m not here to convince you that all, or even most, millennials are socialists – only that we have a very interesting view of the terms in this country.

I fear that a major problem here is that so few people in general understand the theories behind the terms they hear from sound bites from the media that public outcry has become lost in zealous ignorance. To further complicate things, I would argue that many of the problems inherent in American businesses are a result of quazi-socialist agendas. That is, our youth is blaming capitalism for the failures of socialism.

I think it’s pretty clear that we don’t have anything close to a free market in this country, and here’s why:

The “Trickle-Up” Economy

You’ve probably all heard of trickle-down economics, where the idea is that the more money the wealthy have (for instance, by having tax cuts and other incentives), the more money they have to invest in their businesses, and hence the more jobs they can afford to create.

Conversely, in trickle-up economics, wealth is believed to flow from the bottom up. This is because notice that the consumer is the one who drives the economy, and that a striking portion of the consumer base is under or barely over the poverty line. This includes our poor as well as our lower middle class.

It should take no convincing to recognize that the more money the lower classes have, the more money they have to spend. The more money they spend, the more money goes to the business owners, and thus the more people they can hire. The more people they can hire, the more money more people are able to make, thus generating the economy.

While this is a valid premise to build on, the “how” question is just as important as the “what” question. The liberals tend to see the solution to this as being: jumpstart the economy by throwing money at the problem.

Great. Here we go. Here’s where the problem lies. Not in the “what,” but in the “how.” So we take a portion of tax revenue and give it to the poor and lower middle class. Then what? Hopefully they’ll spend wisely? Certainly the sale of alcohol, cigarettes, and diapers may go up. But then what? We’re still taxing these businesses to oblivion anyway! And with all the roadblocks (i.e., taxes, regulations, etc.) businesses must drive over to make their businesses profitable, job growth gets stifled, meaning we have to keep throwing money at the wrong part of the problem while doing little – if anything – to solve the actual problem.

But hey, at least it’s easier for the politicians to look like they’re doing something useful with our money. And further, keeping the problem existing keeps them employed, which brings us to our next problem.

The Broken Window Fallacy

The Broken Window problem refers to a parable by 19th century French economist Frédéric Bastiat as an example of the problem with society’s view of employment. In the parable, Bastiat tells of a shop owner who’s window is broken accidentally by a little boy. In attempts to console the shop owner, townspeople tell him that they’re sorry it happened, but then again if windows didn’t get broken, then window glaziers couldn’t stay employed.

In other words, disaster creates jobs! The problem that Bastiat points out though is that with that line of thinking, what’s to stop the glaziers from paying kids to go around breaking windows so they could remain in business? Well, this is actually sort of happening by our government.

  • Cash for Clunkers

A recent example would be the government’s 2009 Cash for Clunkers program, where the government has paid people money for their old cars so that those people will spend the money on a new car. The idea was that because people were tending to keep their cars longer, their cars had to be junked in order for them to buy new ones to stimulate economic growth in the automobile industry that we had just spent billions bailing out.

The old models turned in were then junked (to be fair, some were sold for parts, but the value was negligible). So the government literally broke a bunch of windows (along with the rest of the cars) to artificially stimulate job growth.

The liberals hail this, and plans like it, as a fantastic way to stimulate job growth. Except that

  • GM and Chrysler failed on their own accords. Giving handouts to failing businesses just teaches businesses that they can be as irresponsible as they want since they’ll just be bailed out every time. It’s basically corporate welfare.
  • The old cars still had value. They got their owners from point A to B and were still reasonably reliable. So the government destroyed items that had value to create… value.
  • The money spent on new cars people didn’t need yet was money that could have been invested elsewhere. Maybe people were saving to buy a new car in the future. Maybe they were saving for something else. Just because someone else was employed by the destruction of someone else’s car doesn’t mean that there was necessarily any real net gain.

