Go or NoGO

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You are in the backcountry and in a survival situation.  You need to make a decision.  Do you remain in place or “self rescue” and head out.

My friends Peter Kummerfeldt and Leon Pantenburg have both posted articles on this

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subject.  This post captures some of their comments and my additional suggestions.

GO – NO GO Decisions”

“Does anyone know you are missing? If you left a “trip plan” with friends or family members, and you did not deviate from the plan, a search will begin as soon as the trip plan expires and the authorities are notified.  The plan should include, at a minimum, your destination, departure and return dates and times, the names of those traveling with you, the kinds of clothing and equipment carried and the outdoor experience of the party.”

Check out a suggested trip plan.
This plan is a critical first step and it’s one taken before leaving for the trail head.  

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Critical to this first step is to have the right gear.  A day pack with the “ten essentials
is a must have.

Make a plan.  While waiting for rescue decide if it is better to remain in place or attempt self rescue.  Don’t let your movement compound your situation.

Is anyone in the group injured?  If so don’t leave that individual alone.

Get SAR activated early.  Call 911 and energize a rescue beacon (SPOT, InReach) early while there is still light.  It can take hours before SAR may arrive on the scene. 

Gather the material necessary to build a fire.  

Set up an emergency action shelter.  This can be a tarp or a tent.  

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