LED Lighting

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Off-Grid or just want to save money? LED’s have finally come of age. They arrived with performance, long life and compatibility with incandescent fixtures compared to the current CFL’s.
I’ve worked with LED’s for use in the medical devices we designed and I can say the last seven years have seen dramatic improvements in LED technology. I prefer LED’s over CFL’s because of their long working life and lower operating watts.

Our Gov should have waited with the CFL’s and pushed for the development of LED’s, but hey, what would you expect from them.

Yesterday, I was at Sam’s Club and in the isle they had several skids loaded with GE, LED 60-watt equivalent bulbs. I stopped, read the packaging and bought 3, 6-packs of them. The price, $9.99 for six LED’s or $1.66 each. Each are rated to last 13 years at 3 hours a day of use.

Their reduced size now allows them to fit in existing table lamps, fixtures, etc. The light they emit is smooth even light, no shadowy gray areas or doughnut holes. They completely replicate the light and output of an incandescent 60-watt bulb but instead of using 60 watts they use only 9 watts

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 LED vs 100-watt incandescent.