11 Things Every Pantry Needs To Cook From Scratch

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Here is my list of 11 things every pantry needs to cook from scratch. If you start with this list, the sky is the limit to help us make just about every baked item we would like to bake. Now we can add more foods to our pantry to make even more meals. But today I am going to just talk about what you can make anytime with these baking items shown above. Yep, you can do it! You do not even need an electric mixer. If you have a large bowl that would really help, depending on what you decide to make.

These items are in the pantry, not the freezer. I want everyone to know what they can make in any emergency when the power is out. Okay, let’s get started.

What Every Pantry Needs:

1. Honey

The great thing about honey is that it lasts forever. It might crystallize but it is still great. You might need a chisel, but it tastes great soft or hard. One thing about honey, you can drizzle it on homemade biscuits, bread or pancakes. Yummy! My baking items have to include honey! Cox’s Honey: Cox’s Honey Website. Be careful with honey and babies. Please do your research. I cringe when I have people tell me they just bought several 5-gallon buckets of honey to store. Please put the honey in quart jars or you may be sorry, just so you know. It will last forever but you will need a way to get it to soften in order to use it. I know because I have had to put my half-gallons of honey outside in the heat of the summer and keep my fingers crossed it would go back to its original consistency.

2. Real Salt

Everyone usually has some salt in the cupboard. Here’s the deal with salt, our bodies need salt to survive. I am not talking excessive, but salt makes some foods taste better as well. Plus I need to bake certain items as listed below. This is my favorite: Redmond Real Salt, Fine Ground, 26 Ounce Pouch

3. Olive Oil

We can use olive oil for so many baking items, which I will list below. Remember olive oil does not have a long shelf life. I never store mine for more than 1 year. Six months is even better. But I have eaten at homes and the olive oil on side dishes or salads tastes rancid. Some people have it for years. Oh, man is it bad, in my opinion. When in doubt…throw it out.

4. SAF Yeast

I realize you can make a lot of things without this commercial yeast. My very good friend, Melissa Richardson who wrote the book “The Art Of Baking With Natural Yeast” never uses commercial yeast. I am like an old dog and still love my no fail freshly ground whole wheat bread. Saf Instant Yeast, 1-Pound Pouches (Pack of 4)

5. Baking Soda

This is a “must have” for some homemade food items. This is a very important baking item for the pantry.

6. Baking Powder

This is also a “must have” for some homemade items.

7.  Coconut Oil

Let me count the ways we can use coconut oil! Not just for the pantry…..plus this has a longer shelf life than most oils. The temperature where it is stored is critical. Not in a hot garage.

8. Powdered Butter

Well, we do need some powdered butter in the pantry. Do you remember me telling you I opened a can of powdered butter and I mixed the portions on the can and started stirring? I start gagging just thinking of the smell. The website said it tasted just like “Land O’Lakes” butter. NO WAY! I still laugh about that. Powdered butter for baking is a great emergency food storage item. Red Feather Butter is yummy that you san store for emergencies. It’s a little pricey but it tastes good. Please do not “can” butter it is not safe to eat, trust me on this one.

9. Instant or Powdered Milk

This one is a “must have” baking item, but is also perfect for those days when you are out of milk and the roads are iced over. You can make milk to drink, cook with, on cereal, etc.! Love it!

10. Powdered Eggs (OvaEasy are my favorite)

These are my favorite #10 can eggs (they have packages inside the can). They are 100% eggs. Of course, if you have chickens or quail you are set for any meal.

11. Wheat (I prefer Hard White), White Bread Flour or Your Choice of Gluten-Free Flour

If you have wheat you will need a wheat grinder. You can sprout wheat as well. Be sure and check the shelf life for white flour (6-12 months at the most). Please do not go out and store large bags of flour that will go rancid in a year or two. When in doubt throw it out. I believe in waste not want not too…but I do not want to get the “flu” as in food poisoning.

Meals You Can Make With 11 Basic Baking Items:

Bread, pancakes, muffins, pasta, cracked wheat, sprouted wheat, tortillas. You can also make crackers, mayonnaise, English muffins, Swedish Hotcakes, Popeye Pancakes, cookies, and crepes. You can also make custards, puddings, cakes, waffles and biscuits. Is your mouth watering now? I want to make some crepes right now! Here’s the deal, look at all these items you can make in a disaster if you have just these 11 items. Now if you have some fruit, vegetables, and cheese……you will rock with meals!

Let’s be ready for those winter storms. Please fill your pantry with these basic baking items. Remember if you can afford to get that $20.00-30.00 butane stove you can cook inside (just crack a window)! Stock up on a few cans of butane…be ready when the power goes out. Camp Chef Butane 1 Burner Stove with Camping Case and the fuel: 12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

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