Manipulating wealth by destroying value to create value is not sound. The liberals seem to equate savings to money lost. Sure, money in savings isn’t stimulating the economy at that moment, but suppose the shop owner in the parable had been putting money into savings to invest back into his company in the future to create jobs – even to build additions to his building, requiring the work of glaziers for more windows – but now that he has to spend savings on a new window, he has less to invest into the business.

And as long as we’re destroying things to create wealth, why stop at just the window? Why not destroy entire homes!? Why not go nuts and bomb entire cities!? Which leads me to my next point:

  • War

It’s no surprise that war creates jobs. This is why our politicians have decided to funnel so much money into the military. And it’s not even just the liberals in the White House. Some of our very own are buying into the scheme under the guise of “national security.” Please, our nation is plenty secure. We spend more on our military than the next 8 super powers combined. National security my ass. Something else is at play.

For one, part of why we spend so much more than other nations is because according to NATO, all allied nations have to contribute 2% of their GDP into their respective militaries. Well, since much of Europe doesn’t believe in that rule apparently, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to spend more on a bigger military to compensate for those poor nations. How nice of us.

But then we also create conflicts overseas by funding rebels of various countries. This practice is great for our economy though! American firearms manufacturers see more work; military supplies contractors stay gainfully employed. We’re creating so many jobs… by funding terrorists.

Hell, we even go above and beyond the call of duty by funding military supplies we don’t even need! In 2014, we spent $120 million on Abrams tanks for the army that army generals repeatedly said they had no use for (and it’s in particularly been pushed by two Ohio senators. The tanks are manufactured in Ohio. Go figure).

We’ve added $1.33 billion in our recent budget on 11 F-35’s – a stealth plane that’s already years past its due date and riddled with systematic problems. $1.33 billion on planes we can’t even use yet. Proponents of the expenditure claim that we’ve already spent too much on the project over the past several years to quit now. A gambler’s fallacy if I’ve ever heard one.

I could go on and on with examples. Just last year we spent $640 million on a ship in Mississippi for the Coast Guard that the Coast Guard assured us we don’t need (Mississippi senator Thad Cochran was the main advocate of this bill). The same year, $1 billion was allocated to build a Naval ship in Maine that the Navy never did ask for (Maine senator Susan Collins pushed this bill). We’re keeping numerous bases open that serve no real purpose.

And of course with all the destruction of cities in the Middle East, our great nation is able to hire so many American contractors to deploy and rebuild those cities.

With our treating of excessive military spending and funding rebels to destroy places so we can build them back up, I’d hate to see what would happen if peace were to ever break out.

Bastiat used the term “Sisyphism” to describe such systematic destroying value to create value, named after the Greek titan Sisyphus who was punished by being forced to roll a boulder up a hill, only for it to fall back down, causing him to have to start back over rolling the boulder back up (only for it to fall again) for all of eternity. But hey, according to the liberals, at least Sisyphus will always be employed!

The “Free Market”

The free market isn’t a thing that’s ever truly existed in America, and the market has only shifted further and further away from the notion of being free. We make start-up costs for businesses super high, and this mainly affects small businesses.

Up until recently, Louisiana required florists to pay thousands of dollars for classes and state licensing before they could legally sell flowers (it physically pains me to write this). Beautician licenses are required just for braiding hair for profit in some states. It’s illegal to sell lemonade on your own property without having a vender’s license, business license, filing business taxes, etc.

You need licenses and registrations for just about everything. If you want to hire employees, that’s yet another license. Want to open up a bar? Not with the price of liquor licenses you don’t. It’s a wonder anyone starts up small businesses anymore. If we got rid of these licenses and regulations and people were allowed to engage in free exchange among consenting individuals, more people could sell items and services, open up small businesses, and hire more employees. Talk about stimulating the economy.

But the government doesn’t believe in the people’s ability to control the economy themselves without falling to disaster, so the government has taken over control of industries by artificially driving economies by a host of means – to include, ironically, disaster.

