Im going off grid in a few months

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Hi everyone I’m going off grid and it’s going to be a long hard Road I’m doing this with the relatively very little equipment and I’m not going to a homesteader I’m going out into the wilderness and building a shelter and staying there for as long as humanly possible I don’t like the term living off the land I prefer the term living with the land I’m giving up every single comfort that I’ve ever had in my entire life I just feel like Society has nothing left to offer me and I have nothing left to offer Society I don’t like the way the world is going we have all become our possessions it’s no longer who you are as a person but it’s what you own that makes you who you are successfulness is measured by what you have material possessions you’re not successful unless you have a big bank account a big house an expensive car that’s not what I want I don’t want to live my life living for the weekend I just want to live I’ve been reading a lot of Henry David Thoreau Alan Watts and Terence McKenna and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do this so I’m posting on here to see if there’s anyone else that feels the way I do things the way I do and would like to join me cuz it’s I don’t really want to have to buy a volleyball and paint a face on it haha my attempt at a joke also if anybody else out there has done this before what I’m about to do and has any advice or suggestions and gear or gear changing please by all means contact me my gear consists of Crossbow bolts both big and small game tips Sub-Zero sleeping bag Sub-Zero rated Thermo tent entrenchment tool skinning knife K Bar machete rain gear waterproof and insulated boots winter gear summer gear Flint fire starter kits a fairly advanced first aid kit lots of paracord fishing cord fishing hooks a couple traps and snares Hammerhead Hatchet tarp duct tape flare gun cast net a saw rope



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