Getting Started With Straw Bale Gardening

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Getting Started With Straw Bale Gardening | Backdoor Survival

Gardening can be a huge hassle when you are first getting started. Not only do you need to find an optimal location with adequate sun, but you need prepared beds and decent soil conditioned with plenty of organic material. Preparing the beds is not difficult but it can take time and significant expense, especially if you are starting from scratch.

As a result of my recent move, I faced the prospect of building beds, bringing in soil, and doing the arduous work of getting my food garden ready for to go in time for spring time planting. All of this was complicated by my lack of familiarity with the area as well as need to assess fencing given the local wildlife. Luckily, serendipity stepped in and a long-time reader and author in her own right, Susan Perry, wrote to me about her great experience with a straw bale garden. I invited Susan to share her expertise with us, including the steps needed to get started.

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