They claim all these regulations are to protect the consumer and employees. But the best regulator of businesses is the consumer. The government requires so much red tape to get anything done. Meanwhile, if the consumer finds that your product isn’t safe or friendly or whatever, then they stop doing business with you immediately.

In the words of L.N. Smith, “Every dollar you spend . . . or don’t spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.” Except that even if you don’t spend your money in certain ways, the government will just bail out those failures and find ways to force – or “incentivize” – you to spend money at those businesses. And if too many votes – or dollars – are cast to businesses who are doing too well, the government will punish them.

The government tries to make everything about equality. But equality can’t be artificially created. It won’t be respected then. The economy is an organic living and breathing thing. The success and failure of businesses is evolution at play. The things that work stick around, while the things that don’t go away. It’s survival of the fittest. But not when the government intervenes. We’re not livestock. We can’t just be herded a certain way. But then if that is what’s happening, I suppose we can be after all.

So… Are We Already Socialist?

Is the US a socialist state? This is a tricky question. In socialism, every business is owned by the state and everyone is employed, since the state can open as many jobs in public businesses to accommodate everyone, whether their job is particularly useful or not.

One could argue that when the US bails out businesses that they have a stake in that company. After all, the Obama administration used the automobile bail out as leverage to get the companies on board with certain emissions practices, and the government had the businesses as collateral until they paid it off.

The US government also owns some other public industries, as well as funds industries that are run by private entities so as not to give the impression of being socialist. The government artificially manipulates the economy, seeking to even out the playing field, even if it means stifling business. The government spreads wealth amongst individuals so that everyone has what they need, regardless of whether they provide anything useful back to the system or not.

Socialism might look great on paper; everyone is employed and everyone is more-or-less classless and equal. But in practice, certain executives running certain enterprises (private or public even) might have ties to certain public officials. Connections such as these may allow their enterprise to grow at the expense of others, all while being funded by we, the tax payers. At the same time though, their profits are all theirs to keep.

So we, the people, get to fund their businesses while seeing nothing in return, and they get to keep whatever profit they make. This is the worst kind of socialism, and it leads the public to have negative views of businesses and of business people. They don’t realize that this sort of crony capitalism only exists because of socialism.

While this is going on, the working class becomes more and more complacent. Why try when the nanny state is going to take care of you? Even if you are so inherently inclined, why try to succeed when the state is just going to shut down your every attempt? After all, in socialist America, one person’s destruction is another person’s value.


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The Tent Mansion – Big Enough for the Largest Families!

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The Tent Mansion – Big Enough for the Largest Families! If you’re a serious prepper, it’s a good idea to have at least one temporary shelter option on hand at all times. An RV is always an option, but they are gas guzzlers and not exactly inconspicuous. Tents are portable and off-road friendly, but most of …

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Bug Out or Hunker Down: How to Make the Right Decision

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It is a romantic notion. The SHTF you grab your family and your bugout bag and you hit the road. Living off of the land until it all blows over…or not. You don’t care, because you prepared and you can live off of the land, right? Well, maybe. Let’s think this whole thing through for […]

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Grow Lights Explained: Here’s What You’re Doing That’s Wrong

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Grow Lights Explained: Here's What You’re Doing That's Wrong

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One of the most important considerations for indoor gardening is light. While some vegetables will chug along with a bare minimum of six hours of light daily, they will flourish with 12-16 hours daily. Clearly, grow lights are a must, especially during winter. However, one of the most common mistakes among indoors gardeners is using the wrong type of light.

Red, Blue, And Full-Spectrum Light

Let’s start by talking about the color in light. We perceive sunshine, for instance, as white light, but it’s actually made up of all the colors of the rainbow — it’s full-spectrum. Light bulbs don’t generate light the same way that the sun does, and the color of light they produce often appears as off-white. Traditional incandescent bulbs, for instance, give off a yellow-red glow, whereas basic fluorescent tubes often have a blue glow.

Looking For Non-GMO Vegetable Seeds? Get Them From A Company You Can Trust!

