Counter Intelligence and Tactics

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Counter Intelligence (CI) is nothing more than information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, which is spying in other words. People or organizations can and will spy on individuals, organizations and of course governments. Information in a crisis is a valuable commodity. CI also guards against other activities, such as sabotage, assassinations or against plots to steal your supplies. 

You have to keep in mind that Counter Intelligence is not a passive activity, and it is not generally in reaction to any actions against you. CI is going on the offense, which may very well save you and your family and protect your possessions, in some cases. It is getting ahead of any problems by gathering information and keeping track of people that may or may not wish you harm, wish to steal from you, or have other ideas in mind.

You simply do not know what people are up too unless you gather information on them. Of course, you have to choose your targets, and this means having a reason to suspect that they have you under surveillance or plan to.

Dramatic, yes it can be looked at that way, or ominous even, and even more so if you are engaged at a high political or military level where the nation or its people are in danger. As a Prepper, you want as much information as possible so decisions can be made, and so actions can be taken to counter any problems before they reach your front door.

Well, you might be thinking that if I conduct CI activities, then I am admitting that someone or some group is plotting against me, or spying on me. People plot and spy against each other all the time. In certain situations, the only way to stay safe is to assume someone is watching you or gathering information about you.

Your neighbor (s), for example, may keep track of your comings and goings for no other reason than boredom, curiosity, or for information so they can gossip with their friends about you. They may be nosy and find your comings and goings excessive and so on. People do snoop so they can make judgments about you. For some, it may be exciting to imagine you have nefarious reasons for going out at 2 am, when in fact, you don’t.

People, snoop, spy, and plot for any number of reasons, and in most cases, it is a harmless way for them to pass the time. It becomes important, however when they have a motive and an end game. CI may reveal their endgame so it is important that you pay attention to those paying attention to you.


In the world of espionage, spies misdirect. They do this to achieve a result that differs from the truth.

If the person who is targeting you is a professional then you have to counter that with specifics. You have to take actions that will lead to the conclusion you want and not that of the person watching you.

Professionals look for patterns as do non-professionals. The only difference is that a professional knows what to do with the information, information such as routes to work that you take, when and how your kids get to school, and where you and your family go for pizza and ice cream on Wednesdays.

They look for situations you are most vulnerable because if kidnapping or robbery or if burglarizing your home is the objective, then they need you separated from your safe zone, from your weapons, friends and sometimes from your family. They look for when you are away from home and determine if it is the same pattern each time, and they will always look to see if you are conducting CI against them.

It is hard to break habits and patterns. To be completely random in your actions is nearly impossible because you cannot show up for work at various times, or arrive at the restaurant after it closes and you do need to go to bed on work nights at relatively the same time.

Humans form patterns, and we do it without realizing it. It takes conscious effort to change without appearing to do so, and when you try, you usually tip off whoever is watching you that you may be on to them, and thus, they will change and make it harder for you to spot them.

You want whoever is watching you to become comfortable, complacent if you will with who you are. You want to affect the outcome by becoming someone else, someone he or she thinks they have figured out. Watchers will get tunnel vision, and this is when you have gained the upper hand.

You are not likely the target of kidnappers or marked for assassination, but you may be marked for robbery once the SHTF. In a crisis, Preppers will be the experts, the go-to people for help, for expertise and for supplies. You want to know if you can, if someone specific will be coming after you once disaster strikes.

To try and find out if you are being followed, you can do certain things that may trip up those following you. If, for example, you stop at a drive through most mornings for your breakfast sandwich, you can still stop, but pull into a parking space and pretend to get a phone call that stopped you from pulling through and ordering. Scan for cars that followed you into the parking lot. Look to see if anyone stays in their car when they park. Pull back out after a few minutes and check to see who may follow you out.

You can do the same with gas stations if you fill up at the same place. Pull in and go inside the convenience store instead of pumping gas. Again, note the vehicles that followed you in and note anyone that stays in their vehicle. Professionals will, of course, switch cars and often times have two to three people tailing you. One may even be in front of you while one trails behind if they have established your destination, by noting your patterns.

It takes planning because if you do need fuel or food you will need to know there is a gas station or fast food place you can get to later in the trip. You always have to give those that have you under surveillance a reason for doing what you are doing or otherwise they will suspect you are acting. Pulling into a parking as if you are answering a phone call or to even lift the hood of your car pretending to check on a loose belt or leaking radiator is a reasonable explanation for changing your pattern. This action allows you to scan for vehicles or even for people on foot that you may have seen earlier.

You may think that if you started acting this way that you are paranoid and your actions are extreme. A little fear or a little paranoia if you want to call it that is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes and makes you more observant.

If you live in an urban area and have been stockpiling for a while, then someone or a number of someone’s will know. They may not care, not care yet anyway and when they do care, they will try and figure out a way to relieve you of all you have gained. If you don’t think this is possible read up on hurricane Katrina.

We are not saying you will be targeted by the government local or otherwise but anything is possible depending on who you are and what you have been doing. If you get online and get involved with certain groups or certain people this may make you a target of surveillance. You may not realize the group you are corresponding with is on someone’s radar until it’s too late and by then you may be on someone’s radar as well.

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