Looking to join an Off Grid Community

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I am 30 single male Marine looking to join an off grid community. I’m a jack of all trades kind of guy, good at most things, master of none. Skills include carpentry, metal work, pottery, culinary, hunting, film production, home remedy, etc. I work hard and learn quickly. I am open minded, symbiotic, easy going. I enjoy building things, learning, friendly competition, sports, outdoor activities, puzzles, story telling, music. The idea of being resourceful, working for the land to have it work for you, building and making things with your own hands, providing for others, living minimally and intentionally, working together for the community- all of it is deeply inspiring and I want to help cultivate that. All that I prefer is a community in the pacific northwest, BC, Alaska, etc., but open to other areas.

I’m not a big fan of mainstream religions. I believe in common narratives that have moral value. I believe “god” is the explanation of things humans are unable to comprehend. I believe in the golden rule, karma, and positive energy. I believe nature is our source of energy and living harmoniously with each other in nature is the way of life.

Contact me if you have or are looking to start a community that you think I could fit into. Thanks and blessings to you. 

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