Plants have different reactions to the different colors within light. Blue light encourages the growth of strong leafy plants, while red light helps plants flower and fruit. It helps to understand how plants react to red and blue light in order to choose the best grow lights for your indoor garden.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Not that long ago, basic fluorescent tubes were the only real option for grow lights, and many gardeners still swear by them. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and energy efficient. And, with the advent of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, installation is easier than ever, since you can simply screw a bulb into any existing light fixture.

Grow Lights Explained: Here's What You’re Doing That's Wrong

Image source: Wikimedia

Fluorescent bulbs come in warm (red), cool (blue), and full-spectrum ranges. The light that fluorescents produce is relatively weak, but there are also high-intensity fluorescent bulbs if needed. Full-spectrum and high-intensity fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than basic ones, but they may end up being more cost-effective.

LED Grow Lights

Light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs have a lot of potential for grow lights, but they are not yet widely used. Like many technologies in their infancies, they are relatively expensive, although their cost is coming down. Keep your eye on LED grow lights because they have a lot of benefits, including having a long life and being energy efficient, and emitting little heat. Also, they can be programmed to produce specific wavelengths of light.

HID Grow Lights

There are two types of high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, both of which produce bright and intense light. Metal halide (MH) bulbs emit light that is quite similar to natural sunlight, without generating a lot of heat. However, they do tend to the blue end of the spectrum, and depending on the type of bulb used, you may need to supplement with high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting, which emits red light. HPS bulbs are excellent to promote flowering and fruiting. However, both types of HID bulbs can only be used in special fixtures, with ballasts, and the complete set-up can be expensive.

Your Grow Light Set-Up

Indoor gardening requires light, but that light must be cool. The heat created by incandescent and halogen bulbs is too intense and will fry your seedlings. Stick with fluorescent, LED or HID lighting.

Consider where the grow lights will be placed in your house. If your plants are already getting a great deal of light from a south-facing window, then weaker bulbs (like basic fluorescents) will work fine as supplementary lighting. If your plants are in a darker area of your home, you will need more powerful grow lights, like high-intensity fluorescent or HID bulbs.

The distance between your plants and your light source depends on what kind of bulbs you use. Since fluorescents are weaker, they can be placed only 2-3 inches from your plants; but LEDs should be 12-18 inches away. Either way, you will need to adjust the height of your grow lights as your plants get taller. Don’t count on keeping the position of your lights static. Seedlings will grow tall and spindly, without putting out leaves, if they need to stretch toward a far-away light source; and, of course, you don’t want them to touch the bulb.

The most complicated part of creating a grow light system is figuring out how big — in terms of wattage — it needs to be. It’s not just about the square footage of your growing space, but also about the type of light you’re using and what you’re growing. You will need a higher wattage if you’re using weaker bulbs, or are growing light-loving plants. Lettuce, for instance, needs less light than tomatoes do. While it’s tempting to just go with a higher wattage to cover all contingencies, that can have a negative effect on your energy consumption. There are all kinds of online guides that can help you figure out how to tailor your wattage to your plants.

Grow lights aren’t rocket science, but they aren’t a trip to the candy store, either. To effectively use grow lights, it helps greatly to have some understanding of how plants react to light, and of the available bulb options. Once you have that knowledge, you can optimize your own grow light set-up so that it best suits your needs.

What advice would you add on using grow lights? Share your tips in the section below:

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-1-14)

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  This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear about what you’ve been doing this week for preparedness, or perhaps what you have done to convert your ‘fiat’ (paper) currency into tangible assets 😉 The more who comment, the more that’s spread around for […]

The Wind In The Trees

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During a particular cold snowy day as we eyed through the frosty edged windows, the house quivered and shook from the blasts of cruel winds. We are drawn to venture out into the powerful force, its grueling winds roaring through the forest of Spruce and Birch. Thoroughly rural, not another dwelling or soul around, we […]

