We want to get free from the puppet strings of society

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We are a married couple in our early thirties that want to go off grid for several reasons

One being my disdain for corporate America and the reality TV wal Mart shopping zombies we have become 

But the biggest reason is to give back to the earth

We have a 27 foot 5th wheel which I am currently trying to convert to solar power and installing a compost toilet so we can be totally self sufficient

We are looking to join someone that already has land 

My skills include 


Metal fabrication


Auto repair


Basic gunsmithing skills 

An all around general knowledge of construction 

Two calloused hands and a strong back 

My wife’s skills include

She’s a natural nurturer 

Great with animals 

We are looking to join someone just as soon as our camper is fully self sufficient (were shooting for next summer)

We do smoke so hopefully we can all agree on that (no we are not looking for somewhere to grow)

We are not looking for 

Wild parties


Drug addicts of any sort 

What we do want is to grow our own food , learn how to live as generations before,and to be free from the puppet strings of society 

If we seem to suit what you are looking for please respond to this post and thank you for reading

PS we do have two cats also

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