Group Prepping Vs Solo Prepping | episode 140

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Group Prepping Vs Solo Prepping | episode 140



Do you plan to go it solo for a disaster or go it in a group? Group Prepping vs Solo prepping is the topic this week. 
In this episode, we weigh the pro and cons on Group Prepping Vs Solo Prepping. Which is better for your situation.
We talk about what you have to do if you want to successfully go it alone in your prepping. 
In solo prepping during the SHTF you now have to do it all yourself. 
You need to be doctor, farmer, and soldier. 
If you are injured nothing gets done. 
You also don’t have to worry about who to trust.  How to divide supplies or what to punish. 
With a group, you can have trained people fill the roles they are accustomed to. 
Your Where there’s no doctor book can not compete with the experience of a real doctor. 



Solo Pros
No sharing 
You can trust yourself
Your area can sustain you longer
Power needs are less
Hiding is easier
Solo Prepping Cons
Won’t be any help
Have to learn all skills
have to defend alone
Humans as social animals
Group Prepping Pros
Have more help in gathering resources, ie Farming, hunting
More to defend
More resources brought into
Social environment
Group Prepping Cons
Politics come into play
Have to get along with others
Have to trust…



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