Join up to get Land, share dreams, go off grid, Forest Gardening & more

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Hello my name’s Bruce  I have been dreaming about going off-grid and trying to push the boat out for a long while. I’m not afraid to say I need help setting this up,  basically I don’t know where to start

The location:

location would ideally be nearer the Bristol area. as I would still like to keep a part of the modern life socially and a life full of culture.

The home:

My ideal situation is to build my own little tiny home for a family for the future. Ideally this home will be 100% off grid, made from recycled parts, or at least working towards being fully self-sufficient (designs still being finalised).  I have an understanding about planning law in the UK being a building surveyor.  Ideally there would be a business stream to help others experience off-grid living  and help support the community.

The Land:

I’ve been dreaming about being self-sufficient on the land and it is always continuously changing . I love the idea of permaculture, and polycropping.  however I have been intrigued with the idea of going a forestry garden and working with nature and the soil. I have personally tried many different ways to improve soil.

My skills:

  • I’m a building surveyor by trade.  With an extensive building background knowledge 10 years.

  • I have grown up on a farm, and the household garden and allotment has always been a thing through my childhood through to adult life.  currently have an allotment in Bristol where I have been trying out different ideas.  no dig, perennial Vegetable growing.  

  • I am a keen forager, a mushroom foraging for at least 3 years

  • Also a keen bushcraft background,  and living off the land.

  • Many other skills if you want to talk let me know. 

What I’m looking for and when others decide to join we (list might change):


  • I would love to get a community of a few people (family) to live together and work the land off grid and self sustaining, with a vision of potentially any business Adventures which might come from this.

  • Ideally this person (or family) would have the capacity to help purchase land with me or If this is not in your capacity land renting/leasing. Or other agreed methods of exchange.  

  • This is not essential, would love to have people who are keen in new education, away from the broken system.

  • Who is creative in their own way  musically or other.

  • Again not essential but who is into holistic healing.

You can email me directly but please leave a note on Just in case your email gets spammed

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