After the Fall: Jason’s Tale – Book Review

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After the Fall Jason's TaleI listen to a lot of audio books during my work day and during my commute. The ones that I like are added to the Prepper Fiction page on this site. There are a lot of books that don’t make the cut. But I added one this week written by David Nees, titled After the Fall: Jason’s Tale.

As you can guess from the title, the main character is a man named Jason. After an EMP attack he is suddenly alone in life. His wife was on a commercial airline, that most likely dropped out of the sky when the EMP hit. Living in a decent size city, things get kind of dangerous quickly. Jason helps the neighbors he can, then decides to get out of Dodge.

Being better prepared and smart about his actions, Jason is able to get out of the city and into the mountains. Everything was going well until he literally fell down the mountain. Battered up pretty badly Jason has to find help and trust strangers. Luckily he finds an older couple that have farmed on their land forever. He is able to recover while helping the couple with odd jobs around the farm. Jason strikes out on his own again, but just as he starts making progress away from the farm, there are gunshots from where he just came. Suspecting the worse, Jason returns to the farm as fast as he can run. What he finds is both bloody and brutal. Life changes for him forever.

I don’t want to give away the whole story. So I’ll stop there.

After the Fall: Jason’s Tale

This was the first book that David Nees has written. But the way he slowly builds his characters and the story are like a seasoned writer. I enjoyed After the Fall: Jason’s Tale and look forward to the second one.

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