Simple DIY Hacks To Help You Improve Your Home

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Simple DIY Hacks To Help You Improve Your Home These ingenious tips, tricks and solutions to common problems are simple, smart and straightforward. I love a good old life tip. They always seem to come in so handy when you have nothing else to hand to fix a problem. Today you are going to see over 17 pretty genius “why didn’t I think of that?” solutions to everyday DIY problems you might come across. There are some bonus tips too, so in total there are about 25. Enjoy! Don’t be like this guy and use conventional DIY methods when you

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Prep Blog Review: Let’s Talk About Survival Food

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Survival Food

As I remember, survival food was one of the top resolutions for preppers in 2017. From planning your stockpile, to cooking the best survival recipes, food should be a priority for every prepper. And, no matter how many times I’ve talked about food, there is always something interesting to share with you.

So, let’s talk about survival food!

For this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered 5 useful articles on this topic.

1. One Plan Is Not Enough: 7 Tips to Create a Successful Food Plan

Farmer“Every prepper has his/her own food plan for acquisition or storage of food for a crises scenario. Many might be homesteaders who rely heavily on their gardens and animal husbandry skills. Many of us store food either by canning, dehydrating, or stocking up on freeze-dried goods and MREs. Most of us include emergency rations in our bug out bags. Others plan to rely heavily on their ability to fish, hunt, trap, and forage for food.

The various preferences and vast differences in food prep styles are often largely based on what exactly the individual is preparing for. Whether you are planning to be snowed in and without power for the worst winter storm of the century, extensive layoffs, or putting together a militia for an imminent invasion, everyone can agree on one thing: Food must be accounted for. So where do we start? What are the most important things to consider? In this article I cover some of the requirements of creating your master food plan.”

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2. 3 ‘Survival Crops’ That Store Naturally More Than 1 Year

“If you’re growing or foraging your own food for winter storage, there are plenty of options for keeping your family fed in the early days of winter. Many root crops, fruits and greens can keep for a field-852242_640few months cool and out of direct sun, even without a proper root cellar.

As the winter presses on, though, options start to dwindle and there are fewer and fewer choices in dependable home-raised crops that will take you all the way through the hunger gap into the first productive days of late spring and early summer. Nonetheless, humans survived millennia without refrigeration and long-term food shipments, so there’s plenty to get your family by.”

Read more on Off The Grid News.

3. A Beginners Guide to Sausage Making

Food, meat. Delicious sausages on the table“My grandfather was a large influence on my passion for homesteading. He was an avid gardener, hunter, made his own wine and sausage; and was always generous about sharing.

He made use of the plethora of meat he would get from hunting or deals he found at the grocery store. Once he was loaded up on meat, he would get his meat grinder out and carefully cut his meat for grinding and make some of the best sausage you could ever have. I grew up on his homemade sausage and could never get enough. I am a big believer in sharing family recipes and did so in my book, The Prepper’s Cookbook, so I had to share some of my favorite sausage recipes too.

Sausage making is a great way to use up an abundance of meats in the home freezer. I use an assortment of cheap meats. My grandfather’s secret was using equal amounts of brisket and pork butt.”

Read more on Ready Nutrition.

4. 5 Recipes to Make Your Own Survival Protein Bars

“Survival protein bars are becoming more and more popular among preppers and survivalist, but you can also find a few of them in any type of survival kit you can think of. These small snacks are5-Recipes-to-make-your-own-survival-protein-bars ideal for emergency kits because they help you control hunger, they provide proteins and fats, but they also keep your calorie intake in control.

These survival protein bars contain the right amount of protein and fats to keep you energized after intense activity even in the harshest of environments. There are many brands you can chose from and the flavors vary from chocolate to berries.”

Read more on Prepper’s Will.

5. Kitchen DIY: How to Nixtimalize Corn

Recipe-Hominy-300x200“This project looks deceptively simple, but it is one that I had to try a couple times to get right. I only stuck with it because Nixtamalization is a vital process for people that use corn as a staple food.

This is because the nutrient niacin is unavailable in unprocessed corn, and by cooking dried corn with a strong alkali (nixtamaling it), Niacin becomes available thereby preventing nutrient deficiency diseases like pellagra.”

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the lost ways cover

This article has been written by Drew Stratton for Survivopedia.

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Winter Vehicle Stuff – Pt VI – Everything else

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So I’ve pretty much hit the highlights, but there’s still a dozen or so small items that aren’t really worth their own post but they are worth mentioning since they may nudge your thinking in a direction it hadn’t previously gone.

So what else? Well…entrenching tool, esbit stove/cup with tabs, spare batteries in a case, Maglite w/ spare batts, pocket AM/FM radio (with battery commonality with the flashlight), a few ration bars, water pouches, first aid kit, TP, a good book, space blanket (for use as a ground sheet in case you have to kneel out there on the wet snow to change a tire or something), sheath knife, notepad and pen, and a few other items. It’s not hard to imagine…just think, if you were sitting in the dark and cold overnight what would you want to have with you while youre tucked away in your sleeping bag? Go from there.

Depending on your preferences and tastes, this can be as much or as little stuff as you think you need. And it can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you’re comfortable with. Me, I’ve got no problem paying extra $$$ for the name-brand quality stuff. When it’s -10 and I’m huddled in a sleeping bag trying to make it through the night I doubt I will be patting myself on the back for saving a few bucks by buying the Walmart-brand batteries and flashlight. You can buy the Made In China bargain parachute, not me.

But, as we all know, the first rule of disaster survival is: don’t be there. If it’s calling for 10″ of snow and high winds….stay home. Open a can of chicken soup, sit on the couch under a blanket, and watch Big Bang Theory reruns.

I know a lot about solar – I love solar

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President Elect Trump is quoted in saying “I know a lot about solar, I love solar…”, it gives me hope that Trump will work with the powers that be to encourage more alternative energy resources. The next part of Trump’s statement was about solar being so expensive, that might give pause to the solar power companies, but I hear that a bit differently, I don’t hear Trump trying to stop alternative energy, I believe he is interested in bringing the costs down even further than they have come down in the last 5-10 years. I interpret his statements as wanting to do something about the costs, making it more affordable as opposed to shutting it down. As a business man, he would be interested in getting goods and services at the best possible price, being our president, I can see him doing that for the whole of the country.

I listened to a quick podcast on NPR on this subject

The original story can be found here

What do you think?


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Financial Emergency: 12 Ways to Raise Cash

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This post is by Bernie Carr, Everyone faces the need to raise cash at some point:  unplanned medical bills, car repair expenses, legal troubles etc.  It can get so dire that rent gets behind or utilities such as water and power are being threatened with disconnection.   Pretty soon, TV or radio commercials singing the virtues of payday loans start to sound tempting. If you find yourself starting to wonder whether a payday loan may help you in the short […]

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Winter Survival & Preparedness!

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Winter Survival & Preparedness Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below! On this episode of The Prepping Academy we cover something essential for this time of year. Winter survival. Every year we hear about American’s going off the roads and getting stranded. Even worse, we hear about people freezing to death in their … Continue reading Winter Survival & Preparedness!

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How to Make Coffee Using a French Press + Giveaway

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How to Make Coffee Using a French Press | Backdoor Survival

If you are anything like me, you have a tough time facing the day without first imbibing on a robust cup of hot coffee. Can you imagine being in a survival situation, faced with the stress of a disruptive event, and not having your morning fix of java?
Although I say this somewhat tongue in cheek, the reality is that drinking coffee is a simple comfort that can bring pleasure when things are not going well.

With that in mind, over the past few months, I have been on a mission to create an excellent cup of coffee while using minimal effort and as little fuel from a heat source as possible. What I settled on was a French Press. Today I will show you how they work plus, in my usual style, offer one up for grabs in the first product giveaway of the year.

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